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Big Brother's Keeper –  Part 3/3



Things were going quite well under the horrid circumstance of having to wear shorts to school.  I had been very careful to be good and play by the rules that they set up.  As I did so, it became evident that there were lots of problems with them and they required a lot more parental time than they liked.  I firmly believed that there were two things that my parents wanted from Dicky and myself.  One, that we be responsible and stay out of trouble, even just mischief.  Two, that we do well in school.  This was actually a subset of the first item.

The main advantage of being the brother-in-charge was that it showed responsibility and gained me an occasional privilege denied my older brother.  I also found that it was nice not being at the very bottom of the pecking order in the house.  There was a side effect of playing Dicky's prefect – I had sex and thus did not have the same pressure to get out to find it.  There was definitely one thing I still wanted to do – solidify my control over Dicky.

On Saturday evening, dad looked at Dick and noted that he still needed a haircut even though had been told to get one several days earlier.  I took this opportunity to go that extra measure of being helpful.  "Father, perhaps I should use your razor to trim Dick's hair line at the neck and sideburns."

"Yes, that a good idea.  As least you can clean up his neck.  Thank you, Julian."© YLeeCoyote

Then mum made another suggestion.  "We still have the hair trimmer that I used when you were little.  You may use that Julian."  Mum had no idea how funny that was considering that we were still being treated like we were little in many ways.

"Yes, Julian, with the trimmer you can give him a full trim."

"I don't think I know how to do that, father."  It might be fun making a mess of Dicky's hair but that would not be really responsible.

"Try Julian and if it does not work, do a crew cut.  That does not take special skills."

"Yes, sir.  I'll try my best to get Dick neat and clean."  I was actually going to try just to give him a trim, but there was a high probability that he was going to get a crew cut.  I felt certain that I could do that nicely.  I was also going to shave his pubes (but I did not mention that).

There was interesting side effect of this conversation.  My parents and I were talking about Dicky as if he was a little boy of six instead of an almost seventeen-year-old youth while he was sitting at the same table.  He never opened his mouth, somehow acknowledging his lack of status.

We did our homework and studying for exams until eight when we went to the bathroom.  Dicky sat naked in a chair and I tried to figure out how to trim his hair.  The neck was easy but I moved the hair line up ​at least a third of an inch​ (​almost centimeter​) and the side burns a little more to enhance his looking like a kid.  I honestly tried to trim the rest but it looked awful.  I then set the clipper guide for about ​third of an inch​ (​a centimeter​) and ran the trimmer over his head.  It was not the latest style but it was even.  It would be summer break soon anyway.

Dicky was wondering about how he looked so he stood up and looked in the mirror.  I sat on the chair and had him face me.  "Wickie, there something else that needs to be done."

"Yes, sir."  Dicky knew that I was in prefect mode when I called him that.  I took hold of his wee-wee and told him to stand still.  I turned on the trimmer and made three quick passes over his pubes.  This got almost all of them.  I made a few more passes to get the rest.  All that was left was stubble.  I decided that I should go all the way so I told him to raise his arms.  There were only a few hairs in each pit which instantly fell to the floor with the rest.

I told him to sweep up the mess as I returned the chair.  When he returned from the dustbin, I gave him a bath just like mum did when we were little.  I washed him all over including his privates and bum crack.  Then I shaved the back of his neck like the barber does so that it would be nice and clean.  Finally, I did the same to his front so that his pubis was baby smooth.

I dried him off and then took my own shower.  Then I gently spanked and fucked him good and proper before going to sleep.

At church, we were permitted to sit in the last row with Anno and George.  It was nice that they sat with us for not only being friends, they were also in school uniforms albeit, longs.  There were very few kids in church and even fewer wore uniforms.  Of course, they noticed that Dicky had a new and not so good haircut.  I made Dicky tell them why and then I explained that I really tried a more normal cut but I failed.  "Tell them what else, Dicky."  He looked at me and shook his head.  "George will see in PE class tomorrow; it will be better if he knows now."

