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The Boy Down the Hall


It was just a year ago that my life changed although I had not any idea of how much it was going to change back then.  Then, as now, I lived in a nice studio apartment in a new high rise condo convenient not only to work but all the pleasures that the great city offers.  Then, exactly a year ago my new neighbors moved into the two-bedroom unit down the hall.  Mr. Kendrick Renick was about my age, forty, and his son Malcolm, fifteen.  Malcolm went to the top rated high school in the city so he must have been very bright.  I soon got to know them by chatting in hall, elevator and laundry room.  Sadly, Mrs. Renick was not a part of their lives anymore.

What was noteworthy was that I felt strange every time I was in Malcolm's presence, especially in the small enclosed space of the elevator.  I got to meet his buddy, Shelby, who was also a student at the same high school.  I never got that strange feeling when I was alone with Shelby.  Shelby was the sort of young man whom everyone considers handsome, attractive, desirable and sexy, yet it was Malcolm that had that strange effect on me.  I got friendly enough with Ken that we would do stuff together.  Often Shelby would come along so that we looked like a couple of men with their sons.  The boys always worked out what they want to do and Ken went along.  I was effectively outvoted three to one which practically meant that I was limited to a go or no go choice.  It was fun so I always went especially as I got to crave that feeling I had being near Malcolm.

A few times I stopped to listen at their door for I heard strange sounds.  After a while I figured out that it was the sound of a hand on a bare butt – that of a spanking. I was really surprised for I though that was no longer the way to raise kids and, also, since Malcolm was such a bright lad.  I guess that I felt a bit nostalgic because it reminded me of how my father had spanked me – once even when I returned for spring break during my senior year in college.  I did not like the spanking at all but afterwards I felt relieved, loved and had a fresh start.

Then I got a surprise invitation to go on a one week vacation with them.  I was having a talk with Ken while the boys were playing in the field in the park.  At fifteen they had a lot more energy than two middle age men.  Ken explained that in a month the boys would have a week off from school and they had again rented a cabin in the woods by a pond.  Would I like to join them?  I was a little hesitant until Ken said that the boys had suggested it.  Just then the boys came over and Malcolm sat next to me and Shelby next to Ken.  Malcolm repeated his father's invitation and Shelby seconded it.  They said it would be more fun if I was there because it would be "two boys and two men".  It turned out that did not mean quite what I thought it did at the time.  When Malcolm looked me right in the eyes and said: "We really would like to you come with us, Tim."  I could not refuse.

I realized that I was experiencing that strange feeling I noticed before most intensely especially when I agreed with Malcolm.  "Well, that's settled." said the boys definitely looking genuinely pleased.  "We can really get to know you and it will be lots of fun.  There's so much to do at the cabin."© YLeeCoyote

I did remember to mention that I would have to arrange for vacation time at work but that would probably be OK.  A few days later I was able to confirm that it was a GO!  Malcolm dropped in shortly after that.  He had a list of things that it would be useful to have at the cabin and, perhaps just as important, stuff that would not be useful.  I must admit that both sides of the list were helpful in preparing for the trip.  He sat close to me on the couch and that feeling was present again.  I was surprised by his commenting: "Timothy, your place is a mess; it would be so much nicer if you cleaned it up a bit."  He was looking (staring?) directly into my eyes when he said it.  He was, of course, right but teenaged boys are rarely interested in such stuff.  Malcolm was definitely not the usual boy.  I did, however, take his words to heart and spent sometime cleaning up rather than watching TV.  It was not until the next day that I realized he had used my full name.

A few days later, I met him coming home and told him that he was quite right about it looking better when cleaned up.  "Excellent, Timmy, excellent."  He dropped in later and said he wanted to see for himself which he did.  He sat down in my big easy chair rather than the couch remarking how nice and comfy it was and that my place certainly did look a lot better.  I offered him a drink – non-alcoholic, of course.  He accepted and I served it to him and sat on the less comfortable couch.  I felt good that he was there.  I took his use of the diminutive of my name as a sign of closeness rather than disrespect.

A week before the trip, we reviewed the what-to-take-list again and I joked that he forgot to mention name tags like my mom did for summer camp.  He laughed and told me that would not be necessary since it was only the four of us and there was a washing machine at the cabin.

