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Stage 1

Johnny was an average kid although a bit on the short side.  Well that was how he appeared to most people.  He did OK at school and never even thought about trying out for any of the teams because of his small stature.  He boasted of non-existent conquests of the local girls like all the other guys did in the locker room and on the school bus.  Johnny was, however, a little different than most of the guys for he really did fuck around with others – albeit with other guys.

Johnny was both precocious and aggressive.  When he was only eleven he started to fuck around with his brother, Bob, and his friend, Tim.  They were both three years older but Johnny liked that; as a matter of fact he wished that they were older.  He was constantly admiring the MEN – the older men – around him – at school, at the mall, at the town pool and especially on Veterans' day in the parade.  He just loved the tight muscular butts of the service men.  That was the raw material for his dreams – day, night and wet – but he did not know how to get what he desired.  Before he was twelve he reached puberty and his body changed.  He was still short but the bulge in his jeans was the envy of the entire middle school and many other places.  His short stature emphasized its size and allure.

When he first started to play with Bob and Tim he started as the bottom.  Although he was very sexual, he was still younger and smaller (in all ways) so that they took the aggressive and inserter roles.  He was regularly fucked at both ends in the beginning.  But after a few months of this and as his hormone levels rose he began to assert himself.  The older boys were having so much fun that they did not realize how things were changing.  Initially they would pull out their cocks and push Johnny down on his knees.  Then they would hold Johnny's head as they face-fucked him; it was never rape for Johnny always wanted more.  Then the action changed.  Johnny would go for them.  Without a word Johnny would go for their cocks whenever he could.  After school and before their parents would come home was a favorite time.  As soon as Johnny and his brother with or without Tim, were in the house, Johnny would be opening a belt and a fly to get to the juicy meat inside.  Sometimes Tim came over by himself just to fuck around with Johnny.  Tim really liked laying back and letting Johnny do all the work.  Another favorite delight of Johnny was to catch his brother with his morning hard on sticking out of his pj's.  And, like Tim, Rob learned how pleasurable it was to be passive and let his little brother do all the work.

Stage 2© YLeeCoyote

Johnny made his move one weekend morning.  Johnny and Rob were alone but still in bed when Johnny made his assault.  Rob was expecting the usual morning blow job and he figured that afterwards he would also fuck his little brother.  But Johnny had other ideas.  For several months Johnny had already been controlling the action although it was always the older boys who got sucked or did the fucking.  The older two did not realize how passive they had become in their relationship with Johnny.

Today was going to be different though.  Johnny sat on Rob's chest and presented his cock to his brother.  Rob opened his mouth (although it was not clear whether it was to refuse or to suck) but Johnny did not wait to find out.  He pushed forward as he commanded his big brother to suck.  This was the first time that Rob was sucking Johnny but not his first suck.  Rob was surprised but did not want to refuse his little brother particularly after all the great times they had had together.

After a while, Johnny shifted his attention to Rob's crotch and the pleasures that it contained.  As he tongued and sucked the rampant cock and full balls, he pulled Rob's pj's down and completely off.  His tonguing could now proceed to the hole hidden in the dark cleft of his brother's butt.  Rob was ecstatic at what was happening.  He had heard of rimming but he never expected that Johnny would do it particularly unbidden.  He let Johnny position his legs as he wished just concentrating on the pleasure he was receiving at his bottom hole.  By this time he was flat on his back holding his knees close to his chest.  Johnny had been planning carefully for this.  He quickly shifted his position and rammed his pre-lubed shaft deep into the receptive hole where his tongue had just been.  This was not what Rob expected but as his little brother's not so little ramrod thrust in and out, it drove him into ecstasy as it repeatedly struck his prostate.  Now he knew why his brother like being fucked; it felt great.  It felt so great that he blasted his load without even touching his dick.  It took a while longer before Johnny planted his own seed deep into his very happy older brother's fuckhole.

