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The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of a public spankings.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The nice run-on sentence spanking description was inspired by Matt's story "Last Maternal Spanking" (10/16/02) and used with permission.

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Birthday Spanking


It was mid-winter day.  The birthday party was in full swing – everyone was having a great time – dancing and stuffing themselves with junk food.

Everyone except me.

I was eleven and it was my brother's birthday.  It was his party.  With his friends.  His big teen friends from high school as he was fifteen.  I was suppose to go the movies with my buddy but he was sick.  Really and truly sick since he was stuck in bed on a SATURDAY.  And I was not allowed within shouting distance of him.  Since I wasn't allowed go alone, I had to stay home without anything to do.  Rex, my brother, (he thinks that name is tough and will get him dates) had made it very clear before the party got going that I better bug out and stay lost.  Or else!

That left me with nothing to do; with idle hands.  And you know who finds work for idle hands.

And "he" got me to do stuff.  The details don't matter but the results do.  The party was disrupted and some food ruined.  Rex and his guests were very pissed just like I planned.  Pissed just like I was pissed at him for not inviting me to the party.© YLeeCoyote

Unfortunately, dad was also mad.  Dad was very mad.  Dad was spanking very mad!  It was strangely quiet.  Somehow everyone was quiet, even the stereo, as Dad took hold of me.

OK.  I admit that I deserved a spanking for what I did.  What was not fair was dad wanting to do it in the family room like he always did.  Now, while the party was still on; where my brother's friends were.  With them all watching.

I could see it happening like it was a vision; a hellish nightmare, like it had many times in the past; but worse.  Dad taking hold of me by the wrist and pulling me over to the old straight back chair and yanking MY PANTS DOWN and then my UNDERPANTS and flipping me over his lap and SPANKING my BARE BUTT HARD until I was BAWLING like a little baby not even able to promise to be good in front of EVERYONE including the GIRLS.  Then he would park me in the corner with my HOT RED BOTTOM exposed until I stopped bawling and stopped crying and stopped sobbing.  Then I would have to apologize to everyone with my pants still DOWN with my still little stuff for all to see.  (I already knew how my brother's thing had changed.)

I wished I could disappear.

I wished that I was dead!

Dad already had my wrist in his iron grip and was heading for the chair of death when my brother spoke.  "Father, please don't spank Matty."  I could not believe my ears.  Never – never ever in my entire life did Rex ever say anything when I was going to be spanked.  Every time he watched with a huge grin on his face.

Even dad was surprised.  "You know the rules, Rex."

"Yes, father, but it's my birthday and I would like to do it."  I looked from Rex to dad and back.  Rex was smiling a bit.  Dad was puzzled.  "I won't hurt him as much as you would.  I'm a responsible man of fifteen now."  There were a few giggles in the background and even from dad.  He was always big on responsibility.  (You should have heard him this morning when Rex got his learners' permit.)

"Your choice, Matty." dad said releasing my wrist.

I looked at my brother again.  He looked stern but with a faint smile.

I wanted to flee but that was not an option.  I walked over to Rex and placed my wrist in his hand.  He gripped me firmly but gently.  "I'm sorry, Rex.  It was mean of me; I'm sorry." I said softly.  He twisted my arm behind my back and pulled me close.  He tousled my hair with his other hand as dad left.  I was at the mercy of my angry, strong, big brother and his friends.

The lights were lowered and I could see that the candles on his cake had been lit.  Everyone sang happy birthday.  Rex made his wish and blew out all the candles in one shot.  He cut the cake and everyone had ice cream, cake and soda.  Rex actually shared his own plate (which was heaping) with me.

I was confused.  I expected that he was going to hand me my head or butt and send me away but I was having fun.  Then there was a cry: "Time for the birthday spanking."

"Right" said Rex, "and everyone gets a turn."

There was applause.  He lead me over to the spanking chair – the death chair, and a bowl with a batch of papers was held out to me.  "Pick one."  I reached in and drew Chuck's name.  He was a real buddy of Rex and often teased me.

Chuck sat in the chair.  "Please may I have my birthday spanking." said Rex as he pushed me over Chuck's lap.  Well at least my pants were still on.  Chuck got a grip on my waist and patted my butt.  Then he carefully gave me fifteen and one to grow on spanks.  They were a bit harder than love taps but not anything like dad's.  And, most important – not on the bare.

After I got up, I was presented with the bowl of names again.  As I picked another name, I realized that I was going to get spanked from everyone.  That would be some 256 spanks.  Well, that should be better that what dad would have given me assuming everyone would be as gentle as Chuck had been.

Well, everyone had their turn and my butt was in pretty good condition.  I did not have any regrets about going with my dear loving brother.  That's is until he sat in the chair of death and pulled me in front of him.  You can bet that I was sure nervous when he opened my belt and jeans and yanked them down.  This was sure one time I was glad that I listened to mom's often repeated but silly remark about always having clean underwear (like, the EMT's would notice through the blood).  Then he pulled me over his lap and got a good grip on my waist.  'You've been a bad boy, Matty." he said.

He was right.  "Yes, Rex." I said dreading what he was about to do.  He slipped his hand into my waistband and yanked my briefs below my ass but never exposed my front.  He then started to spank me.  He hit pretty hard; certainly not love taps but nothing like dad would have done.  He started to count and everyone joined in.  The count soon came to fifteen.  He paused and rubbed my hot bottom.  I tensed up expecting the worst.

"And one to grow on."  SPANK!  That was a real spank.  He then pulled up my briefs and my jeans as soon as he stood me up.

I was not crying.  My ass was hot.  Everyone had seen me get it but I did not feel that bad.  "Rex, everyone.  I'm sorry.  I was a real asshole for messing up your party.  Please forgive me."

He smiled and hugged me.  I knew I was forgiven.  Then he spoke.  "Matt," (without the "Y" for a change) "I should not have told you to stay away.  Please forgive me."  I almost burst into tears.  Rex actually treated me like a person for a change.  "How about giving me my birthday spanking, brother."

It was not a question but a request for by this time he had pushed me down on the chair of death.  Not the most comfortable position at the time and laid himself across my lap.  He had chosen me – his kid brother who had just messed up his party – rather than his girl friend or best friend – to give him his birthday spanking.  And I did.  I slapped his upturned ass sixteen times as required.  And all love taps.

I hung about for while and then I went off to my room.

We were both different after that.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., October 22, 2002

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