The big day came and we set off in the morning.  It was an easy drive and I relaxed as Ken was driving.  We chatted about things that we would be able to do during the week.  I noticed that both boys addressed Ken and me by our shortened first names.  A couple of times, Shelby said: "Kenny, we have lots of time; there's no need to speed."

That in itself was not that surprising but his answer was: "Yes, sir; sorry."

We got there in the early afternoon and it was as nice as they had told me it would be.  Ken and I took care of the food, getting it into the frig and cabinets.  The boys took care of the other baggage stuff.  I was surprised to find that Ken's and my bags were by the bunk bed while the boys had taken the bedroom.  I was puzzled and we all sat on the porch admiring the pond.  Shelby said: "It's time to explain everything to Timmy, Kenny."

Before I could question this, Ken said: "Yes, sir." to Shelby and then started to explain.  "Tim, some people are dominant and other submissive.  Often, in life we are not in our preferred roles but up here we can be.  At work I have bosses and underlings and I have to switch roles regardless of anyone's feelings.  At home I must be a father to Malcolm and teach him how to be a man.  But in truth that is not what either of us wants.  Both Shelby and Malcolm are dominants while and you and I are submissives.  Malcolm recognized that the very first time you were together because of how you reacted to him."

I turned and looked at Malcolm.  Is that what I was sensing?  He answered my unspoken question.  "Timmy, think how you responded to my suggestion to clean up your condo. You did it; then even proudly told me and welcomed my praise.  There were other tests with the same results."

"Up here, we are alone – away from society – and can be ourselves freely and completely." said Shelby.  "Malcolm and I are the adults in charge while you and Kenny are the little, obedient boys."

"When we get back home, you'll have three days to opt-out of making this long-term but I'm sure you won't." said Malcolm.

Shelby took out a little bag and I watched as Ken filled it with the tokens of adult responsibility – his wallet with his ID, credit cards, money etc., his keys, his watch and even his wedding ring.  Then Malcolm held out a second bag to me.  I knew that this was the decision point.  My heart was racing; everyone was silent letting me decide freely.  I reached into my pocket and got my wallet and dropped it into the bag Malcolm was holding.  Then I surrendered my keys and finally my watch.  I felt like a huge load had been lifted from my shoulders.  This would be an interesting, if not fun, week.

"Good boy."said Malcolm.

"Thank you, sir." I said without a thought.

"OK, boys," said Shelby, "It's time to take care of your chores."

"Ken will show you what they are, Timmy." added Malcolm.

Ken led me back inside.  The first thing he told me was that we had to dress the part and quickly removed some clothes from the carrying bag.  He quickly stripped down and put on a T-shirt, short shorts, socks and sneakers.  I did the same although when I asked about underpants I was told that we wear those only when we dress up to go out.  We worked through our chores which were getting the beds ready, putting everything away and setting the table.  The big in-charge boys fixed dinner.  They did a good job of it, too.  I'm sure you can guess who did the dishes.

When all was cleaned up, Shelby spoke: "Kenny, we have some unfinished business from the drive up here."  Ken did not look happy as Shelby continued.  "I had to tell you three times not to speed on the way up here."  He then took Ken's hand and led him over to the bed.  He sat down and pulled Ken's shorts off.  Ken did not object and even lay down over Shelby's lap when directed to.  Then I heard the same noise I had at Ken's door – that of a hand on a naked bottom – as Shelby administered a spanking to Ken.  I was fascinated as I watched his butt turn pink and then red as the spanking proceeded.  After he got up and pulled up his shorts, Ken dabbed at his eyes with the hem of his T-shirt.  Then he apologized for being naughty and thanked Shelby for the correction.

Malcolm explained the rules to me.  They pretty much reduced to: (1) that he was in charge and I must obey and (2) naughty, disobedient or willful boys get spanked, as I had just witnessed.  It seemed pretty simple; perhaps too simple.  There was one other thing:  I was to be shaved.  I don't mean the usual face thing but below the neck.  "It's really very rational – you're just a little boy and little boys don't have body hair." he explained.