Johnny was also very happy.  He had seen the expression of utter ecstasy on his brother's face when he had come and it was not like he had never seen before.  He was certain that his expression was similar when he came.  From now on he knew that he would be fucking his brother rather than just the other way around.  And, he thought to himself, I bet Tim will yield easily too.

A while later the phone rang.  It was their mother calling and she had an urgent demand.  She had forgotten an important package which Bob was to take to the post office – immediately!  It was absolutely essential that it get there before the post office closed at noon and there were but thirty minutes left before closing.  Johnny was too slow to make it.  She was sorry but it must be done and immediately.  Johnny could entertain the shortly expected Tim.  Little did she realize how true that was.

Rob just turned the corner, racing to beat the clock when Tim arrived.  He was in store for the same surprise that Rob had just a couple of hours ago although he did not know it.  Leading a sheep to slaughter is a difficult task compared to that of Johnny's to get Tim into the bedroom and stripped.  Rob was less than halfway to the post office by the time that Johnny had Tim naked in his bed and was sucking on his rampant tool.  As Johnny began to use his tongue on Tim's perineum, Tim reacted (and cooperated) exactly as Rob had and with the same results.  After a few minutes of rimming Tim's butt-hole was pulsating with joy and Johnny changed into his attack mode.  He shifted to bring his rod to the throbbing rosebud and quickly rammed it in deeply.  This initial thrust provoked a scream from Tim which was soon replaced by moans of pleasure as the young cockman repeatedly plunged in and out of the older youth's rear.  By the time Rob had returned both Tim and Johnny were exhausted from this activity.

Rob and Tim went off leaving Johnny alone with his thoughts.  He had two major thoughts.  First, he was certain that Rob and Tim would no longer think of him as a little pussy-boy.  Secondly, he was trying to figure out how to get a man, not just some high school guys.  Perhaps some of the older men at the mall who kept watching the boys; he had heard rumors of strange things.

Stage 3

It was a few weeks later and Tim's cousin, Kevin was visiting while he was on leave after finishing boot camp in the Marine Corps.  Tim's parents had some previous engagement and, as Rob and his brother wanted to hear about the marines, Tim invited them over and the four of them were partying.  The twenty-five-year-old private was less of a man than he thought, particularly after he had some drinks.  Kevin seemed to require lots of beer in order to relate his stories.  He told of sex in the showers and in pup tents but – somehow – he was always the strong top (which was the reverse of the facts).  High stakes poker games were discussed and Kevin boasted of winning more than a couple of thousand bucks one night.  (He did not, however, remember to tell how he lost it all within the next hour and was flat broke for the next month.)  It was not clear how it happened but soon the four of them were playing strip poker with a 'winner wins loser' rule.  Kevin figured he would soon have some nice tight boy-butt to fuck.  (Kevin's selective memory also did not tell the boys that the DI's regularly fucked him and how he jerked off alone the rest of the time.)

A half hour later, Johnny was almost entirely dressed while Rob and Tim were just in their underwear.  Kevin was in his birthday suit.  He was shocked at his loss.  Now he was naked with high school kids and they were in charge.  The winner of the game and hence the master was the youngest and he wasn't even in high school yet.  Kevin made some lame crack about things being over, but Johnny sarcastically noted that he thought that marines were men who kept their word and did not chicken out.  This got through to Kevin.  The marine and his dick both snapped to attention, saluted and said: "Sir, this grunt has lost.  How may I serve you, SIR!"  None of them realized the emotional effect of what Kevin did to Kevin, least of all Kevin.  It was like he had said that to his DI.  And his DI was obeyed absolutely and immediately.  In his mind, Kevin was surrounded by three DI's and not by three boys.  Marines were trained to obey in boot camp and Kevin had just finished that a few days ago.

Johnny snapped a couple of questions at the naked marine.  "You want to suck dick, grunt? You want to get fucked, grunt?"  As he did this, he was checking out his own swelling package.