"You shaved his pubes!" Anno guessed with a broad smile.  I nodded.  "He acts like a boy in those shorts so it won't matter that he looks like one without them.  Nobody will really care."

"I think you're right Anno.  He'll just look more the part now."

"You think that I'm a little boy because I'm in shorts?" I asked Anno.

"No.  Because you don't take any sh…, er, manure from anybody – student or teacher – about them.  You probably could get away with wearing a kilt or even a skirt."

George promised that he would talk to some of the guys and try to keep the kidding down.  Dicky thanked them.

I shave Dicky twice a week now.  He seems very content about it for he is that little boy who fags to a prefect who keeps him in shorts.


The term progressed and then the dread final exams happened.  I felt very good taking the report home.  Better than ever before.  I had gotten four A's and a B+.  Dick did not do as well with an A-, B, two B-'s and a C+.  Mum and dad praised me at dinner and told Dick that they were a bit disappointed in him.  They also said that they wanted to discuss some things and we will speak more about this tomorrow.

The next day Dicky and I actually had a free day.  School was out and we did not have any chores to do.  We just played at nothing.  After dinner, Dicky was sent to our room so that mum and dad could talk with me.  Note, please, I said "with" not "to".  This was a good sign.

They elaborated on their praise about my report card.  Dad told me that he was proud of the letter from the headmaster Williams about my speech to Mr. Locke commending me just as he had in class.  He was pleased that I could stand up for what is right even when if meant confronting authority.  He recognized that it takes maturity to do that particularly with your parents and teachers.

"Thank you, father.  I have always endeavoured to be respectful."

"Yes, Julian," Dad agreed.  "Then there is how well you handled your older brother when you were in charge.  It appears that Richard thinks so also, since he never complained that you were unfair or anything else."

"I afraid that Richard is somewhat immature and needs watching and guidance, sir."

"Exactly, Julian." interjected mum.  "That is why your father and I want you to watch over him this summer.  There is a lot more time for a boy to get into trouble during the summer."

"We have decided to let you continue to have authority over your brother as long as you continue to show good judgement and he needs it.  It's big responsibility, son."

"I will do my best to keep you proud of me."

"That's all we can expect.  Now what do you think of the last few months?"  I was silent for a while for I was not being sure how frank they expected me to be.  "You may speak freely, Julian, otherwise your answer would be worthless."

"Well, I don't like the rules being so strict but they did help me concentrate better on my schoolwork but they need to be relaxed some.  We've pretty much gotten use to the lack of privacy but neither Dick nor I are little boys now and were not a nudist family so it is very awkward.  Not that you ever stared at us, mother, but … I don't know how to say this."

"I understand, Julian, please continue."

"Thank you, mother.  Shorts!  They are a big problem.  In school they are a distraction to work.  School shorts in church are strange and unusual at my age and even more so at Richard's.  Elsewhere they are dangerous like Mrs. Stone spoke about to you.  Plain shorts would be much better although they still make one stand out.  It is sort of like the problems the immigrants have because they look different.  So that is my number one wish – no more school shorts for me.  Dressing up in my school uniform with longs for church and going out is fine.  Also, it will be easier to be in charge of Richard in longs."

"We'll have to think about what you said, Julian.  But why did not you ask for longs for your brother?"

"Because I really believe that he wants to be kept in shorts.  Although he should have some non-school shorts also."

Then I went off to bed.

In the morning, they told Dicky that I was his babysitter from now on.  They told me that I might chose longs or shorts as I wished.  I was also asked to prepare revised rules and we would work things out.

"Thank you very much, mother and father."  I was never so sincere in my thanks.  I was truly happy having achieved my main goals so soon.  I even achieved something else which was probably more important: my parents now saw that I was real person and actually becoming a grown up and not just a mere child.


