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The following story is fiction about tween who falls under the control of a young lady.  This story which explains the bigger picture is narrated by the young lady and contains scenes of spanking and young femdom.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  It is best to start with Part 1: Weekend of Change

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A Boy’s Refinement
The Big Picture


It was always fun to visit my cousins because the two boys were nudists.  When I was very young I really didn’t understand the difference between being nude and naked but gradually I learnt the difference.  In fact until I was six I also ran around naked.  I was fortunate to have that extra learning experience about boys’ anatomy for they even let me examine their bodies.  My four-year-older cousin, Kaylee, was in charge of the three of us when there weren’t any parents about.

‘In charge’ meant that she had spanking authority which the boys liked since it meant that their parents did not hear about nor spank them for every misdeed.  Punishment was immediate and quickly over.  Kaylee would call them on it and they would get over her lap for a spanking.  There was not any question of taking pants down or not since they were nude.  Initially she spanked them with just her hand but later she also used her hairbrush or a short strap.

Last year Kaylee made me her assistant so that I spanked them also.  That certainly was wonderful.  The first couple of times, I just sat on the ground and the errant boy would lay over my lap so that the naughty bottom was in perfect position for a spanking.  I quickly learnt that although using my hand was great fun and I enjoyed seeing my handprints on the boy’s bottom, the hairbrush was far more effective.  It also had a bonus for I did not hurt my hand on their hard butts.

If we were inside, then I would sit on a couch or bed and have the boy at an angle so his weight was not all on me.  That was a lot more comfortable and I wielded the hairbrush and turned his bottom nice and red.  The boys did not agree that this was more comfortable.

This year when both Felix and I turned twelve and Ross fourteen there were some changes as we all were maturing.  Since they were nudists they continued to eschew clothes so that I saw Felix grow a bush like his big brother.  I think if they were just running about naked they would have dressed.  Incidentally, my breasts were far more than mere bumps on my chest but hidden from the boys’ eyes under my clothes as I retained my modesty.© YLeeCoyote

I also got an upgrade from assistant to associate in charge.  The boys were terrible rivals and could not abide that the other was in charge when there wasn’t a parent about so they actually liked that Kaylee took that role.  She certainly liked that the brothers would submit to her for spankings.  What girl does not like being able to spank her brothers?  However, at times she wanted to do other things more.  I provided the compromise solution for I would be in charge in her stead complete with that spanking authority.  It was fantastic even though they were well behaved almost all the time.  We had fun playing together.

It was a bit of an issue of that I was younger, especially for Ross, but it still was the best available option.  Keylee explained that in our society being dressed conveys power like with a dressed adult and naked kid.  This held even though they were nudists since they had to be dressed when out in society so had some of those feelings.  I really did not care about all this but loved that I could and did spank them.  Their submissiveness was very limited to when they were naughty otherwise they were aggressive as all the other boys I knew.

This arrangement also occurred when they visited me (actually family visits).  It was particularly convenient when they used the little above  ground pool we had in the back yard.  Sometimes we would play babysitter and little naughty boys so that I could play spank them which gave us all laughs.  A couple of times Nicole, my BFF, enthusiastically joined in.  Since it was just play spankings the boys continued to enjoy it and were happy to participate.

Nicole made a great observation.  My cousins did not look the part of little boys as they had grown pubic hair and to make the game more authentic suggested that we should remove it.  That turned to be a second thing the brothers could agree about.  “We keep our pubes.” they insisted.  It’s nice to get a play spanking and be cuddled and comforted afterwards but shaving was going too far.  It did make me wonder if I would find another boy who would allow that.

* * * * * * * * * *

My classmate and neighbor Timmy’s Grandmother got sick and that caused a fascinating weekend.  I knew him from school and he is really quite an immature boy who is not allowed to stay home alone even for a few hours.  His mother arranged with mine that he should stay with us.  His account of this experience is Part 1 but there is much he does not know.

When I got home early from school on Friday as tennis practice was cut short, Mother told me that Timmy was staying over, currently skinny dipping and due a spanking I was excited and decided two things immediately.  First, I would join him in the pool and, second, I offered to spank him so she would not have to.  Mom laughed at that but said I could watch and even help.  I guess it was because she knew that I spanked both Ross and Felix.

