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Brother's Surprise – Part 1/3


Nothing was planned.  Our parents had to go to granny because she fell and was in the hospital.  There was no choice.  "Boys", mom said very carefully so that we would listen, "dad and I have to go to see about granny.  We don't have the time to arrange for you to stay anywhere else and now that you're both teens, we feel that you can stay by yourselves for a few days."

Tim, all of sixteen last week and myself, almost fourteen (only seven more months), nearly fainted from the shock.  In rare agreement with my brother we had been insisting that we could do this for a couple of years but mom (backed up by dad) kept refusing.  She then continued to elaborate on the rules and that she arranged for Mrs. Hanemann (our next door neighbor) to keep on eye on us and the house.  Dad then added that if we disappointed them by not behaving, wrecking the house, not keeping up with our school work or acting like babies that we would have trouble sitting for sometime; a very long sometime.

Of course we promised to be good angels and all of that without any hesitation.  Then mom sprung the twist at me: "Tim will be in charge and you, Scotty, shall not be a troublesome little brother brat and you shall mind your big brother."  As Tim beamed, I cringed for I was trapped.  "Yes, mother." I replied.  What else could I say?

Dad then wiped the smirk off Tim's face and snuffed out the evil twinkle in his eye.  It became my turn to grin as dad said in his no nonsense voice.  "And you Tim will not abuse your authority!  If you do not only will you be red-tailed but next time Scot will be in charge.  Understand?"

"Yes, father." he said glumly.© YLeeCoyote

And we all went off to bed.  In the morning Tim and I would be off to school and the folks to granny.  As I lay there starting to drift off to sleep I was thinking about how nice it would be without mom and dad nagging me about homework and chores.  Then I saw the fly, no, the nasty rhino in the ointment – Tim was in charge and he could easily be a bigger pain in the ass than our parents.  And even if I complained about his unfairness or abuse of power it would his word against mine and he would call me a tattle-tail stool pigeon.  I knew I had to work out a defense after that evil grin he had when he was appointed boss.

I made good use of study hall that day.  I had horrid thought after horrid thought about what Tim might do.  The trouble was that there were far too many possibilities.  The old cliché is that the best defense is a good offence but that would be like mutiny.  I would have to fend off his attack and that would be extremely hard.  And could be continual.  Then I saw the solution – like I learnt in martial arts – let him do whatever and then turn it against him.  I made sure to get home early and set things up.  Then I got to my homework.  Strange, usually mom has to yell at me but this day I just did it.

Tim seemed not to want to start anything.  He did his homework also and then we had dinner.  He made me wash the dishes (even though it was his turn) but I did not argue.  My trap was set and I would bide my time.  I did not have to wait very long.  More than an hour before my bedtime, he told, no ORDERED and COMMANDED me to get to bed.  A few minutes later he repeated it, reminding me what happens to naughty boys in this house.  I told him that I would go to bed at my regular time and that set him going.

"I told you to get to bed, young man." he snarled trying to sound important and authoritative (failing at both).  "THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!" he barked, "OR ELSE!"

"Dad warned you about abusing your authority." I reminded him and continued working.

Then he made his mistake.  He grabbed me and pulled me over to the bed.  I could have resisted but he would have eventually overpowered me so there was not any point to doing so.

"YOU WILL DO AS I TELL YOU, YOUNG MAN."  He was trying to sound just like dad.  It was very hard not giggle at his miserable attempt.   He yanked my belt open and opened my pants.

"You shouldn't do this, Timothy." I said coolly.  "You really shouldn't."

"I'll teach you to obey me." he snapped as he yanked down my pants and boxers.  Then he pulled me over his lap and started to spank me hard.  He did not hit as hard as dad but I still felt it and yelled as if it did.  I even promised to be a good boy.

He must have kept at it for at least five minutes.  My ass was hot when he stopped.  He hurt me but I would be OK by the morning.  "Shower and to bed now, Scotty."

"Yes, sir." I said running off to the bathroom.  The cold shower cooled my butt off and I was certain that things would be different starting tomorrow.

* * * * * * * * * *

I took advantage of the school's audio/visual lab to build my "WMD" to totally crush my big brother.  I gave him the video tape right after dinner telling him that it was a most exciting bit of ass and that would really make his heart race.  I watched it with him.  Boy, did he scream when he saw and heard what had happened last night in our room.  Complete with time stamps, how he stripped and spanked me most unjustly.  Even if had been just, he would have still been in hot water.

