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The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of domination, spankings and sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

I tried to write this story in English, rather than my usual American because it is set in the United Kingdom.  So, e.g., "fag" is either a cigarette or an English public school boy who acts as servant to an older schoolmate while "bird" is the term for girl like the American "chick".

Thanks to Paul Crewe who created the Happy Holidays Guest House in his story on MMSA for permission for my characters to spend a week there.  Thanks also to E.B. and Vincent (on MMSA) who turned my American into English.  You can get a map at Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service or Google maps or other places (search for Margate) to see where my characters play.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  This story is for Billy.

Billy Goes to Margate


Billy, most carefully and correctly dressed in a white dress shirt with a red-striped tie, navy blue blazer, short grey school shorts, blue-striped knee socks (neatly folded over), shoes (well polished) and a school cap, was sitting quietly watching the countryside whiz past as the train thundered to Margate on the North Sea coast.  Next to him was his mother, Ms. Erica Kingsley, in a well tailored business suit reading a financial magazine.  It was holiday time and they were going to spend a week relaxing and enjoying the pleasures of the coast resort town.  It was Friday and they had left directly from work where Mummy was the Chief Executive Officer and Billy was the office boy.  Although he looked, acted and was treated like a pre-teenager he was actually in his thirties.

From the station they took a taxi to the Happy Holidays Guest House where they had reservations starting on Friday because another guest had to depart early.  The owner/manager, Mr. Collins, had his nephew and assistant, Mark, show then to their room where they just had time to drop their bags and wash up before returning for dinner downstairs.  Ms. Kingsley was most impressed by the order of everything.  This was far above the usual standards for guest houses.  Although Margate was not quite the place it had been years ago, Ms. Kingsley wanted the special atmosphere of the HHGH that she had heard about.

Billy noticed that there were several young teens in the dining room and hoped that he would be able to play with them.  Ms. Kingsley was surprised at the constant arguing at the next table between a mother and her two children; Sally and her older brother Kenneth who was just a day from his fourteenth birthday.  The woman ordered cake and coffee for herself, cake à la mode for Sally and an OTK spanking for Kenneth.  "Mother, please not here in the dining room." pleaded the youth.

"Kenneth John Smith you have been difficult all day and quite impossible now at dinner.  I have warned you about this several times."

"Yes, mother." said Kenneth quietly for he knew that further discussion was pointless.  Billy could see his unhappiness in his face.© YLeeCoyote

"Mark, will you please do the honours with the small paddle when everyone is served.

"Of course, Ma'am."  Mark took the rest of the dessert orders and soon was serving everyone.  He placed a leather paddle in front of Kenneth who just stared with unbelieving horror at it, knowing what was about to happen to him.  He no longer was thinking of going with Mary to the beach party.  Even if he was not grounded, after being spanked on the bare bum in front of her he knew he could not face her.

All too soon, Mark returned.  "Kenneth, I believe that you had a special order."

Kenneth has been there a week and knew that he must now ask for what he did not want at all.  "Yes, sir."  (Although Mark was less than three years older, he could not call him by name in this situation.)  "Please use this paddle to spank me for my terrible conduct all day and at dinner."  In a strange way, that made Kenneth feel less bad.  At least he was able to appear to have a semblance of control of his own punishment.

Kenneth got up and Mark moved his chair away from the table and sat down.  Kenneth then stood by his side with the paddle.  Mark opened Kenneth's shorts and they fell to his ankles.  One quick yank and his pants followed.  Rather than stand fully exposed, Kenneth quickly laid down over Mark's lap and held the paddle up.  Mark took it and patted the target.  He then raised it and brought it down hard on the target.  Billy was totally shocked at this public spanking.  Although he regularly got spanked by his mother with others around, it was not in front of strangers.


Mark paused for a few seconds and then repeated the action.


He raised Kenneth up and pulled up his pants and shorts much to Kenneth's relief.  After he returned both Kenneth and the chair to his table, he asked: "May he have dessert, ma'am.?"

They both looked at Kenneth's mom who nodded.  Mark looked at Kenneth.  "Chocolate cake and milk, please."