I was not happy with this but Malcolm was firm.  "If you're not stripped and on your way to the bath in thirty seconds, you are going to get a spanking."  He just studied his watch and Ken told me I had better obey or I would be sorry.  I continued to protest like a little boy having a tantrum.  Then like a superhero, Malcolm grabbed my wrist and dragged me over to the bed.  I was amazed at how strong he was.  Without saying anything, he yanked down my shorts (they did not have any buttons but an elastic waist) and pulled me over his lap.  He must have given me a dozen hard spanks in the next few seconds.  I was in shock!  I had not been spanked since I had been in college by my father.  One would have thought that at forty it would not have hurt the same way.  Let me assure you it does.  I don't know why but it really does; perhaps it is because of the position.  Over and over Malcolm's hand spanked and spanked.  I was yelling like a little kid. The hail of spanks continued and slowly I was transformed. I began to sob and cry but Malcolm continued his adult duty to discipline his disobedient and willful little boy.

The spanks continued and my butt was hurting like never before.  He had such a grip on me that I could not get away.  My crying intensified and then I broke.  I was bawling and did not know what was happening.  I don't recall exactly what happened, but then I was kneeling in front of Malcolm, crying as he held me tightly to his chest.  As I regained my senses, I realized that I had been a very naughty boy and thoroughly deserved that long hard spanking from Daddy.  "I'm sorry, Daddy." were the first words I said when I could speak a little.  Malcolm continued to hold me until I stopped crying.  "I'll be a good boy; I promise." I said truly meaning it.  My ass was on fire but inside I felt right.  I needed/wanted to be dominated and Malcolm knew how to. I just waited feeling secure in his arms.  Suddenly, I had an epiphany and knew what I had to say; just like Winston Smith knew in "1984" when he was in Room 101 what he had to say.  "Please shave me, Daddy, please."

Daddy helped me to undress and led me to the bathtub.  He got me wet and then rubbed some shaving foam into my pubes.  I watched totally fascinated by the thought that I was wrong a quarter century ago when I desperately wanted hair down there.  Now I did not want it because Daddy said I should not have any and I wanted to obey Daddy more than anything.  Malcolm gently pulled the razor through my thick forest.  (I learnt later that he was using a prep razor that can cope with long hair.)  After I was hairless, he switched to a regular razor and made me extra smooth.  He defoliated my pits in the same way and then my chest which was not very hairy at all.  I had to turn and bend over as he did my butt crack.  I did not feel strange being so exposed to everyone.  When he was satisfied, I showered and pee-peed on command.  Kenny then showered and when he came to bed, I could see that he was also hairless.  He told me that he had been shaved for more than a decade.

The fifteen year olds in charge soon put their light out and were quietly sleeping.  In the bunk above me Ken was sleeping.  The night was quiet.  I was on my tummy in my own bunk.  With my ass still on fire and crotch as smooth as a baby's, I felt like I was a little ten-year-old.  Although my tail hurt, I was secure knowing that I was safe and loved.  I slept well, actually better than well, like a baby.

* * * * * * * * * *

By the time Malcolm woke me everyone else was up and dressed.  "It's time for breakfast, Timmy." he said.  I looked about for some clothes, but he told me that I did not need them.

"Yes, Daddy." I said, "I'm sorry I was so very naughty yesterday."  I cannot explain why I said that but it was from the heart and I felt that way.

"That's good, Timmy. But let's have breakfast now and then there is so much to do and see since this is your first time here.  You can get dressed after breakfast."  It was then that I realized that Ken was also naked and the big boys were just in T-shirts and shorts.  (Their shorts had belts and flies unlike my little boys' shorts.)

At breakfast I learnt the rules of the house which were different from those back in the city.  Back in the city, Shelby had charge of Ken and Malcolm respected Ken as a son should respect a father.  Here, Ken had totally abdicated his parental role and both Shelby and Malcolm were in charge.  I would always be subject to Malcolm's direction but must also obey Shelby.  Should there be an emergency, that would be dealt with as needed.  Neither Shelby nor Malcolm were allowed to use their authority for illicit activities such as obtaining alcohol or driving without a license.

There were so many things too chose from for the first day.  I picked going to the top of the nearest mountain as Malcolm recommended.  We all dressed the same with jeans and long sleeved shirts to protect us from the brush.  Malcolm made me put on sun block and take my hat.  Before we were half way I really felt free like a little boy should.  I was so free that Malcolm had to yell at me to behave properly and not run nor go near the edges of the precipices.  After the third time, he asked if I needed a spanking to be a good boy.  I did not have any trouble remembering the previous evening spanking so I reigned in my exuberance.  The view from the top was just magnificent and we even got to watch the hawks searching out their lunch.  Of course, we had our own lunch which we had brought.

