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The following story is fiction about responsible teens who take charge of their brothers and an older cousin.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Big Brother Is In Charge


Hi.  I'm Ernie.  This is to tell you about my family and me.  For all of my eleven years I've lived with my big brother Scot who is three years older and my parents who are ancient.  Well, not really, but they are way up there in their forties which is very old to me.  We live nicely, just like those families on the TV, but without those stupid things that happen every week.

A few years ago, Dad (he's pretty smart) figured out how to get Scot and me not to fight all the time.  We all made a contract.  That's a fancy word for a deal.  Scot promised to spend some time – quality time – with me every day and occasionally to take me places and in exchange I would leave him alone especially when he was with his friends.  It's really cool.  Scot has taught me a lot of stuff as well as soaking me with the garden hose and tickling me to death.  (Well, it seemed that way – don't tell him – but it was fun.)  Once, when I asked Dad for help with my homework, he suggested that Scot could help.  Well, the next time I asked him for help and he gave it to me.  That was really good since I got my stuff done before dinner so I could watch a TV show afterward rather than working with Dad.  After a few times, Dad put Scot in charge of checking my homework and that soon expanded to him being in charge of me generally.  Scott likes the arrangement because it proves that he is not a little kid but a young man who is responsible (in our parents' eyes).  I think that he also likes that he may (and does) spank me.

As you might expect, there were times that I got into trouble.  The details varied but it was my being naughty.  Dad had a simple solution for me and Scot also being naughty – spanking.  He did not beat us or anything like that but just took us across his lap and pulled our pants down and spanked us until we regretted being naughty and promised not to be naughty ever again.  We both preferred this method to what happened to our friends.  They just hated being grounded or losing their allowances.  Now, we did not like the spankings but they were over quickly and thus did not drag the punishment out for days.

When Scot turned twelve, he insisted that he was too old to be spanked over "Daddy's lap like a baby."  After that, he just dropped his pants and bent over so Dad could use his belt on him.  It made a fearsome noise when it hit but Scot did not cry like he did when he was spanked over Dad's lap.  I thought that it surely must have hurt less but Scot said I was wrong for it actually hurt a lot more.  He explained that young men don't cry like little boys but "take it like a man."  He let me feel his bottom after he got it with the belt and it was even hotter than mine was after I was spanked.  It made me proud of him.

I told Dad that I didn't want to be spanked OTK but to get the belt like Scot.  "You're still too young for the strap." he said and that I would have to wait until I was older.© YLeeCoyote

When Scot caught me being naughty when he was in charge of me, he told Dad and I got the spanking I deserved.  He wasn't tattling but doing his job so it was OK.  There was this one time that I was naughty and Scot caught me.  The only problem was that Dad was on a business trip and would not be home for three days.  Three long days that I would have to worry about the impending spanking.  Not cool at all.  I complained to Scot.  He pointed out that it was my fault and asked: "You want me to spank you?"  He was joking and we laughed about it but after I thought about it a while I told him that it was a good idea.

We talked about it for a long time and then he agreed but only if I asked him in writing so Dad wouldn't be mad at him and strap him.  I did and then he did.

It felt very strange when Scot undressed me.  It was different being naked than when Dad did it or when we changed together which was very often.  It was even stranger when he pulled me over his lap.  He made it easier by sitting on the bed and then letting me have it.  His spanks were not as hard as Dad's spanks but Scot made up for it by spanking me longer.  He held me a long time afterwards and was terribly worried that I would be mad at him.  But I wasn't and told him over and over.

Dad was surprised when we told him but he did not get mad.  Actually he approved of the arrangement and said it would be OK if we both wanted to extend it.  We did that.  Now Scot may spank me whenever I am naughty and I don't have to wait for Dad to come home.  Our friends are all amazed by this arrangement.  His friends wished that they could spank their brothers.  One even wanted to spank his older brother but none of us thought that could ever happen.

* * * * * * * * * *

One day there were big changes in my world.  My cousin Jinny, almost thirty, was coming to stay with us.  Her parents were moving to a retirement community far, far away and she wanted to stay in her new job.  She really could not afford to live on her own as she was not being paid much so she would be staying with us until she got a promotion.  Until then, I had to share Scot's room for she got mine.  I hoped she would get promoted getting that pay raise and move out so I could have my room back.  Other than that not much changed for, like Dad, she went to work every morning and did not always make it back for dinner.  Mom had more work but she never complained.

Then Jinny's job changed.  Alas, not only did she did not get a promotion but was let go, which is a polite way to say fired.  She was looking for a new job but after a couple of months was discouraged.  Mom insisted that she help about the house especially as she never contributed any money for the extra expenses she caused – Scot said she was a freeloader.  Both Scot and I had chores to do to contribute to the household and school was considered our work.  When Dad had to take another business trip Mom said this was her opportunity to have a bit of vacation with Dad in a distance place that us boys would not be interested in.  Her thought was that Jinny could deal with the household in her stead doing all the traditional homemaking stuff and making sure we were OK.

