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The following story is fiction about spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking, slippering and paddling.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Beware the Logos


It was a very formal letter to the boy's parents from his school.  Not only was it on the good stationary but in a sealed envelope.  Tito would have much preferred to give it to his mother who would listen to his explanation but she was away for the week and it would not wait.  As Mr. Stockfisk, Tito's father, read it three times his face got redder and redder.  The boy saw what was coming and dashed off to his room.  He hoped that doing his homework would be protective of his butt.

Mr. Stockfisk's outrage was most understandable.  The letter explained, actually stated, that Tito was suspended until either parent met with the Vice Principal with the student present so that an alternate punishment could be imposed for the offense.  The man had heard rumors about corporal punishment but they were very vague and he believed that had been outlawed but now obviously not.

Within a few minutes the first consequence of the letter started to unfold.  Mr. Stockfisk was in his son's room.  The question was simple.  "You know why you have been suspended, Tito?"

The answer was simple: "Yes, father."  That was all the boy was permitted to say before the order was given.  "Drop 'em and assume the position."

He knew very well for the horror was still fresh in his memory.  He had just ripped open his lunch bag which his father had packed and the teacher pounced when she saw what he had brought.  A few minutes later the VP handed him the letter and told him that he was suspended for having prohibited items.  That it was not he, who had packed the lunch bag was not considered.© YLeeCoyote

Tito knew better than to argue or even to say anything.  As he obeyed, he heard his father get the punishment slipper from his closet.  He knew that his bottom would hurt for days after his dad used the dreaded slipper.  He also knew that as bad as it was, any deviation from his father's ridged protocol would make things worse.

Tito gripped the bed covers tightly and hoped it would not be any worse than the last time.  It was, unfortunately, much worse.  His father was furious and swung the slipper hard.  Each WHACK was so hard that the boy yelled but that did not provoke any mitigation of either intensity or count by his strict father.

It is redundant to say that the boy was in great pain, with his tail fiery red-hot and with the marks of the dozen whacks merged as to be indistinguishable.  It took all his will power not to cry until his father left the room.  He was ashamed of yelling and knew that crying would bring extras from his father for failing to take it like a man.

The next day, while in the suspension room, Tito got a note from the VP's office to report to him at four p.m., when his father would be there.

At the specified time, the three were in the VP office and discussing the serious infraction.  The issue of the alternative punishment – age appropriate spanking – was quickly agreed to.  "The boy must get back to class.  His education is vital." said Mr. Stockfisk.  Even without reading them, the man eagerly signed the papers admitting to offense and consenting to the CP.  The man thought that the boy would remember all the better if he was spanked again with his ass still hurting.

It came as a complete shock when the VP ordered Mr. Stockfisk to stand on the footprints, expose his rump and bend over the desk.  He tried to argue but the VP would not have any of it explaining: "Your agreement to the offence and acceptance of the penalty is binding.  Any additional refusal will get you arrested." said the VP.  Then he repeated the order to get into position immediately.

Just as with his son, the threat was sufficient.  The man dropped his trousers and undies exactly as his son had done the night before.

The VP removed the paddle from the cabinet.  It was a big and heavy one – designed for large targets.  More than ​two foot​ (​sixty-one cm​) and a hand wide the study oak implement would deliver a memorable blow.  With everyone in position, the VP checked that the recorder was functioning correctly and began the punishment.  Considering the huge posterior on the ​two hundred sixty-five pound​ (​one hundred and twenty kg​) short obese man, the VP was glad that the paddle was big enough to do the job.

He raised the paddle and brought it down very hard on the bare butt of Mr. Stockfisk.  The sound of the impact was riveting and multiple ​four inch​ (​ten cm​) wide red marks remained as evidence.  Tito heard his father suppress a yell.  Tito watched and listened to the entire proceedings with awe for justice was being served.

Mr. Stockfisk soon lost his stoic macho pretense as he yelled for each hard whack.  He was crying by the time the dozen hard pops were all delivered.  The VP ordered him to dress and leave.  Of course, he was admonished not to repeat the offence: "Do NOT fill your son's lunch bag with the forbidden foods which are fatting and bare the logos of unhealthy."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  February 13, 2018

This short tail was inspired by this paragraph: «"Originally we didn't believe the logos would make much of a difference but in focus groups, we've discovered that kids really do look at them," said Dr. Camila Corvalan, of the University of Chile who has been assessing the impact of new label system.  "They'll say 'Mom, this has so many logos.  I can't bring them to school.  My teacher won't allow it.'"» from this news item:

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