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A Boy and His Wolf


I'm different.  I'm so different that they drove me out of the pack.  It's not like I wanted to be like this, but I just am.  The pack was so intolerant.  It's not like I did anything wrong or hurt anyone for that I could understand.

I was exhausted and just lying there when he found me.  He gave me some water from the bottle he carried cupping his hand so that I could lap it up.  He stroked me and it was so wonderful.  Then he hugged me and we kissed.  He tasted so wonderful and he was positively radiating love even though we had just meet.  It would have taken just one quick bite at his soft, unprotected throat to end his existence and to have a good fresh, hot meal all to myself.  He did not care that we were different species but was radiating full, unconditional love.  He was just a pre-adolescent like I was.  This was my second summer and later I would learn that it was his twelfth.  He took me back with him to his den which was above ground and made of trees rather than dug into a hillside.  His pack was small – just an adult male and female – and they acceded to his wish to make me a member.  The female, who he called "mom", gave me some milk in a bowl.  Even though it was cold and tasted a bit strange, I lapped it up quickly as I was very hungry.  The male went off in a stinky contraption.  He went hunting and returned with several kinds of food that were special for critters like me.  Although it was different from the raw flesh that I was use to, I ate it.  It must have been very nutritious for I soon felt my strength returning.

The adults were afraid I might hurt them but he was not.  He even took great liberties with me but since he was always radiating love I accepted it and we played with each other.  Even though we never went hunting, there was always food.  I even had my own special dishes – one for food and one for water – which were filled regularly.  The adults slept together in a sub-den and had sex every night even though the female was not in heat.  That made it very strange that there were not other cubs about.  He had his own sub-den which he shared with me.  We even shared his bed which was soft, warm, dry and fresh.

He gave me a name – Wolf.  It sounded beautiful to my ears and I learnt that he was named Rory.  I stopped worrying about my problem and forgot about it.  My sleep pattern shifted to match that of Rory's den – awake when the sun was out and then sleeping at night.  Late in the summer, the entire pack relocated to a new place.  This new den was larger and there were others near by.  Rory had other cubs that he played with and many also played with me.  There were times that I wanted to bite some of them really hard because they played too roughly but I managed to kept myself under control.  Some of them had dogs and I soon became the alpha-male and dominated them all.  The bitches never came into season but I mounted them anyway just like Rory's dad regularly mounted his mom.  Rory and his buddies always enjoyed me doing that.

Sometimes Rory would play with his manhood and shoot without being in a bitch.  Occasionally, he and his friends would do it together.  One night I decided to help him.  He was on his bed, without those extra skins he wore most of the time and his manhood was standing tall and proud.  He played with it and then I started to lick it with my big tongue.  Rory went wild with joy.  He made lots of happy sounds before shooting his stuff.  I managed to lick it all up and found it was very tasty.  After that he encouraged me to lick him there and also his back hole.  I started to get excited doing that and Rory would play with me.  He marveled at how I grew out of my sheath and then has he massaged me with his hot hands until I would get a knot and shoot like he did in the open.  He also grew curious about the taste of what I shot and quickly developed a liking for it.  I was delighted when he took me into his mouth.© YLeeCoyote

One day we had gone to play with his friends and returned to the den long after the sun had set.  Apparently, that was wrong because his Mom and then Dad growled at him.  I remember how that happened in my other pack at times.  Some pup would suddenly be growled at and get bitten.  Usually, the bite was hard enough to hurt but not injure.  All the pups (including me) learnt what not to do.  When one of the young males challenged the alpha, he would become very angry.  If the challenger did not run off fast enough, he would quickly find himself on his back with his throat in the alpha's jaws.  Once, one did not acknowledge his defeat and his throat was ripped out by the alpha.

Rory was banished to his sub-den and I went with him.  He hugged me and talked a lot.  All I understood was that the adults were mad at him and he was going to be punished.  I did not understand why the delay.  Then his dad came in and growled a lot.  Rory removed those extra skins and lay across his Dad's lap.  He did not resist at all, obviously acknowledging his submission to the alpha.  His dad did not bite him like the alpha-wolf would have done, but hit him many times on his rump.  The skin turned red and Rory howled.  If it had been a stranger, I would have quickly torn out his throat to protect Rory, but this was proper pack business so I restrained myself.

When they stopped, Rory lay on our bed and cried.  Dad left and closed the door.  I did what I could to comfort him licking both his face and his hot red rump.  He soon wrapped his arms about me and hugged me tight while he cried more.  When he had recovered, he put on the faux skins again and went to pay respect to the adults.  They both hugged and kissed him showing that he was forgiven.