The "Happy Holidays Guest House" in Margate on the very eastern tip of Kent, was our holiday destination.  We started off early Saturday morning and arrived midday.  We knew little about either the HHGH, Margate or even Kent.  Dad assured us that the owner/operator Mr. Colin Peters ran a very nice and orderly establishment.  He was certain that we would not have to put up with rowdy kids as has happened in the past.  The place looked like every guest house in these resort towns as shown in the Sunday supplements write-ups.  It was the signs on the wall that we read as dad checked in that told the special story.  This short quote sums it up: «We accept that children are inclined to get into mischief, but do expect parents to do their duty.  Please feel welcome to make use of the disciplinary equipment provided.»  In case the meaning was not clear, the junior cane, paddle and tawse hanging in the room left no doubt.  Mr. Colin's young nephew, Mark, checked us in.  The room had a double bed for mum and dad and a double bunk beds for Dicky and me.  There was a new partition that gave a little privacy although mum and dad would have to walk through our section to get in and out of the room.  We walked around on the promenade to see what the place was like and then returned to shower and dress for dinner.

Mum decided to take a soak in the real bathroom while dad just took a quick shower and went to read the paper on the veranda.  That gave Dicky and me time to examine the disciplinary equipment conveniently (probably too conveniently) hanging in the room.  The cane definitely petrified Dicky (and Wickie too) while we both thought that the paddle and tawse would easily make sitting down very uncomfortable.  Because time was short, I had to settle for just a BJ but Wickie was very enthusiastic about it.  Then as a good fag should for his prefect, he buffed my shoes (and his own).  Mum showed that she did understand about our privacy by knocking when she came back from her bath.  Dicky already had his pants on and I was drying my hair.  It was only after mum had passed through that I realized that I hadn't covered up and, more interesting, that I did not care.  We dressed up like young gentlemen should in our school uniforms.  Dicky was in shorts and I was in longs but otherwise identical.  We waited with dad outside until mum came down for dinner.

It was then that we met Mr. Colin.  He was very polite and cordial addressing us by name.  He got Dick and I reversed because he thought that I was the older one.  Dinner was home style but with restaurant service.  It was strange without mum running back and forth to the kitchen.  At one table were two women who were so nervous that mum asked about them.  They were sisters (now single mothers) and their sons, Alex, sixteen (almost seventeen), and John, eleven, were late back for dinner.  Everyone was being served desert when these two hooligans came in disturbing everyone.  Mr. Colin ordered them out of his dining room and not to return until they showered and dressed properly.  He responded to their rude remarks with a simple line: "You'll not eat at my table until you do."  By the time they returned everyone had finished eating and most of the tables were cleared.  Their idea of dressing was polo shirts and baggy running trousers with flip-flops.  Their idea of how to get served was to yell.  Mr. Colin told them to be quiet and that the kitchen was now closed.

Alex yelled a vulgarity at him and started to run out.  Mr. Colin grabbed him and dragged him back to his place.  As Mr. Colin sat down he said:  "Boy, you need to learn manners."  Then – right in front of everyone – he yanked down his trousers and pants and pulled him over his lap.  He was struggling so Mr. Colin put his right leg over Alex's legs and held him still.  Mark handed him a leather paddle.  This paddle was much larger than the one hanging in our room.

Johnny decided that being elsewhere was a good idea and he tried bolting like his older cousin.  I just reached out and stopped him cold.  "Don't go now, Johnny, the show's just starting."  I pulled him around so that he had to sit on my lap or break his arm.  He objected to being held but I was too strong for him so with his arm in a hammerlock he stayed still.

Meanwhile, without any more words, Mr. Colin started to spank Alex.  The large leather paddle made a resounding thud each and every time it connected with his naked bum which was followed by a howl.  After a while the howls turned to sobbing and then bawling.  I could tell that this was having a major effect on Johnny.  He turned away and put his head on my shoulder.  I let go of his arm and just held him.  "Don't let him near me, please.  He'll kill me.  Alex never cries and he's been beat up real bad.  Please."

