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The following stories are fiction about two brothers.  The stories contain scenes of spanking, strapping and paddling.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Brother Test



Two brothers, one just turned fourteen and the other about two years older have been left alone for the day.  They are both very competitive and are fierce rivals.  Trent's age advantage is, of course, shrinking daily as Lance is maturing fast and catching up.  Lance, the younger one, comes home to find Trent, his big brother, tied to his own bed.  Big Brother is spread eagled, naked, prone and obviously very vulnerable.

There are lots and lots of possible scenarios possible.  It might just be that big brother put himself into that position or his friends did either by force or as part of some club game or he brought the wrong person home.  The younger brother has lots of choices.  At one end of the spectrum is that he simply unties Big Brother while at the other end, Big Brother gets spanked – good and hard – and fucked learning that his kid brother is now a force to be reckoned with for he is no longer a little baby.

Although the same names are used throughout this that does not mean each vignette is about the same characters.

Vignette One© YLeeCoyote

Trent was tied eagle spread, face down on his bed as the Club required and left to the tender mercies of his kid brother Lance who had just turned fourteen.  It was only a half hour later that Lance returned and entered their shared bedroom.  Trent was surprised that Lance did not say anything except "Hi." and went about his own business.  There was not a questioning word about why his big brother was tied down nor who had done such a thing.

Trent blinked first and asked his brother to untie him.  "I can't do that for my big brother would spank me for interfering in his life.  It is best that I not intervene.  I even gave a solemn promise just as he insisted." responded Lance managing to keep a straight face.

"It is OK, Lance.  I won't spank you." he replied not certain how this might play out.

"No.  My big brother is super strict.  If I break that most important rule, it results in a spanking so absolutely not."

"You won't be breaking the rule.  I'm giving you permission."

"The rule will be broken if I interfere.  I don't want to be spanked."


"If the rule is broken, then there will be a spanking.  It's another rule."

"Please.  You won't be breaking the rule."

"But that means you'll be breaking the rule."

"Er, … I guess."

Lance smiled and he pulled his thick, wide leather belt from his pants as Trent watched in horror for he could not say anything.  If Lance backed off, their parents would have lots of difficult questions.  "Please…" he pleaded not wishing to say more.

But the belt, strongly encouraged by Lance, spoke loud and fast.  Over and over it jumped into the air only to quickly dive back down on Trent's butt, like a falcon catching a rodent, and turning it bright red.  Trent had to bite his tongue to avoid crying out like a baby.  After a score of hard cuts, Lance replaced the belt in his pants and then untied his big brother.

Trent realized that Lance had gotten the better of him and meekly thanked him for untying him.  He declined to explain why he was tied up.

Vignette Two

Lance eyes practically popped out of his head when his saw his older brother Trent eagle spread, stark naked and tied face down on his bed.  He stood frozen as he drank in the scene.  Then it occurred to him that now the opportunity to get even was at hand.  He did not think that Trent had seen him yet so he sat down at his computer to check his e-mail openly and to turn on the camcorder secretively.

Lance picked up a slipper and gave his nasty big brother a WHACK on his upturned butt causing Trent to yelp probably more from surprise than pain.  "Don't be a baby." he said sarcastically and gave him another whack this time hard so as to stimulate an even greater reaction.  Lance did not like his big brother because he was a bully.  He was going to get even.

"You obviously have been a very naughty; a very bad boy, Trent.  Good young men don't get found tied up naked like this." chortled a delighted Lance.  "But don't worry, you will get everything you richly deserve."  This got Trent struggling to get free.  Lance watched a while and then used the slipper a few more times so that the target butt was beginning to turn bright red.  "There is NOT any reason to struggle like that.  Those ropes are going to keep you in place until I'm done with you." said Lance laughing.  "We have a long way to go before we are even.  You are going to regret mistreating me all these years.  Yes, Siree – today is payback time, Big Brother."

Trent did not know what to think.  What sort of monster was his kid brother?  He pulled some more at the ropes but that was hopeless.  They were too well tied and too strong to break.  "Please, Lance, …" he started but was cut off as the first of the many cuts of his brother's belt connected violently with his butt.  He howled instead.

