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The following story is fiction about two boys who cause trouble getting punished in an unexpected way in their upper class English house.  The story contains a scene of a spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Since this is set in mid-twentieth century England, I tried to use British English.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Boxing Day Sorting Out


It was St. Stephen's day yet nobody in the great house in London's fashionable Belgravia thought of it as such.  The rousing speech of King Henry V at Agincourt was left to dusty tomes and old school masters for everyone in the house, the servants downstairs and the masters upstairs, thought of it as Boxing Day.  For the family there was but one thing of importance to do – distribute the boxes with the annual gifts to the servants.  For the servants it was a day to receive something special and for many have a day off to visit family.

The entire staff was relieved after a most hectic Christmas Day.  They had managed to get through the holiday dinner without incident unlike the previous year which they all wished to forget but couldn’t.  Even better since they were in London, rather than at the country estate, all the family’s visitors went home reducing the work load immensely and most could have a day off.  Actually, there was one exception since Stewart, the Master’s nephew, had even come a few days before for a two-week visit but he was like a twin to the master’s own son Franklin.

The two twelve-year-old boys were the best of friends and behaved more like twins than cousins.  Since they were the responsibility of Franklin’s governess, Mrs. Guntle, they were of little concern to the rest of the staff.  Cook did, however, express her sympathy to the governess as she had deal with two lively and troublesome brats rather than just one for so long.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was just four days past the winter solstice and the sun was not due to rise until past eight-o’clock but the two mischievous boys were up far earlier as the consequence of having been sent to bed early while the adults partied late.  Neatly stacked on the table ready for distribution were the gift boxes for the staff.  The Mistress felt that the personal touch was required so she had selected many gifts herself to be perfectly appropriate for each one.© YLeeCoyote

Quiet as mice befitting mischievous boys, the pair snuck into the room and swapped the name tags about.  This was very different from the morning before when the pair had slipped down just as quietly to retrieve their gifts from Santa and others before anyone else was up.

It was a couple of hours later that the Master and Mistress did their duty.  They made a brief thank you for the wonderful service you have rendered speech and gave each minion their carefully tagged box.  In response, each recipient gave the appropriate “Thank you.”  When the distribution was complete they all returned to their downstairs space to open their gifts.  The two naughty boys slipped part way down the stairs to watch the show they had set up.

The unwrapping was not finished when it became very apparent that something was wrong.  Parsons was suspicious when the hall boy Peter got a frilly hanky and the undermaid Sara heavy work gloves.  Any doubts vanished when giggling was heard from the stairs.  A footman was directed to take the boys to the nursery to await their fate.

Parsons went to speak to the Master.  Decisions were made and the gift list was gotten from the Mistress.  An hour later the boxes and gifts had been sorted out and it was now time to sort out the two naughty boys.

* * * * * * * * * *

It seemed to the two boys that they had been imprisoned in the nursery for days when it was actually less than two hours.  There was, of course, relief that the waiting was over when Peter opened the door but immediately followed by dread upon hearing “The Master wants to see you both – immediately.”  That sounded most ominous for Master was not how they thought of their father and uncle.  They felt like condemned criminals as Peter lead the way and Rick, the other hall boy, followed behind so that there was no chance of escape not that there was any place to run to.

Peter knocked and the Master responded “Enter.”  The two boys entered and saw their father/uncle stern-faced seated behind his desk.  Immediately there was a harsh lecture about how they had dishonoured the house and tarnished the holiday not only for the staff but the family too.  They knew that they were going to be punished but the how came as a great big surprise.  They were totally shocked when they heard “Peter; Rick please take these two downstairs for their just rewards.”

“Yes, Master.” the two servants replied in unison each placing a hand on the back of a young neck and propelling them toward the stairs while sporting huge grins.  Even without knowing what was going to happen, they were certain that things would surely be most entertaining.  They knew that Parsons was most annoyed at the prank the boys had pulled on the hard-working staff and had discussed that matter with the Master.  Nobody else had found it amusing that they had switched tags on the Boxing Day gifts from the family.  The two boys had given themselves away as they spied by laughing at the responses to the mismatched presents and recipients.

Normally, Mrs. Guntle, Franklin’s governess, would have dealt with the boys in the privacy of the nursery but she had left early to visit her family for the rest of the day.  Parsons had, with the approval of the Master, decided on something more public.  His scolding skills were more finely honed than those of the Master as he demanded the very best from the staff and they were no longer little children.

After his scathing lecture he told the boys that they would be soundly spanked in front of all.  They turned pale in shock.  Perhaps if they had recovered they could have turned to run upstairs but they would have been stopped by the two grinning hall boys who were blocking the way.  These two were delighted to hear Parsons’ next order directed at them.  “Please strip both of them for a naked spanking.”

As the two boys stood frozen in shock, the two young servants immediately began to undress them starting with their blazers.  Ties and shirts and vests and shoes and socks and trousers and finally pants formed a pile leaving the errant boys in their birthday suits with a rose tint.  The boys just stood there with their hands over their genitals fearing what would follow.  They were now belatedly realizing the enormity of their crime.

“As you behaved like little children, you shall be spanked, over a lap, like little children.” growled Parsons sternly.  Two chairs were pulled from the table and positioned for spanking.  Each of the staff was hoping that (s)he would be the one to chastise these naked brats and looked to Parsons for the directions.

Parsons had considered many factors.  He feared that the mature men might be too harsh and cause injury and the ladies not really experienced so he chose Peter and Rick, the hall boys, as the executioners.  He knew that both sixteen-year-olds were experienced with spanking although they had now moved onto straps and canes.  When he named them they were probably even more surprised than the errant boys but enthusiastically commenced the novel task.

They each sat and pulled a lad over his lap.  They were both very experienced with spanking although never before in this position.  Each, however, was fully confident that he could do the job properly.  Somewhat unsure of how hard to spank they prudently held back but quickly used the clues from the spankees and their own spanking experiences to adjust the force to make a greater impact.  As two upper class bums turned red and the other ends were howling, dripping tears and snot as they continued spanking until Parsons told them to stop and put the two boys into the corners.

After while Parsons told the well-chastised pair to pick up their clothes and go up stairs.  They obeyed immediately and dashed upstairs naked most delighted to be released and ending the special show for the staff.  Persons would later report to the Master that the staff’s moral was greatly enhanced and the earlier annoyance was minimized thanks to this unorthodox procedure.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 2, 2020

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