Mr. Colin had stopped and was now putting Alex, with his hands on his head, in the corner.  I talked quietly and privately with Johnny and sent him off to let his mother decide what should happen.  He talked with her a few minutes and then came back to me.  "I've been a naughty boy.  Please spank me."  I shifted my chair and told him to drop his trousers and pants.  As bad as it is to be naked, it is worse when someone else does it to you.  I then helped him across my lap, got a good grip on his waist and started.  I gave him a few warm up SPANKS and then some really hard ones.  He really needed a spanking and I did not want to cheat him.  Soon he was bawling just as a well spanked boy should.  When I stopped and stood him up he hugged me and continued to cry on my shoulder.  Mum slipped a napkin under his face to protect my blazer.

Mr. Colin brought Alex back into the centre of the room and explained that he was going to be caned and what would happen if he moved.  Then he asked Mark if he would like to do the job.  Mark was holding what I learnt was a senior cane rather than a junior cane like the one hanging in our room.  Mark crossed the room and aligned himself by the bent over Alex.  I made Johnny watch so that he would know what this was about.  I even hoped that Alex would jump around and get extra.

Mark raised the cane and everyone heard the SWOOSH and then the CRACK as it connected with Alex's already red hot bum.  He yelled and jumped.  "Blimey!" exclaimed Johnny.  Alex stood up twice and jumped once earning an extra three so he got nine all total.  This show had a great effect.  The little kids clutched their mum's hands as they left in a daze.  I led Johnny over to examine his cousin's marked bottom.  Actually, I wanted to get a good look at it myself.  As we left, Mark brought in a couple of sandwiches.  Not nearly as nice as the dinner the rest of us had, but better than nothing.  There weren't any vending machines in this place just, apparently, a huge collection of things to beat a child's bottom.

Mum and Dicky went up to the room while dad and I talked with Mr. Colin.  He complimented me on how well I handled Johnny.  I explained that the lad was terrified of him for he made his tough cousin cry.  I think that he will remember this evening for a long time.  I also took to opportunity, while dad was checking the church listings, to ask if he taught Mark how to use the cane.  I was very impressed at how parallel each line was except for the last two which formed an 'X' over the others exactly as in all the stories.  When he said yes, I asked him if he would show me how to do it.  He immediately asked dad if that was OK.  Dad approved.

Tuesday the sky opened and it poured all day.  It was impossible to go out unless you wanted to swim in the road.  Mum decided to do the laundry and dad to read the paper.  Dicky and I went to playroom.  After a while, even pool was boring.  Then Dicky saw some Famous Five books on the shelf and he was exultant for there was one that he had not previously seen.  He immediately curled up with it in the easy chair and started to devour it.  I was looking for a book for myself when Alex came in.  He was in a foul mood and immediately started in at me.

"You're the bloody bloke that caught and spanked my cousin John." with that he shoved me against the bookcase.  I was able to avoid his first punch but not the next few.  I punched back and soon we were slugging it out.  I was not doing well at all for he was bigger, older by almost three years, knew how to fight and stronger.  Several of the little ones were yelling "fight" and Dicky even noticed.  As he was getting up, Mr. Colin came into the room.  He roared: "STOP!!" so forcefully the Alex actually did for a couple of seconds.  I got one good shot in his breadbasket as Mr. Colin's took control of him.  I was not in very good shape.  He told one of the other kids to get both the tawse and the canes from behind the desk.

"Alex, you have fifteen seconds to drop your trouser and bend over the table.  You'll get an extra stroke with the cane for each second delay."  Alex open his mouth to object but Mr. Collin start to count backward from fifteen.  By the time he got to twelve Alex was starting to obey.  He was in position at the count of four.  Mr. Colin took the cane and flexed it in the air.  "Don't move, boy." he said, and he swung the cane hard against Alex's still marked bottom six times.  Alex screamed after every blow but he did not get up.  "Stay there boy."

