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Big Brother's Keeper –  Part 2/3



Another part of the new rules Dick and I were subjected to was an increase in chores about the house.  Since both our playtime and telly privileges had been cut and there was a limit to how much we could study, mum and dad found more chores for us to do.  They justified this by pointing out that they would be skills useful in later life when we lived alone but I digress.  One day I was having a great learning experience dusting the bookshelf and I noticed that one of the books had been recently removed and replaced.  Why would a Famous Five storybook be moved?  I knew that Dick liked those adventure books a lot but, by now, he surely knew them by heart.  I pulled the book out and as they say 'you can not tell a book by its cover!'  It was my brother's journal.  I know I should have just put it back and continued with the dusting but I was very curious.  I could surely find several rationalizations to look but my motive was strictly selfish.  My dear brother had wrecked my life and I wanted to know more and, even more important, if more trouble was on the way.

I began to read starting two weeks before he was spanked.  I was shocked.  How could he be so stupid to write about all the things he did that were forbidden.  I read of smoking and drinking and wanking contests with the same guys that gave him the hardest times in school.  I found out about how nasty they were with him once he was in shorts.  He wrote of the first spanking that dad gave to each of us. There was everyday stuff and including school in general.  Then I learnt why I was wearing shorts; he had actually brought them himself.  The very shorts I was wearing!

He wrote how his dream turned into a nightmare when it became reality.  He had secretly wanted to wear shorts but only if forced.  Just like the boys in the stories.  He did not like the hassles at school nor the new rules but he really liked to wear the shorts.  Knowing this I felt better about one thing.  I was determined to be back into longs as soon as possible even if it kept Dicky in shorts longer.  Having to wear the school uniform all the time was not so terrible except that I was also required to be in shorts.

The detailed fantasy he wrote the day after he was spanked was really fascinating.© YLeeCoyote

I was a naughty boy today and got caught.  The housemaster sent me to see Williamson, the prefect I fag for.  I stopped in my room to change into a fresh uniform.  Williamson likes me to look sharp as a proper public school boy should.  I put on a fresh shirt and shorts.  They are really last year's because Williamson likes them to be tight.  The other chaps don't understand why I don't wear longs like they do, now that we are all in the fifth form, but Williamson has forbidden me to wear them.  I pull on my knee socks and use the new garters to be sure that they stay up.  Fortunately my shoes are shined.  I'm so nervous it takes me three tries to get my tie right.  I'm so afraid that I'll be late I almost forgot my blazer.

I knock on Williamson's door and enter.  He looks at me and snaps: "Wickie, have you been bad, again?"

"Yes, sir."  I hand him the report slip.

Williamson looks at it and commands: "STRIP".  I remove my clothes and carefully fold them on a corner of his desk.  In just a few minutes, I'm standing in my birthday suit.  "You get it, Wickie."  I walk over to the cupboard and open the door.  The implements are hanging there – a senior cane, a junior cane and a plimsoll.  I reach for the junior cane and actually touch it with one finger.  It's like touching a hot poker and my hand snaps back.  I'm the only one in the fifth still taking the plimsoll.  The rule is simple – no longs until I choose the cane.  I give the plimsoll to Williamson.

He pulls me over his lap.  Gently he rubs my bottom like does when he is going to fuck me.  He will do that later but first… SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK!!  His hand rains down hard on my bottom.  It hurts but I'm not crying – yet.  He gives me another volley.  Now I'm crying.

Then I feel the plimsoll.  It hurts much more.  After just four hits I lose count for I'm bawling like a baby.

Then he stops and rubs my hot bottom again.  This time he is gentle but any touch hurts.  My little dicky is hard.  It is pressed between my tummy and the bed.  He lays me on his bed.  I hear his zipper sliding down.  Williamson is kneeling between my legs and he puts some goo in my bottom hole.  He lays down and drives his shaft deep into me.  I stop crying and enjoy being with Williamson.  I enjoy his fucking me.  He explodes in me.  He holds me tight.

