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The following story is fiction about youth who catches a Leprechaun while playing hooky.  The story contains scenes of padding and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Better a Crock of Gold than a Spanking


Darby was pushed out of his house by his mother with more than an extra half hour to get to school on time.  She knew how her thirteen year old son could – and would – dilly-dally even more than a seven year and thus manage to be late.

Darby was elated by the glorious day.  It was almost like a fairy tail movie day with the air fresh from the night rain, the sun shining brightly, the grass green, he walked to the corner and made the faithful decision.  Rather than turning right to school, he turned the other way – to the sinister side.  "This is a far too glorious day to waste in a dull, stuffy classroom." he said to himself as he headed for the woods.

The woods were to explore as they were full of wonderful things.  Darby studied the overwhelming variety of flora and fauna.  It was so ever so exciting to see how things changed constantly.  Although Darby could not sit still for more than a couple of minutes in a classroom, here in the woods he would be like a statue while he watched the ever wary animals be themselves.  This morning he watched a couple of fawns have super fresh milk from only a stone's throw away.  Also, the incredibly thin tongue of a butterfly slipped into a tiny flower to suck up the sweet nectar.

Soon after when the sun reached it peak, he stripped off all his clothes and slipped into the cool water of the crystal clear pond to cool off.  Then he lay on the tall grass of a clearing to dry off before redressing.  It was then when he was still and quiet that the little man came dashing through the clearing.  With praying mantis like speed, Darby reached out and grabbed.  Seconds later the leprechaun was firmly secure in Darby's hands.  He greeted the Little Person politely.  "The top of the morning, er, afternoon to you."  Although Darby's ancestors were Irish, he wasn't and that was all that he could think to say.  Soon after he thought about the fairy tails he had heard of as a boy – and a grand vision of a crock of gold and three wishes came to him.

It wasn't long before Darby had negotiated for the standard payment of a croak of gold and three wishes.  Darby put the little fella into his backpack and headed for home.  He already specified that the gold would be delivered in his attic so that he would not have lug it home which would require many hard trips.  The wishes he was not certain of so he decided that he would hold off on them.© YLeeCoyote

It was as he left the wood, that he encountered old Mr. Noseyneighbor taking a walk.  "Is it a school holiday, Darby?" asked the meddlesome troublemaker.  "I'll have to mention to your parents how well you look."

As so as they were out of earshot, Darby realized that he was in big trouble.  He quickly thought of his first wish.  "I wish that Mr. Noseyneighbor forgets about seeing me and talking to my parents."

"That's very easy, Darby." said the leprechaun, "Done.  That's your first wish."

It was the telephone call from the Vice Principal at dinner asking about his not being in school, that got Darby to formulate his second wish.  After he was sent to his room, before dessert, to await a pants down discussion with his father's belt that he made his second wish.  Darby was pleased that unpleasant visit did not occur.

Waiting for the bell in the schoolyard, he was eyeing Betty Sue.  Although he did not particularly like her, she was the current "hot babe".  He wished that not only would she agree to go out with him next Saturday night but that she would allow him a couple of base hits at the very least.  "I was hoping you would ask me out for weeks now Darby." she said with the sexiest smile when he asked her as they entered the school.

Darby had not thought very far ahead for at school he was confronted with an attendance record that required a parental note.  That earned him a paddling for not having the note.  He knew how to solve that problem.  All he had to do was to make another wish.  On the way to his next class, he made a pit stop and in the privacy of the stall, his leprechaun was suddenly standing on his naked thigh.  "I was hoping to see you, Mr. Leprechaun."

"What can I do for you, Darby?" asked the little person with more politeness than before although Darby did not notice.

"I wish that the school would forget about my absence yesterday."

The leprechaun smiled and laughed a huge laugh.  "That a fourth wish, laddie.  That undoes all of your wishes and I get my gold back too.  The top of the morning to you."  The little person vanished.

In the locker room, he was chagrined to overhear several of the jocks laughing and talking in the next aisle.  "Bette Sue thought it was hilarious that Darby would dare to ask her out.  I'll bet he'll cry when he goes to pick her up and I'm screwing her by lake."

After dismissal, Darby reported to the VP.  The VP was in a hurry, so he did even close the office door but just told him to drop his jeans and undies and bend over.  He got four hard pops and had a very sore butt as he walked home.

He missed dessert for the second night in a row at home.  This time his father did not forget to visit him.  He got a long tiresome lecture before having to present his already sore and red tail for his father's belt.  Each of the ten strokes he got seared not only his butt but his soul.  By the time it was over he was crying.

Mr. Leprechaun stopped by to comfort him but that only made him feel worse.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 30, 2011

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