"Bet dad will just love this, Timmy…"  He hated being called that.  "And mom too." I added.

I left him in shock starting at the TV after I rewound the tape.  Eventually he came to his senses and came to our room.  It was pitiful at how crushed he was.  I almost felt sorry for him but I resisted my better nature because he needed to learn his lesson.  I guess I wanted to lord it over him.  Can you blame me?  He brought this on himself.

His threats came as no surprise but, I explained, there were already several copies and there was only one way that our parents were not going to see it.  I was going to be in charge and he was going to be punished – punished severely – for his abuse of authority.  Otherwise (I grinned) dad would tan his butt and I would be in charge next time.

He immediately guessed that he was going to be spanked.  He did not have trouble accepting that especially after I promised that I would be fair but he was going to remember his punishment for a long time.

He tried to bargain but I was firm.  He yielded and apologized.  I graciously accepted.

Then we were at the moment of truth.  "Please punish me, Scot." he said.


"Please punish me severely." he whispered.  I made him repeat it loudly.  Then I started.  Slowly I stripped him.  I started with his shirt, then his belt, sneakers, pants, socks, and finally his boxers.  He reacted at losing every piece even though we saw each other naked all the time.  I was surprised how much fun this was.  I pulled him over my lap and happily began to spank him.  It was a real thrill to see how his bottom turned red and even showed my hand prints.  I could not keep this up very long as my hand was not that much harder than his muscular ass.

I was glad that I prepared mom's favorite weapon – the hairbrush.  It did wonders.  All the pain of the spanks were now in his ass and not my hand.  I still wonder if I could have made him cry but that would have been too cruel.  I finished up with four hard cuts with the heavy leather belt with him leaning over the bed.  I think he took it very well.

With him still in position, I explained the rest.  "Timmy, the spanking was basically making things even and you may chose your punishment.  Option A: You will stand and accept your punishment like a man.  I promise you won't like it but that why it is punishment.  Option B: I will tie you to the bed and you can take your punishment like a boy.  It will be more severe than option A.  Option C: You can renege by being a total wimp and waiting until dad comes back, tells you how you disappointed him and whips your worthless, coward's butt raw while I watch.  Now you got ten minutes of corner time to make a choice."

And into the corner he went and I sat there admiring his red hot butt.  I really felt good.  I had also decided to play fair and stick with just what I planned and not get carried away.

When his corner time was up, he tried to find out what I planned but I told that there was but one way to get that information.  "I'm not a boy and this is to keep this from dad so option A."

"A wise choice, bro." I said, "Now stand at parade rest and zip your lip.  Any objections and we'll switch to option B."  He snapped to position and kept his eyes riveted on me.  I let him see me snap the guard on the chipper that mom used to trim our hair.  I wanted him to know that it was not going to be a close cut.  Nevertheless I could see the pleading in his eyes and his straining to keep still and silent.  He knew I was in control.

"This will just take a few seconds.  Don't move."  I turned on the clipper and stepped closer to him.  He was surprised that I reached down, not up, and started to clip his pubes.  He had a large wild bush; one that he was proud of and I quickly reduced it so it was like a closely manicured golf green.  I could see him straining to hold still but, much to his credit, he did.  "That's it, bro." I said turning the clipper off.

"I'll get you for this." he snarled.

"No; you won't…unless you want Dad to see that tape."

"But what will I do in gym?" he wined.  I did not answer that but just went back to my homework.

In the morning, I took pity on my bro and suggested several things that could ease his gym worries.  I think that his thanks were genuine.

We managed to get through a couple of more days without any problems and he evidently survived gym.

Our parents were pleased with us and we never let on about our conflict.  I think that Tim treated me better and I tried my very best not to be a little brother brat especially when his friends were about.

* * * * * * * * * *

A few weeks later, Tim gave me a big surprise.  Our parents were going away again and set the same conditions with Tim in charge.  My dear bro then suggested that I be in charge explaining that he had been impressed by how well and maturely I behaved the last time.  Dad was very hesitant but Tim was persistent and how could I refuse.  But I was very worried that Tim had a trap set for me.

The first day he come home late from school and to make matters worse, did not want to do his chores or his homework.  He just played games on his PC instead.  I tried to persuade him to behave properly as he was jeopardizing our liberty.  At first he just snarled at me and then told me that I was nagging worse than mom did.  Finally, I told him that he should grow up and stop acting like a little boy.  He laughed.

"Well you know what happens to naughty little boys around here." I snapped.