He pulls out and rolls over.  I lick his big prick clean and lick his balls.  He likes that.  I like it too.

He sits up and I stand in front of him.  He rubs his fingers over my pubes.  "Time for another shave, boy."  I go to the sink and get his razor, a wet flannel and the shaving cream.  I lie on the bed and he makes me smooth again.  He send shivers through me as he handles my wee-wee with his shaving cream covered hands.  I don't have to worry about the cane for it's only for big boys with hair not little smooth boys like me in shorts.

I get up and we walk over to the mirror.  I can see the difference between us.  He is a head taller and looks like a man.  His thick, half hard penis is surrounded by a thick heavy bush.  His muscles ripple and bulge under his skin.  I'm just a little boy.  My wee-wee hangs from my hairless, baby smooth crutch good only for weeing.  My muscles are hardly there.

We return to the bed and he sits down.  I drop to my knees and kiss his prick.  He goes fully hard.  I give it a lick.  He says what I want to hear: "Suck it, Wickie. " I open my mouth and take his hard shaft into my mouth.  I suck it for a while as he encourages me.  Then I feel his strong hands on the sides of my head.  He's taken physical control and forces his shaft all the way in and back out.  He tenses and holds me still.  He shoots his man-juice into me again.  It runs down my throat to join the stuff he put into my bum.

He releases my head and lies back.  I keep his prick in my mouth until he orders me to get dressed.

After I get dressed, he sends me to the canteen to get him some snacks.  I'm not allowed to have any for I'm a naughty boy who has just been soundly spanked.

I return the journal to the shelf.  Dicky's fantasy took almost five pages.  I'm sure that the some high priced shrink would know a lot more what it really means than I do.  To me it says that he want to be a prefect's fag, kept in shorts.  It does seem to explain why he lets everyone in longs dominate him.

This gives me an idea.  Dick wants to be a prefect's fag.  Maybe I can take charge of him.  If I do that well, then I should be able to have more privileges than him.  Those privileges that I thought were "rights" before this all started.


This weekend was the best two days since my stupid bother pissed off our parents and got us both stuck in the 1950's with school uniforms all the time, shorts, spanking and everything.  It was now a few weeks since the new rules went into effect.  It was Saturday morning and, as per the new rules, we were in polo shirts and school shorts doing our homework.  About eleven dad walks in (of course, he just walks in since the door is always open) and tells us that he and mum are going out.  We are to continue to do our homework and chores and mum left our lunches in the fridge.

At noon we break for lunch and then the idiot says he going out.  Before I could say that dad will kill him for he hadn't finished his homework and he still has to mow the lawn, the door slams and he is halfway down the street.  Gee, I never realized how rude doing that was until I was on the receiving end.  Anyway, I go back to my homework and just as I finish it, the phone rings.  It's my mate Anno (he was named for his great uncle who was named for the saint) Stone to invite Dick and me to go to the cinema with him and his brother, George.  I would love to but I tell him why dad is going to be pissed at Dick and that always spills over to me.  Anno is absolutely brilliant and suggests that I do the lawn myself and then dad can not be mad at me but will be doubly mad at Dick.

I spend the next two hours pushing the lawn mower.  It was really strange, but it was the first time that I liked doing it.  Instead of thinking about the work of pushing the mower I was thinking about swinging dad's hairbrush at Dick's bare bum.  I was just finishing, when the folks drive up.  Dad is actually pleased with me and we talk as I wipe the cuttings off and dry the mower.  Dad is very fussy about things like this.  He compliments me on things and then I ask permission to go to the cinema while explaining that Mr. and Mrs. Stone will drive us both ways and that I'll be with Anno and his older brother, George who is Dick's classmate.  Dad checks that I did my homework and chores.  I let him know that I did but the lawn was Dick's this week.  Dad then grants permission.

Dad asks if Dick was also invited.  I tell him he was but I did not want to presume to ask for him.  I don't tell him that Dick had run out and does not even know.  He'll find out soon enough that he not upstairs doing schoolwork.  It took him about a minute and he was spanking mad.