"Very good, sir." said Mark trying to make the other youth feel better.  He remembered how he felt after he was spanked in this very room; he particularly recalled the several times that it was unjustly done.

When Mark served Kenneth he also brought a note from Mary.  Kenneth thought carefully after reading it and then asked his mother for permission to fulfill his obligation to escort Mary this evening as previously arranged.  (Permission was granted but that is another story.)

Ms. Kingsley stopped worrying.  She knew that she had come to the right place.  Billy was definitely awed at what had happened.  He was frequently spanked usually by his mother or the women she had watching him but never by a stranger.  Billy was very quiet as he finished his dessert for he was thinking how it would be nice to have someone like Mark or Kenneth in charge of him.

Of course, there was not any opportunity to try to make friends for Mummy insisted on returning to the room immediately after supper.  While Billy unpacked his bag and put his things into the chest and closet very neatly, Mummy showered and put on a simple house dress.  Then she completely undressed Billy and lead him down the hall to the bathroom and his bath.  She washed him carefully and allowed him just two minutes to play in the tub.  "We must be considerate of others, Billy." she explained.  After drying him she lead him back to their room and put his pj's on him.  Neither of them took notice that several of the kids were laughing at him being naked in the hall.  They did, however, take note of the paddle and cane hanging in the room.  Ms. Kingsley was quite impressed.  Billy was a little nervous.  He got into bed super fast when ordered.

Saturday morning after breakfast, they went to the beach.  Billy was allowed to remove his play shorts and T-shirt leaving him in just his tight bathing briefs.  He had lots of fun both on the beach and in the water.  After eating lunch provided by the HHGH, since Mummy did not ever buy promenade food, Billy took a nap to wait out the hour before he might go back into the water.

It was then that Ms. Kingsley's mobile phone rang.  It was her executive assistant, Mrs. Johnston, with important news.  Erica would have be in Brussels for a series of meetings with a very important client starting Monday morning.  She immediately knew that she would have to go.  Of course, that meant that Billy would be so very disappointed.  She went on that she would not even get a refund on the accommodations for who could she get to watch Billy in Margate.  The assistant suggested that maybe her own son fifteen-year-old son, Chester, would like the job.  Ms. Kingsley liked the idea and told her to speak to Chester offering to pay handsomely.

A minute later the assistant was in her sons' room asking him about it.  Chester knew Billy and that he was a different sort of boy in that he did not seem to grow up for he had been the office boy since he himself was a little boy.  The high pay for being at the beach instead of in hot London quickly got the youth to accept the job.  It did not hurt any that there would not be any household chores to detract from the job since they would be staying in the HHGH.  It was then that Ricky, Chester's twelve (almost)-year-old brother, chimed in: "I want to go to the beach also."

The normal family discussion ensued and Chester thought he would end it with a simple question seemingly directed at their mother: "And what happens when Ricky is naughty?"

Ricky surprised both his brother and mother with an instant answer: "You spank me."  Although it would be doubtful that Ricky would have accepted such a condition imposed by his parents, he was now honour bound to obey his brother.  It was very clear that he really did want to go to the beach even at the price of obeying his big brother.  Of course, he never really expected that his brother would actually spank him.

"Very well, boys, I'll check with Erica if it is OK."

The arrangements were quickly made.  Chester and Ricky would take an afternoon train from Victoria station.  Ms. Kingsley would return on the next train so that she could go to the office in the morning and then take the train to Brussels in the evening with her assistant.  Mr. Collins had agreed to keep an extra watchful eye on the three boys as in loco parentis and provide a cot in the room.  (Because of the lateness of her booking, they only had one of the smaller rooms which normally slept two.)

Billy was glad that he would not have to return to London and be watched by old Mrs. Butterworth but would stay in Margate.  Ms. Kingsley then explained that Chester was coming to stay with him.  "Do you remember Mrs. Johnston's son who you met in the office, Billy?"

"Oh, yes, Mummy.  I like Chester and his brother Ricky."  Billy was overjoyed for he wanted to be watched by a male rather than by all those females (usually ancient) that his mother usually selected.  And this male was young just like in his dreams.  Not old enough to be a man yet, a youth in secondary school, a school boy.  Yes, a BOY like he dreamed about being in charge; like a big brother even.

