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The following story is fiction about a boy being spanked.  The story contains a scene of a spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The inspiration for this was a news story where a woman recalled this sort of event with an unsatisfactory ending.  This is the relevant quote: “In elementary school, a boy tried to flip up my skirt. The teacher told me I should calm down because my screaming made it more fun for him to tease me.  I stopped wearing skirts.”  It is from the news article

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The Brat’s Reward


It was Thursday.  Laurie hated Thursday because every Thursday was her fifth grade class’s turn to have recess in the park where there was more room to run about than in the partly under construction schoolyard.  Laurie hated it because of her classmate Elvis.© YLeeCoyote

Elvis was a badly behaved brat who delighted in flipping up girls’ skirts to expose their frilly panties.  Laurie did not like that when it happened especially when it was her skirt.  To make thing worse Elvis was not an equal opportunity trouble maker as he just picked one of three of the girls out of the class of fifteen almost all the time.

When it happened to Laurie she always screamed long and loud.  She was terribly disappointed with the response of Mrs. Feighner, the old fashioned teacher, to these attacks.  The Old Maid did not punish the boy and barely admonished him for this conduct.  Mrs. Feighner did, however, tell Laurie “You should calm down because your screaming makes it more fun for him to tease you.”  Laurie felt that he was bullying rather than teasing her.

This Thursday, however, was different because Mrs. Feighner was out sick and Mr. Fettiplace was the substitute teacher.  The class felt a lot different throughout the morning hearing the young male teacher.

When it was recess time Mr. Fettiplace led the class to the park.  The class spread out but it was not long before Laurie was screaming her head off.  Mr. Fettiplace, fearing the worst, ran to investigate while dreading that a child molester might be the cause.

What he found, much to his relief, was Laurie screaming surrounded by classmates and Elvis laughing with great gusto.

A few minutes of questioning enabled Mr. Fettiplace to learn that Elvis was a serial skirt flipper and that Mrs. Feighner failed to act to stop this bullying.  Worse, she essentially blamed the innocent victim.

Mr. Fettiplace was appalled.  He immediately resolved to do something much more rational and far more effective.

Elvis was surprised when he was seized.  While being dragged to the nearby bench he was lectured that skirt flipping was very naughty behavior and would not be tolerated at all.  Moreover, it earned a reward of a good hard spanking.

While Elvis was in shock at hearing this all the girls were thrilled.  The other boys expected to enjoy the upcoming show.

The request “Please pull down Elvis’s pants, Laurie.” made her heart jump with joy with visions of payback.  She quickly and enthusiastically opened the bullying boy’s belt and jeans.  Remembering that her father always said that “A proper spanking is always applied to the bare bottom.” when he spaked her brother, she cleverly stuck her thumbs in the waistband of Elvis’ tighty-whities so as to shove them down along with his jeans.

Everyone howled although Elvis’s howls were obviously of a different sort as his four cheeks all instantly turned red.  Mr. Fettiplace even sported a surprised smile.

In a blink of an eye, Mr. Fettiplace flipped Elvis over his lap and held him in place.  With hard spanks between every word of a lecture Elvis was soon crying loudly.  His classmates jostled for position to watch his exposed bottom turn bright red.

After an eternity (from Elvis’s POV) the spanking stopped and the crying boy was placed with his nose against a tree for corner time.

Before the final dismissal of the day Elvis was warned that if he forgot his special lesson he would get an extra long reminder.

The girls were delighted that the bully had been punished and hoped that he would stop his unacceptable behavior.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 11, 2023

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