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The following story is fiction about a man learning his nephew is as dominant as his brother.  The story contains scenes of spanking, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Narrator's older brother by three years
Narrator's nephew (fifteen)
Narrator's old teddy bear
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Beta to Omega


I started to learn about sex – I mean really learn about it when I was ten and Kory, my three-year older big brother, was going through puberty.  We shared a room and had been naked before each other since before I can remember.  While he was going through these fascinating changes we watched them together.  At the start, I was too young to know if I was gay, bi or straight but Kory was straight.  He told me that lots of times and had lots of girlfriends who he fucked (or said he did).

In the beginning we just explored the fascinating new features of his body.  How he got hair and his penis growing so fast and that he was ejaculating a lot of hot jizz.  You don't have to have much of an imagination to guess what sort of stuff happened.  I quickly learnt how to make him 'dance to my tune' while simultaneously he trained me to accept his cock in both my holes.  After a few months it was a rare day that he did not come in, or at least on, me.  Even after I also experienced puberty this established pattern was continued.

Kory was a great brother in many ways and unlike many big brothers did not mistreat me.  Many times he took me places rather hanging with his friends or got them to also bring their kid brothers which made for lots of fun times.  There was one slight downside to this and that was he was in charge of me and when I didn't obey he could – and would! – take me over his knee and spank me.  A few times he actually yanked down my shorts or jeans and my briefs to spank me on the bare.  This power soon expanded for when dad was not around Mom would have Kory spank me rather than doing herself.

Well, we both grew up.  Kory got married and soon there was a Kory Junior.  An adorable lad.  I had realized that I was gay and remained single but still was very close to my brother.  Junior was twelve when Kory's wife departed.  Within a few months, I moved in with my brother and nephew.  It was a more efficient (i.e., lower cost) arrangement and I could also help take care of Junior when Kory had to work late or travel.

I guess that it was inevitable that old habits returned.  Kory no longer had his wife available so he returned to my hot holes to obtain his pleasure.  I certainly can't say that was unwelcome for, in truth, I loved it, just as I did when we were just youths.  Then one night Junior was off on a sleepover so we were alone.  I had forgotten some minor chore and Kory called me to task about it like he had when we were kids.  Before I knew what was happening, I found myself over his lap.  He gave me a few spanks with his hand.  They were hard enough to be noticeable even through my pants so I yelled.  That may have been a mistake for Kory lifted me up and before I could get away, quickly yanked open my belt and pants and pushed them down.  I yelled "NO!  DON"T!" but by then my briefs were also down below my knees.  Naturally, he then pulled me back over his lap and resumed spanking me.  It was a long hard spanking probably worse than any I had ever gotten and I reverted to being a little boy and cried.  Kory comforted me in his bed and gave me a terrific fucking.  It was certainly was nice that he cuddled me for the rest of the night like he had when we were teens.© YLeeCoyote

It was clear the next morning our relationship had changed.  Kory treated me more like a boy than a man and as his fuck toy.  In that regard he found reason to spank me at least once a week as well as to have sex regularly as when we were teens.  We had to keep the noise down so as to keep Junior from knowing.  We should have realized that boys hear and see everything especially that which you want to hide from them and they don't always let on to what they know since knowledge is power.

Of course, I was not the only one who Kory spanked for Junior also got spanked.  When he was a little boy, he would lose his pants and go over his father's lap and get his little bottom well roasted just as I had gotten mine tanned by father and Kory both.  A couple of times I even had the pleasure of doing it.

I was quite impressed by how macho he was about being spanked.  Once it was determined that he was to be spanked, Junior stiffened his upper lip and cooperated fully.  He resisted crying as much as possible.  By the time he turned thirteen, he insisted that he was too old to be spanked like a baby.  He demanded that he be treated in a way commensurate with his age.  His father agreed and after that Junior would lower his pants and undies, bend over the bed and get the strap on his bare butt.  I never actually watched this but I heard it a few times.  The strap made a fearful whack when it connected yet Junior remained  practically silent obviously being macho and stoic.  His father praised him for taking it like a man.