Ms. Kingsley decided to meet Chester and Ricky at the station.  Billy was very anxious for Chester to arrive and she was anxious to return as soon as possible to London.  Billy was watching very intently as the passengers detrained.  "There's Chester, Mummy." exclaimed Billy, "And Ricky is with him."

Ms. Kingsley gave Chester a long set of instructions most of which Chester did not care about since they were most standard things.  He was interested in that Mr. Collin would provide any assistance that he needed and, most importantly, was holding their spending money for him like a private banker.  The other item was that Billy, alas, needed to be spanked frequently and he should not hesitate in his duty.  She kept at instructions until it was time for her train and the boys walked to the HHGH.

As you can imagine, Chester and his brother were quite surprised by the encouragement of CP at the HHGH.  Ricky wasted no time in firmly declaring that a caning was not spanking.  Billy was most thrilled to be in Chester's care and to have playmates.  After dinner Chester took his two charges for a short walk on the promenade before the sun set.  Ricky tried to convince his brother to go to the end but a simple reminder that it was almost Billy's bedtime and a promise that they would go tomorrow (along with a query about wanting a spanking) got him to stop.  Billy was not so easily placated.

Billy kept pulling eastward as Chester pulled him westward back to the HHGH.  After a couple of minutes, Chester had enough.  He walked (dragging the uncooperative Billy) to the side of the promenade and sat down.  "Billy, your behaviour is unacceptable."  Billy did not expect such strictness from a youth and stood frozen as Chester yanked down his shorts and pants prior to pulling him over his lap.  Billy was easily held in place and immediately felt Chester's hand striking his bottom; striking it very hard.


"You asked for this, Billy."


Billy's initial objections and pleas and promises of good behaviour were quickly replaced by sobs and then bawling as Chester continued to spank his charge hard.  Ricky watched as his big brother spanked Billy being very glad that he was not being spanked.  He also wondered if he should have suggested that his brother could spank him.  Billy managed to kick off his shorts and pants as he was being spanked and Ricky picked them up.

When Chester decided that Billy had enough, he stopped spanking him and stood him up.  He took him by the hand and started to walk back to the HHGH.  Ricky did not need any instruction to follow along with his big brother, who was spanking-angry, and his half-naked, crying charge.  As they entered the HHGH Mr. Collins greeted them.  Chester felt that he deserved an explanation so he stated that Billy had been a bit willful.

Upstairs, Chester told Ricky to shower, brush and get to bed while he bathed Billy.  With his bottom fire hot, Billy was quite cooperative as Chester washed him quickly and roughly.  His request to play was immediately rejected as he had spent the time being spanked.  Back in their room Billy brushed his teeth and wee-weed before being put into the cot in the room.  (Ricky had taken one twin bed and Chester the other because he was in charge.)  Before getting into bed Billy fetched Henry, his teddy bear, from the cupboard.  He insisted that the other two say goodnight to Henry.

Chester went downstairs to mingle a bit.  Ricky listened as Billy told Henry about his day and how he would have to be good because Chester spanked him ever so hard on his bare bum.  He also confessed that he earned the hard spanking.

Sunday morning three anxious lads were there for breakfast at eight o'clock sharp which was early as possible.  There was lots to go see and do.  Of course, there was the beach but also Dreamland Fun Park with four roller coasters, the pier and lots of cliffs.  And in case of rain, the cinema.  After breakfast Chester got some money from his personal banker, Mr. Collins, and they were off.  They wandered along the beach of 'the bay' and then to the gates of Dreamland at opening time.  Each of the lads felt that everything was special.  Chester for he was in charge; Ricky because it was more fun being with his brother (especially without his mates about) than his parents and Billy for he knew that Chester would be more adventurous than Mummy.

There were lots of rides and things to do in Dreamland.  Billy especially liked the dodgems for he sat with Chester and steered as Chester operated the pedals.  It so much fun bumping into other cars and even being bumped.  They did lot of things and always together except the big, fast scary roller coaster.  Billy was not tall enough to ride and Ricky volunteered to watch him to hide the fact that he was a bit scared.  The two promised to wait in one place while Chester had, in Billy's words, the big boys' ride.

