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This the straight version of the story Brandon Finds a DadThe changes are absolutely minimal.

Brenda Finds a Dad


Brenda was a middle-aged middle-level management executive for a large conglomerate; if the conglomerate had not owned the firm, she would have been a high ranking officer.  At work she was always in control of every situation.  Everyone, both above and below her, respected and admired her professional business skills and the total control she exhibited at work.  One and all assumed that her personal life was similar – that she was always in charge.  Then there were major changes due to mergers and acquisitions and Brenda found that her empire had shrunk due to the miracle of corporate downsizing. The changes were far beyond Brenda's powers to predict or influence much less control.  Nevertheless Brenda felt that she was at fault and had failed although that was not the case at all.  She felt like a schoolgirl who, rather than achieving her customary A's, had suddenly flunked with a batch of B's and still had to face a very strict and exceedingly demanding father to sign her report card.  A father who did not think a woodshed was just a place for storing wood.

It was the end of the week and, despondently, Brenda was sitting alone in her local bar trying to drown her sorrows when she met Kyle.  Kyle was half of Brenda's age but a foot taller with broad shoulders.  Because of their relative size and Kyle's weathered face one might, at a quick glance, take them for father and daughter.  If one hadn't known that Kyle resembled Brenda's own father one would also have been surprised that Brenda also thought so (although in a slightly different way).

The two sat together for a long time with Brenda both drinking and talking far to much.  After a while Kyle was able to get Brenda to leave with him and go to his home.  The evening with Kyle had made Brenda feel very good as Kyle was very sympathetic.  Although Kyle had a good job, he had never been in the position where he had been in charge at work; over the years his foremen had made all the decisions.  He yearned to be in charge at work but knew that it was not in the cards.  Yet, tonight, this older woman had been looking for advice and support just like a girl does with her father.  Several times during the evening Brenda stated that she felt like a naughty girl and had mistakenly called Kyle "Father".  As they walked home, Kyle realized how Brenda followed (just like a small girl) every instruction she was given.  Kyle decided to take it to the limit.

As they went in, Kyle picked up his mail and, once inside his apartment, opened one letter at random.  Although it was actually an advertisement, Kyle pretended that it was something else.  He dropped the rest of the mail on the table and, waving the ad, spoke harshly: "BRENDA MABEL JONES do you know what this is!  It is a letter from your principal stating that you have been tardy five times and ABSENT four school days in the last three weeks.  What do you have to say for yourself?  You certainly did not think you could get away this, young lady!"

Brenda was transformed as if by a spell.  This was exactly the way her father had spoken to her when she was an errant schoolgirl and between the despondency and the alcohol she reacted as she had when she was twelve.  "Er, er."© YLeeCoyote

"And what happens to naughty girls?" demanded Kyle continuing the aggressive role he had assumed.

"They get spanked, Daddy."

Kyle started to strip the older woman as if she was his teenaged daughter.  He pulled off the scarf and undid the shirt; he tossed them on the couch.  "Take off your shoes, girl." Kyle commanded and Brenda complied.  As he pulled the girl in front of him Kyle sat down on the couch and took off the girl's belt and undid her skirt.  They slipped to the floor and, without any further instructions, the girl stepped out of them.  He then lowered the girl's briefs yanked down her stockings.  Again, unbidden, the girl stepped out of them so that she was totally naked.  Kyle paused to examine the body in front of him.  Brenda was certainly not an athlete but she was very slim.  Except for the thick pubic bush she could have passed for a undeveloped girl.

Kyle gave a gentle tug and Brenda fell over his lap like she was half Kyle's age rather than double it.  Kyle admired the unmarked buns that were his to spank.  He thought of several men and women that he would have loved to have spanked, paddled and even whipped in the past.  There was that bitch of a HS geography teacher, the snappy smartass receptionist and several foremen from past jobs that had given him hard times.  Brenda would now pay the price for their crimes against Kyle.  He raised his hand and brought it down hard on the waiting and unprotected ass.  A bright red hand print appeared almost instantly accompanied by a howl from the naughty girl.  With a reflexive action the girl's hand reached back to try to protect the target.  "That's a no-no girl." Kyle snapped as he picked up the handy scarf and quickly bound the unresisting girl's wrists together.  Again and again the hand raised up and again came down hard on the defenseless target.  Brenda's bottom turned bright red and she was one the verge of crying.