It is ten minutes later that Dicky came home.  Dad starts to interrogate him about everything.  I feel safe, even smug, while just listening and doing my very best to keep a serious face.  His transgressions come to light one by one.  First, going out without permission.  Second, not finishing his homework.  Three, not doing the lawn.  Dick states that he was going to do the mowing in the morning and dad reminds him that he is going to church in the morning.  Fourth and finally, he snaps at dad that he will then do it in the afternoon.  Mum reminds him that we are going to Uncle John's for a family dinner.  It is very clear that Dick is in for it big time.

The phone rings and I answer.  It is Anno again.  I tell him that everything is as expected and that dad has given me leave to go.  He says that his mum wants to talk to mine.  She is going to suggest that perhaps longs would be better attire for the movie because in shorts I would be a target for harassment.  It would be better to avoid such confrontations with the rowdy boys from the comprehensive at the cinema.  I hear mum say that "that's a good point", "Richard certainly cannot go" and "thank you".

Before things get going again, Aunt Emma rings up for mum.  She needs some help and now.  By now Dick had returned with the malevolent hairbrush and a very fearful look.  Mum and dad talk about Aunt Emma's problem and decide that Dick will just have to wait until tonight to be punished.  Mum goes upstairs for a couple of minutes while dad resumes ranting at Dick.

Dad asks me what I think would be appropriate punishment for my brother.  My first thought is that he should be flogged but dad would not appreciate that so I say: "Spanked…"  Dad doesn't show any change. "… four times."  Dad smiles.

Dad then really shocks both of us.  "Julian, you're in charge and I want you to punish your brother appropriately.  And you, Richard Harold Wicks, you had best listen to your brother unless you want to learn what the cane feels like."

"Like a school prefect did with a first form boy in the old days, father?" I ask trying to establish parameters.


Then mum adds that we should set the oven to 450 degrees at four thirty for dinner.  Dick and I are left alone again.  I have but one hour to take care of Dicky.

We go upstairs and I get another surprise.  A pair of my jeans with full length legs are on my bed.  Anno's idea really worked.  It's paying off in spades and diamonds.  My older brother is very unhappy.  Even though he is a full two-years-older, I'm already an inch taller, somewhat heavier and definitely stronger.  I'm even more advanced in sexual development with a bigger prick, larger balls and a much thicker bush.  Just looking at us, you would think that I, rather than he, am the older one.  He is certainly puzzled by the jeans since he cannot know that they are just for this evening.  I'm certain that he had a gut reaction to the question that I asked dad for that is one of his fantasies.

I sit in my chair and look at my older brother.  He is very nervous.  He knows that if I give dad a bad report he will be caned or worse and he also knows that I am mad at him for having to wear shorts.  I let him wait for a minute.  "Wickie, why did Mr. Phillips tell you to see me, this time."  He's always behind in his maths work.  I'm going to lead him into his fantasy world gradually.  I hope that he will follow.

"I hadn't done my homework."

"Is that how you address a prefect, Wickie?  Especially when you're that prefect's fag."  This is the key step.

"No, Sir.  Sorry, Sir.  Mr. Phillips told me to report because I did not do my homework, Sir."  He moved into his fantasy.  He had written the script and I'm going to follow it.

"And what happens to boys who don't do their homework?"

"They get thrashed, Sir."

"That true for fifth form young men, but little first form, eleven-year-old boys, like you, get spanked, Wickie."  He was torn.  I just pushed him into his fantasy yet this was also real.  Real spankings hurt and by now he knew I was going to do it.  But he did not have the guts to tell me to piss off and take it like a man from dad.  It was the same reason that he was stepped on by everyone at school.