It was when Chester went back the waiting place he realized that he had made a mistake.  His two charges were not there.  He started to look about when he saw Ricky pulling Billy back to the meeting place.  Ricky explained as they started to watch the coaster, Billy ran off and he went after him.  It took a couple of minutes to drag him back.  "Billy, what do you have to say?"  Billy had nothing to say and just hung his head in shame.  "You caused both of us trouble, young man.  Fortunately Ricky was able to get you back here before I had to report you lost."

Chester and Ricky both with a tight grip on Billy walked over to a small rest area and sat down.  Chester started to dig in his pack among the towels, sun block and lunch for something.  He pulled out the small paddle from the HHGH.  "After what you did last night I though we might need this."  Billy gulped when he saw it.  Chester handed it to Ricky who smiled.  He pulled Billy to him and then pulled down his shorts and pants.  As he pulled him over his lap to give his very first spanking a couple of people stopped to watch.  Ricky took a good grip on Billy's waist and raised the paddle.


Billy's bum turned bright red and he was crying after only a few smacks.  "Just another six, Rick." suggested Chester.  Ricky was smart enough to follow instructions.  After all the paddle was very handy.  Ricky also felt very grown up for his big brother called him 'Rick' without the 'y' in obvious recognition of his proper behaviour and he had administered his first real punishment spanking.  With Billy standing at the end of the table, with his bum cooling off they had their picnic lunch.

Billy was a very good and obedient boy for the rest of the day.  Inside he knew that Chester and Rick would be very strict with him and he liked that.  It was somehow different than when his mother did it.

On Monday the boys went exploring.  There were lots of things to investigate since the coast was very rocky with cliffs.  When Chester got his allowance from his personal "banker" he was cautioned to be very careful and only go swimming where there were life guards on duty.  Agreement was automatic in the way of adolescents not really listening to their parents or substitutes.  They were very happy exploring for most of the morning and by the time the sun had passed the zenith, they were quite hot and sweaty.  They had also gotten to the east end of Fulsam rock where they could get to the water.

Billy was really having fun this day.  He was with other boys and could run and climb and get dirty unlike when he was with his mother.  Childish enthusiasm overwhelmed him and he quickly stripped to his swim suit and dashed into the water yelling: "Last one in is a rotten egg."

Ricky was caught up in the excitement and also stripped and went into the water.  "This is great, Chester.  It's so cool."  In just seconds Chester was also in the water.

What none of them saw was that Mark was passing.  He diverted himself from his daily jog and ran down to the waterline.  He called the three of them out of the water.  Chester was very chagrined at being lectured and chastised by a teen not even two years his senior.  The dangers of the undertow were discussed and that another guest, Mr. Farthingworth had also seen them in the water.  Mark was certain the his uncle would be duly informed and Chester would certainly be punished at dinner.  Unless; unless he was punished now.

As little as he wanted to be punished, Chester quickly decided that getting it from Mark now was probably better than later from Mr. Collins which probably would be in the dining room in front of all the other guests.  At Mark's direction, he removed his briefs and bent over resting his hands on a rock.  Mark picked up one of  his own trainers and wacked it against the rock to get the sand off.  Then he tested his position and began.


Chester's bum was flaming red-hot when Mark stopped after the twenty rapid-fire hard blows.  "Now remember, swim in the life guard on duty sections only." said Mark as he went off.

"You took that very well, Chester." Ricky said as he handed his brother his swim suit and shorts.

Chester looked at Ricky very sternly and asked: "You knew you should not have gone swimming here?"  Ricky could not lie to his brother and nodded.  Chester sat (very gingerly) on the same rock that he just leaned on and patted his lap.  Ricky gulped as he remembered what he had said a couple of days before.  He bravely lay down over his brother's lap.  Chester took hold of his swim suit and pulled it down.  He admired the nice smooth curves of the young bum that he had never seen before from this angle.  He then patted his little brother's bum before starting to spank him.


Ricky was feeling his brother's wrath as each spank sent a message to his brain.  He tried the think of other things but the hail of


prevented his mind from wandering even a little bit.  He was forced to focus on the pain in his bottom.  He wished that this was over.  He promised to be good and listen.  But the spanking continued.