Mr. Colin then turned to me.  "Get into position, Julian."  I hesitated.  "It takes two to fight."  I dropped my trousers and pants and leaned over the table just a yard to the side of Alex.  I heard the cane WHOOSHING thru the air and then it landed.  There was a slight pause before my body shook with pain.  I clenched my teeth and waited to the next blow.  It was just as bad.

I glanced at Alex and he was smiling at me as if to say: "How do you like it, smarty pants?"  In another thirty seconds it was over and my arse was on fire.  This was significantly different than what I felt when I forced dad to cane me a few month back.  Now I really knew what the cane was all about.

Then I realized that Mr. Colin was talking: "… and for starting this fight, you get five with this tawse."  WHACK!! and Alex yelled.  It was my turn to smile.  By the time he had gotten his full quota of five Alex was bawling.  Mr. Colin ordered us both to our rooms.  We each pulled up our trousers and rushed upstairs.  We did not speak.  A few minutes later, Dicky came in with some ice and used it to cool my bottom.  He was very proud of me for not screaming like Alex did.

Mum came in and was horrified.  There was not more that she could for me besides the ice so she went to find dad.  Little Johnny came by and apologized for his cousin causing me to get caned.  He really thought that I was tougher than Alex.  Mum had a hard time understanding why I was not up in arms for being unjustly caned.  She did not think that Billy Budd should have been hanged either.  Dad was willing to take a picture of my caned bum for a holiday remembrance.

The next day, Alex was grounded and not allowed out of his mum's sight so Johnny tagged along with Dicky and me.  We went exploring the whole beach and promenade area.  I felt very grown up being in charge of two other boys both of whom I had spanked and had the authority to spank again if I decided that it was warranted.  This feeling let me minimize the discomfort in my own sorely used bottom.  The day was lots of fun with one small exception.  It was already past five thirty when we passed the sweet stand.  Johnny really wanted to buy some sweets but I knew it would spoil his dinner.  Well, actually, I believed that because I had been hearing it since I was five.  So I struck a deal.  He could buy some stuff but could not eat it until after dinner.  He agreed and we shook hand on it very solemnly.  It was not until we were back at the guest house that I realized he had been walking on the other side of Dicky and lagging back.

We sat on the back steps, side by side, and talked about it.  After a while he said that he earned a spanking for eating the sweets and said that we should go to my room for it.  I asked if that was all he did wrong.  It took a while for him to realize that he had not kept his solemn word to wait until after dinner.  He was very ashamed of himself.  When we got to my room, he started to take his trousers down but stopped.  Then he ran over to the hook and got the little paddle.  "I've been very naughty, Julian." and handed me the paddle.  He dropped his shorts and leaned over my lap.

I rubbed his cute little bum and started spanking him.  Once he was warmed up I hit him harder.  The previous time he was crying by this time.  I changed to the paddle and gave him six real whacks on each check.  I then stood him up and hugged him tightly.  He hugged me back and then started to cry.  "I'm so ashamed.  I'm so sorry."  Then I took him to his room so he could shower and change for dinner.  Then I did the same.

At dinner he was not allowed to have dessert because he could not eat his dinner.  It was a shame because it was excellent chocolate cake.

Mr. Colin did teach me how to use a cane.  It was very interesting to learn that it was not brute strength that mattered but how it is handled.  Dad participated in the lessons as a student.  He insisted that he was taking the time for my benefit – surely if I was to be caned I would want it done right.  Particularly after Tuesday's experience, I don't think I want to find out.


The summer was full of the usual things for the most part.  Dicky with the help of George did not hang out with the guys that got him into the trouble in spring.  Many days the four of us – George, Anno, Dicky and myself – would play together.  A lot of the time we played with others also.  Having the responsibility of watching my brother helped me a great deal.  I could not expect that he would be well behaved if I could not maintain the same high standards.

Dicky wore shorts all summer although the school shorts were only for church and when we went out as a family.  I wore them quite a bit myself particularly when we were playing ball.  Even George and Anno wore them at times.  The other guys got use to seeing a few bare knees.

