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The following story is fiction about the change in the relationship of two teen brothers.  The story contains scenes of spanking and shaving.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Brothers' Realignment


I had been looking forward to the weekend.  It would be peaceful without my rotten big brother making life unpleasant for me.  He was off with two of his buddies starting right after school Friday and until Sunday evening as one of his buddies birthday presents.  Of course, there was an adult going to keep the three immature fifteen-year-olds on short leashes.  He was very anxious to go so, most atypically, he diligently did his homework insuring that he was ahead of things and wouldn't be grounded.  No matter.  He would be gone and life was going to be nice.

* * * * * * * * * *

The first joy came on Friday evening.  There wasn't any arguing about which TV channel we should watch.  I made the choice and that was it.  There were times I thought he wanted to watch the same program that I did but found a perverse joy in depriving me – even at the cost of his own pleasure.  It was later in the evening that I noticed that his computer was on.  Apparently Ron had forgotten to log off and it had just gone to sleep.  I pushed the button and it resumed operation without asking for a password.  Obviously, my brother is careless but I won't complain.

At first, I just brought up a couple of games that he had and I didn't.  I played for a while and then realized that he wasn't standing behind me watching so that I could snoop, er, browse about and see what goodies he had collected.  He was almost fifteen and his older friends had probably gotten some hot stuff that they shared.  If I was lucky not only would I find them but links to sizzling hot sites – maybe even some with real fuck vids.  That's wasn't what I found that was most valuable.  His bookmarks lead to role reversal and spanking sites.  I investigated more.  You can be certain that I investigated a whole lot more.

I found folders where he had saved stories and even pictures.  In a lot of them an older youth had fallen under the control of a younger boy who was frequently a brother but sometimes a cousin, buddy or neighbor.  Interestingly, the older boy was treated as if he was only ten rather than a teen in high school.  In story after story it was the same thing in his collection.© YLeeCoyote

After looking at many of these saved stories, I realized something vital.  The older, mid-teen boys who were being treated as ten-year-olds all had the same name as my brother but now with a 'y' on the end – the childish form that he hated.  I was able to find some of the original stories on various sites and saw that they had different character names.  My big brother Ron wanted these stories to be about a little kid called Ronny.

I had a wonderful idea!

I would help my brother get his wish.  If he wanted to be a kid with me in charge, that's what I would do for him.  Hey, I loved my brother (even though he was often mean to me) and wanted to make him happy.

I spent a lot of time on his computer learning about his wanting to be a little boy.  Ron had tons of files and stuff.  I copied loads for later study.  I even found his chat sessions where he often did role play.  That would turn out to be most valuable as it exposed his true desires.  I just loved how he had keyed: «Yes, Sir.», «I deserved to be spanked on the bare, Sir.» and «I promise to be a good little boy.»  I thought that they would sound wonderful to hear from his own lips.

Another wonderful discovery was that I found his password file.  I saw the pattern he used and was able to guess his sign-on password so I was able to login as the admin.  Shortly before he was due home I powered down his 'puter so he wouldn't suspect anything.  I wanted to do some planning and to carefully study the things he liked.

* * * * * * * * * *

After a week, I created a new persona for myself.  He wasn't smart enough to even think about tracing it, and I was going to use it to prepare him for some face-to-face stuff.  I would play with him and get him used to doing what I ordered.  Instead of him turning fifteen in a few months, he would turn 'ten' and be my obedient and respectful kid brother.  Just the thought made me feel great.

"Hi.  Heard from friend that you like to RP.  Me too.  Let talk, kid." I said in my first IM.  He wanted to know more about me, but I refused.  "None of that matters, boy.  Do you want to play?"  We played for the first time.  I setup a simple, first time situation.  He would be nosing about in my room and I would catch him.  It worked OK and I quickly got the hang of it.  After my studying all those stories and his IM's I had the right words ready to make my unsuspecting brother excited.  Just RP'ing with him being under my control was very exciting indeed and I was now even most anxious for the real thing.

I even thought I could just walk into his room and upend him over my lap and spank him for real.  That would be too easy and if he refused, that would be the end of it.  I decided to settle for a cyber-spanking.  We spent some time on "SPANK" and "OW" and promises.  I told him I had to go so he thanked me a lot and said he wanted more before signing off.  Little did he know how much more I was planning for him.  I had to keep reminding myself I had to take it slow.

Our RP got more complex and personal.  I started to give him little, meaningless, orders as we played – stuff like "remove your shirt".  Then I moved on to more interesting things like having him spank himself by hand, flip-flop and even his belt.  He was most enthusiastic.