"SIR, THIS GRUNT BEGS TO SUCK DICK AND BE FUCKED, SIR."  Kevin did not know where he was but it was not new to him.  A couple of times his DI did have him in this sort of role and, now drunk, he felt like that was the situation again.  The boys did not know this but were surprised at how he had suddenly and completely assumed such a submissive role.  Three young cocks were now tenting two pairs of briefs and a pair of jeans as they exchanged puzzled but happy looks.

Johnny paused and looked at the obedient marine – twice his age – standing naked front of him awaiting his orders.  As he did his cock strained even harder at his jeans and he quickly ripped them open.  Then he pushed both his briefs and jeans down to his knees.  His super hard shaft was the largest he remembered it to ever to have been.  He barked a single word at the waiting marine: "SUCK!" Kevin dropped to his knees in front of the boy and started to lick the huge man-sized shaft.  He could barely get it into his mouth.  As Johnny tried in vain to drive his tool down the marine's throat, he told Tim to get the rubbers and lube.

Tim was back in just a couple of minutes.  Johnny stopped trying to ram his cock down Kevin's throat and commanded Kevin to get on his hands and knees.  He put a squirt of lube on his oozing rod and slipped a rubber over it.  Then he spread some lube on Kevin's butthole and positioned his shaft at the hole.  Suddenly the relative quiet of the room was broken by Kevin saying: "SIR, PLEASE FUCK THIS GRUNT, SIR."  Johnny was up to the challenge.  He grasped the marine's hips and thrust forward.  The grunt gasped as the boy's great pizzle rammed into him.  Johnny was elated.  He had gotten one of his wishes fulfilled.  He rammed in and out considering only himself.  It did not take long before he shot a great load.  It would have gone deep into Kevin guts but for the condom he wore.  He pulled out.

"Rob,"  he said to his brother, "Fuck this grunt."  Rob did not need the invitation.  He had already put on a condom and quickly positioned himself.  As Rob filled the place vacated by this brother, Tim started to face fuck his cousin.  While the two HS juniors were fucking both ends of the marine, Johnny reached underneath and began to jerk the grunt off.  After all had come, they were about to start over again but then they heard Tim's parents' car in the driveway.  They quickly got dressed and Johnny and Rob left.

As the brothers walked home Johnny noted that he had never realized that playing cards could be so much fun.  Rob wondered if all marines were all such eager beaver cock-sucking pussies?

Stage 4

Johnny knew exactly what he wanted for his fourteenth birthday.  But he couldn't ask his parents for it.  He had heard tell of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend whose dad took him to a whore house to get his first piece of ass but he already had had that and he did not want a cunt nor her ass.  He did not know that there were male-staffed establishments, besides the female-staffed establishments, of that sort.  He wanted a man's ass; a particular man's ass!  The only problem was that the man never showed any interest in guys, particularly boys like Johnny.

This man, Walter, was the manager of the store, The Hobby Shop, on Main Street.  Walter shared the same birthday as did Johnny but he was going to be forty two this year.  Johnny had found out a lot about Walt in the previous three years, but especially the last, by hanging out at The Hobby Shop.  He was genuinely interested in models and was a real customer.  Walt was really friendly and helpful to his customers.  He had workshops where he taught his customers how to do model work and even some field meets where model planes could be flown.  Johnny and Walt had gotten to know each other quite well working and playing together.  There was one thing that Johnny found irresistible about Walt; that was how nicely his jeans showed off his lovely sculptured man-butt.  Johnny always worried about tenting his jeans when he was around Walt.  Anytime he was going to The Hobby Shop he would wear a tight jock strap as insurance.

It was Friday night and the eve of their joint birthday that Walt was doing one of his in-store work shops and he asked Johnny to be his first assistant.  Johnny had assisted before but not as the "first".  From past experience he knew that the "first"  often had to stay later than the others if the clerk who was there had to leave promptly.  Of course, Walt, would drive the assistant home if necessary.