About every other week Dicky seemed to forget his chores or come home late and I had to spank him.  Because of the experience I had at the Happy Holidays Guest House I started to use the paddle dad had gotten months ago on Dicky.  He was, however, still scared that I might use the cane on him.  Our prefect and fag games got more refined.  We mutually perfected the dialogue so that we got to the spanking and sex more quickly and deeply.  It was easier to do this because we were allowed to close our door.

One day in August I really messed up.  Dicky and I had gone to the matinee at the cinema we loved the picture.  Dicky loved it so much that he convinced me to stay and see it again.  That made us more than two hours late getting home and to fail to do our chores.  Dad and mum were angry, and even more important disappointed.  Dad said that we would discuss this an hour after dinner in his den.  While I waited in my room, it was expected that I think about this.

I knew what dad would ask.  I also knew that I did not have any excuse.  It was my responsibility not to be persuaded by my brother.  I had not even remembered to ring between shows to ask for permission (which surely would have been given).  The only question was what was the proper punishment.  I opened my closet door and took the cane and the paddle that were hanging there and held them for a long time.

First, I thought that I should just go down naked to get it but I decided to wear my school uniform.  I took the implement and went to face the music.  I knocked on dad's door.

"Well, Julian, what do you have to say for yourself?"

I came clean, confessed and asked dad to punish me.  I took off my blazer and placed it on the chair.  I handed dad the cane.  I answered his question before he asked it: "Six of the best, sir."  I removed my shorts and bent over. My bare bottom was in position.

"I see that you came prepared – without pants." dad chuckled.  I remained silent and in position.

Dad then took his position and started.  The cane crashed into my bare bum like a hot poker.  "One, sir." I gasped.  Five more times I felt its searing burn.  "Six, sir."  My voice was weak.

"You may get up now, son."

I stood up and pulled up my shorts.  "Thank you, father.  I'm really sorry."

"You may go now."  He handed me the cane and I turned to leave.

At the door I paused. "You learnt a lot from Mr. Colin, father."

He smiled and then laughed.  "That's your own fault, son."  I also laughed.

Back upstairs I stripped and fell on my bed.  Dicky was horrified at the condition of my bottom.  He wanted to get some ice or cream but I told him no.  He sat by me gently rubbing my back and hugging me as I cried myself to sleep.

The next day I knew that I was different. It was not the mistake I had made nor even getting caned for it; that had all happened before.  It was taking responsibility for it without any evasiveness and then deciding on and accepting punishment.  I did not behave like a boy but as a man.  I had done this sort of thing with dad before but he had always lead me step by step.  This time I led myself.

It was a quiet day and we just did our chores without hardly speaking.  After dinner we went to our room.  Dicky insisted on talking.  He felt very guilty.  It was not fair that I took all the blame.  Then he totally shocked me.  He walked over to the closet and got the cane.  His hand was quivering as he handed it to me.  He dropped his shorts and bent over.

It was with great trepidation that I raised the cane and brought it down for the very first time on my brother's bottom.  I saw the red track form.  He jumped.  He yelled.  He resumed his position.  "One, sir."  We repeated this for the standard quota of six.  I comforted him this night as he did for me the previous night.

After that Dick changed.  He changed essentially overnight for he stopped acting like a twelve-year-old turning back to the sixteen-year-old he was and about to enter the sixth form.  He still wanted to play prefect and fag as before but that was the only exception.

It was the week before school was to restart that I spoke to dad about these changes.  I reminded him that Richard would be hassled a great deal in school in shorts rather than longs and that would detract from his school efforts.  Then I told him that I was resigning my position as my brother's keeper effective the day before school started.

Two days later, mum told Dick and me to try on the new clothes she had gotten us for school.  We went upstairs and there was a batch of stuff on our beds.  Dick was positively thrilled that there were three pairs of LONGS for school and two pairs of jeans.


It been almost a year and a half since my brother and I had our trouser legs clipped short.  As awful as it was particularly at the beginning, I think that it was really helpful to me.  It made me grow up a lot in a short time.  I would be less than honest not to admit that I liked the power that I gained particularly over my brother during this.  Looking back, I see that Dick was a follower while I'm a leader.