He laughed saying: "You think you're man enough?"

"YES!" I roared.  "Remember I'm in charge here."  I grabbed him and pulled him over to the bed.  He came along meekly although he certainly could have stopped me or at least resisted.  I opened his belt and pulled it out of his jeans.  As soon as I opened his jeans they fell to the floor.  I yanked down his boxers and pulled him over my lap with much of his weight supported by the bed.  I spanked him a few times just to watch my hand prints form and then I switched to his belt.  Folded double and swung hard he really felt it.  The red stripes formed across his butt and soon his butt was all crimson.  There were several other reactions.  His cock pressed into my thigh got real hard, he was promising to be good and begging me to stop.  Even more interesting was that he did not try to get away.  He was apparently willing to accept punishment from me.

WHY?  I asked myself.  WHY?

I needed time to think, so I stopped and sent him to the corner.  He went without even a whimper.

But the question was still there: WHY?!

The answer was not clear except that he wanted/needed this in some way.  For years he was always the older, smarter, dominant one bossing me around and now he was acting like a little boy obeying me.  I know that I liked being in charge of him.  I could feel the high from being in charge.

"You're acting like a little naughty boy, Timmy, so I'm going to treat you like one.  Understand."

"Yes, sir." he squeaked from the corner.

"You should look like a little boy, Timmy."

"Yes, sir." he squeaked again.  He normally hated being called Timmy yet there was no objection.

"It's time for option B."  Again he acquiesced.  I dug the rope out of the closet and pulled back the cover of his bed.  "Strip, boy and get on the bed."  He pulled off his shirt, stepped out of his pants and kicked off his sneaks.  Then he got he got on his bed and I told him: "Face up and spread-eagle."

He remained silent and motionless as I tied his wrists and ankles to the bed frame.  His cock was saluting.  I got his own razor (he needed it about twice a month in a long month) and the shaving cream from the bathroom.  "You are acting like a little boy so you going to look like a little boy." I explained as I spread some shaving cream on his still short pubes.  He remained silent and rock hard.  If he had objected, I'm not sure if I would have stopped or not.  He would have to live with the consequences.  Slowly with great pleasure I pulled the razor through his pubes.  A swath of smooth skin showed.  A drop of pre-cum appeared on his throbbing steel shaft.  In a few minutes the swath spread leaving his pubis smooth like a little ten year old boy's.

I had to take hold of his rod to get the hairs at its base.  As I did that he whispered: "Jerk me; jerk me, please."  It was would have been cruel not to so I did.  He was in hair trigger mode and it only took a few strokes before he exploded like Old Faithful erupting with a huge load.  He seemed transformed by the intensity of his orgasm far more than when he jerked off when he thought I was sleeping.

I must confess that high I mention above was not just in my head but my cock had been hard all this time (since even before I started spanking him).  I wanted – desperately needed – some release also.  I kicked off my sneaks and stripped off my jeans and boxers.  I climbed on top of Timmy to sit on his chest and ordered him to suck.  He shook his head.  I reached back and grabbed his balls.  He immediately opened his month and I slid my rock hard shaft in.

It was my first blow job.  I don't think that I will ever forget it.  It was great being in a hot wet hole with a active tongue.  I let go of his balls and leaned on the wall so I could slide in and out.  Timmy was very cooperative.  In a few minutes I exploded and filled him with my cream.  I pulled out and expected Tim to spit it out but he didn't; he swallowed.  There was a grin on his face.  He was, I think, even happier than I was.

I untied him.  He got up and simply said "Thanks Scot." and went to shower.

I now had the answer to my question – he wanted to be a bottom.  I had seen some mention of this in his sex-ed book and looking at some stuff on the web, but now I would have to learn a lot more.  Two things I was sure about – I liked being a top and things were never going to be the same again.

A few minutes later he returned.  He stood in front of me with his boy-like hairless pubes which I thought really looked great.  I was certain that he would remember evening this for a long time.  He put out his left hand – fingers closed like a fist except for his extended bent pinky.  I had no choice but to grip it back with my own pinky.  We had made blood brother vows years ago.  "Our secret, bro." he said without hesitation.

"Our secret, bro" I replied.  We hugged.  I caressed his freshly shaved skin.  "I think you look good this way, Scotty."

"Really.  I think it's pretty cool.  Makes my dick look bigger."

"Nope; like a little boy; like my little boy."  I laughed.

"Yes, sir."

Yes, things were never going to be the same again.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L., October 10, 2003

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