My first venture into RL was to change his bedtime. "Ronny your bedtime is now ten to rather than on the hour.  You are to be in bed, washed and drained and with the computer and lights off."  It was a simple obedience test.  No one would notice except the two of us for he could tell the folks that he was tired.

"Yes, Big Brother." he replied.  I was delighted.  About twenty minutes before his new bedtime I reminded him and told him to shower and stuff and then we could talk until bedtime.  He did as I ordered and promptly shutdown.  I could monitor him although a real stranger could not.

My next bit of control was his clothes.  I had him make a list of all the shirts that he wore and I told him which one he should wear each day.  It really did not matter which one but that it was me who selected it.  Again, it was just a matter of control.  It was important that he was doing what I said even though no one else had any idea that it was happening.  He would think every time he saw his shirt during the day "My cyber kid brother made me wear this shirt."

Next, I got him to turn on his cam so that I could see him.  The first couple of times he covered his face but I told him that I knew what he looked like.  I proved it easily after letting him pick his own shirts for a few days and telling him which shirts he wore the next few days.  It was an easy step to get him to model in just his boxers after that.  When he balked at removing those, I made him spank himself while I watched.  I got really hard watching.

On cam, he bent over and gave himself a dozen whacks with a flip-flop.  I practically creamed in my own boxers as I watched.  When he was finished I yelled at him: "NOW SHOW ME YOUR RED ASS, NAUGHTY BOY!"  He hesitated a bit and I pushed him so that he turned, lowered his boxers and showed me his red bottom.

A few days later, I got to see his dicky.  It was small and he hardly had any pubic hair.  I even got him to measure it while I watched.  Well, if he grew some he might reach the ​five inches​ (​thirteen cm​) that the charts indicate is the lower bound of average.  Now, however, his barely ​four inches​ (​ten cm​) was definitely still boy sized.  Ronny was awed when I showed mine to him on the cam and I was sure he was going to flip when he would get to see live for it was a most respectable ​six inches​ (​fifteen cm​) already and I expected it to keep growing.  Armed with this new data, I was able to safely use another popular maximum from the stories – that the boy with the larger and hairier cock was the leader.

* * * * * * * * * *

I decided that the time was ripe for us to met face-to-face so that I could satisfy my brother's deepest wishes.  I told him to wait for me on a bench by the pond in the park at ten am after locking his bike to the rack.  I would text him our code word and then give him instructions how to reach the bench I was sitting on.  "This is all in the open so feel safe" I added, "and soon your fantasies will be reality."

It was a glorious day.  I saw him approach and sit.  After locking my bike to his and the rack,  I found a bench which was unused and happily with similarly empty neighbors.  I keyed in the special word and told him to join me eleven benches to his right.  I watched him approach nervously.  "Sit down, Ronny." I said, noting that he didn't object to the juvenile form of his name.  He recognized me and was surprised.  He couldn't talk but fortunately did not run.  "Sit down, Ronny," I repeated, "I won't hurt you nor tell your secret.

We had a long talk.  Ron was very surprised that not only did I know his most secret wish but that I had been role playing with him for a few months.  That convinced him that I was not going to betray him.  "You want to be a ten-year-old with an older brother.  Now this is your opportunity!  We both liked the online RP and now it's time to make it real, Ronny."

He had lots of questions but I did not explain how I knew so much.  "I'm the BIG BROTHER and big brothers know lots of stuff about everything and especially about their little kid brothers."  I did promise not to tell the folks about his unusual interest.  "Now you don't have to settle for stuff on a screen or read a story with your name in it.  Now you can be a REAL LITTLE BROTHER."

We talked for a couple of hours and he saw that I was right.  "Of course, Ronny, big brothers know a lot of stuff which is why they can help their little brothers.  Remember how good you felt when we were doing the RP?  We can do all the stuff we talked about.  The stuff in the stories also.  And a lot more."

"Everything?" he asked.

"Everything that is not dangerous for I don't want to injure you."  He smiled.  "I'll spank you when you are naughty but mostly it will be play." I assured him.  We agreed that he would be Ronny whenever we were alone and I promised not to be mean by causing him problems at school or elsewhere.  "It will be fun; lots of fun."

He thought about it and agreed.  "Yes, it will be fun, Big Brother."  I was certain that it would be great fun for me also.

* * * * * * * * * *

We clarified the rules and then I started.  "Ronny, are you dressed properly for a ten-year-old boy?"  He looked himself over and said that he didn't see anything wrong.  "What's underneath?"