We made our way back to the cabin and when we got there, Malcolm told me to strip and shower and Ken soon joined me.  Then after our leaders showered we had dinner.  I had no objections when Ken and I were sent to bed early for I was tired.  This had been a long day for a little boy.

The next couple of days we spent on the pond.  We did catch one fish which was quite delicious.  I was having a wonderful time just like I had when I was really a boy and never had to be concerned about things.  The next day we went shopping for groceries in the nearby town.  It felt different having my wallet again but I knew that Malcolm was in charge of me nevertheless.  In the market we went around together.  I was surprised at how much milk Malcolm put into the cart but he assured me that they would drink it all.  He did not see me put a couple of six packs into the cart but saw them at checkout.  He was angry with me.  "Timmy, return that beer to the case.  We'll talk about this later."  I could only wonder what the couple of people around made of  such a comment.  I certainly did not want to explain anything so I just did what he said.  Since we were using cash, he paid the cashier and we both loaded up the car.

He waited until we were back at the cabin, had stowed the supplies and I had changed back into my shorts, before starting to discuss this with me.  Actually, discuss is not the right word but lecture.  He was shocked that I thought a little boy was allowed to have beer – alcohol is for grownups only.  He finished up (the talking part) with: "This is a spanking offence, young man."  He sat on my bunk and patted his lap.  "Now, boy."  I wanted to run.  I wanted to refuse.  But even more I wanted and needed to obey him.  He removed my shorts (so very easy with the elastic waist) and positioned me over his lap.  I had learnt that it did not do any good to struggle so I did not resist.  He spanked hard and it really hurt and I really cried and I really learnt that I was not allowed beer.  I stood in the corner for a long time showing off my hot ass.  While I was doing my corner time, Shelby and Ken returned for lunch and saw me.  Of course, they were told why.  I was so ashamed that I did not say a word during lunch.

For the rest of the week, I was a good boy and did not get spanked.  I had a lot of fun being an innocent little boy with a caring, although very strict Daddy Malcolm watching over me.  Ken was also good but on Friday evening he got spanked.  Shelby explained that it was a 'maintenance spanking' that assured that Kenny remembered that he was a little boy and must be a good boy especially when driving.

On the drive back home we reminisced about the past week reinforcing my feeling of how much fun it had been.  We stopped at Shelby's home for he wanted me to meet his parents.  I had not really given any thought about them before and I was very surprised that they knew all about how their son was in charge of Kenny.  In fact they were quite proud that he was in charge of an adult and felt that it would give him an edge in dealing with the world when he was older.  "We have not had to discipline Shelby for several years." they boasted.

They were also informed of the relationship I had with Malcolm.  Malcolm explained: "The deal was not yet signed but I expect that my boy will do so this week."

I also learnt how Shelby obtained charge of Ken.  Shelby and Malcolm's families were friends and Ken's wife (Malcolm's mother) was very dominant and ran the family.  Both boys knew this as they grew up.  When she died, some three years ago, it was clear that Ken needed someone to be in charge of him – the position she filled was now vacant.  (Malcolm, of course, had Ken to be in charge.)  Then after about a year, Shelby was joking about and gave Ken an order which he obeyed.  The rest, as the terrible cliché goes, is history as the relationship was formalized.  Everyone has been happy with the results.  Of course, that was the one step that was needed with my relationship with Malcolm.

The three of us drove back to our condos.  Malcolm explained that he would not see me for three days to let me decide.  If I wanted to continue, then I should write a note saying so and slip it under his door along with a set of keys.

* * * * * * * * * *

I tossed and turned that night thinking about Malcolm and my life since he entered it, especially this past week.  Was this normal?  Was this a proper thing to do?  He was so young; even in ten years he would only be half my age.  Yet the week had been so very different; I had been happy.  It was the longest that I had been really happy since I left home and in the control of my parents.  I also thought about Shelby and Ken.  This was working for them and Shelby's parents knew and approved.  Even before last week, it was always so much fun when the four of us did stuff together.