This was that sort of night.  The clerk had to leave early and there was lots of clean up so the two of them were stuck in the cellar alone for a long time.  They talked of various things including Johnny's birthday.  Walt had a present for Johnny – all nicely wrapped up.  Johnny could tell that it was the model he had wanted for sometime (the expensive one he had been saving up for) without even unwrapping the box.  Then came the second surprise: Walt noted that since it was past midnight that it was time for Johnny to get a birthday spanking.  Johnny did not like the idea but Walt was insistent and said "No spanking / no present".  Johnny was afraid to risk that Walt was just joking and finally agreed.

Walt sat on the cot that was there for employees to rest on and called Johnny over to him.  "You're not dressed for the occasion, Johnny.  You should be in your birthday suit."  he said with a big grin.

Johnny was a bit surprised and hesitated.  Part of him said that it might be fun while another part said strange.  After a couple of minutes the former won out as he recalled that he had lots of fun in his birthday suit.  "Sure", he declared in his most macho voice and flung off his jacket.  As he removed his shirt he saw that Walt was watching him closely.  After he dropped his jeans and added them to the shed clothes pile he was certain that Walt was leering at him.  His horny, adolescent mind began to think that Walt had the hots for him as he did for Walt.  And with that thought he pulled off his tight jock and his shaft pointed skyward instantly.

Johnny was right for Walt was enjoying the sexy youth's body with its man sized rod on proud display.  Johnny was now into the game and laid down across Walt's lap carefully placing his shaft between Walt's thighs.  All the time he was wishing that he was approaching from the other side.  Walt applied seven moderately hard 'spanks' alternately to each of the firm boy cheeks and then a hard one to 'grow on' on both rosy cheeks.  That was not quite required as Johnny had fully 'grown' before he had gotten across the lap.  When Johnny got up Walt could not but notice how he had grown and admired the formidable tool.  And that is what gave Johnny his chance: Grinning broadly he said: "Walt, it is your birthday to so now it is time for your birthday spanking."  As you can imagine Walt demurred until Johnny pointed out that it was only fair since he had gotten a birthday spanking.  Johnny took the seat and Walt started to lie across his lap.  "Wait!"  said the youth, "You should be in your birthday suit."  Walt was trapped and realized that he did not want a minor mad at him.  A minor who was naked, at that, in his store basement.

A few minutes later the naked Walt was lying across Johnny's lap about to get his birthday spanking.  This would be the first in a very long time.  Johnny finally was seeing and even touching the butt that he craved.  As the spanking progressed, as with the first one, there was growth.  Again, Johnny's tool achieved its full potential and was poking into Walt's mid-section during the spanking.

Johnny did not just spank the magnificent rump but also caressed it.  He had had lots of experience with doing that.  Between each of the forty-three spanks that he applied to Walt's beautiful behind he caressed it in the most erotic manner that he could.  By the time he had finished Walt was very aroused.  Johnny managed to reach his jacket on the bed behind him and get what he thought of as his Boy Scout Kit.

Johnny put some of the lube on his fingers and started to play with the treasure hidden between the now warm rosy butt cheeks.  Walt responded by allowing Johnny easy access.  The boy-stud was excited and felt that he was going to achieve his objective.  "If you stretch out on the bed, Walt, I can do a better job."  he said trying to sound casual.  Walt was feeling very good and did not consider any of the ramifications of this as he got up and laid down on the bed.  All the while, Johnny kept his fingers busy at the man's bung hole.  Once prone, Walter could not see what Johnny was up to.  And "up"  he was.  He grabbed a condom from his Be Prepared kit and ripped it open with his teeth and rolled it on his rock-hard shaft.  By now he had gotten several fingers into Walt's butt-hole.  It took but a couple of seconds for him to withdraw his hand and replace it with his shaft.  The relaxed and dilated hole easily accepted the boy's man-sized fuck tool.

The rest, as they say, is history.  Johnny's wish had come true.  He was happy.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., July 13, 1998

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