It took only a couple of days to see the difference.  Mom made Scot and I clean up our rooms twice a week although she did a lot of other stuff for us.  (Dad has stuff for us to do also.)  Now I could see how the entire house needed attention plus laundry and meals.  Jinny was neglecting all these things that were her responsibility.  Takeout food delivery saved us from starvation but Scot and I really missed Mom's cooking.  I even missed her cleaning and other stuff.  It was when we didn't have clean clothes one morning for school and had to wear used and messy stuff that Scot yelled (he kept his voice down but…) about how naughty she was not doing the job she was entrusted to do.  She promised to do stuff while we were at school including shopping so as to make a proper dinner.

When we got home after school the house was still a mess and none of the other chores were done either.  To make matters worse, Jinny was still in her panties and the long T-shirt that she used as a nighty while sprawled out on the couch watching the TV.  Scot was furious.  He was like Dad and Mom when either of us was repeatedly naughty.  Scot lectured her long and hard and she was cringing.  He had lectured me a couple of times and I did not like it (although I deserved it) but never that hard.  Among the things he said was that she was behaving like a greedy, immature teenager, just half her age, instead of an adult who should be doing a lot more to help.  "When I tell Dad all about this, he's sure to throw you out, Ms. FREELOADER."

Jinny immediately turned pale and started begging Scot not to tell.  He turned to me and asked: "What would happen if you didn't do your contribution to the household."

"I'll get spanked."  I said simply.  "And I would deserve to be spanked."  Then he repeated the question about other things such as homework and errands.  My answer was always the same –  "I'll get spanked."

"Absolutely right and that's what would happen to me also, right?"

"YES!" I responded emphatically.

Scot turned back to Jinny.  "You need a good long hard spanking, Jinny.  NOW!" and then again to me. "Please get Grandma's hairbrush."  He did not have to explain which brush – I knew it all too well for Mom had roasted my bottom a few times with it.  I ran and got it for I was sure about what Scot had in mind.  Jinny tried beg off but Scot would not hear of it.

"You more than earned this spanking, Jinny."  He sat down on the couch next to her and pulled her over his lap.  I watched intently.  He pulled up the bottom of her T-shirt all the way up fully exposing her panties before he put his gripped her waist.

"No.  No.  Please NO!" she cried but Scot kept at it.  I stood there watching, hairbrush in my hand, as he started to spank her with his hand.  A few hard spanks and Jinny changed.  Maybe it was the reality of actual spanks rather than just talk.  I'm not sure.  Scot paused a bit and yanked her panties down exposing her ass or should I say bottom?  He then gave her a lot more hand spanks turning her bottom pink just like Dad's spankings turned Scot's own bottom pink (before it turned red).

"Brush, please." he said to me, holding out his hand.  I gave him the wicked brush that had been Grandma's.  It was an antique – with a wide, hardwood back that was like a small paddle.  It hurt a lot when Mom taught me that I should mind her but this time I did not fear it now because it was interested in a bottom other than mine.  Scot got a good grip and started to spank again.

Jinny gave a howl like a wolf in response to the first whack of the brush.  Before the echo died out he gave her another and kept at it.  In just a few seconds Jinny was howling and screaming and kicking and begging and promising.  Scot had to hold her very tightly to keep her from falling and had me help by holding her legs.  That enabled me to get my first look at woman's crotch.  In just a few minutes, she started crying and soon after bawling like a little kid.

Scot stopped whacking her bright red tail and put the brush down.  He lead her to the corner and told her to stay there with her hands on her head.  He lifted up the bottom of her T-shirt again and this time tucked it into the neckband so that her bottom was fully exposed.

"I'm glad you don't spank me like that, big brother." I told Scot.

"Well, when you are older and very naughty it could happen so be careful, little bro." he responded with a big grin.

After about fifteen minutes Scot called Jinny out of the corner.  We both got to see her hairy slit then because her T-shirt was also pulled up in the front.  She did not notice that for some time because she was still crying and hurting.  He ordered her to get started with her chores and set some priorities.  Jinny did make dinner that evening and we had clean clothes in the morning for school.

Before we left for school, Scot reminded Jinny that she was due more spankings because of all her failures but if she showed a new attitude and made great process in catching up her ass would appreciate it.  The change when we got home from school was amazing.  Scot had a big surprise for me.  I was just thrilled when he told Jinny that I would be spanking her because her misbehavior hurt me also.  Naturally, Jinny objected but Scot told her if she did not cooperate immediately that he would spank her and then we would start over.  That changed her mind – super fast.