Ricky could not help himself and started to sob.  He had hoped that he would not cry; like his brother had not cried, but he could not help himself.  The tears started and he was lost.  He really did not notice that the spanks had stopped nor that his brother had stood him up and was holding him while he cried.  It must have been more than ten minutes that he cried before he stopped and realized the changes.  This was his first spanking in many years and although his bum hurt his heart did not

"Billy.  Get over here." was the next thing he heard.  Through his teary eyes he watched as Billy was taken over Chester's lap, stripped of his swim suit and spanked.  He almost felt sorry for Billy who started to cry on the fourth spank until he remembered that he was the cause of it by dashing into the water.  True he did not have to follow but he had.


The sound of the spanks caught his attention as he watched Billy's bum turn bright painful red hot.  By now Billy's crying had turned into the bawling of a baby.  Billy was such a baby.  By the time that Billy had stopped bawling and then stopped crying everyone was dry and they put on their clothes.  They continued their explorations but were careful to stay out of the water.  They returned early to the HHGH.

Tuesday the weather changed and it rained all day.  Since it was not a day to wander on the beach or explore the area, they did what Ms. Kingsley had suggested they do, had left the money for them to do and that the boys did not want to do – go to the Margate Museum which featured local exhibits of nothing and the Grotto.  The Shell Grotto, was an eighteenth century underground grotto covered in shells reached by a tunnels of probably greater interest.  They managed to complete their visits in record time in order to get to the late matinee showing of an exciting James Bond flick at the cinema before supper.

Wednesday they went exploring inland since the sea was still very rough for a few hours and then more time in Dreamland.  Billy was very happy with the carousal, the dodgems and the scenic railway.  Billy was now well behaved enough that they could leave him alone for the couple of minutes it took for a Ladybird roller coaster.  Although Ricky wanted to do it again, Chester knew that they had to get back to Billy before he ran off.

In the evening after Chester had put both Billy and Ricky to bed, he and Mark went to the beach dance.  "We'll do better together since the birds tend to come in pairs." explained Mark about his anxiousness to have company.  (His mates were not happy with his early curfew because of his job.)  They spoke to a few and in less then a half hour Mark was disgusted at the few birds that were there.  Then they spotted a couple of sexy ones and managed to get to dance real close.  The aggressiveness of the birds surprised them and soon they were having a secret tête-à-tête immediately followed by a little walk to a dark alley between two nearby streets.  Although dark it was not dangerous.  The girls made an offer, lots of kissing provided that they kept their hands to themselves.  Then after more than half hour of intense face-sucking, the birds called a halt and said they were going.  A few seconds later they were gone.

As you can easily imagine both Chester and Mark each had a major case of blue balls.  They could not go back to the dance because of the spots on their pants.  Reluctantly, they returned to the HHGH just before ten.  Mr. Collins greeted them and duly noted that Mark was just within his curfew time.

Mark jumped at the opportunity for he knew that Chester was late.  "Uncle, Chester is late." he said before his uncle could.  "Shall I deal with him upstairs where it won't disturb the other guests."  Mr. Collins quickly agreed not really feeling that Chester was really naughty as Ms. Kingsley was unduly strict and Mark would probably go easy on him.  Mark had other ideas.

Chester innocently went along with the idea.  Up in the privacy of the attic Mark brandished the cane from his own wall and the large paddle he had taken from the front desk.  "Your arse is MINE, mate." he chortled.  Chester was aghast.  He reluctantly stripped at Mark's command when the possibilities of Mr. Collins' anger would probably mean a much stricter punishment.  Mark placed a towel on his bed and Chester lay over it with his butt over the edge.  Once he was in position Mark told him that he would not use the cane but only the paddle if he cooperated.  As Chester was agreeing, Mark also stripped.  Then he explained that Chester would get extras if he came while being paddled.


Chester's bum took on a nice rosy glow as he gripped the far edge of the bed and clenched his teeth.  He was determined to be macho.  He was surprised when Mark stopped for he felt his hand on his bum.  "I want to check the damage, Chester.  Just be still."  What Chester did not see was that Mark had rolled a condom onto his very hard shaft.  He did feel Mark's fingers probing and gently rubbing all of his bottom even his hole.  Then he was penetrated by the well greased finger.  Chester did not realize that Mark soon had three fingers in his hole but just that the probing was pleasurable; a lot more than the paddle.

