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The following story is fiction about robot spanking set in the not so distant future.  The story contains a scene of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Beware the Robot


I've been playing on the web since I was a little kid not even ten-years-old.  At first it was just cartoons and games.  I was too ignorant to explore that huge cyber universe so I just went where my parents showed me.  But gradually, I learnt about computers and the web.  I started to explore.  Then I learnt about the NetNanny that my parents had installed on my computer.

NetNanny erected horrid WALLS that blocked me.  I explored and learnt about NetNanny.  I had hope when I learnt that it could be defeated, circumscribed and emasculated.  I now had an objective.  I began to study about computers and how they worked and particularly how net nannies worked.  I found that I was not alone and that made it easier to achieve my objective.

The year I became a teen, I had beaten the NetNanny and had gained full access to everything on the web.  It was a great time because I was in puberty and one of the NetNanny's primary objectives was to block anything dealing with sex.  Of course, just at that time, I was most interested in sex.  I learnt a lot about sex and even porn.  I'm glad that I learnt that porn was a distorted reality before I got to see a lot of it.  Obviously NetNanny was none the wiser to my browsing habits.

Not long after this, Dad won a contest and we got the grand prize – a household robot.  Rob, as we quickly got to call it, worked 24/7 doing everything both inside and outside the house.  It even mowed the lawn which was a chore I was most unhappy about having to do.  What I did not know was how extensive its capabilities were.  Far too late I learnt that with its wireless connection to every computer in the house, it could monitor all my activities far better than NetNanny.  It was like having Jiminy Cricket sitting on my shoulder.  Except, it did not whisper in my ear but took far more aggressive action as I would soon find out.

I learnt what Rob could do one afternoon when I was browsing two of my favorite sites – MaleSpank with its great stories and AnimeOTK with its fun drawings of bright red bottoms.  I had just finished a story and was now looking at the latest art work when I felt a heavy hand on my shoulder.  It was Rob.  "You have been looking at web sites you are not old enough to view, young man." it said.  "That is very naughty."© YLeeCoyote

"Let go of me, Rob." I ordered.  Robots are ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED to obey humans according to the Second Law of Robotics.  But it did not.  I repeated the command in the most formal language like was in the news long ago.  Still no response.

"I am following your parents' orders, Dalton Ian Knorr.  You have been going places on the web that are forbidden by your parents and some that are even prohibited by law.  You shall do that no longer and you shall be punished."

I was flabbergasted!  Unfortunately, Rob was not.  It made me stand and then it sat in my chair.  It ordered me to put my hands on my head and lowered my jeans and underpants.  I questioned what it was doing but all I got for an answer was "Be quiet, boy."  When I was half naked, it pulled me over its lap and started spanking me.

Yes, it was spanking me.  And the spanks were hard!  And every spank really hurt.  My tail was on fire and I was howling and bawling.  I had not been spanked since I was a little kid and it was doing a super-duper job.

Then it stopped and ordered me into the corner to stand with my hands on my head.  I did not dare to do anything but obey not willing to risk another spanking.  I stood there for ages.

Eventually, it called me out of the corner.  "You are not to go to prohibited sites again.  If you do, then you will be spanked again – even harder and perhaps with the strap.  Understand?"

"Yes, Rob." I responded knowing it would know if I did and fearing another spanking that could be even worse.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 28, 2018

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