Kyle picked up Brenda's own leather belt and folded it double.  Just ten hard blows with that and Brenda was bawling like a real girl.  A few more and Brenda was making little girl promises to be good and that she had learnt her lesson.  Of course, she was also begging for the spanking to end.  Soon thereafter Kyle stopped and lifted the girl off his lap getting her on his knees in front of him.  Through her tear filled eyes Brenda could see Kyle's cock straining against his trousers.  Kyle quickly opened his pants and pulled his shorts down.  His shaft pointed directly at Brenda who opened her mouth and leaned forward to engulf the hard shaft.  Normally, Kyle forcefully controlled how he was sucked, but not tonight.  Brenda was an expert and Kyle was very excited from having so much control.  His explosive climax would have drowned Brenda had he not pulled out and shot over the girl's face instead.

That night they slept like a pair of spoons with Brenda feeling like a girl in the strong arms of her mentor.  All through the night Kyle's hard rod pressed against the hot, well spanked butt of Brenda.  In the morning, Kyle told Brenda that he was going to be 'his girl'.  Still half asleep, Brenda muttered back: "Yes, daddy; I'm your little girl.  Please don't spank me again; I'll be good; I promise."  Kyle was very pleased to hear this and knew that Brenda was becoming his girl.  He reached into the night stand and got several things.  Then, with practiced ease he rolled a condom onto his extra hard ramrod, spread some lube on it and on the hole he was about to invade.  Placing Brenda on her back and raising her legs Kyle pressed his shaft at the entry way and pressed forward.  Brenda did not resist but welcomed the penetration so that Kyle was soon fully buried in Brenda.  Both of them were happy as Kyle then proceeded to vigorously fuck Brenda.  When they had both come, Kyle shifted so that Brenda's legs rested on his thighs while her butt-hole remained filled by Kyle's still hard cock.

Kyle then pickup the barber clippers and started to remove Brenda's pubes.  Brenda had not expected this and started to object to was happening.  Kyle quickly silenced her by saying: "QUIET, girl; girls don't have hair here." as he continued to use the clipper.  Brenda fell back into the role of a girl.  Partly due to her mind set and partly because she felt too good and the nice vibrations on her pubic area to do anything but enjoy all that was happening to her.  Kyle then directed Brenda to raise her arms and he applied the clipper to each armpit.  Soon Brenda had hairless crotch and pits just like a girl should.  They then resumed their spoon imitation and Kyle told Brenda that she would remain his hairless girl for a long time and that she would be spanked whenever she was naughty.  "Yes, daddy." murmured Brenda happily snugging close to her protective daddy.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a week later.  Brenda had been told on Thursday that her organization was being cut by a third and she had to tell the unfortunate ones that they were history.  On Friday after having done the ghastly deed she left the office early and went directly to Kyle's house.  She felt so down that she knew she would have to look up to see belly of a crawling snake.  She told Kyle all again and how she was failing while being held tightly.  It did not take long before Brenda was admitting to being a naughty girl who needed to be punished.  "I could ground you for a couple weeks, girl." Kyle said to Brenda.  The girl looked back with horror in his eyes.  She hated being grounded; it seemed that such a punishment went on forever.  Then Kyle continued: "Or I could give you a hard spanking."

