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The following story is fiction about an immature boy who gets spanked by his dad and younger brother.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Big Brother Is So Immature


My half brother, Jimmy, was three when I was born.  I was not able to verbalize that he was an immature baby until I was nine.  I saw the silly (stupid!) things that he did both at home and school for which our parents would spank him.  Now I'll admit that, like all real boys, I occasionally did the wrong things for which I also got spanked.  I certainly did not like getting spanked, especially when Jimmy was watching.  It is painful and uncomfortable to sit afterwards as you well know.  As you can imagine, Jimmy also teased (or should I say taunted) me about it.  There was a major compensation however – I got to watch him getting spanked and that, I'm glad to say, happened a lot more often.  He hated that I watched even more than getting spanked.  I did not have to say a word afterward but only had to smirk and pat my own butt to get him mad.  Sometimes this even got him another spanking because he went for me.  When we were quizzed about it, I could honestly say that I had been silent and he got into trouble for not liking my silence.  It was a definite bonus.

About this same time, Jimmy was deemed old enough to look after me as well as himself for short times during the day if our parents wanted to do stuff.  It would not be for another year that he stopped needing a babysitter and became mine.  (I think that was a very questionable decision, but I'm only a kid so what do I know.)  Instead of making sure that he got more freedom, Jimmy squandered the opportunity by messing up.  One time, for example, rather than doing his homework while the folks were out for a couple of hours like we had been reminded to do, he played video games for the whole time.  I told him a couple of times that he should do his homework but he just yelled at me.  "You'll be sorry." I told him and I did my homework happily anticipating that there would be a good show in a little while.

When the folks did get home, big surprise, Mom checked up on us.  You can guess the details but soon after, Dad came to our room.  I kept very quiet while Jimmy was lectured and watched intently when the good part happened.  Dad undressed Jimmy piece by piece like he was a baby who was incapable to take his own jeans down and bend over for a paddling.  It was "Lift up your hands." so his T-shirt was removed.  Then "Kick off your shoes." before his belt and jeans were opened and removed.  Jimmy then begged not to lose his briefs but Dad's thumbs slipped right into the waistband and shoved them down so that he was starkers.  He quickly put his hand in front of his pee-pee to hide it but Dad just slapped his hands away.  Actually, he didn't have anything to hide for he had not yet started puberty like some of my friends' older brothers had so that they were already sporting hair and more.  Maybe he was trying to hide that fact.  When I thought of that I had to cover my mouth so that Dad wouldn't see me smirking.

Then came the best part – Dad pulled him over his lap like a little kid.  At his age he should have just bent over and presented his naughty butt for the strap or paddle but he was too immature for that so he still got it OTK with Dad's hand.  After a few hard spanks, Jimmy's butt turned red and then as the spanking continued it seemed to glow like the warning lights at the railroad crossing.  Of course, he was bawling like the little baby he is.  My friends' big brothers say that although the strap hurts more it is easier to keep from bawling like a baby when not over their dads' laps like one.  My best friend even boasts proudly how his big brother takes it like a man and hopes that he will be able to also.

The spanking wasn't all the punishment he got.  Dad kept the game controller for a week which made Jimmy mope especially as he had extra chores as well.  I wasn't positive but if Jimmy had shared earlier so we both had done some homework and played some neither of us would have been spanked.  But I was happy that Jimmy had been selfish this time.© YLeeCoyote

After this happened a couple of times, I figured out how to turn it to my advantage.  This particular time we had some chores to do.  Actually, not very much nor very hard.  I let Jimmy fuck up until there was not enough time for him to do his chores and then I made him a proposition.  "OK; I'll make this deal with you.  First, I'll spank you and then help you do the junk before the 'rents get home.  If we're almost finished, Dad won't spank you."

He laughed.  "I get spanked either way so fuck off."

"True, but I can't spank you as hard nor ground you like Dad surely will.  It is your choice big brother."  I pointed out.

Jimmy capitulated and I spanked him for the first time (not counting birthday love taps).  I got a flip-flop from the closet and sat on the end of the bed.  I just opened and lowered Jimmy's jeans and briefs and pulled him over my lap.  The bed supported him a lot and made it a lot easier.  I was thrilled and gave him a few spanks with my hand calling him a naughty boy and seeing my hand prints on his ass for the first time.  Then I switched to using the flip-flop.  That was many times more effective and really turned his butt red, like Dad's spankings did.  Over and over, I raised that flip-flop and brought it down forcefully on the reddening target.  Jimmy was yelling which added to my pleasure.  He was sniffing and about to cry when I stopped.

We finished up his chores (mine were already done) before the folks got back.  They were pleased.  Jimmy thought he had done well since my spanking was less than Dad's would have been, not to mention avoiding being grounded.  I was in heaven.  I had spanked my big brother and knew I would do it a lot more.  I could not understand why Dad said it hurt him more than us when he spanked us for I did not hurt at all and I knew that Jimmy's butt was toast (well almost – lightly toasted not burnt like Dad's spankings turned it).  I was not sure why it happened but I was hard as a rock once I started to spank him.

That evening I spanked my monkey in a far more pleasant way and had my first wet cum ever.  It was then that it registered that Jimmy was still bald as a baby while I already had a few pubes although he was three years older.