"Come here, Wickie; and bring the brush."  In a daze, he stepped to my side.  He was in his fantasy.  I opened his belt and shorts.  They fell to the floor.  I could see that he was hard inside his pants.  I lowered them, pretending that I did not notice his aroused state.  He did not resist getting over my lap.  This was a lot different from that day six weeks ago when dad pulled me over his lap.  "Wickie, this spanking is for not doing your homework."  Then for the first time in my life, I was spanking someone for real.  I marvelled how my handprints appeared on his white bum as I spanked him hard.  After a few minutes, he started to show discomfort and began to promise to do his homework and to be good boy and fag.  I also realized why dad used the bush – my hand started to hurt.  I picked up the hairbrush and started in with it.  The sound changed from SPANK to WHACK and Dicky yelled louder and began to cry like a baby.  A sixteen and half-year-old crybaby.  Then he was bawling.

I pushed him off my lap to the floor and let him cry for a few minutes.  Then standing before him, I dropped my own shorts and pants.  I nearly poked his eye out as my hard prick sprang out.  I had been sweating while doing the mowing so even I could smell my own musk as could Dicky.  Dicky was transfixed.  It was like he was stared down by my trouser snake.  "Suck it, Wickie.  That's what a prefect's fag does." I ordered sharply.  He went for it.  I felt his teeth.  He was obviously inexperienced.  "No teeth, boy." I snapped.  After a few minutes I grabbed hold of his head and just pumped in and out.  I was totally in control and that felt good as I blasted my load down his gullet.

This was great.  I withdrew and lay on the bed for a few minutes.  I told him what I had decided and that he was to agree to it at dinner.  Then I gave him a bath.  There was not much time left, so I did it just like dad should have without skipping the private parts and in very cold and businesslike manner but it set the precedent.  I was certain that there would be other times to have more fun.  I also showered.  After sweating over the lawn and dealing with Dicky I stank.  It really felt great putting on longs again even though I knew that it would be back to shorts the next morning.

At dinner, I told our parents I had decided on the punishment for my errant brother subject to their approval, of course.  Then I ordered Dicky to tell them the details and to state whether or not he accepted it.  Dicky reported everything.  First, that I had spanked him 'good and proper' for not doing his homework, saw to his bath and that he was to study until bedtime.  He would get his second spanking before church in the morning.  If he was properly repentant after church, he would get a reprieve from the third spanking but, regardless, get a spanking before bed tomorrow.  He would also have to do one of my turns cutting the lawn.  He then said he agreed that it was fair and he accepted the deal.

Our parents could not have been more pleased about this and dad even said: "You did well, Julian." which is as much praise as he ever gives.  Then I thanked mother for the jeans and asked if I should wear my school blazer or a simple jacket.  I was so happy that she allowed the jacket.  At least for tonight I could look like a normal teenager of 1982.

I would not be honest if I did not say that I enjoyed the movie and the pop afterward so much more because of how I was controlling Dicky.  Over our pops, I told Anno and George how things went during the day.  Their eyes nearly popped out when I told them that not only did dad put me in charge but that I spanked Dicky.  And was going to do it again at least twice tomorrow.  I did not tell them about the blowjob because I did not want Dicky to become known as a poofter.

Anno looked straight at his brother: "You better not ever let me do to that to you.  I don't want a wimp for a big brother."

"And if you every even try, I'll spank you everyday we're together.  Understand?"

Anno smiled at his brother.  "YES, SIR, Big Brother."

In the morning, I made sure that I hung my jeans properly in the closet and hoped that they would stay there. I was surprised for one pair of grey school longs were hanging there.  Was this a message or a test?  I dressed in full school uniform just like mum liked and wanted.  At the breakfast table, Mum said how nice I looked but was surprised that I had chosen the shorts rather than the longs.  "Mother, I'm sure that you prefer me in shorts and I was not told that I may wear the longs.  Beside, Dick will be more comfortable with me this way and this is the Sabbath."  My parents were very impressed.  Dicky said thanks; little did he know what I had planned for him today.