Mark then withdrew his fingers as Chester was moaning and quickly replaced them with his cock.  In a couple of minutes he was vigorously thrusting in and out and then exploded relieving his case of blue balls.  Chester was still in shock at being unexpectedly screwed rather than being paddled more and just savoured the sensations.

Mark certainly could continue but he wanted to make Chester totally happy.  He withdrew and rolled Chester over.  He noted that Chester had not come although there was definite sign of pre-come on the towel.  Mark dropped to his knees and took Chester's vibrant oozing shaft into his mouth.  Again Chester was surprised and just accepted the wonderful feelings and soon exploded into Mark's mouth.

"Oh, that was so wonderful." said Chester when he could speak again.  Mark just guided Chester to his still rampant cock.  "Do me, mate." and Mark obliged.

"A lot better than blue balls, eh, mate?" asked Mark and Chester agreed as he went off to bed.

Thursday they explored and went to the beach and had lots of fun.  They visited the lighthouse and saw the actual light and watched the ships come and going from London via the Thames.  Back at the HHGH, Mark fielded the call from Ms. Kingsley.  She was returning from Brussels and was going to be back in Margate that evening and wanted to know if Chester and Ricky could stay to have a day by themselves.  Mark knew that there were not any rooms vacant but arranged to call her back after he spoke to his uncle.  Mark was very well aware that he must never even risk offending the [paying] guests and certainly preferred to let his uncle handle such unpleasant tasks rather than risk a caning.

A couple of hours later Mark told his uncle the details and made a suggestion.  There was one place left in the HHGH that they could accommodate another guest that was not already rented and would not violate the fire codes.  Ricky could stay with Billy and his mother in their room while Chester could stay with him.  Of course, Chester would have to agree.  Mr. Collins was quite happy with the idea and praised Mark for with coming up with a very innovative solution.  He did not know of Mark's ulterior motives – Chester was a good shag.  Of course, with the weekend turnover of guests, Mark did not have any time to go bird hunting.

At dinner Ms. Kingsley managed to show her displeasure at Billy: he did not recall the museum well enough, was not dressed neat enough nor was he quiet enough.  Like she saw on her first night in the HHGH, she ordered a paddle for Billy rather than a proper dessert.  Billy was totally crestfallen and both Chester and Ricky understood also having been told about Billy's first evening and seeing several paddlings during their stay.

"Ms. Kingsley may I make a suggestion."  Chester said and continued immediately.  "Rather than disturbing the other guests and making extra work for the staff, I could spank Billy in the room."

Surprisingly, Ms. Kingsley turned pensive but did not say anything until Mark appeared with the desserts and the paddle.  "Young man, please bring my son some jelly.  Chester will spank him in our room after dinner."

A little later Chester proposed that he take care of Billy while his mother enjoyed another cup of tea.  He lead him off by the hand to the privacy of the room.  Once there he stripped his young acting charge and took him to the bathroom for a quick wash in the tub.  Back in the room he hauled Billy over his lap and was almost through spanking him when Ms. Kingsley came in.  Billy was crying as a little boy should while being spanked.


Billy was now bawling.  Chester stopped the spanking and comforted him a little bit and then put him into the corner with his hands on his head.  Ms. Kingsley could not help but to admire how her son's bum was glowing bright red.  "I've also given him his bath, ma'am, so he's ready for bed whenever you say so."  With that Chester collected his clothes for the next day and toilet kit and took them to Mark's room in the attic.  Ricky was not happy being treated as a little baby boy by Ms. Kingsley.

Because Mr. Collins was concerned that Mark would get his proper sleep, he required that Chester adhere to Mark's schedule.  Chester found the cane hanging in Mark's room both seductively fascinating and terrifying.  The canes at the HHGH were the only ones he had seen.  Mark fully understood Chester's quandary for he had been through it himself.  "There is only one way to find out about that cane, Chester." he said definitely.  "Only one way, mate."

