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Boy and Man


I was just a boy of ten when the Renzy’s moved into the house on the next lot.  We live in an exburb so we have a lot more land than in the suburbs and in my family’s case we even have a little pond.  It was a hot day when I met Mr. Robby Renzy.  I was with Dad in the open car and in my birthday suit having checked out the back of our property.  Being in an isolated area I did not care about being naked as I didn’t expect we would meet anyone.

I was wrong about that for this day we encountered Mr. Renzy by our property line.  We, actually Dad mostly, and Robby talked a lot.  I quickly relaxed since there were not any giggling girls overly interested in my penis and stuff just like in the locker room at the beach.  Dad invited him to use the pond if he wished.

Even back then I knew about spanking firsthand or should I say firstbutt.  That is Dad’s hand and, surprise, my butt.  Dad, obviously, believed in spanking me when I was naughty.  Since I was seven, I had spent time over Dad’s lap in the most traditional manner.  Looking back, it was about as civilized as it could be.

When Dad decided that I had earned a spanking, he would send me to my room to contemplate my unacceptable conduct.  A little while later he would join me to turn me into sorry, blubbering little boy with a hot-red bottom after he had scolded me.  By the time I was ten, I had learnt a lot about being spanked and figured out how to minimize my discomfort.  I was stuck with the spanking and lecture, of course, but I could avoid being undressed by stripping before Dad came in and not fighting the inevitable.

Just so that you know, I got over Dad’s lap when ordered and took my ‘medicine’ as bravely as I could.  Dad’s hand would whack my bottom repeatedly until he was satisfied that he had ‘taught me my lesson’.  After I stopped crying, I would examine my butt in the mirror and see how fiery red Dad had painted it each time.© YLeeCoyote

I mention all this as Dad asked “Do you want a spanking?” because I apparently was fidgeting too much when we met Mr. Renzy.  My answer is obvious and I froze to avoid it.  I was embarrassed but Mr. Renzy just smiled and let it past.  I guessed he knew about spankings.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dad and I went to swim in our pond one day.  I was naked for skinny dipping is extra fun.  Dad would like to, also, but Mom insists that he wear a bathing suit even if we are alone.  We were there for a while when Mr. and Mrs. Renzy showed up with their baby.  I almost grabbed a towel to wrap about me to run back to the house to get my swim trunks when I was surprised to see that Mr. Renzy was also naked.  I immediately decided that if he was naked then I could be especially since Mrs. Renzy certainly was not a giggly girl and was not staring.

That was the first shock and there were two more.  The second was that Mr. Renzy did not have any hair by his penis, like Dad and the other men I had seen in the locker rooms had.  Later Dad explained that some men don’t have much pubic hair and some shave it off because they don’t like it.  After that I thought it was best not say anything because Mr. Renzy had a bald, small penis so that he looked like a boy rather than a man.  Well, at least to me.

The biggest surprise was that Mr. Renzy’s butt was red like he had been spanked.  I knew back then that asking personal questions was rude but it slipped out.  “You were spanked, Mr. Renzy.  Were you a naughty boy?” I asked.  Fortunately, Dad and Mrs. Renzy were talking and he did not hear me.

We had a brief one-on-one conversation where I admitted that I was spanked some and Mr. Renzy owned up to the same but he did not say who spanked him.  He did admit to not having done his chores as required that day to account for his red tail.  That is one of the things that gets me spanked also.

As the weeks past, we saw our neighbors several times at the pond and he always had a spanked butt.  A couple of times Mom was with us and saw him naked.  After the first time I asked why she did not say anything about his nakedness as she did about Dad’s.  She explained that since he did not have pubes that he could be that way without offence.

At that time I didn’t really understand it all but it was the sort of thing I would be told “You will understand when you are older.” so I just stopped my questioning (which could have lead to me getting a red tail).

* * * * * * * * * *

Over the next three years I grew into a teenager and matured .  Although I was promoted (upgraded) to being strapped rather than spanked OTK as a little boy, I am happy to report that I did not experience the strap very often.  When the ‘rents declared that I had earned a strapping, I was sent to my room to wait naked for Dad.  When he appeared with his heavy leather belt in hand unless I had an appeal ready we would proceed.

The procedure was simple and, I expect, very standard.  I would lean over resting my hands on my bed with my unprotected butt sticking up.  Dad would raise the belt and swing it at my tail repeatedly.  It hurt a lot more than his hand had but I was not being treated like a little boy.  I did my best to take it like a man but, especially at first, I would yell and cry.  Sometimes after Dad left me to recover, I would cry in private.  The mirror allowed me to see exactly how red my roasted tail was.  Sometimes it hurt for a couple of days.  Needless to say I survived.

Mr. Renzy’s nudity and red-butt days remained constant.  He was never dressed when he was on private land and almost every time it was clear that he had been recently spanked.  Over the course of time I learnt stuff that he avoided talking about for it leaked out.  It can be summarized in a single sentence: His wife paddled him frequently in their female lead marriage.

I also became a capitalist.  A very minor capitalist who mowed lawns for cash in the summer.  It gave me something to do and got me extra cash.  The folks made me save some but that would give me more cash in the slack season that was sure to come.  This business venture is significant here because the Renzy’s were clients and I had trouble with them.  I would have dropped them if I had more clients or less time.

The first couple of times Robby was properly prepared with the money for my valuable services.  He even gave me lemonade to quench my thirst and we even chatted a bit.  This felt silly because I was dressed, albeit in shorts and a T-shirt, while he was butt naked.  Of course, he had to right to be as he was in his own house.  He was also more talkative than he was at the pond.  It seems that everyone but the aloof family cat had spanked him over the years.  Beside the obvious ones of parents and their siblings but also many friends.  His birthdays guaranteed that he was in his birthday suit with a hot red tail.

The first time that he was not ready with the cash to pay me he apologized profusely and delivered the cash a day later.  I did not make a fuss about it.  When it happened a second time I was less forgiving and scolded him.  He made good the next day.

The third time I decided that enough is enough.  We were in his kitchen where the chairs were really sturdy.  I scolded him that he needed to be prepared to pay and that there is a price for such a negligent failure.  I sat down and yanked him over my lap.  Before he could recover I got a good grip on his waist and started to spank him hard.  It was very exciting especially seeing his ass turning red and particularly my handprints.

I quickly found out that his ass was hard and was affecting my hand the same way as my hand was affecting his butt.  I need to get an implement to continue.  I ordered him up and to bend over the table as I pulled my belt from my pants.  Then I started to strap him hard.  My hand was very happy and I was turning his naughty butt deep red.  After a score of hard cuts I stopped and warned him he better deliver my money right after work the next day.

“Yes, Sir.” he replied respectfully and he did – mostly.  I enjoyed the times he was not prepared when I roasted his butt.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 30, 2022

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