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The following story is fiction about brothers resolving their conflicts. The story contains scenes of spanking and incestuous gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The names of the two drugs my character uses are my own invention although I am certain that there are real life ones although not readily available to a young youth except in fiction.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Brothers’ Rivalry Resolved


Their parents were amazed.  Their sons, fourteen-year-old Roy and twelve-year-old David agreed seeming for the first time except for the long time truth that they shared – that their brother was horrid.  They both agreed that they could stay home for the weekend without a babysitter or killing the other or wrecking the house while the parents went to the wedding of a cousin.  “We each have friends with parents and there are even neighbors we can get help from should we need it.”

“Perhaps they are growing up and this will help in the long term.” said their father and their mother agreed optimistically.  They made sure that there was sufficient food, emergency money, contact info and rules limiting visitors and absolutely no parties.

Roy decided that he would totally and completely ignore the horrible brat as he thought of his kid brother.  David had less noble ideas and figured that this was the time to get even for all the wrongs – real and imagined – the monster had committed over the years.

David rushed home from school to immediately start to execute his nefarious scheme.  He quickly got his snack using a glass for his milk.  Then knowing that Roy always guzzled directly from the container when Mom was not around added the two tasteless drugs to the milk in the carton that he had procured to implement his plan of revenge.

Roy arrived home somewhat later and, just as expected, drank deeply directly from the container not even closing the refrigerator door until he was done.  He did not detect the clandestinely added drugs.  David had, with the great enthusiasm due an exciting project, investigated and discovered RX7 and X23+ that were favored by serious pranksters and was able to obtain the needed quantity from private sources.© YLeeCoyote

The brothers managed to agree on what to order for dinner and it was delivered promptly at six.  It was barely an hour later that the effects of the RX7 became evident.  Roy did not know how to describe how he felt.  He was torn between ‘guts tied up in knots and being wrung dry’ and ‘guts pulled taut and being squeezed dry’.  There were painful cramps and the powerful need to expel like the plumbing was being flushed out and back-flushed repeatedly.  By the third time he rushed to the throne the X23+ was making him woozy and passive and he accepted help from his brother.  Getting his pants down quickly was far more important than anything else except sitting on the throne.

David even removed Roy’s clothes as he sat.  “It will be easier without these, bro.” and added after a pause “I see that you even have some skid marks.”  The X23+ had not only made Roy woozy but very susceptible to suggestions.  The unpleasant emissions continued from both ends leaving Roy totally wilted.  That he was naked was not of concern but whether he should be kneeing over or sitting on the throne for the next eruption was.

After almost three miserable hours, Roy was total empty and, although he still felt terrible, simply did not have anything more to expel.  He felt very sorry for himself and was accepting of the assistance from his brother which he would have normally aggressively rejected.  “We need to get you to bed, Roy, but first you need to be cleaned up.  You are a stinky mess.”  Roy grunted agreement.  They made their way to the bathtub with Roy supported by David.  “Sit so you won’t fall and I’ll use the shower hose to wash you off.”

The fourteen-year-old had not been bathed in ages but now under the influence of X23+ he simply obeyed his brother.  David washed his top half gently taking care not to get soap in his eyes and to make him feel good.  Legs and feet came next in the same position and then the tricky parts.  “Up on all fours so I can do the rest of you.” was the order and, of course, Roy complied.

The front danging bits were easy and fast to wash but the rear was much harder because it was messy to say the least.  David did this task very diligently rinsing it frequently as he scrubbed it with lots of soap for big brother was negligent with the most necessary paperwork and his hygiene in the shower.  It was even a reason to lecture him some more.

Although it had not been part of his original plan, David took the opportunity to be invasive and the ease which he got his fingers in and the hard response gave him unexpected things to think about his tough brother.  At this point David could not resist some finger play and was surprised and then delighted by his brother’s response in the front.  He kept at it as Roy obviously liked it until David suddenly realized that his brother had not been completely emptied for he made still another ejection in a third way.  David felt that this was a good thing for it would make the next event more effective.