Timmy was delightfully shy which was completely different from my nudist cousins who don’t seem to know modesty.  This was very evident when he got out of the pool.  My suspicion that he would still be bald was immediately confirmed by the time Mom hosed us off.  He blushed a lot and was not happy that I was about for his spanking but Mom kept her promise.  It was a real joy to be able to whack him good and hard with the hairbrush.  I never spanked my cousins this hard because they just had minor infractions.  I made Timmy bawl.  I learnt that whacking butt is more fun than whacking tennis balls.

Saturday morning it was evident that Timmy was made of different stuff for he begged me not to tell about my spanking him.  I was noncommittal so that he would have to stew about it.

Ross and Felix came that day as Dad was going to take them to a ball game but that was cancelled because he got summoned to work.  The four of us were together all day.  Much of it was spent in the pool but we explained the special relation that I was in charge and we all forced it on Timmy.  I was delighted that he got into an argument that escalated with Ross and I had a reason to spank them both.

Although Timmy is fourteen, he looks the part of a little boy, as would please Nicole.  I sat on the porch steps and got him over my lap.  I spanked him throughly.  He responded just like a little boy by crying hard.  I was sure that he would now be even more anxious that I did not tell.

Ross helped in this by getting his heavy leather belt and just bending over for a strapping.  I gave the belt to Felix and let him do the job since I knew he would not hold back.  But Ross took it well as a young man should without yelling or crying.  Timmy surely was even more embarrassed then because of his babyish behavior.

On Sunday afternoon after his parents called that they would not return that evening, we went to get him clean school clothes from his house.  It was there that I exercised my most dominant side by telling him I was in charge and had the right to spank him anytime as the ‘no tell’ condition.

I really enjoyed the whole thing – telling him, stripping him, spanking him and even comforting him after.  This treatment was not different from the little boys I baby sat and spanked (of course, a lot less hard).  I kept emphasizing that he was a hairless little boy.  My cousins felt that having pubes was ever so grown up so I was sure he thought so also.

* * * * * * * * * *

A few days later I went to see Timmy’s Mother to offer my services as a sitter.  Mrs. Henwood had decided that she wanted to join a woman’s group that met every Tuesday afternoon but did not want to leave little immature Timmy alone and the girls that advertised they would sit older boys were too expensive.  She was very interested, impressed that I was already an accomplished spanker and was less expensive.  Mr. Henwood never spanked anyone and she couldn’t get herself to spank Timmy since he turned ten almost three years earlier although he needed to be.

We quickly came to an arrangement where I would sit Timmy every Tuesday after school until she returned home after her club meeting.  Timmy would be told that I was there to help with English and history rather than as a (baby)sitter and I had spanking authority should he misbehave.  Additionally she could order a spanking since she felt uncomfortable doing it herself.

I was elated for I would be getting paid to do something I loved.

It was the third week that I had cause to spank Timmy again.  He was being difficult and I warned him a few times to pay more attention to verb tenses rather than junk.  He only took me seriously when I told him it was spanking time.  He pitifully begged but I was unyielding and proceeded to strip him.  Once his shirt was off, he gave up and cooperated as he lost the rest of his clothes and then got over my lap.  It helped that I could remind him I had seen him naked a lot and spanked him three times before so this was not new.

I always marvel at how his bottom shows my handprints as it turns pink and then red while he really regrets his misbehavior.  I used my hairbrush to really drive home the message.  He was back at the table when Mrs. Henwood returned.  She inspected her errant son and was properly impressed with his glowing bottom.  Also, she certainly saw that he was still a little boy.

The following week there was a note directing me to spank Timmy for several misbehaviors during the past week.  He was not happy about that but I warned him if he did not cooperate, I would just wait until his mother return and she would then watch which changed his attitude.  Since this was serious, I spanked long and hard so that his butt was crimson and swollen.  He was crying in the corner when his mother returned and it was clear that he had been bawling.  She was happy with the result as was I.

After this I wondered what the future would bring.  I was certain that I would dominate Timmy more and he would became my obedient pet.  That certainly sounded like fantastic fun.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 25, 2020

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