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The following story is fiction about a mysterious spanker of boys.  The story contains scenes of spanking and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Beware the Phantom Spanker


It was a beautiful summer day and the members of Orca Patrol were raring to get to the camp site for their midsummer's camping trip.  It was a day of firsts for most of them although in different ways.  For some it would be their first overnighter under the stars.  For some it would be their first trip by train.  For all of them it was the opportunity to pass tests to qualify for merit badges.  For many the best reason to go on the trip was to be free of sibling conflict and nagging parents and be alone with their buddies.

The patrol's day started early as the sun had already risen on this longest day of the year by descending into the marvelous underground subway to get to the railroad terminal for the train to the state park.  They were all too excited by the coming adventure to be anything but well behaved on the journey.  They quickly hiked the ​one and quarter mile​ (​two km​) from the train's flag stop to the trail head into the park.

Four of the scouts, Skylar, Kerry, Douggie and Mack, were scheduled to try to qualify for the map reading merit badge.  Their final test was to navigate solo the ​four miles​ (​6.4 km​) to the camp site.  Buried in their packs, powered off and sealed in protective plastic bags, were their smart phones.  If they used them (except to report someone else's emergency) they would fail.  Each of them was confident having studied the trail map and explaining the pros and cons each of the several routes they could take to the Scout Master in advance.  They were dispatched at five minute intervals.

For each of them it was the first time solo in the woods which was a strange yet most wonderful adventure.  It was different from being alone in the city where there were always others – hundreds of others – people nearby.  What nobody knew was each of them would have an unexpected and unforgettable experience.

Skylar was following his planned route and making good time.  He had seen several deer grazing and because there was not a fence between them made it a thrill very different from seeing them in the zoo.  He was just five minutes from the camp site when the unexpected happened.  A man jumped out of the bushes onto the trail.  He was wearing a strange outfit which reminded him of a combination of super heros.  A mask over his eyes, a skin tight purple shirt with a strange logo on the front, red tights with brown briefs and a yellow cape.  Just like comic book figures, he did not have large bulge but even less then that of a boy.  The newspapers had dubbed him the Phantom Spanker.  He had spanked a dozen boys in the city in the last two months and the police were searching for him.© YLeeCoyote

Skylar thought of running but right behind him was a difficult bit of trail and the forest was very dense on each side.  He wanted to run not just because he was wary of strangers but this one had been in the news.  He stood there frozen knowing what was about to happen.  The man came right up to him and said: "Drop your backpack, boy."

He complied.  The man grabbed him, yanked open his belt and shorts which fell to his ankles.  He put a foot on a rock and pulled Skylar over his leg.  Then he gave him a few light spanks on his briefs.  Skylar thought that this wasn't so bad and would make a good story when things suddenly changed for the worse.  His briefs were yanked down and the spanks turned hard.  They turned very hard and really and truly hurt.  It was very hard to be brave and not yell or cry but Skylar managed for he was a scout and must be brave and manly.  Then he was released.

"On your way, boy" said the Phantom who disappeared into the forest.  Skylar looked at his watch, rubbed his hot butt, pulled up his shorts.  He put on his backpack and rushed on to be sure to qualify for the merit badge.

* * * * * * * * * *

Kerry was surprised by the Phantom Spanker in a similar way.  He too had been warned about being alone since the reports of spanked boys had been circulating.  He was also a cross country runner and, rather than drop his shorts, he immediately turned and bounded away like a deer.  Right after making a turn, he got off the trail and hid in the under growth just like a rabbit being chased by a hawk.

From his well-covered position he could see the Phantom Spanker running to try to catch him.  He had to cover his mouth to keep from laughing at how the Phantom was breathing heavily.  Then he very, very quietly crawled out and ran toward his destination along the trail most happy to have outwitted the Phantom Spanker.

* * * * * * * * * *

Douggie was not as fortunate as Kerry nor as far along as Skylar when he was confronted by the Phantom Spanker.  The smallest and youngest he was quite over whelmed when confronted by the felon.  He was frozen with fear and he could not move a muscle when ordered to drop his backpack.

The Phantom Spanker approached and easily pulled the pack off the young boy.  Again he found a rock to raise his foot and pulled the boy over his thigh.  He quickly administered a few hard spanks which elicited howls and cries from the small scout.