The next time I got to spank my big, naughty brother was when he came home late.  He was suppose to be home before I got back to 'mind me'.  I threatened to tell on him unless; unless he got over my lap for a spanking like our dad would have given him for being so irresponsible.  He took a few minutes to decide and even tried to talk me out of it.  I was resolute, however, and soon he yielded although he made me promise not to tell.

I decided to be more like Dad this time.  I positioned the spanking chair like Dad did and fetched the old hairbrush that Mom favors.  Then I undressed Jimmy after having him shed his shoes.  It really felt good and I was rock hard as I exposed his hairless pee-pee.  "Nothing to worry about showing since you're still a baby." I said even though we saw each other changing every day of our lives.  I sat and got him over my lap.  I had to hold firm to keep him in place even though his hands and feet were balancing him.  I spanked him a few times with just my hand.  I hit him hard and was rewarded with seeing my hand prints in pink on his ass checks.

Then, before I hurt my hand, I switched to the hairbrush.  It is a most effective tool.  Easily handled but effective on little boys' naughty bottoms just like Mom told us.  Jimmy was, naturally, howling from this treatment and I was delighted when he broke down and started to cry.  WOW!  That was sure sweet music to my ears.  It was then that I knew that it was I who was the 'big brother' although he was older.  I practically creamed in my pants right then with the realization that things were going to change – for the better.

* * * * * * * * * *

I got the idea from my parents' friends when they were visiting.  It was pretty late and the four of them were talking in the living room.  Jimmy was sleeping and I was getting back to bed after a quick drain.  The first thing I noticed was how loud they were.  They were louder than when the folks yelled at Jimmy, me and our friends so I couldn't help but to hear them.  Surprisingly, it was, actually, an interesting conversation.  Now it wasn't like I sneaking about trying to eavesdrop, which would have been wrong, but that they were broadcasting to the world.

"Life is a lot easier now that Frank has matured and can help with Toby."  (Frank and Toby are the other couple's boys who are about the same ages as Jimmy and me.)  Dad pushed him for more info.  "We noticed that Frank was watching over Toby and keeping him out of trouble.  What was particularly interestingly was that Toby was responding to his brother better than he did to his mom and me."

"Toby was a lot less resentful of Frank's directions than to ours." continued his wife.  "So we let it go one step further and gave Frank disciplinary authority over Toby with the assent of both boys."

"It worked wonders." he continued.  "Frank is so proud of his new authority, Toby accepts his control better than our and we have it easier."

"Yes, it must be great," said Dad, "but Jimmy is so immature that he could never do it."

"Actually, Mike is far more mature." said Mom.  That made me feel good.  Since they started to wrap up the evening at that point I slipped back to bed before they spotted me and began to think about what I heard.  Gradually, over the next week the idea caused me to plan to win control of my brother.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was waiting for a good opportunity to activate my plan.  It only took Jimmy three weeks before he triggered it.  I came home about an hour before dinner and caught Jimmy and his friend smoking in the family room.  I did not say anything but was delighted when his buddy left just a few minutes later which is when I pounced.  Dad had told us that he would really wear out our butts and we wouldn't be able to sit for a week if he caught us smoking.  It was the perfect setup.

"That was pretty stupid – smoking in the house.  What if the 'rents came home?"  I paused for dramatic effect.  "You wouldn't be able to sit for a week and they would hear your howls on the other side of town when Dad strapped you."  Jimmy turned pale and immediately begged me not to tell.  It was his usual reaction and I insisted that he had to have a spanking so that he wouldn't get off unpunished.

The location was perfect – we were in the family room like I wanted.  I stripped my stupid brother and then got him over my lap while I was sitting on the couch.  I indulged myself by starting to spank him just using my hand for seeing my handprints form on his butt was a great thrill each and every time.  Then I got serious and pulled my belt out of my jeans and wrapped it around my hand to form a short strap.  Jimmy really felt it for he howled.  Over and over I raised and lowered the strap until Jimmy's butt was bright red and he was crying like the baby he is.  I parked him in the corner with his hands on his head.  "Stay here and think about the consequences of smoking until I call you."

The timing was absolutely perfect.  Having been so engrossed in strapping my brother, I had not heard the 'rents come in.  They heard my ordering the bawling Jimmy into the corner and even saw his roasted tail.  Of course, they questioned me and I just pointed to the remains of the wicked weed still on the coffee table.  "Jimmy didn't want you to know he was smoking.  It was not right to snitch but he had to be punished so I spanked him once again."

Father picked up on the again just as I had hoped so I could explain that I had spanked Jimmy several times because he misbehaved like a little irresponsible naughty boy.  Then Dad grilled Jimmy who reluctantly confirmed all that I had said.  Although Jimmy tried to cover his little bald pee-pee, Dad told him to put his hands to his sides.  Even Mom saw that he had nothing to hide and smirked when Dad said so as he blushed.  Dad sent Jimmy back to the corner and had a chat with me while Mom took care of dinner.  Jimmy was on the hot seat for dinner as Dad had lots of questions for him and a few for me.

Well, the 'rents discussed things after dinner and at breakfast told Jimmy and me what they had decided.  Jimmy was as unhappy about it as I was elated.  "We decided that Mike will be in charge of you officially from now on."  They said a lot more but it was all redundant actually.  They even mentioned Frank and Toby.

You can't imagine how elated I was.  I was no longer the baby to our parents but the responsible brother-in-charge.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 10, 2014

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