At the end of breakfast, Dicky did as I had told him and asked me for his second spanking.  I had told him that if he did not ask he would get an extra six.  I directed him to get the hairbrush and wait over the chair in our room.  "Yes, Sir." he said.  I noticed that dad was smiling.

When I got to our room, I saw that Dicky had stripped and was in position.  I had not told him to do that, but I liked that he had.  I decided that he would be rewarded for his cooperation.  "You know why you're getting this, my little fag, Wickie?"

"Yes, sir."

"Remember to count, Wickie."


"One, sir".

Whack!  Whack!  Whack!  Whack!  Whack!  Whack!  Whack!  Whack!

"Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, sir"


"Ten, sir"

I let him sob a bit before I spoke.  "Wickie, because you cooperated you only got ten rather than the twelve I had originally planned.  I expect that you will be a very good little boy in church today, repent of your sins and do as you're told.  Now, go wash and get dressed before we are late."

As we walked up to the church, I suggested to Dad that it would be better if Dick and I sat in the last row for it will help him concentrate on his transgressions.  "What's so special about the last row?" he asked definitely puzzled.

"It is just the other way around, dad.  It is what is not special about it after last year's big storm."  Dad caught on then and told me that it was an excellent idea.  He remembered that the church had not replaced the cushions that were damaged by the rain and the last row was plain HARD wooden benches.

Anno and George joined us in the last row.  George asked Dicky why he was fidgeting even before the services started.  Dicky gave an evasive answer.

"This is not the place to lie, Dicky.  Remember whose house we are in." I said.

"I was spanked this morning."

Anno was right on the ball.  "By your dad, Dicky?"

Dick hesitated and looked at me.  "No."

"By your mummy then, Dicky?"

Dicky turned to me again.  "Please." he pleaded.

"Dicky, George said you would not be able to say it so his reward and your punishment for being evasive is to go to the downstairs bog and show him.  Immediately, so that you can be back in time for the service."  George took his hand and started out.

It took Dicky half the service before his colour returned to normal.  The hard bench insured that he was constantly aware of having been spanked earlier.

Back home, I told Dicky that I decided not to give him the midday spanking because he was being very good and repentant.  It seemed very fitting for the sermon was about forgiveness.  I also sent him to our room to study until it was time to go.  Dad then suggested that I do the same.  A suggestion from dad is not to be questioned so I joined Dicky.

A little later mum and dad come to the room.  "Julian, your mother and I have discussed this and have made a decision.  We think that you have behaved so well and maturely that you have really earned the right to wear your longs for the rest of the day.  As soon as you change we will be going to Uncle John's."  Then mum actually took them out of the closet and laid them on the bed.

I felt like jumping for joy and kicking up my heels, but I managed to remain calm.  "Thank you very much."  Dad likes things simple.  I stood up and started to remove my shorts even with mum there.  I had gotten used to her seeing me naked even in the bath so I did not care any more about changing in front of her, particularly with my pants on.  After I put on the longs I checked that my tie was straight and put on my blazer.  Then I turned to mother for review.

She was smiling.  "You look like a perfect young gentleman, Julian."

"Thank you, mother; father." and I bowed like they do in the old flicks on the dance floor.  It was the perfect thing to do.  I think that I could see steam rising from Dicky's ears as he sat at his desk pretending to study.

I was very quiet as dad drove us to Uncle John's.  The last twenty-four hours had gone perfectly.  I hoped that things would continue this way.  In a few weeks, school would be out and even if I had to wear shorts it would not be part of a school uniform (except for church) and thus easier to deal with.

The family gathering at Uncle John's was just what one would expect.  We all ate, the grownups talked and the kids played.  I was dressed like all my male cousins.  Dicky was the only one in shorts.  Our cousins were very kind to Dicky for they did not tease him but they all could and did guess why he was in shorts.  I sensed that they had been instructed not to mention his shorts.  As he asked me, I did not tell them that I not only spanked him but also decided how much.  I wanted him to feel indebted me.  For some of our games, they excluded him because he was just a little kid in shorts.