He paused a bit and Chester continued to handle the implement.  "My uncle has taught me how to use it." and again he paused.

"You'll regret not knowing how it really feels."

"You cheated me out of paddling Billy at dinner.  That was very naughty, boy."

That did the trick.  "Yes, sir.  I'm sorry, sir." he said and handed to cane to Mark.

"You've earned six of the best, young man." Mark said sharply.  "Assume the position."  Chester leaned over the bed with his rump sticking up.  Then he heard the swosh of the cane as Mark swing it at him and the Thwack!! as it connected and seared his bum.  He had never felt anything like that before.  And then there was a second swosh and Thwack!! another red-hot iron bar seared into his bottom.

Chester wanted to stop this but he couldn't.  He knew that millions of other boys had survived this ordeal.  Thwack!!  He was sure that he would survive also.  Thwack!!  That was four.  This was far worse than any spanking he had ever gotten.  Thwack!!  Just one more now.  Mark was making him wait while he rolled a condom on his rampant shaft.  Thwack!!

Mark admired his handy work – six equally spaced parallel lines covered Chester's bum.  "Stay still, boy." he ordered.  He stepped closer and pushed a glob of lube on the exposed hole and pressed forward.  As he grabbed Chester hips he commanded: "Push back, boy."  Then he was in and Chester was his again.  Marked loved the felling of power as much as he hated how his uncle had crushed and rebuilt him in the last year.  As he was shagging, Chester screwed back at him and exploded first without his dick being touched.  Seconds later he filled the condom with a huge load.  They slept together after Chester admired the marks on his bottom.

Friday morning Ricky told Chester that they had better get away from Billy's Mom.  She's impossible – treating me like I was a baby and everything.  Fortunately, she wanted to take Billy to the museum and grotto so that he would appreciate them properly.  Chester cleverly suggested that he and Rick would not tag along so that they could be alone together.  Beside the two of them wanted to ride the big roller coaster more which Billy was scared of.  Reluctantly, she agreed.

Once they were out of the HHGH, Ricky started to grill his brother.  "What happened with you and Mark?  Chester was evasive with a simple negative.  "You're wearing your long shorts and you were sitting funny at breakfast.  What happened big brother?" he persisted.  By the time they reached the beach Chester confessed and Ricky insisted that they stop in the loo so that he could inspect the tracks.  Ricky was quite impressed.  They had a fine time on the beach and then riding the roller coaster several times.  Actually, Chester was even impressed by his little brother and took to heart his fervent desire not to spend another night with Ms. Kingsley.

Billy back in his school outfit was being thoroughly bored by his mother in the museum and grotto.

Chester called his mom and arranged to come home on an early train.  They had to leave before dinner in order to get home at a reasonable time but Ricky insisted that he learn about the cane as his brother had.  Mark was honoured to oblige but Chester would permit only two cuts.  Later in the privacy of the train, Ricky thanked his brother for the limit.

Chester and Ricky's mother realized that her boys had been changed by their short trip.  They were more responsible and nicer to each other.

On Saturday afternoon Billy, most correctly dressed, rode back to London on the train with his mother he stared at the countryside whizzing by.  Ms. Kingsley assumed that he was watching the scenery as he did on the trip a week before but she was wrong.  He was thinking about the wonderful time he had with Chester and Ricky; even when they spanked him.

As they approached Victoria Station, Billy spoke for the first time in over an hour.  "Please, mother, may Chester be my regular sitter?"  Ms. Kingsley gave that noncommittal look that mothers do so well, so Billy continued.  "He took very good care of me in Margate.  He made sure I was dressed and bathed.  We did fun things with his brother."  Billy paused as his Mummy thought a bit.  "He even walloped me right proper when I was naughty.  He walloped me harder than Mrs. Butterworth does even when she uses the slipper."

That last remark caused Ms. Kingsley to smile just a little.  "We'll see, dear."  Then she thought how Mrs. Butterworth's arthritis was advancing and that she was talking about moving.  "Yes, Billy, I'll ask him next week if he would like to do it."

"Thank you, mother." said Billy.  He would have hugged her but that was not permitted behaviour on the train.

The End

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