"Boxers and socks."

"Do little boys wear boxers?" I continued.

"Er, er, no."  I looked at him questioningly and he continued. "They wear briefs."

"Right.  We have to get you some."  We unlocked our bikes and headed for the local strip mall with a discount store.  Once there, I had him select some appropriate briefs.  I would have liked some with cartoon characters but he wasn't ready for that so we bought a package of generic tightie-whites.  "You wear them at home and weekends, Ronny."

"Yes, Big Brother."  We went back to the park and I had him change into his new little boy briefs.  He was all smiles when he came out of the restroom.  That's a great start.  We spent a couple of hours working out his rules and the consequences of being naughty.  Ronny was having a ball so the rules turned out to be stricter than I had expected.  I knew that would mean I could punish him more frequently and harder.  That definitely was something I was looking forward to.

The 'rents were very surprised that we had been together – just hanging out – all day.  "We're growing up, Mom," I said, "we're more mature and can get along now rather than fighting just to fight.  We're brothers and we stand together."  Ronny agreed with me as I put my arm about him and pulled us close.

* * * * * * * * * *

I'm not sure which I liked better.  That Ronny didn't pick on me or that I could tell him what to do.  Obviously, I loved both.  Ronny was happy as well.  I was very careful not to push him too hard allowing him time to adjust to his new position as kid brother.  Beside his wearing briefs and going to bed according to the bedtime which I, rather than the folks, set I played it cool.  I promised to give him a real spanking as soon as we had sufficient time together.

That opportunity came the next weekend.  The folks went out and left us without a babysitter since we had stopped fighting.  After all they thought that Ron was almost fifteen and I was almost thirteen.  In reality, however, I would be in charge of my ten-year-old brother.  We were both looking forward to it.

We both made the expected promises when they left for their shindig.  We had dinner and I made a point of telling Ronny that he had to eat his veggies otherwise he would not get his dessert.  "Yes, Big Brother." he said stuffing his face.  Then we went up to his room.  It was a mess as always.  "Ronny, you were told to clean up your room.  It is obvious that you haven't so you are getting spanked."

He made excuses but he was just as anxious as I was to get spanked.  I reminded him that he had lots of time to do it but now he was going to get a GOOD HARD SPANKING so that he would remember.  I led him over to his bed and stripped him.  I told him to be quiet when he objected and he shut up.  Soon his shirt, sneakers, jeans and socks were on the floor and he was just in his tightie-whites.  He looked so boyish with his little dicky tenting the white fabric.  They went next.  I was reminded that I would have to shave him also.

He flopped over my lap and I held him in place.  His little boy bottom look ever so spankable as I caressed it before starting.  Then I gave him the first real spank ever.  I made it hard because I wanted to see my hand prints on his butt cheeks.  This was thrilling and I really had a huge boner.  I gave him a few more spanks and although his butt was getting red, he really wasn't crying.  I had planned for this.  I picked up the flip-flop I had brought and began to use that.

That was a wonderful tool.  I swung half as hard and the effect was many times more judging from Ronny's howls.  Soon he was crying like a baby.  Well, more precisely, like a well-spanked ten-year-old boy.  I was absolutely delighted.  I helped him up and then got him sitting on my lap, still crying while I comforted him.  He was the very model of a respectful little brother having just been disciplined by his big brother.

There was still one thing that very important to complete the transformation to a kid and that was to remove his meager pubes.  Dad had experimented with several kinds of electric shavers and I had gotten one of them from his collection.  It was perfect for this task since it was for a flat surface like a cheek or a pubis.  As he sat on my lap, still crying I turned it on and had it do its essential task.  I expected that I probably would have to touch him up while Ronny was standing or lying down but it turned out that I didn't.

Ronny complained about it but I reminded him that little ten-year-olds don't have pubes about their little peepees.  Although it was early, I made him get ready for bed.  "Do you want another spanking for not listening to your big brother in charge?"  Of course, he did not and so he obeyed me.  I went to my room to think about the day and relive it for a while as I jerked off.

After I showered and stuff, I went to his room while I was naked.  He was still up as I expected.  I wanted to remind him of what he had previously only saw on cam: that I was more developed than he was.  This was powerful since it was frequently mentioned in a lot of the stories that the guy with the bigger cock is in charge.  Ronny was properly humbled especially as he was now bald.  I went to bed very happy in my role as the powerful, in charge big brother and looking forward to the future.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 7, 2013

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