On the drive home, Dicky was very uneasy.  He had been given a task that held very bad omens – one of our uncles had gotten granddad's collection of canes and other nasties from his attic.  Dicky was literally holding them.  He looked very nervous knowing that dad was very serious about using them.  No doubt dad and our uncles knew first hand, er, cheek exactly what they could do.

Back home Dick was sent to study in our room and I got invited to watch the telly.  Of course, it would be something that was related to schoolwork.  I really was not too keen on watching with them, but it was the grownup thing to do.  Actually, it was Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet.  It was very nice with all those real beautiful young players.  Incidentally, Whiting has a beautiful bum.  Anno rang up and asked if he might come over for some help with his maths.  After checking with mum I, of course, said yes since I owed him from yesterday.

It was almost eight when he arrived.  We started to work immediately and by eight-thirty we were nearly finished.  What a coincidence that it was time for Dicky's spanking.  He was mortified that Anno was there but I told him that I was not putting my chum out because of his misbehaviour.  After he fetched the brush, I dropped his shorts and pants.  Anno got a good look at his privates and then his bum when I turned him over my knee.  I spanked him hard by hand for a few minutes and then gave him four on each side with the brush.  He had kicked off his shorts and pants while being spanked.  While he did his fifteen minutes of corner time, I finished studying with Anno.  Mum came up the stairs just as I sent Dicky to the bathroom to wash and wee.  As I showed Anno out I'm sure he saw that pantsless Dick had not closed the door even though mum was there.

On the threshold with the door closed so dad couldn't hear us Anno said that Dick was a real wimp for getting spanked by his younger brother and didn't deserve to have pubes.  Anno is full of great ideas.  Little did he know how well that would fit with Dicky's fantasies.

When I got back to my room, I stripped down and washed up for the night.  Dick was sobbing quietly into the pillow.  "I'm scared, Julian.  Anno and George are going to tell and school will be impossible."

I sat on his bed and rubbed his back gently.  "No, they said they won't, Dicky.  I trust them.  Now you, my little fag, have to trust me – your brother and prefect.  We are going to have lots of fun provided that you don't fuck up school."  As I comforted him he rolled over on his side.  I guided his hand to my crutch.  Like an infant at a tit, he grasped my hard shaft instinctively.  "Yes, you'll be allowed to play with that when it's safe."  I leaned over and kissed him lightly.  "Go to sleep, my little one."

"Yes, sir."

I had very pleasant dreams of the future.  This weekend I had impressed my parents more than I thought possible to do in a month and learnt that my brother was quite happy to be under my control.

The next afternoon, dad attached some hooks to the inside of our bedroom door and hung the canes and the tawse that he had gotten.  "Just a reminder, boys."  Like we needed one.


The week following my disciplining my brother was definitely better than before. Although none of the rules had changed there was a definite softening of the way they were applied.  Both mum and dad were less intrusive in to the minutia of my life.  I think that they gotten tired of watching us so closely.

This became evident on Thursday.  Mum has us eat dinner by ourselves because she and dad were going visiting.  Dicky was very nervous and it became clear why when he pulled out a test paper with a poor grade and handed it to mum.  Mum studied it a while and asked Dicky a few questions.  The test was on Wednesday but he did not study as much as he should have because he had watched a game on the telly.

"So," she asked, "if you had been responsible and studied properly you would have done much better."

"Yes, mother."

"And what do you think should happen, young man?"

"I should be spanked." Dicky said softly with his eyes starring at the floor.

As he said that, dad walked in.  "And just why should you be spanked, Richard?"  After dad heard the story, he agreed but said he would do it Saturday morning.  He and mum had to have dinner with his boss tonight and with friends tomorrow.

Then my brother surprised us all and permanently endeared himself to me.  "Waiting is so hard.  Julian could do it tonight father?"

"I have to change now." said dad dashing up the stairs.  Mum rushed after him to change also leaving us alone.

