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The following story is fiction about caning of two boys.  The story contains a scene of caning.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story was inspired by the picture at   Click to open the image off-site.

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Boys Caned by a Neighbor


I was walking toward home with my bestie Tricia when suddenly she interrupted and pointed down the block "Isn't that your brother, Niki?"

I looked where she was pointing and indeed she was correct.  One of the neighbors, Mrs. Hengel, had my brother Wilbur and his buddy Gary in her talons.  She had them each by an ear and I'm sure her grip was so tight that they could not pull free.  It was clear that the two fourteen-year-old boys were under her control.  "I wonder what they have done?"

"That does not matter now.  It's what she is going to do that will be interesting.  Let's watch and see." grinned Tricia.  The two girls followed the three-headed beast as Mrs. Hengel lead them into her garage which was empty as her car was in the driveway.  "I've heard talk that she canes the boys she catches doing naughty stuff." she added.

"Me too.  Just like she does in her school as Headmistress." replied Niki.  In just two shakes of a lamb's tail the girls were peeking around Mrs. Hengel's car into the garage.  They saw that the boys were up against the back wall with their hands on their heads.  That was not nearly as interesting as what Mrs. Hengel was doing.  She was bending a cane into a semicircle and then releasing one end.  The cane snapped straight.  Then she tapped the boys with it and apparently gave them an order for they opened their belts and jeans and pushed them down to their ankles.  The girls looked at each other and smiled.  They did not know exactly what was going to happen but they were sure that they would enjoy it.  It was far better than they could have imagined in their wildest dreams.

Another order and the boys backed away from the wall and bent over with their hands pressing low on the wall.  "This is going to be awesome." they agreed.© YLeeCoyote

And good it was for next the cane was raised and brought down on Gary's underpants-covered bottom.  Immediately the commanding woman repeated the action on Wilbur's similarly covered bottom.  Both boys yelped in pain for this was a new experience for both of them.

Mrs. Hengel turned and saw the two girls.  She beckoned to them to come closer.  Never before had two girls so quickly listened to an adult and in milliseconds they were at the edge of the garage with a full close up view, complete with sound, of the proceedings.  The Headmistress, in a low voice, expounded that they should see how naughty boys were properly punished.

Turning back to the boys, Mrs. Hengel asked: "Why are your undies still up?  Everyone knows that canings are done only on bare bottoms.  I don't start counting until you are bare.  Shall I give you another on your undies?"  Almost instantly both boys yanked their undies down before the diabolical she-devil could give them another uncounted stroke.  They did not have time to ponder why this lady was beating them as they were not in school and did not even attend her school.  Neither could they fathom how she was dominating them so that they were obeying her.

They did not have to wait long for she raised the cane and delivered a hard cut to each bare bottom.  The boys reacted to the pain and the girls had to struggle to keep quiet.  As she delivered the standard six-of-the-best, she lectured them that they must behave properly.  The boys did not hear much of the lecture as they were coping with the pain appearing repeatedly in their posteriors as if from a red-hot poker.

The two sixth cuts she put diagonally across the first set of five on each behind so that they formed a gate which hurt much more because it crossed the previous lines.  "Back to the wall, boys and put your hands on your heads." she commanded.  They obeyed definitely not wanting any additional punishment for any reason as their bottoms were already on fire.  They desperately wanted to rub out the pain but did not dare to try.

"That was awesome, Mrs. Hengel." said the girls when she turned back to them.  "They surely should remember that for a long time."

"Boys have short memories, girls.  They forget and misbehave repeatedly so that they need constant reminders, unlike girls."  Again, she turned back to the boys.  "Turn around and leave your pants down."  As they turned they clasped their buring butts.  Then they saw the girls and were horrified.  They immediately covered their privates with their hands but instantly came the order "Hands at your sides."

It was then that Wilbur realized that one girl was his sister and he yelled: "Niki get out of here – this is none of your business!  Scram!"

Mrs. Hengel would have none of that.  "SILENCE BOY!"  And then to the girls "You stay right here, girls.  You need to learn about disciplining boys."  And then again to the boys: "Tell the young ladies what you did that earned you this caning."

The boys did not like that and Mrs. Hengel had to prod them with the cane.  Then one explained "We ran across a lawn and trampled some flowers."  This they knew for Mrs. Hengel had told them as she dragged to her garage and their destiny with her cane.

"You, boy, have earned another three cuts for disrespecting your sister.  Please come here Niki."  She handed the very surprised girl the cane and gave her a quick lesson in how to wield it.  "Turn around boy and bend over."  Neither girl could believe that this was not a dream but really happening.  Niki raised the cane and hit her brother as hard as she could.  Naturally, the stroke was not nearly as effective as one from the very experienced Headmistress but since it hit several of the earlier marks it hurt.  The other two cuts were even worse for Wilber.  The girls were absolutely thrilled.

She lectured them for a while as the girls had a lesson in male anatomy before she dismissed them.  They wasted no time in pulling up their pants and dashing away.

Niki wondered what her brother would say later knowing that she and Tricia had witnessed his caning and nakedness.  Would he lie about what happened at the dinner table when he couldn't sit still?  Life would be more interesting for a while.

* * * * * * * * * *

By the time the girls reached Niki's home they had formulated the start of a plan.  Their knock on Wilbur's door was met by a gruff "Go away." but they barged in anyway to see the boy lying on his bed with a cold washcloth on his butt.  Of course, they ignored the screamed "Get the fuck out of my room." as he tried to cover up.

"We've already seen it all so relax and listen, Wilbur."  She paused a few seconds and added: "Unless you want to discuss all this at dinner with the folks."  That got his attention.

"Here's the deal.  We get to see your tail every day until the marks are completely gone and we won't tell the folks that you got caned.  If they hear from other sources the deal still holds but we won't lie about it if asked."

Of course, Wilbur tried to reduce what he would have to do but the girls stood very firm and would not yield at all.  He was reminded that they had seen his smallish penis with only a minimum bush (smaller than Gary's) so that there was not any reason to be worried about modesty.

Once the deal was struck, Niki made a second offer.  If you stop your silly false modesty and let us have a good look at your front, we'll put some stuff on your rear that will ease the pain some.  He agreed so Niki ran and got some cold cream.  The girls applied it to his red-hot butt and it helped some.  He kept his part of the bargain and let them inspect his junk.  Now in this situation he was feeling less suppressed then he had earlier and things were definitely larger.  When Tricia gave it a feel and a rub he achieved a much more impressive state which the girls appreciated.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 4, 2019

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