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The following story is fiction; just a fantasy.  It contains M/M activities including role/age playing, spanking, shaving, and sex where a young man is the more dominant one.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Brad Takes Control


Preface by Brad

It is almost two years since I recognized that I was no longer just a boy but a youth becoming a man.  Various things made me realize this but primarily I started to be the discipliner rather than the disciplinee.  Some guys, however, remain boys for regardless of how old they become.  As a present, my boy wrote the following about us.  Even though my boy was not present for the events described in the next section, he has had sufficient sources to write about it accurately.  (If it was otherwise, he would have a very red bottom and you would not be seeing it.)

My boy is happier than he ever was before now that he is with me.  He is no longer trying to be something he not is but just his true boyself.  Although he still has a real job and functions normally there, whenever he is with me he becomes just a twelve year old boy.  He is actually very well behaved for a twelve year old, but, somehow, he manages to earn a spanking every week.  Only once was he so naughty that it was necessary to use the strap on him.  He did not stop crying for over two hours.  He has promised never ever to lie to me again.  We agreed that if he does not only does he get strapped but caned also.  One of his chores that week was to get a cane which we conveniently have hanging on a hook inside the bedroom closet.

I'm really pleased with my boy both in general and that with the help of Mr. Coyote he wrote this account about us.

I.  Awaking© YLeeCoyote

Brad is an extremely handsome young man with a fine athletic body and sharp mind.  He just graduated (with honors and two varsity team letters, thank you) from high school last June.  Brad's grandfather believed in "spare the rod and spoil the child" and firmly impressed that idea onto the bottoms of both of his sons.  They, in turn, did the same with Brad.  They were so effective with Brad when he was young boy, that not only hadn't he been spanked in two years, but he had been frequently in charge of his two younger brothers who, alas, still need numerous spankings.  Dutifully, although not at all reluctantly as directed by his parents, he still frequently administers the required spankings and lectures.  Brad had confided in his uncle that although he did not really like hurting his kid brothers (they are seven and eight years younger) he really did like lowering their pants to expose their hairless pee-pees and cute little behinds.  Further he liked turning those bottoms red and then watching them glow while the young'uns were standing in the corner.  He also believes that he was so good the last two years not only to avoid being in that position himself but to be able to continue to put his kid brothers into it when required.

I also heard from Brad's uncle that he had already done it to an older man -- twice.  He and his best friend, Joel, had caught Wally, the friend's older brother, in some transgression.  Wally was a dropout and worked only occasionally.  His father, who (out of shortsighted love) still treated Wally like a teenager, did not have the heart to throw him out, however.  Brad and Joel gave Wally the choice of submitting to them for punishment or to his parents while discussing various dire threats.  Trapped, Wally was soon stripped and went over Brad's lap to get his butt reddened.  Wally was wimpy while Brad was a strong athlete so that the age discrepancy did not diminish the effectiveness of the spanking.  Just like Brad's kid brothers, Wally actually was crying by the time he was sent to the corner.  While the two high school boys, er, youths watched the glowing hot red butt of the twenty five year old with satisfaction, they decided that since Wally had once again acted like a little boy, had been spanked like a little boy, that he should also look like a little boy.

When Wally's corner time was up, he was made to stand in front of Brad still naked.  As Brad lectured the older miscreant, he also held his cock and balls in a firm vise-like grip in his left hand and proceeded to use the barber clipper in his right hand to remove Wally's pubic hair.  Wally was even more horrified at this then when it was done to him as a high school fraternity (perhaps gang would be a better term) pledge six years ago as it was now totally unexpected.  But as Brad had him by the balls -- literally -- he had to bear the humiliating treatment meekly.  Soundly spanked and with very closely clipped pubes Wally was now totally compliant to the demands of the two youths.  Next Brad clipped short Wally's axilla and his butt crack hair.  Joel then finished the job by lathering up his brother and making him baby smooth with a razor in all these places and even removed the peach fuzz on Wally's hot red behind.  The feeling of absolute power over the older Wally was relished by both youths, particularly since Wally was a "conquest".