From the very beginning I was striving to get back to longs and I worked at that very diligently.  I was mad at Dick and was quite willing to keep him down so that I could advance my own end.  Before you tell me how wicked that was I will remind you that he had (and still has) this inner need to stay a boy and was inherently happy in shorts.  After it happened he did have some conflicts about it because he was essentially an outcast at school.  That is why he wore longs for the school all the past year while at home and even sometimes outside he often wore shorts especially during the warm weather.

You probably recall that I shaved Dick's pubes that first spring in keeping with his fantasy of being a little boy and fag to a prefect.  He was not hassled about it in school very much because he was a shorts-boy and he was already scorned for that.  I kept him nice and smooth all through the summer.  Not only did he not complain but he encouraged me to do it by putting out the stuff when he needed a shave.  The big surprise was at the end of the term last June for I had not shaved him for the entire school year since he was back in longs.  However, I had been keeping his bush neatly clipped for the year.  This way he was not subject to ribbing by his mates while not being unrestrained like them.

It was after dinner and our folks had gone out.  When I got to our room he was in uniform with shorts.  They were a little tight and so they bulged in the front and showed off his nice arse nicely.  It was very clear that he wanted a major session of prefect and fag as soon as he spoke.  It must have been the hair trimmer and shaving stuff that was there and his very timid demeanour that made me strip him rather than to tell him to strip.  Soon I had a docile 'eleven'-year-old boy naked waiting for me to punish him.  I sat on the bed and pulled him over my lap as I had often done.  I rubbed his bum and he sort of squealed.  Then I started to spank him.  I was gentle at first and then I spanked hard.  His bottom first showed my handprints, then it was pink all over and final totally red.  I continued until it was bright crimson and Wickie was crying.

I laid him out on the bed and got the trimmer.  It look longer than it had that very first time more than a year earlier.  His bush, as you would expect, was heavier.  The trimmer was not fazed by this at all and buzzed through it all nice and easy.  By now his little soldier was standing up tall and hard.  Then I got the wet flannel and shaving cream and lathered him up.  Slowly and carefully I ran the razor over his pubes and around the base of his prick until he was baby smooth.  As I wiped him clean, I saw that he had spread his arms out to expose his pits.  I ran the trimmer over his pits and then used the razor as I had below.

I turned him over and stripped.  It felt good to let my own hard shaft be free.  Then I applied the lube to both his bum hole and my shaft.  I gently slid into him and held him tightly.  He was no longer crying but was totally passive until I was thrusting in and out.  He then matched me thrust for thrust and shortly after I blasted my load up his bum, he made a mess on the bed.  "You're going to be my good little hairless fuck fag, Wilkie, all summer." I whispered into his ear biting it gently.

"Yes!  Yes, sir!  Thank you, sir." he responded enthusiastically.

What I discovered is that he wanted to be a full time little boy.  Dad and mum noticed how he was always deferential to me and did as I told him to.  Again, they put me in charge of him for the summer even letting me allocate our chores and set his limits.  About once a week, I went out in the evening, usually with Anno, and told him to go to bed by ten.  He always did it docilely and without complaint.

What Dicky seemed to like best during the summers was when the five of us – Anno, George, Dicky, Timmy and me, Julian, – all went exploring in the woods on the edge of town.  Yes, that's the same Timmy who I hauled over my lap in the lunchroom the first day I was in shorts at school.  It turns out that he was a neighbour of Anno and George and occasionally George had the task of watching him.  He a good kid, bright and thinks that my spanking him at school was just great for his image.

Dicky's grades and inclination were such that he did not go on with higher schooling.  He got a job in retailing as a stock clerk.  I'm going to continue to be a prefect to Dicky and keep his bum red and his pubes shaved from now on.  It's really nice to be the brother-in-charge especially when you're the younger one.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., December 20, 2001

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