The horror faded from Brenda's eyes as Kyle began to undress his girl.  The girl appeared passive as the man disrobed her but, inside, she was changing.  She knew she had been a very bad girl and that a naughty girl needs a spanking before she can be forgiven.  Quickly every button, zipper and lace was opened.  Standing Brenda up, Kyle then easily removed each garment.  Just like the week before, Brenda had slipped into the mind-set of a girl.  As the girl stood before him, Kyle noted that the ugly pubic bush was not there as it had been the week before.  Brenda looked much more the girl then the first time.  He knew that he would have to take care of the ugly stubble later.  He pulled the girl across his lap and raised his hand to begin.

As the hand descended and connected with its target sounds were heard.  The smack of the contact and the howl of the contactee.  Again a bright red hand print bore witness to the event and the act was repeated many times.  Brenda's bottom soon was a bright crimson red and was very hot.  Tears welled up in the girl's eyes as she wailed.  Then Kyle stopped the hand spanking and put Brenda into a corner for a while.  The bright red cheeks were a joy to behold as Kyle contemplated his next move.

Calling the errant lass from the corner, Kyle leaned her over the end of the couch.  Then he applied ten hard blows with his leather paddle to the already hot, red butt before him.  Each stroke elicited a howl from his girl and leading for mercy.  But the girl submitted docilely as she should.  Kyle also needed something else from his girl.  Just like the swollen rump of a baboon in heat screams out: "FUCK ME!" to one and all so did Brenda's bottom.  Kyle opened his pants and his hard shaft sprang free.  He rolled a condom over it.  He stepped up to the waiting hole and pressed forward.  Easily he slipped in and was soon buried to the hilt in his girl thanks to the natural lubrication.  Happily he fucked his girl until he exploded in a huge orgasm.

It was now time to take care of that ugly stubble on his girl's pubes.  He led Brenda into the bathroom and got the new bottle of Hair No-Mor from the cabinet he had gotten for this very moment.  Kyle carefully applied the gooey stuff all over his girl's crotch.  He then put the girl back into the corner.  Kyle just admired the glowing red-hot buns of his girl for the full twenty minutes required for the stuff to do its job.  A shower washed the goo away, leaving a smooth, hairless and docile girl.  On the way to dinner, they stopped at Brenda's place so that she could change into a more casual outfit appropriate to a girl than the business suit she had on all day.  They spent the evening as man and girl.  Even when selecting dinner and a movie Brenda was like a teen.

When they returned to Kyle's place later, there was a telephone message from a 'neighbor'.  She just wanted Brenda's dad to be aware that she was seen in the park that afternoon with some strange girls and they were smoking.  Kyle turned to Brenda and asked: "Is this true, girl?"

After a brief pause, in a barely audible voice Brenda replied: "Yes, dad."  Then she dropped to the couch and hid her face in her hands.

"I'm very disappointed in you, daughter."  Kyle declared very solemnly.  "We had an agreement.  I trust you remember what the penalty is."

"Yes, dad." Brenda relied in a meek girlish voice, "A strapping and a spanking every day for a week."  With that she got up and began to strip.  It did not take her very long and in a couple of minutes she was leaning over the end of the couch.  Her bare bottom raised up and waiting for the strapping to begin.  Kyle removed his belt, folded it double and stepped up to the target.  There was a resounding WHACK as it struck its target.  Then a bright red stripe appeared across the girl's bottom as she yelled.  It took but a few strokes for the butt to turn completely red and the for the girl to be sobbing.  Brenda was then sent to stand in the corner while Kyle relaxed in the radiated glow from the bad girl's very hot bottom.

"Come here, girl," ordered Kyle "it is time for your spanking."  Brenda slowly walked over to Kyle and laid across his lap.  She clutched the rail of the chair tightly and waited for the first spank.  She did not have to wait very long.  Kyle raised his hand and brought it down hard on the already tenderized buns.  Brenda had promised herself that she would not yell or cry like a baby, but her butt was so very sore from the strapping.  After a few hard blows on the recently strapped buns she started to cry.  After a bit Kyle directed the girl to bed.  Soon Kyle joined his girl in bed.  They drifted off to sleep as Brenda promised that she would be a good girl as Kyle held her and caressed his girl's hot bottom.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., June 13, 1998

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