Since that night six months ago Brad has relished the image of the older man with smooth pubes and a hot red butt.  Additionally, Wally's pubes have been shaved smooth every week since then by his brother.  (Clearly, Joel won the sibling rivalry war and now completely dominates his older brother.  But that is another story for another time.)

Two months after Wally was first spanked, clipped and shaved, the two youths managed to catch him being wayward once again.  By now Wally was so use to submitting to his brother, having been forced to endure weekly shaving by his (in name only) kid brother, he quickly acquiesced to their commands.  Once again he was stripped naked and standing before Joel and Brad looking just like a contrite, although oversize, boy.  As Brad lectured the docile, shaven boy-man who stood meekly before him, Brad though how nice it would be have a real adult in that position.  When he pulled Wally over his lap he imaged that he was doing it to his fifty-something school principal and thoroughly enjoyed turning Wally's bottom bright red and very hot.  Brad knew that the school principal still acted like a grade school yard bully and was in desperate need of an attitude adjustment but, alas, was beyond reach.  Wally was a substitute but, alas, not truly adequate.  Brad now had a problem.  He had the hardest erection he ever could remember.  Not that he wasn't frequently hard (as normal healthy adolescents are usually) but this was extra hard.  So he made Wally kneel and go down on his super hard cock.  Then, after the most intense orgasm of his life, he sent Wally to the corner and enjoyed the afterglow of both his orgasm and the spanking.

II.  Meeting

As a graduation gift last July my friend Tony brought his nephew Brad to the Big Apple.  One of the reasons was so that the three of us could celebrate his graduation from high school.  Without any reason, that same weekend I was Mr. Royal Fuckup.  I almost screwed up the celebration by doing really stupid things and being careless.  I managed to be late, spill things and have problems with strangers.  It got so bad, that Tony even told me to shape up or he would have to spank me like a little boy -- again.  As I blushed, I could see Brad break out in a huge grin for apparently he found it amusing.  Tony and I had played such games a couple of times but he had promised not to tell any one.  I wondered if Brad had picked up on that one telltale word: again.  Without that word the statement was merely a joke but with it, a give-away threat!  From that point on, I though that there was an extra gleam in Brad's eyes and that he was watching me.  (Remember at this time I did not know about the events with Wally.)

The evening was almost over when we went back to their hotel suite.  Even there I managed to fuckup once again.  I admit (confess!)  that by that time I was high from the celebration.  We had even let Brad have one drink so both he as well as Tony were, shall we say, feeling happy.  Brad was in the john, when I committed my last fuckup for the evening.  Tony immediately picked up on it and asked: "What did I tell you would happen if you messed up again, boy?"

"You were going to spank me, Sir." I laughed, assuming he could not possibly be serious with young Brad here.  I was absolutely wrong.  Tony pulled over the simple desk chair, sat on it and grabbed me by my belt.  It did not take him long to half strip me as if I had been just ten years old.  A couple of quick tugs and both my belt and pants were gapping at my waist.  Then with practiced skill, he quickly yanked both my pants and briefs down so they were about my ankles.  As he flipped me over his lap, I saw Brad return to the sitting room and squealed: "NO!  Please don't.  Not with Brad here.  NO!  Pleeeaaassseee...."

But I was much to late, for my answer was the SMACK of Tony's hand on my upturned, naked butt immediately follow by my cry.  As my butt started to turn red from Tony's first strike, I heard Brad gasp: "WOW!".  I felt myself blushing all over.  Later, I learned that Brad reported that he had got an immediate hardon that remained for hours at seeing me being treated as a disorderly and naughty little boy as it coincided with his own images of his vice-principal.  Brad also wished that he were displacing Tony and actually doing the spanking himself.