I sat on the couch and had Jinny stand in front of me.  I reached out to open her shorts and she objected.  "Don't be silly, Jinny, we both saw you yesterday." I reminded her and started again.  I popped the button and lowered the zipper.  I had to pull her tight shorts down and immediately got a good view of her slit as she was not wearing panties.  I pushed them down to her ankles and had her step out of them.  Then I bent over and picked them up along with one of her flip-flops and placed them by my side.  I guided her over my lap and realized what a large expanse of girl bottom there was needing my attention.  There certainly was not anyway to do it with my hand alone but I certainly was going to start that way.

A few hard spanks was a thrilling start for I saw my hand prints form on her bottom.  That was very thrilling.  Unfortunately my hand was not up to the task so I switched to the flip-flop.  That made a different sound and different marks.  Soon I had Jinny howling and Scot indicated shortly after that it was enough.  I put her in the corner just like Scot had the day before to contemplate and so Scot and I could admire my handy work.  It was very thrilling to have given my first real spanking and to a woman more than twice my age.

The next day things were improved even more.  Scot decided to spank her himself.  She was very cooperative even when Scot undressed her.  Once he had her across his lap, he gave her a few spanks by hand and told her that he was very pleased with her progress and thus she was only got a short hand spanking which he immediately delivered.  Jinny thanked him for just a gentle spanking and promised to keep doing her chores.

The 'rents were quite amazed when they heard Jinny's report and saw that things were in good shape.  They were speechless when they learnt of her spankings.  Eventually, Dad said he was proud of us both.

Jinny is searching very hard for another job – one that will give her enough money to live alone.  She is highly motivated because Scot is very strict with her.  Any little slip earns her a hard bare bottom spanking and Mom expects a lot of work out of her.  Personally, I'm very happy with the arrangement because Mom has more time for cooking which she is very good at so meals are super good.  Also Scot frequently lets me spank Jinny which is always fun.  The only downside is that I still have to share a room with Scot but we get along very well.

* * * * * * * * * *

A while back I had a dream that was fantastic.  In it I spanked Scot good and hard.  Like a lot of dreams many details were fuzzy but not the most important parts.  This is how the dream went skipping the unclear start.

"Scot you have been a naughty boy." I say.

"Yes, Sir.  I'm sorry.  I should be spanked."

"Absolutely."  Then I proceed to strip my big brother completely while he is cooperative but is otherwise passive.  Once that is done I sit on the simple chair and pull him over my lap.  I get a tight grip on his waist and begin to spank him with my hand.  Each SPANK is loud and the sound reverberates as I turn Scot's bottom bright red.  I know my hand would really be hurting if this was for real and I would have to switch and use a slipper or something.  However, my hand does not hurt but Scot's tail is soon ablaze and he is yelling and sobbing like I am when he spanks me.  I am feeling good about this.

In this position he is no longer my big tough macho brother but just a little wimpy boy so very soon his sobs turn into full fledged crying and then bawling.  He's gone limp and is trying to promise to be good.  I stop spanking him and comfort him with a extended hug and a shoulder to cry one.  Again, it is the reverse of our usual situation.

But, of course, it was only a dream.  Why would my big brother allow such a thing to happen?  It is different with me – Scot spanks me instead of Dad spanking me.  It means that I don't have to wait for Dad and we both seem more grown up to our parents.  Then it comes to me – like a line I saw in an old TV show – "A man must punish himself."  What if Scot had me spank him so he could tell Dad that he had been properly punished.  Surely, that would also show us to be more grown up.

I told Scot about my dream and he had a good laugh as expected.  Then I told him my idea which he also found funny.  There isn't any way that is going to happen.  I dropped the subject and hoped that he will change his mind.  Meanwhile, I practice using the belt like I've seen Dad do.  After a few hours I learn how to control it and a pillow was very well strapped indeed.  My evil side wished that it was Scot's butt instead.

It only takes a week for Scot to change his mind.  Dad was away and he brought home a bad test result which merited a strapping.  The problem was that Dad would not be home until Friday when he had a party to go to.  He did not want to go with a hot sore bottom.  He figured it out all by himself – have me do it on Wednesday and on Friday he would be OK for the party.

I made him make a written request just like he had me do.  I had him strip while I assure him that I had practiced and knew how to swing the belt at a naughty boy's bottom.  That made him pause a minute before he got into position.  Swinging the belt at a real live ass was a lot more fun that strapping a dead pillow.  I must have done it right because it jumped up and howled.  "Back into position, boy.  Next time earns extras." I said with a smirk which he could not see.

I gave give him another five as we had previously agreed.  His ass was a red and hot as from Dad's strapping.  I told him he had been brave but he had to concentrate on history more and he agreed.  "I don't want another strapping like that." he said most seriously.

Scot told me that I better be good because he going to start to strap me when I turn twelve in a few months.  I'm not worried because Scot is always fair and will only bust my butt if I deserve it.  I also expect a bonus because he is so fair – he will have me bust his ass when he messes up.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 2, 2014

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