As is normal with boys turning into men, Junior had conflicts with both his father and me.  Junior learnt as he went through puberty that his father was, without any doubt, the alpha male and must be obeyed and respected.  The youth was always pushing the boundaries but was careful because the strap was always available to roast his ass whenever he overstepped the boundaries.  When he was younger and his father was away, he would accept me as a stand-in for his dad and thus a proper authority figure.  As he got older he pushed harder against my authority.  He would test me by pushing the envelope a little way.  That would put me into a dilemma for the infraction was too minor to strap him yet to tell Kory would be confessing that I was impotent.  Junior was a very good tactician.

Once he pushed too far and I had to act.  "Junior, you're two hours late.  That means a strapping.  You can have it now from me or in three days when your father returns.  Which shall it be?"  The way I called him on his naughty behavior must have been right for he did not argue although he considered the two options, perhaps even looking for a third.  I told him to get ready and he called when he was.  I found him naked and prepared to bend over his bed.  He confessed his transgression and asked me to strap him.  Then he handed me the strap and got into position.  Junior was already as big as I was and he had a beautiful physique.  I found a good position and gave him the first cut.  I could tell that it was too light from the sound and put a lot more force into the next one.  I don't think I ever achieved the force that my brother used.  Junior apologized but I'm sure that he was smirking.  It was important that the proper relationship was maintained.  From that night on my brother and my nephew were mixed up in my dreams. I can't say if it was unusual or not but I felt that Junior was like a young wolf looking for the opportunity to turn the tables and take control but not quite yet ready to challenge the alpha male although maybe the beta.  It was definitely clear that he was the alpha male among his friends.  Just to be clear, they were also aggressive youths but they accepted his leadership and thus also deferred to him.  What I had not realized was that in the household pack, I was the beta.

* * * * * * * * * *

It really wasn't a big deal – just a simple oversight easily corrected – but it precipitated to the permanent loss of my status.  Although I had a job it was only part time and I was responsible for running the house as my sister-in-law had done although we did have maid who did the cleaning and allied chores.  One of my responsibilities was to pay the bills from the household account which both Kory and I contributed to as part of the budgeting process.  Even Junior made contributions to it from his lawn mowing earnings to enhance his status.

One not so fine day I when Kory was on a business trip I came home to find Junior quite agitated.  What he had found in the day's post were two envelopes clearly stamped WARNING – FINIAL NOTICE and PAST DUE in apple butt red from an utility company and a department store respectively.  Immediately, I insisted that there had been a mistake for I clearly remembered writing the checks.  "I'll prove it." I said and went for the checkbook.  I had certainly written the checks and sealed them in their envelopes for they were right there.  We had run out of stamps and I then forgot to get them and post the checks.

Junior insisted that we go out immediately, get stamps and post the checks.  I did not have a problem with this even though doing it the next morning would achieve the same objective.  It was when we got back that Junior really went at me, just like his father had several most unpleasant times.  Initially I told him to cool it, but he ignored me and continued full blast.  Before long I was hanging my head in shame because he was so damn effective.  He sounded just like his father and he always got that reaction from me.  At the time I assumed that he learnt this from being lectured himself although later I learnt that was because he had heard his dad lecturing me.

Junior was so effective at lecturing that as he kept at me I was feeling smaller and smaller with each harsh sentence and more and more like a little boy being lectured by his father.

Although I did not know it, I was being transformed for after a while, I was saying "Yes, Sir." to everything he was saying when he slipped in the following: "You're just a naughty little boy who needs a SPANKING." followed immediately by: "How are naughty little boys are spanked?"

"On their bare bottoms." I replied automatically.

He moved fast!  In just seconds he had yanked open my belt and pants, jerked them down and pulled me over his lap.  I struggled but he was stronger then I and got one of my wrists pushed painfully up my back.  Then he started to spank me.  He didn't spank that hard but I sure felt it.  I was yelling for him to stop and release me but that did not do a bit of good.  "You're a naughty little boy and you're getting the spanking you richly deserve on your bare bottom, boy." he growled just like his father had a few times.

Junior must have planned this for he switched to a hairbrush and that really, truly hurt as it crashed onto my exposed bottom.  That, naturally, meant that I was howling even more.  Well, I was until the pain overwhelmed me and I started to cry.  A few minutes later I completely lost control, I went limp and was bawling like a well-spanked naughty little boy does.  Somewhere along the line, Junior had put aside the hairbrush and went back to using just his hand.  His hand was very effective now that my butt was tenderized and it made me feel even more boyish.