By the morning I had decided.  I would do it.  All I had to lose was my unhappy loneliness.

When I showered, I noticed that my pubic area was getting rough with a five o'clock shadow.  That did not feel right for I knew that I was really just a little boy.  I reached into the medicine cabinet took out my razor and corrected the fault.  It felt much better then.  At work I was swamped so I could not think of personal things but when I got home, I worked on a note for Malcolm.  It was difficult and I kept discarding what I had written.  Several of the attempts went on for several pages but eventually I realized that just a couple of paragraphs was the way.  Once I reached that point, it was much easier to compose.  I then left it and worked on my chores to get the house nice and neat.  It would be good to start on the right foot.

The next day I had a duplicate set of keys made and get some top quality paper to use.  I refined my words and carefully wrote the note.  I put it in the envelope with the keys.  On the way to work I slipped it under Malcolm's door.

It was a very long day until eight.  Malcolm used the keys, opened the door and walked in.  "Good evening, son." he said.

"Good evening, Daddy." I replied happily.

"Are you certain, Timmy?" he asked holding up my nineteen word note.

Dear Malcolm,

Please be my Daddy to guide and discipline me.
I want to be your good boy.


"I'll be strict and expect total obedience and loyalty."

"Yes, Daddy.  More than anything."

I watched, happily, as he put the note into his pocket and put the keys to my condo on his key ring.  Then he ordered me to strip and get across his lap.  He held me by the waist and gently caressed my bottom.  "I'll work out the rules and give them to you in a couple of days. They'll be very similar to the ones Shelby made for Dad.  For now you don't go out except for work and chores and your bedtime is 9:30 on work nights and 10:00 otherwise.  You may expect that I'll be very strict with you.  Understand?"

"Yes, Daddy."  I wanted to say so much but Daddy's hand was rubbing my bottom, so I couldn't. It probably was better.

"Now you are going to get your first maintenance spanking." he said.  He raised his hand and brought it down hard on my bottom a few times.  Then he switched to a much more gentle mode and spanked me a long time while telling me that he was glad I chose to be his boy and that he very pleased that I called him Daddy.  "I expect that we will have a lot of fun together."  I'm sure that Daddy is right.

Then I sat in his lap, still naked, while he held me tight.  He noticed that my crotch was smooth and I explained that I had shaved because it did not feel right when the nasty hairs sprouted.  He smiled and told me that he would take care of that problem.

He said good night and told me to be sure to be in bed with the lights out by 9:30.

"Oh, yes, Daddy." I promised.  I had very happy dreams that night.

* * * * * * * * * *

In a few days Daddy gave me the rules.  As he had promised, he was going to be strict.  The rules were very much like for a ten to twelve-year-old boy with work being like school.  I needed permission to go out other than for work and chores.  I had to keep my room clean and neat.  My work clothes – on the outside – were to continue as before appropriate to a grownup but underneath it was a T-shirt and tighty-whities.  About the house, I was to wear those elastic waist shorts and sneakers as in the cabin, while outside jeans, chinos and the like.  I had to shave everyday.

I also found out exactly what Daddy meant by taking care of my crotch.  Daddy gave me a coating of a depilatory which let me wash the hair away leaving me totally smooth.  He repeated this every week to kept me nice and smooth.  Now, every time that I reach into my pants to pee, I get reminded that I am just a little boy even at work.  It's a wonderful feeling.

I got my first major spanking that first month.  There was an office party which I went to.  I had forgotten to get permission and I even had a couple of drinks.  Daddy was most displeased.  I quickly regretted doing this for Daddy spanked even longer and harder than that first time in the cabin.  It hurt a lot and I cried and I bawled and my bottom was sore for days.  It was, however, very good for me as it strengthened the bond between us because it got to my inner core.  Daddy said I cried for a half hour while he held me tightly.  The brain circuits Daddy forged in the cabin were forged anew – stronger than the first time.  I soon learnt that I was happiest when I was with Malcolm and doing what he wanted me to.

The four of us got several family membership to museums and other places and went frequently.  The big boys wanted to experience everything and the little boys went along with their daddies.  We even went to Europe for three weeks.  Except for dealing with the border and hotel agents we could be little boys all the time.  It was wonderful; even the spankings when we were naughty.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., April 27, 2007

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