He paused and Douggie thought it was over but it was not.  The pause was so that the Phantom Spanker could yank down his shorts and underpants to expose his little boy bottom.  Then he was again pulled into spanking position and spanked long and hard until he was bawling.  The Phantom Spanker dropped him and rushed off to find another victim.

Douggie was discombobulated.  The only thing that was clear was that he had been throughly and painfully spanked.  He cried for at least five minutes before he could compose himself.  "I'm a scout.  I must be BRAVE and MANLY." he said out loud to himself.  He rubbed his hot tail, pulled up his pants and continued.  "I MUST qualify for that merit badge or Parker will torment me for years."  (Parker was his big brother.)

* * * * * * * * * *

Mack at fourteen was a bit older than the others in the patrol because he had recently moved and had only gotten into scouting in his new environment.  He was definitely gung ho about being a scout and not only planned but expected to move up to his age peers in a few months.  Like the others he was suddenly surprised by the appearance of the Phantom Spanker.

He had seen the news reports of this guy and knew what he was about.  He very carefully observed him as he slowly removed his backpack.  He certainly did not want to be spanked by this clown of a super hero with scrawny arms.  The tight outfit showed that the guy had a small gut so he was not in top shape.

Mack seized the verbal offensive.  "You look like a CLOWN.  Where is your big red nose?" he yelled.  Then he took a deep breath to fill his lungs and charge up his body with vital oxygen.  Without any warning he charged like a raging bull does at the matador.  As he got a couple of paces from the target he lowered his head and rammed right into that soft mid-section.  His ​one hundred thirty pounds​ (​sixty kilos​) mass packed quite a punch and the Phantom Spanker had the starch knocked out of him and tumbled over backwards.

Mack knew that he had to act quickly before the pervert could recover.  In anticipation of knot tying tests, Mack's belt consisted of two pieces of rope which he extracted and put to immediate good use.  He flipped the guy over onto his belly and tied one end of a rope around his right wrist and secured it to his left elbow.  Then he repeated the action with the left wrist and the right elbow with the other length of rope rendering the guy quite helpless.  He dragged him to his feet and yanked his briefs and tights down to his ankles to hobble him.

"No more spanking innocent little boys for you." he laughed.  "And it looks like you're just a little boy yourself with that bald little wiener."

The  impotent monster was making objections and demanding to be freed but Mack just laughed.  "They will free you when you are old and can't attack little boys any more.  Come along now." he said grabbing the little handle.

Mack sat on a handy rock that formed a good seat and, after taking a flip-flop from his pack, pulled the asshole over his lap.  "Let's see how you like being spanked." and start spanking with a great zest.  Spank after hard spank crashed down on the clown's bottom turning it bright red while sending waves of pain through his body.  The cries of pain were soon replaced with sobs and then bawling as Mack went to town with his spanking completely reducing the Phantom Spanker to an infant.

When Mack finished spanking, he got up but realized two things.  One he was as hard as rock and the bright red butt of the impotent monster was irresistible.  He believed in being prepared and got a lubricated condom from his pack and put it on.  It was easy to push the clown over the rock and mount him like everyone who heard of him worried that he might do with the boys he attacked.  An excited teen only needs a couple of minutes to get release and then Mack withdrew.  "That for all the boys you violated, asshole."

Mack fixed his clothes and put on his backpack and with the clown in tow resumed his hike to the camp site.  Just as he approached it, he met the search and rescue party that was about to set out worried he might have gotten lost, fallen or injured by the Phantom Spanker the others had reported.  They were most surprised.

The other victims confirmed the identity and the state police were called to arrest and take him away.  Not only did Mack get full credit for map reading even though he was a bit late but a very special commendation from the mayor for the city.

Skylar and Douggie had to endure teasing when their very red butts were exposed when the Orca Patrol went skinny dipping in the pond.  Of course, Mack was lauded by his buddies for roasting the Phantom Spanker's butt.

Mack treasured the newspaper accounts of the episode proclaiming: Scout Captures and Spanks Phantom Spanker in large type.  Of course, the sex was never mentioned although he was sure that the Phantom Spanker was used regularly in prison.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 9, 2017

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