Junior stopped spanking me and raised me up.  Bawling, I was out of control and he just stripped me completely.  He pushed me over the end of the couch and before I knew what he was about, he had a hand in my crack and was probing my hole.  I was not in any condition to resist much less to stop him and he played with my hole for a bit.  I was relieved when he stopped but that was the calm before the storm for his fingers were replaced with his hard cock which was as big as his father's.  I did not have any choice in the matter as he completely finished proving his dominance by mounting me without my consent.  When he was satisfied, he ordered me to bed.  I did not dare to question my fifteen-year-old nephew's order.

I slept fitfully both because of the pain in my butt and knowing that not only was Junior more dominant than I but he had proved it.  In the morning my worse fears came true as he said: "I am in charge when Father is away.  And you better follow all the rules that Father has set for you."  I could not manage to object with even words which encouraged him.

That evening Junior insisted that I show him the rules that Kory had set for me.  I tried to object but he pressed me and I crumbled.  I fetched the list and he examined it.  "You have been a naughty boy, Billy.  Since Father left you have not kept to your curfew for you came in very late last Saturday."  I was horrified that he knew but it got worse.  "I shall spank you just like Father would have had he been here."  I made some incoherent noises and he continued.  "I know that Father spanks you when you're naughty and fucks you when he wants.  I shall do the same.  I've heard the both of you going at it many times."

I knew I was lost and that was confirmed by my being over Junior's lap with my pants down getting spanked for the second night in a row.  I still hurt from the hairbrush so that his hand applied many times soon had me crying.  After I had regained my composure, Junior took me to the bathroom.  While I was standing in the tub, he clipped my pubes short and then shaved me so I as smooth as a little boy.  "Since you act like a little boy, you should look like one." he declared.  I hated it but it was very exciting and I got hard.  Then he required me to suck him off.  It was evident that he had equipment just like his father's.

I managed to be a good little boy (according to Junior) so he did not spank me for the rest of the week before Kory returned.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was dreading the question that Kory always asks when he returns from a trip and which he treats seriously and does formally.  The three of us were together and Kory asked: "How did things go?  Were you a good boy, Junior?"

Junior jumped in to give the report.  "I was good, Father, but Billy wasn't.  He had messed up paying the bills so that we got late notices and he missed his curfew."  Kory looked surprised but before he could say anything, Junior continued: "So, Father, I spanked the naughty little boy just like you would have.  I even shaved him so he would look like the little boy he is and help him remember to be a good little boy."

"What?" the surprised Kory asked.

Junior explained in gruesome detail very much like Mom had told Dad about my misbehaviors and I felt like a little kid again.  I know I was blushing since I felt hot.  Then Kory asked me if it was true.  "Yes." is all could only answer in a weak whisper.  Kory took a minute to think about things and I was horrified by what he said.

"You did very well, Junior." he said.  "I think that you should continue watching Uncle Billy and spank him when necessary to keep him in line like I did when I was your age."  Even though he didn't say it explicitly he implied approval that Junior had fucked and shaved me and could continue doing so.

Kory and Junior were both beaming while I just slouched in my chair knowing both of them were more dominant and in charge of me.  Me – just a hairless little boy with my fifteen-year-old nephew as my spanking and fucking babysitter.

Mercifully, it was bedtime and I could hide in the privacy of my room.  After I undressed, I saw myself in the mirror.  A skinny body with undeveloped muscles, without pubes and with my smallish thingy so that I really did look like a little boy.  I had just turned off the light and gotten into bed when Junior walked in without knocking.  "Came to say good night, Uncle Billy.  I got Russ from the attic for you."  He handed me my old teddy bear and left.

In the dark, I clutched Russ tight like I had years ago.  It felt so good that I started to talk to Russ like I used to.  "Oh, Russ it feels so goooooood to hold you tight ago after all these years.  I really missed you and our little chats.  Last week I was really a very naughty little boy and Junior had to spank me twice. …  Yes, Junior spanked me, even though he's only fifteen-years-old for he's strong like Kory. …  No, I don't have hair down there any more since Junior shaved it off because I'm still a naughty little boy and don't deserve it."  I fell asleep right after that for I was at peace now that Junior, along with Kory, was in charge of me

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 13, 2012

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