Dicky looked at me with pleading eyes.  "He might use the cane, Julian.  Please…"  He never finished the sentence but just hugged me.  I returned the hug.

"It up to dad, Dicky.  But I won't be easy on you."  He just hugged me again with his pleading eyes.

When the folks came back downstairs,  Dad put me in charge again and added that he expected me to do as well as I did on the weekend.  And of course, we were both to be in bed by nine o'clock with our homework done and Dick punished.

We cleaned up the kitchen and went upstairs.  I told Wickie that he had better do all his homework or he would have to have two discussions with me as prefect.  This really worked wonders for all he said was "Yes, sir." and he got right to work.  This enabled me to do the same.  I can not explain it, it did wonders for me also.  At eight-ten Wickie came to me. "I did not study properly and messed up an test, sir."

I made him admit that he really had two transgressions – not studying and lying so he could watch the telly.  I stripped him and sat on the bed before pulling him over my lap.  I then spanked him with my hand until his arse was bright crimson and he was sobbing.  I then switched to a flip-flop.  I gave him a dozen good hard slaps so that he knew he was properly punished.

I held him a few minutes until he stopped crying and told him to go down on me.  He did not know the term so I just pushed his head down to my bulging crutch.  He wanted it even more than I did.  He quickly pulled open my school shorts, reached into my pants and engulfed my hard rod.  He was very careful for I did not feel his teeth even once.  It felt so good that I wanted him to go on forever, but I did stop him for there was something else I wanted.  I had him bend over the bed and I admired his flaming arse before I pressed the petroleum jelly into his virgin hole.  I played with it for a while as I spoke to him: "Wickie, it is your duty to please your prefect in every way."

I was certain that he knew what I was about to do beyond a shadow of a doubt for he responded: "Please fuck your fag, sir."  I was not to deny my brother.  I pressed forward and pushed my shaft in him for the first time.  It was even better in his hot bum than his hot mouth.  I exploded almost immediately but kept fucking him until I came again.

We took a quick shower and went to bed just a little late.

In the morning, his bum was still red.  I had him show mum and dad at breakfast before we went to school.

After school I told mum that Anno has asked me for help with his maths and I took the opportunity to ask George to help Dick study.  I figured that mum would not allow company – even for studying – when we were alone, so I told her that we were thinking of a few hours on Saturday.  Mum was so delighted that she called Mrs. Stone immediately and made arrangements.  She even said she would make a special lunch for the four of us.

Once again, Dad put me in charge for the evening.  It definitely felt good to be the brother-in-charge.  Being in charge was about the only upside to all the shit that I had to put up with including the shorts.  We just studied like we were suppose to thinking about final examinations rather than partying like the other guys.  My plan was working for our parents were definitely responding to us following the new rules.  Dicky turned into Wickie about eight-thirty and we played around.  I spanked him gently and then we fucked.

In the morning after George and Anno arrived, I told Dicky that I expected him to work diligently and if he wasted this opportunity with George by goofing off or being stupid he would be spanked.  Our visitors liked that idea although Anno did not seem to as much after George proposed that he be subject to the same rule.  Anno resisted at first until George suggested that either he hadn't planned to work hard or was chicken.

Two hours later, just before breaking for lunch we had a review.  Both of us tutors agreed that our students were deserving of spankings.  I told George he could deal with Dicky if he wanted to.  Dicky accepted his fate as a naughty boy should and let George drop his shorts and pants and put him over his lap.  He got a five minutes hand spanking.

Anno reluctantly accepted that I would spank him but he refused to go OTK like a little boy.  Instead he just dropped his trousers and pants and bent over with a cheery: "Ready, sir."  I got the flip-flop from the closet and gave him ten hard ones.  He took it very stoically with a clear count after each one and a "Thank you, sir." at the end in proper schoolboy fashion.

As mother served us lunch a few minutes later, she asked about the slapping sounds.  Anno answered: "Just a couple of slow students being encouraged by their tutors, Mrs. Wicks."

