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Brotherly Love


David and Dustin were brothers.  With a two-year difference in their ages, sibling rivalry was intense.  Two year younger David was always at a great disadvantage as his brother was ALWAYS bigger, stronger, had a later bedtime, more freedom, more money and even better toys.  Now at fourteen, he was even getting manfur.  There was, however, one thing that David always beat out his big brother: he had more hand-me-downs.  They were typical boys with their own friends and different interests.

One of the things that David did not have to contend with was constant bullying by his brother.  By the time they were both in school, Dustin had learnt that he must not bully his brother although he sometimes forgot.  He had gotten his bottom blistered several times for such forgetfulness.  David had the pleasure of seeing his brother punished for this.  Once David had celebrated his eighth birthday, he was allowed to assist in the spanking of his big brother for such offenses.  With Dustin held over the parental lap, David swung a flip-flop at the bare bottom.  Dustin did not feel like the big brother on those occasions at all.  He certainly hurt so much so when David came into their bedroom with ice wrapped in a towel he could never refuse such kind brotherly nursing.

Dustin was twelve the last time he bullied David.  His father was most furious at him and he was really fearful when he saw the heavy, wide thick belt being pulled from his father's pants.  He had felt it before and did not like it at all.  He recalled vividly how it reduced him to a sniveling crybaby not just in front of his brother but also in front of his friends.  He lost much face that day even in his own eyes.  He did not know what to say when his dad handed him the belt.  Was he to strap himself?

"Dustin, you will ask, beg if necessary, your brother to punish you properly.  If you can't, you will get it double from me."

He was stunned.  He looked at his brother and saw that he was also stunned.© YLeeCoyote

"David, you will do what is right or else."  David knew exactly what his father meant by or else.  The lads went off to their room.  Each mind was spinning.  Neither was sure of what to do.  They sat on their beds facing each other and Dustin nervously playing with the heavy belt.

"David…" stammered Dustin, "…please…" and offered him the belt across the gap between their beds.

David did not take the belt but quietly asked: "Please what?"

This continued for a while until Dustin said it all: "David, please take Dad's belt and strap me hard to punish me for bullying you."

Silently, David took the strap and ordered Dustin to strip and lay over the end of his bed.  Dustin knew that he could flee but that would not help him.  He knew that David could not force him into position or keep him there.  He had to comply by himself or risk something worse.  Even before the first cut, Dustin realized that his father had changed the dynamics significantly.

David folded the belt and found the correct position where he could swing it properly targeting his big brother's naked, waiting butt.  They both were familiar with the belt from painful experience so David knew he would not injure Dustin as long as he kept on target.  He also knew that his cuts would not be anywhere as hard as his father's.  WHACK!  Sounded the belt as it connected for the first time.  David knew that Dustin's silence was difficult and would be short lived.  He watched the angry red stripe form and he felt some pleasure.  He raised and swung the belt many times; more than twice as many as his father had done to his brother before.  The stoic silence had lasted only for the first dozen cuts and now Dustin was reacting verbally with various yelps of pain and with sniffles.  David continued strapping his brother.

It was without any additional warning that Dustin began to sob.  That made David's heart jump with joy and renew his efforts to punish his brother.  A few more cuts and Dustin was bawling.  David stopped.  He looked at his big brother – the one that bullied him – and saw a crybaby.  But he also saw the big brother that stood up for him at times; the brother that he loved and who loved him.  The joy of strapping his brother was greatly diminished and there was pain in his heart also.  He ran downstairs and got a bowl of ice.  Back in the bedroom, he helped his brother up so as to lie on his bed.  He wrapped a towel about some ice and tried to cool the raging fire he had ignited.

This event permanently changed both boys although neither they nor their father knew it at the time.  The two youths had been reforged in a crucible heated by the extreme fire that David ignited in Dustin.  Never again did Dustin bully his brother.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was two years later that Dustin had to make a choice.  His best buds, Tyler and Paul, convinced him to neglect his homework and studying for a test in order to catch a midweek movie.  They had taunted him about being afraid of his father.  "Will he spanky-spanky the naughty little boy?" mocked one and the other agreed.

When he denied that, the other asked: "Afraid of little Davy?"  Well, that was exactly who he was afraid of but how could he say so.  What fourteen-year-old lad will admit to his buds that he feared his twelve-year-old brother?  So Dustin, let himself be led astray and into the movie.

A week later, the bitter fruit ripened.  The test was returned and the grade was substandard.  After school and in Dustin's room, Tyler and Paul both tried to convince Dustin that it was nothing serious when David came in.  He heard the discussion and saw the test paper.  He remained silent as he did not want to embarrass his brother.  Tyler and Paul kept at Dustin, taunting him with his own words about being afraid of his baby brother.

"SHUT UP!  Both of you." yelled Dustin having run out of patience.  Tyler and Paul shut up in shock.  "Yes, I am afraid of David because he disciplines me, not our father.  It's my choice."  He then turned to his brother.  "Last week I did not study but went to the movies with these clowns.  You can see the awful result."  Dustin then got a tawse from his closet and handed it his brother.

"We can wait until they leave.  There is not any hurry, Dustin."

"No; now; I want to get this over."  With that statement Dustin dropped his jeans and boxers and assumed the position.  David realized that this was very difficult for his brother especially with his buddies watching.

The brothers did not have to discuss any details.  They had long ago worked them all out.  Dustin had confessed his transgression and they both knew what the punishment called for.  David got into position and swung the tawse.  It connected with a loud WHACK.  Tyler and Paul gasped at the harshness and strictness.  David continued until the specified measure had been reached.  Dustin was practically crying and his ass was on fire.  The brothers hugged in mutual love and forgiveness.

David went to the kitchen and when he returned, Dustin was stretched out on his bed.  Tyler and Paul were still apologizing.  He put the towel with the ice on the red-hot butt and returned to his work.  He would have to wait until later to comfort his brother; when the friends were gone and would not laugh at the loving tenderness.  David did not put the tawse away for there was an unsatisfactory grade stuck in his own backpack.  He would have to wait until after dinner when Dustin had recovered.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., July 17, 2007

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