"I'll give you the same advice my big brother gives me when he is picking on me – 'Suck it up and take it like a man.'" The belt spoke again to emphasize the point.  Over and over Lance swung the belt until he had done it a score of times.

The target was very hot and very red and very swollen and very sensitive.  He caressed it and heard his brother whimpering: "Please, no more.  I'm sorry."  Lance was pleased at how quickly Trent was showing that he really was just a baby.  His caressing was very thorough and included putting a couple of fingers into the hidden hole.  He was surprised at how easily they slipped in and how weak the objections were.  It took a couple of minutes to realize that the hole had been lubricated.  Sniffing his fingers he detected the lube but not cum which he was quite familiar with from jerking off.

This all just added to the mystery of why his brother was in such a vulnerable position.  Was this all his doing and the result of using a dildo or just an invitation?  Perhaps his buddies tied him down and lubed him up in preparation or they fucked him with condoms on.  Or he brought the wrong guy home and got more than he expected.  Lance decided that it really did not matter for there wasn't anyway he was going to pass up this opportunity.

"Still think that I'm just a wimpy little kid, big brother?" he asked and then continued "Perhaps I'm more of a man than you thought?"

"No.  Yes." was the grudging response.  It was rewarded with another half dozen hard cuts from the belt.

Lance stripped and covered his most rampant cock with lube from his own supply.  Then he climbed onto Trent's bed and between his legs.  He was considerate and played with his tied down brother's fuck hole for a while getting several fingers in so it was dilated.  The helpless youth complained but again got the same sort of nasty response he gave when Lance complained to him.  When Lance was ready he leaned forward and pressed his hard shaft at the target and drove it in.  "This is delightful, big brother." he exclaimed.

Trent objected and demanded that he "Get the fuck out!" but that only got Lance to thrust in and out more enthusiastically.  He paused several times so as to prolong the wonderful taking of his big brother.  And then he exploded shooting blast after blast of his cum deep into his big brother before collapsing on him.

"That was fantastic." he exclaimed exuberantly as his recovered.  It was only then that he realized that his brother had actually come first from just being fucked.

"It was terrible!" retorted the fuckee trying to maintain, er, regain his status.

Lance reached under Trent and got some of his cum on his hand.  "It was great and you came also." he said rubbing the cum on his brother's lips.  Trent did not have a response and he feared correctly that his was going to be the end of things.

"My potent babymakers are searching for an egg to fertilize but instead they are going to get into your blood stream through your poop chute walls.  Then they are going to find your teeny-tiny brain and change it forever." Lance lied to confound his brother.

"Noooooooooooo…" yelled Trent.

"It's too late, boy." and started to fuck again.  "Soon there will be more zillions more to make the changes."  Trent knew he was lost as his own cock once again responded to his being fucked.

Lance never asked how his brother got to be tied up but just enjoyed their changed relationship.  Trent learnt to like it after a while.

Vignette Three

Lance dashed for the toilet as he got home bringing his friend, Greg, along.  "I got to GO!  Start the computer and I'll be right with you."

Greg was still staring at Trent as Lance came into the room.  "Does your brother do this often?" he asked as he stepped over to examine the naked youth tied to his bed.

"This is the first time that I know of.  Trent, what's this all about?"

The two fourteen-year-olds examined the ropes and knots.  "Someone tied him up, er, down and put some tape on his mouth so he can't talk." said Lance.

"Well, then he won't yell at us then." said Greg accenting what he considered a positive.  "He reminds me of the heifer my uncle wanted to turn in a cow on his farm.  He tied her up so that the bull could mount her easily.  Trent has a very fuckable rump just like that heifer did.  Think he has been tied up so we could mount him?"

"Interesting thought.  But that rump seems to also be asking for a spanking." said Lance giving the said object a light spank and a rub.

"Look – he's shaking his head."

"Doesn't mean a thing.  He always says 'no' to everything I say.  He's probably objecting to us untying him."  A few seconds later he added: "See, still negative?"

"Right."  Greg picked up the flip-flops from the floor and handed one to Lance.  "Bet I can turn one of his checks red in fewer whacks than you can."