One of the things that Tony had found out about me, is that there is a little boy -- a naughty little boy -- hidden inside of me.  Once he started to spank me I actually became that little boy and could not resist the parental-like authority figures suddenly in charge of me.  After a little while, as my butt was turning painfully red, I only heard a few words.  "Are you going to be good, boy?" was one of the few things I could hear and, naturally (for me in that situation), I responded as a little boy.  And those responses were little boy promises through little boy tears due to the pain in my little boy bottom.  Then he paused and I could feel my clothes being completely pulled off me so that I was totally naked.  It had to be with Brad's assistance but I did not realize it at the time.  I was not in any condition to resist what was happening.  The combination of being high and being spanked had completely disabled me.  With tears in my eyes, I could not even see straight.  Suddenly, I was standing again and then I felt a strong hand grasp me by my cock and balls.  This was quickly followed by a buzzing sound and pleasant vibration on my pubes.  Tony then was behind me holding me so that I could not move and telling me: "Be still, boy, while Brad removes your pubes."  Looking down I could make out Brad with a buzzing hair clipper in his hand.  My nice luxuriant bush was being scattered as insignificant litter on the carpet at the hands of this nineteen year old only a third my age.  I watched, simultaneously both horrified and delighted, as my pubes become completely smooth making me look and feel like a boy.  I was horrified at the liberties that were being taken with my person but, at the same time, there was a strange sense of exhilaration that the improper and unseemly man-fur was being removed from a little boy correcting a grievous error.

The buzzing and vibration stopped and the hand released its grip.  I just stood there looking at my bare pubes.  It felt right; I was a just spanked naughty little boy and boys don't have hair "down there".  Tony also released me and then Brad pulled me over his lap as my father had done.  SMACK!  SMACK!  SMACK!  Brad really hit hard and almost immediately I felt like I did when I was just ten and over my father's lap.  I knew that the spanking was the beginning of the end of the punishment; it would hurt but also be over soon.  I couldn't help myself and I started to cry like I did when I was ten years old.  I was totally impotent in all senses of the word.  I had been reduced to a hairless, crying, naked, chastised, little boy.  Although it had been Tony that had initially  taken control at that time I sensed I would also be completely compliant to this strong dominant young man who had taken control of my body and mind no matter what.  Eventually, the spanking stopped and I was parked in the corner while Tony and Brad talked as my parents had done after dad had spanked me.  Through the fog in my brain, I could hear my name and knew that they were talking about me, but I did not know what.  After a while the talk stopped and Tony went to his room leaving me alone with Brad.

Sometime later, Brad who had stripped to his briefs, led me into the bathroom and had me stand in the bathtub.  While transfixed by the beauty of this young Adonis, I yielded to his every direction.  He sprayed my crotch with water and covered it with shaving cream.  Then he carefully shaved my pubes, tushy and everything nearby so that I was truly smooth just like as baby ass is.  I must admit that it felt real good as he did this.  He told me over and over that he liked me like a little boy with a hairless pee-pee and that made me feel good.  I happily let him totally remove the remaining parts of this sign of manhood and turn me into his hairless boy.  He even got his clipper again and removed my axilla hair also.  When he had finished, he stripped off his briefs and I got to see his young, hard mancock pointing at me for the first time.  It looked so yummy and potent rising from his full bush.  While we showered together, he refused to let me play with it always telling me later, and insisting that we just wash.  Just the question: "Do you want another spanking, boy?" kept me totally docile.

Soon, "later" did come while we were in bed together.  I quickly learnt that I was to do exactly as Brad directed -- neither more nor less; he demanded and got total control.  When ever I deviated from his wishes even in the slightest, I would quickly feel his strong hand on my still tender bottom and knew to yield to him.  I had the joy of tasting much of his sweet, hard body at his firm direction and even giving him a long blow job.  He remained hard even after he shot his load.  Eventually he turned me so that I was prone and put some lube on my butt hole.  He put his ramrod at my hole and easily pushed it in.  Had I tried to resist, he would easily have had his way anyway.  The last thing I recall was his coming before I drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke in the morning, I found myself in his strong arms still impaled on his shaft.  When he awoke a little later, he did what came naturally and fucked me.  Several times!