It was a terrible coincidence that it was a new moon on the shortest day of the year.  Rory and I were alone in the house and he had gotten naked so we could play.  He was laying face down and I had started to use my tongue on his ass when it happened.  It only took a couple of minutes and I changed.  My true nature was revealed as a wereman.  Perhaps more accurately as wereyouth.  My self control was completely gone and I was very horny.  Those human instincts took hold and were completely irresistible.  I had a great need.  I sprang up and covered Rory with my human form.  I slipped my arms under his shoulders and gripped him.  I drove my hard shaft right into his hole.  Fortunately, my tongue had left it soaking and dilated so I did not rip him apart.

I was not as strong and powerful as when I was a wolf, but I was still much stronger than Rory so his initial resistance was ineffective.  Rory was most astonished.  He gave a yelp and surprise and then as I thrust in and out continuous sounds of exaltation.  I was experiencing great pleasure and bit his neck hard.  Fortunately, I now had only the small teeth and weak jaw muscles of a human so I did not injure him.  It was not long before we both climaxed.  I immediately started anew with my fucking and Rory did also.  I had regained some control so I was able to stop biting him and instead was licking the small marks that I made.  Then we both collapsed after climaxing.

This pause allowed Rory to try to determine who had coupled with him and, of course, he called for me.  I responded but that was confusing as I did not speak well and he did not know that I could transform at that time.  As we tussled and tumbled he saw my collar.  He was puzzled.  I was pretty weak at that time and just gave him a kiss, a big lick across his face.  He was most cleaver and started to understand.  "Are you Wolf?  Can you change to human form?"

Rory was so understanding.  He continued to hug me as I returned to my familiar wolf form.  I was exhausted and could not move.  I kissed his face when I could manage to get up the energy.  I sensed some understanding of my metamorphosis and assumed that he knew about such things among humans.  After this, Rory talked a lot to me and I gradually learnt to understand him a lot better although I could not speak like he did.  I learnt that there was a super pack that the human had and that there were lots and lots of rules (they were called laws) that had to be obeyed and that they had terrible punishments that lasted many years.  I learnt that some of those rules were about non-humans like me and that is why I had to have a collar and leash and was not allowed to bite people.  There was an exception, and that was if they were violating some rules.

It was all very complex.  Rory said that would use a special word should there come a time when he was threatened and it was permitted.  Fortunately, that did not happen for a long time, but then I was very glad that I knew what to do.  We were in our sub-den and alone as the adults were out when a stranger invaded the den.  He had a mask and was carrying one of those guns that I saw a lot of on the TV.  He spoke to Rory and Rory yelled the special word.

I jumped at the intruder.  He crashed to the ground with a scream as I crushed his forearm with my jaws.  Rory yelled at him and he froze.  I stood over the intruder with my teeth bared and growling from deep within my throat although it was very difficult to restrain myself from ripping out this throat.  Rory then kicked the gun away and spoke on the phone.  Soon the police came and took the intruder away.  When Dad and Mom returned they were very proud of both Rory and me.

I did not metamorphosis very often or for long and Rory told me that it was our secret.  Many humans hated creatures like me, just as many in my old pack did.  Also, we both preferred me in wolf form.  I felt much more powerful that way and had more freedom.  There were, of course, times that I did change into human form and Rory and I could exercise our love in more ways.

I had been left alone one day.  That was not a hardship but Rory was very late coming home.  This was bad in two ways.  He had promised his parents that he would be on time and he did not restock my water or food bowl as required.  Then when he did show up, many hours late, I dragged him to my empty bowls.  He immediately said he was sorry and immediately filled them.  After I ate and drank, we were in our bedroom.  I had been upset and the moon was full and filling the room with its special light.  The conditions were right and I metamorphosed.

I was not comfortable talking in human so I just pulled Rory over my lap and said: "Naughty boy.  Naughty boy.  Naughty boy.  Naughty boy." and started to spank him.  I was mad because he was late and I had been out of water for many hours and we both knew that he had broken the pack's rules.  At first he struggled but I kept him in place as I spanked him hard.

Then the spanking took effect and he stopped struggling as he accepted his just punishment.  "I'm sorry, Wolf." he whined over and over and then cried.  I held him tightly for a long time until he stopped crying.  It was easy to enter him as I held him and he welcomed me.  Rory was never comfortable when I did this as a wolf but loved it when I was in human form.  He even came without either of us handling his shaft.  Unfortunately, I changed back once I released both my anger and load in only an hour.  It would have been ever so nice to have stayed that way all night.

I was ever so lucky that Rory tripped over me that day the pack drove me away for my life changed for the better.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 2, 2010

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