"NO WAY!  Watch."  And with that, raised his arm and brought the flip-flop down hard on his brother's right ass cheek.  Trent jumped as much as his bonds would allow.  He wanted to yell but he couldn't because of the tape.  Of course, not to be out done Greg did the same to Trent's left ass cheek.  The whacks quickly followed one after another and after a score each they stopped.

"You win, Lance.  Those are the reddest ass cheeks I've seen since I was at the zoo.  The alpha male baboon knew exactly what to do when he saw a red butt like this."  As he spoke he opened his pants and his hard cock stood out rampant.  Lance had exactly the same problem and opened his pants also.

"Got some lube?"

Lance reached into his night table got it.  He squirted some on his brother's hole.

"He shaking 'no' again but you better use it to protect your cock."

And he did.  He thought it was surprisingly easy to open up his brother's hole and shoved his cock in.  Cheered on by Greg, Lance fucked hard and quick climaxed.  The two could see that Trent was also coming.

"Move over, Lance.  I get sloppy seconds."  The switch over was fast and so was Greg quickly adding his semen to Lance's in the older youth's tail.  The two fourteen-year-olds went to clean up and a few minutes later the door bell rang.  It was a couple of Trent's friends.

"We've come to see, Trent.  We forgot to do something." they said.

"Well, he's just where you left him on his bed."

Once they were in the bedroom, Trent's buddies noticed his hot red butt as they proceeded to untie him.  "Well, they spanked you just as we expected but you'll be OK in a day.  Anything else happen?"

"Of course not!  See you." replied Trent.  As soon as his friends left, he dashed for the toilet.  Then he returned to the bedroom.  "I'm going to kill you two."

"Better calm down, brother, or you'll have a whole wall's worth of pictures for your friends to admire."  As they previewed the pictures for him, Trent realized that he was going to have to change how his treated his not so little kid brother.  From now on he would have to be nice to his kid brother or his life would be ruined.

Vignette Four

Lance was in the park with his best friend Greg.  They were walking because Lance's butt still hurt from being spanked at his party two days ago.  Everyone, everyone save one had been reasonable in how they applied their spanks.  The exception was Trent – his older brother – who definitely had a mean, sadistic streak.

The pair was surprised when they were addressed by a couple of Trent's buddies.  "Lance, we did not approve of how Trent treated you at your party so we convinced him that he should make amends."  They said and handed him a small gift wrapped box about the size that a tie comes in.  "This is from him.  He's waiting for you at home."

Lance sort of felt pressured but the four returned to his home where another couple of Trent's friends were waiting on the porch.  Lance opened his gift and was surprised to find a Lexan paddle with the inscription: «Adjustment Tool for a Mean Big Brother» and signed by Trent.  There was also a card saying: "I'm Sorry, Bro."

"Your brother is waiting for you upstairs.  We'll wait here until you work things out with your brother."  Lance and Greg went inside to investigate.

They were quite surprised to find that Trent was spread eagle, prone tied to his bed.

"That was a very nice gift you gave me, Trent.  I can hardly wait to use it." said Lance with a huge smile.

"I'm sure." said Trent without any enthusiasm at all although the two younger youths were very enthusiastic about playing with the new toy.

It was Lance, of course, who stood by the side of the bed and first raised his new Lexan paddle to bring it down hard on Trent's left butt.  Trent howled although he tried desperately not to for he wanted to prove his machismo.  Lance, on the other hand, and his friend were delighted that he failed.  "This works very well.  Give it a try, Greg."

Greg did not need to be asked twice.  He quickly tried it out just as his friend did except on Trent's right butt.  The results were identical – a howl and instant pink.  "Try it again." said Lance and Greg did with just as much enthusiasm.  There was a constant exchange of the paddle to punish Trent.  After about two score hard whacks from each, Trent's bottom was swollen and deep red.  It had a fire deep inside that would burn for days as a reminder of his punished treachery.

The two untied Trent and when then took him downstairs to his waiting buddies they saw that there were tears – convincing evidence that they had made a deep impression.  Trent's buddies approved of the payback and warned him to behave or else.

Somehow Lance's butt did not hurt as much as just an hour earlier.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 2, 2015

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