Brad and Tony had to leave that morning but Brad returns to the Big Apple the next month for he starts college here.

I have never looked forward to school restarting until then.

III.  Conversion

It was just five weeks later that Brad and I met again.  He had just moved into his new apartment near his school so, after we had had dinner, I went with him to see it.  Once there he quickly turned the conversation to our previous encounter.  He already knew (via Tony) that I had enjoyed it but he insisted that I tell him so directly.  I tried to avoid it, but he kept at me so that soon his dominance prevailed and I slipped into my little boy persona.  Once that happened, I was like an insect trapped in a pitcher plant, slipping down the side to the inevitable doom awaiting in the bottom pool.  He demanded that I show him how my pubes had grown and I was soon contritely standing before this young man with my pants down about my ankles like a little boy before a school's headmaster.  He looked at me for a while noting that I looked like I had gotten a three mm crew cut on my pubes.

Then he asked: "Who gave you permission to have any pubes at all, boy?"  After some silence, he demanded: "WHO, boy?"

I answered simply, sensing that he intended to shave me again, "No one, Sir."

"Get those clothes off quickly, boy." he commanded.  Obediently, just a minute later, I was again standing before him but now naked.  I was amazed how docilely I obeyed this youth's brashly given orders.  At what time were we to met for dinner, boy?" he asked.

"At 7:00, Sir." I replied simply.

"And when did you show up, boy?"

"At 7:25, Sir."

"Let's see" he mussed out loud, "that makes two things" and pulled me over his lap.  I lay across his lap quietly as he caressed my naughty boy bottom for quite a while.  Dad did this to me when he knew that I had been bad, but did not know exactly how.  Like the old poem that suggests "beating your boy every day for he will know what he's done wrong" I knew that I was always behind on my housework and answering letters.  Thus in my head, I knew that I was getting spanked deservedly for at least four reasons and must accept my due.  Brad started with a hard blow directly in the center of my right cheek and I howled.  By the time he had covered my entire bottom twice I really knew that I was being spanked.  I think that then even the touch of a feather though would have hurt me then, but he wasn't using a feather.  It was his strong, gymnast's arm and hard hand that was hitting my painful bottom over and over.  The pain spread and soon I was bawling as a little boy should when he is spanked.  After some time, I don't know how long, he stopped and put me into the corner.  Again, I haven't any recollection of the time.  I was just a naughty boy getting his due from his dad.

When he decided that I had spent sufficient time in the corner he called me back to stand before him.  He then covered my entire crotch -- everything from my navel to asshole -- with a thick smelly cream.  When he had finished and put down the container, I saw that it was a DEPILATORY!  He was going to keep me hairless for a long time and without even a five o'clock shadow.  After a while, he directed me to shower to remove the cream.  As I washed it and the short hairs away, I could feel how smooth my skin was; it hadn't been like this since I had been in grade school.  I felt elated just like Pinocchio after his final transformation -- I was a real boy now: Brad's boy!

IV.  Acceptance

I saw Brad at least once a week after that first visit to his apartment.  He always made sure that when I left him it was with a hot red and well fucked bottom and a smooth crotch.  It felt good being his boy and, just like Peter Pan, I did not want to grow up.  After a couple of weeks, I stopped missing my pubic hair.  In fact, I was pleased that Brad had removed it for when I showered, dressed or reached into my pants when I went to pee, I was reminded that I was just a boy and liked it.  As time passed, I become even  more docile and more submissive to Brad.

There was one time that I was very, very naughty and lied to Brad.  After he had spanked me, with more than the usual vigor, he then took the strap to my already red hot behind.  I was required to "assume the position" while he applied his thick, doubled over, four mm thick and five cm wide garrison belt to my posterior some twenty times -- with vigor.  Believe me, it HURT!  And I was crying after just seven strokes.  I'll never do that again.  If I do, it will be worse for I will be caned.  Brad even made me buy a cane to have ready and it hangs on the wall, just like a fire extinguisher, waiting for the moment it is needed.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., October 25, 1997

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