“Roy Spencer Turman you have been a very naughty boy.  First, earlier today you failed to wash your hands and contaminated your food when you ate with your fingers which got you a nasty upset gut.  Second, you drank directly from the milk container which has been forbidden and really disturbs Mother who has told about that repeatedly especially as it is unsanitary and rude.  Third, you got skid marks on your undies even before this gut wrenching episode which means you have neglected to do the paper work properly.  Again, something you been chastised about many times.”  This lecture made Roy’s head spin even faster but he was not prepared for what was next.

“As you well know, Roy Spencer Turman naughty boys get SPANKED.”  David took the bath brush and began to whack Roy’s butt which was in the perfect position for a good whacking.  This cleared one path in Roy’s clouded mind and he began to howl.  David kept spanking his brother who continued to yell until he was crying which was most satisfying.  All the while he was spanking his brother, he kept a heavy hand on his lower back so Roy could not get up while repeating how naughty he was and how much he deserved to be throughly spanked until his now crimson butt was aflame.

David then got Roy up, dried him and led him to bed.  The exhausted youth cried himself to sleep not having any idea of what was going on except that his butt hurt, he was exhausted and inexplicitly obeying his kid brother was somehow now the proper thing to do.

* * * * * * * * * *

“WHAT’S FOR BREAKFAST?” roared Roy as he entered the kitchen in the morning.  “I’m famished.” forgetting that his mother was away and that did not have a slave.

“I’m not surprised considering that you completely emptied your gut yesterday.  You should eat light but I won’t stop you from eating a horse if you wish and can find one.”  David poured some juice into a glass (readied with some X23+) and gave it to his brother.

“Here’s some juice.  I’ll make some toast and you can have some milk also.  That’s all that is good for you so if you want anything else you have to do it yourself, Roy.”

“My butt hurts terribly.” bitched Roy as he ate what David provided.

“Of course, it hurts.  It is supposed to hurt.  I spanked you last night because you were such a naughty boy until you were bawling.”


“I was in charge and you were naughty so I spanked you good and proper as you can still feel.  If you continue to be naughty I’ll do it again.  Understand?” he stated like it had been written on stone up upon the mountain and brought down to the masses.  Like a zombie, Roy concurred but David pressed on.  “Who is in charge and can spank you?”

“You.” Roy murmured.

“Say it in full, Roy.”

“You are in charge and can spank me.” he said.  David insisted that he repeat it a dozen times so that he would not forget it.  Later in the afternoon when Roy’s friends invited him to play he followed David’s advice and explained “Sorry, I wasn’t feeling well yesterday so it is better I just rest today.”

At bedtime, David told him that as he had been a good boy ALL DAY LONG and he was going to be rewarded with a ‘good boy spanking’.  Roy was delighted with the honor and they retired to the bedroom.  By then they were both naked being ready for bed.  David sat on his bed and Roy got over his lap.  A gentle hand spanking followed that did not hurt.  “See how much better a ‘good boy spanking’ is?” asked David as he switched to probing his brother’s butt hole.  “You liked this a lot yesterday.” he said as he pushed in deeper and massaged the sensitive spot.

As his finger was so well received, he proceeded to be a lot more sexually aggressive.  He got Roy on his back on the bed and raised his legs to his shoulders.  He used his generously lubed fingers to open up the hole before sliding his rampant spike in to provide the desired massage.  It was a very successful procedure for they both cummed.  David had now confirmed his suspicions about his brother’s sexuality.

It was clear in the morning that there was a definite change in their relationship much to David’s liking.  This persisted even after the X23+ had been fully metabolized.  David’s plan had a result far different from what he planned and expected but which was certainly far better and not evil.

Their parents were most delighted that the constant warring was over.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 6, 2020

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