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The following story is fiction about revenge.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Best Eaten Cold


I was not quite twelve so the law required that I had to have a babysitter and not be left alone.  If not for the law, my parents would have left me by myself.  I had proven that I could be responsible during the summer when I watched my younger cousins at the lake almost every day.  Of course, Aunt Sofia and/or mom were near by but I was the one with the kids.  (The women were usually in the cabin or shopping.)

But it was now October and I was back in suburbia and subject to that ridiculous law.  A century ago, I would have been working as an apprentice or maybe even in the service as a drummer boy or on a ship as a cabin boy and expected to produce rather than being watched.  But now I was considered a baby and required a minder.  This evening it was Kirk James.  He had sat me a few times before and we did not get along very well.  He thought that he was great, a jock and ladies' man.  In reality, however, he was dumb, stupid, bossy and arrogant and probably did not know where he was suppose to stick his thingy if he had a date.

I planned to ignore the cretin and watch a three-hour special drama on the big TV from seven to ten.  I even had setup the recorder so I could watch it again.  This, was not to his liking for he wanted to watch some stupid football game.  He gave me a ton of grief.  He changed the channel messing up both the picture and the recording.  Then he sent me to bed early even though my parents had given me permission to stay up late to watch.

I tried to discuss this with him but it turned into an argument and he was quite belligerent.  He ranted and raved and said that I needed to be taught a lesson in behaving and respecting my elders.  Then he grabbed me.  The cretin was much stronger than I was and, even though I struggled he prevailed.  He opened my belt and trousers, and yanked them down to below my knees.  I yelled at him to stop the assault but he continued and pulled down my underpants the same way.  In seconds, he threw me over one of his thighs and clamped my legs down with his other leg.  He pushed my head down so that I could not do anything as he proceeded to change this assault into battery.  He brought his huge hard hand down on my upturned buttocks a zillion times inflicting great pain and indignities upon my person.  It hurt so much that I cried like a baby.

He dragged me to my bedroom, stripped me naked and put me to bed with additional threats to my beaten body if I disturbed his watching of the game.  I promised myself that I would get even as I cried myself to sleep.© YLeeCoyote

My parents were sorry and apologized but I missed the show that night and had a very sore behind.  They never called him again and a couple of months later, I turned twelve and the issue became moot.

* * * * * * * * * *

It's some six years latter and the winter break.  I'm working at a small mall and suddenly the job changes.  The guy running the cleaning department was hit by a car and will be out for a few weeks.  I got to fill-in his spot as everyone else is far too busy because of the holidays.  One of guys doing unskilled work as a cleaner was none other than that Kirk James who screwed me when he was sitting me.  He did not seem to recognize me and I decided that I would bide my time to see how I could get back at him to keep my sacred promise.

Because the Mall was losing some tenants, everyone knew that there would be some cutbacks.  Although I would not have the final word, I knew that I would be asked who should be let go.  I carefully reviewed the personnel records to learn what I could and tabulated skills, seniority and pay so that I could justify my recommendations to as who should be let go.  Although I had been given a heads up that one person would have to go, which also had spread via the grapevine, I figured that it would be two because of the heavy snowfall that had strained the budget.

There were five guys that were the candidates.  I could easily justify the ordering putting Kirk on the top of the list although I could safely make him second with Thad Gerard as first.  The leak that someone was to be fired showed in how hard the guys worked and their willingness to cooperate.

One night, I confronted Krik.  The dumb ass had forgotten me but I reminded him of his mean and unjust behavior.  Then he tried to brown-nose me by claiming to remember and apologizing.  One thing that he did understand was that I had to power to make him number one on the to-be-fired list.  It was pathetic how fawning he became.  He asked, nay, begged actually, about making amends.

"There's not any you can do about that show now.  (Actually, it was repeated a week later but he did not have to know that.)  But it was really a nasty spanking that you gave me.  I hurt for a week.  (Actually, only a day.)" I let him stew in that for a bit and he took the bait.

Even a stupid ox would have known what was required and his one did not disappoint.  "Sir, I was wrong to give you a spanking.  Perhaps you would give it back to me."  I pretended to be very reluctant even making him put the request in writing, and dropping it into the post where it was safe.  I then had him stand in front of me and I slowly stripped him.  He did not like that at all which pleased me a lot.  Once he was naked, I tied his wrists together behind his back.  I went to my desk and got a couple of items.

I carefully explained that spanking was a punishment for little boys and not men, so he had to look the part.  He was puzzled by this as I expected so I grabbed his cock and turned on the little hair clipper.  A few quick passes and most of his bush was on the floor.  There wasn't any time to complain because it was practically over before it started.   I then did a little clean up work.  I was not going to make him baby smooth because that would take too long.

I sat on the couch and pulled him over my lap clamping his legs into position with my own.  I would have loved to just use my bare hand to spank him hard but it was not a soft little boy's bottom before me so I used a flip-flop that was like a hard rubber paddle and would inflict great pain on him without hurting my hand.  Then, with great pleasure, I let him have it as hard as I could.

It felt ever so good bringing that flip-flop down on Kirk's proffered behind.  I felt like there was a flow of red pain that had been bottled up in me for years being released and staining Kirk's tail.  It was a joy to watch Kirk's bottom turn pink, then red and crimson.  I was elated that the spanking caused him to cry like a little boy.  I finished up with a dozen bare hand spanks relishing his yelps, cries and tears that ensued.

I untied his wrists and pushed him off me.  I send him to get the vacuum to clean up the mess from his pubes while he was still naked.  I signed him out at his regular time so he would not get overtime.

A few days later, one man was let go.  Kirk thought he had saved his job but a week later he got the axe in the second round just as I had expected.  I was delighted.  I always keep my promises.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 19, 2011

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