The afternoon session went very well although Dicky earned another spanking.  George pointed out that Anno had earned a reward for being so diligent.  Anno smiled and picked up the flip-flop.  Dicky started to object but I immediately put a stop to that.  Anno was surprised when I told him to sit on the bed and for Dicky to drop both his shorts and pants and get into position.  "Just ten, Anno." I instructed.  Anno carefully alternated cheeks as he quickly applied the flip-flop.  When he was done, Dicky was sobbing and he sent him to stand in the corner.

Both George and I noticed the great bulge in Anno jeans.  "You liked that Anno.  What's that in your jeans?" queried his brother.

Anno, as always was up to the challenge.  "It's a Stonie!"

"What's that?" we both asked.

"Like a woodie, only harder."

He ripped open his jeans and reached into his pants.  "This is a genuine Anno stonie" he declared, making a play on his own name, and pulling it out.  "Want to feel it?"

Since he said that with a laugh, we took him up on it.  He was right it was hard like stone.  He then spit in his hand and began to wank right it front of us.  "Can't go home like this."  I handed him some lube which was his immediate need and some tissues for which he soon would shortly have a great need.

On Tuesday I went to the Stone's for dinner.  Mum said that I might wear my longs but I decided not to for I had some plans.  Mr. and Mrs. Stone wanted to thank me for helping Anno with his maths.  I got to do my homework early this night because they eat at seven rather than five o'clock like we do.  I made light of my helping and told them that I found that it helped me for in order to explain things I really had to understand it very thoroughly.  After dinner I worked with Anno some and then talked with the two of them.  I was about to leave with sufficient time to be home before bedtime but as I had hoped The Stone's talked with me for fifteen minutes.  Mr. Stone drove me home and even told dad that it was his fault I was late.  I just went to bed.

The next afternoon, I went to see dad alone.  But before he had returned from work I had gotten the cane he had brought back from Uncle John's and had never used.  Standing as straight as I could in my uniform I confessed to dad that I very much regretted having been tardy last night after he had generously permitted me to go out and that I understood why I must be punished.  Then I handed him the cane.

"You think you should be caned?" he said surprised.

"Yes, sir." I said softly.

"Even though Mr. Stone said it was his fault?"

"Yes, sir." I said still softly but very firmly.  "I was late, sir."

"How many strokes, Julian?"

"I'm not sure, sir.  The stories always talk of  'six of the best' for serious faults.  Perhaps three, sir."

Dad thought this through for a full minute.  He was uncomfortable like I had hoped.  Instead of just telling me that it was not my fault and I was properly supervised by an adult, he fell in to the trap.  He was going to punish me because I was being stricter than he was interpreting the rules.  "Let us make that two.  Get into position."

I put my blazer on the chair, dropped my shorts (I was not wearing any pants) and assumed the position being sure that my balls were in front and safe.  "Ready, sir."

Dad flexed the cane but did not seem comfortable with it as I watched him through my legs.  I hoped he knew what he was doing but it was too late to think about that now.  He swung it through the air.  There was not any 'swoosh' and I barely felt it touch my bum.  "Zero, sir."  I certainly did not want this to count.

Then I heard a 'swoosh' and it connected with my bum with a loud WHACK!  A searing pain flooded through me.  I struggled to maintain position and not yell.  "One, sir."

I watched the cane going back and braced myself.  The swoosh and the WHACK!  "Two, sir."

Dad dismissed me.  I pulled up my shorts and fastened them properly and put on my jacket.  I walked out like (I believed) a young gentleman should.  My arse was on fire and a spanking, even with the brush, did not hurt nearly as much.  But, I was able to remain stoically silent like generations of English schoolboys had before me.  I felt that I had to experience this.

When I checked in the mirror I was sure that dad needed practice for the two tracks crossed rather than being parallel.  I made sure that Dicky saw them and knew that the cane hurt.  On Friday, Anno and George were over to study and I let them see my battle scars.  The reports all said that one had to learn how to use a cane.  I resolved to practice.

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