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Brother's Surprise – Part 2/3


I was one very confused young man then.  I just did not feel that I was equipped to take charge of my older brother.  Sure, I could be in charge, spank him and take a dominant role in sex play but I knew that there must be more to this.  The same way that the history I was now getting in high school (or referred to in the news reports that dad listened to) was not the same simplistic story that I got in the lower grades.  I already knew that I liked all of this and it had a nice side effect – Tim was far nicer to me now than ever before.  But I had tasted POWER and wanted more.  I had been the little brother for all my life and was certain that it would be nicer to be the brother_in_charge rather then the one taking the orders.

I started to do some research.  The Internet is a wonderful resource and with a search engine one can find all sorts of stuff.  I was over whelmed when I started.  What can one do with more than hundred thousand hits?  I started to read a few and learnt the words I needed to describe things.  Even my general vocabulary improved which did not hurt my grades any.  With my increased vocabulary, I could refine my searches and find what I wanted to know.  Like Frodo and Kim I had a quest.

Of course, I did not ignore my brother.  Even in my ignorance I still wanted to play as we had when our parents were away.  When they were out for a couple of hours we played.  It was not very original right then.  Generally, I would just do my very best to sound authoritative and demand to see Timmy's homework or check that he had done some chore or other.  I had to cue him a little the first time but not afterwards.  Of course, he was always found wanting and in need of immediate CP.  It must have been beginner's luck that first time that I undressed him as if he was a little boy because we both liked that a great deal.  As I removed his clothes we both changed – I grew as he shrank.  By the time I got him naked, he felt like a powerless, naughty little boy and I a powerful, potent disciplinarian.  At the beginning I did not know how it was working or even these words but we both could feel it and that was what important.  (I bet you don't know how your PC or even your automobile works.)  At first I just took him over my lap and spanked him by hand or with the hairbrush.  Soon I learnt to use a short strap to turn him into a penitent, docile and obedient little boy.

That was most necessary because than he would enthusiastically go down on me.  He learnt to be a great cock sucker which was the really big secret we kept from the world.  Sometimes I would allow him to jerk off and other times not.  It was not so important which happened but that I was in charge and he obeyed me.  He must have liked it because he never tried to stop it.

One thing truly puzzled me – that he never ever complained about not having pubes.  Even in my freshman class, guys got teased about not having them and he was a junior.  It had been a couple of years before this that he had boasted about his big bush while I was still hairless.  I decided that I would keep him smooth because I liked him that way.  I quickly learnt to like the quick look I got of his bald pubis when we got dressed in the morning.  It always gave me a charge for the day.  I wonder if he had not teased me about that if I would have let him keep his pubes.© YLeeCoyote

We almost always could have a quick bit of play every day and I noticed that his pubes were growing back.  Not nice at all, IMHO.  A couple of days before the folks were going to be out for the evening, I did not let him jerk off.  Instead I promised him that I would do it – if he was a very good boy.  If he had been a dog, he would have wrecked the room with his tail.

The folks went out and we were alone.  Timmy came to me with his heavy belt and spoke.  "Sir, I regret to report that I was late to school today."  He hesitated a bit.  "Please punish me."

I took the belt and said: "That was naughty but I shall soon teach you to be punctual."  I slowly stripped him telling him that he was a bad boy.  We were both half hard by the time I pulled him over my lap for his warm up spanking.  I really loved see my hand prints showing.  Then I made him bend over the bed and used the strap.

After the first one he surprised me by saying: "Thank you, sir; may I have another."

I was up to the eighth cut; the eighth hard cut, he left out the second part and was promising to be good.  "On the bed, boy."  I ordered.  Of course he complied and I tied him down.  I started to play with his cock covering it along with his short pubes with shaving cream.  He was really enjoying how I was playing with him so that the razor did its work without him even realizing that it was happening.  I then slowly made sure that he exploded.

I did not forget about my own needs at all and then had him suck me off while stilled tied.  He thanked me profusely after that so I knew that I was on the right course.

In my research on the web not only did I find articles of various complexity (many that I could not understand) but two other sorts of things – some how to stuff and stories.  (Need I mention the zillions of porn sites.)  I must admit that a lot of those really turned me on and gave me ideas.  Some were positively scary and complete turnoffs.

Then I got a brainstorm!  What the fuck was Tim reading?  I checked out his history file and his bookmarks.  First, he did not seem to have looked at the serious stuff like I had.  That was probably good since it meant I might be understanding things better.  Second, he did not read the how to stuff either.  He was strictly reading stories and looking at pictures.  Perhaps the two best indicators were MMSA and Nifty.  The former is a M/M spanking site and he had looked at pretty much every story although he had some favorite authors.  Nifty was even more precise with its classification system.  Almost everything he read was from gay/authoritarian group.  The multi-part stories with youth/youth domination were always completely read where adult/youth stuff were not.  That was the only sort he saved.

Yeah, there was that intellectual side of me but the was also the animal side.  To put it simply I loved dominating my brother – spanking him and getting off especially.  What I quickly began to notice was that his ass; his callipygous ass; his red callipygous ass was very attractive.  Just like a lot of those that I saw in school.  I decided that I was going to fuck it the next time.  Timmy never objected to anything I did so I decided to risk it all.  I certainly was not sure of his limits and I suspected that neither was he.

The next time I reviewed his school work, I told him that a 92 % grade was not satisfactory (I had trouble keeping a straight face doing that) and that he would be spanked to encourage him to work harder and more diligently.  I was particularly hard with anticipation as I stripped and lectured him prior to the over the knee spanking.  I spanked with a will getting his butt a nice even pink.  Then it was time for the belt.  I had him bend over the bed and gave him six of the best.  As he usually did he thanked me for each one and asked for another.  After the sixth, I ordered him on the bed and tied his wrists to the frame.  He was already use to this and was smiling in anticipation that I was going to jerk him off.

I surprised him then.  I quickly stripped (quickly because I just had a T-shirt and jeans on in anticipation), grabbed the lube and got between his legs.  I lubed up both of our cocks and then started on his asshole.  I got his legs up and was playing with his hairless cock and working my fingers in his ass.  He was enjoying it.  I shifted forward and removed my fingers from his hole and slowly pushed my iron rod in instead.  He was smiling all the time at all the nice feelings I was giving him.  Then I held on to his legs and began to fuck him.  I liked this hot hole even more than his other one.  It was hotter and deeper and tighter.  He liked it also since I could see his cock leaking lot of pre-cum.

Then I was really surprised.  He came.  Actually he exploded without his cock being touched!  It was just like in the stories.  And that drove me over the edge and I also exploded – spurting and spurting.  It certainly helped my ego to know that I was not a virgin and that I had taken my big brother's cherry.  I collapsed on him.  Then we showered together for we were sweaty, covered with cum and lube.  In the shower, I had him suck me off.

* * * * * * * * * *

This had been going on for several months and I was really feeling great about it but I could not but wonder if Tim was also happy about it.  He's my brother who I love and I would not want to hurt him just for a few fucks.  The next chance we got to be alone I told him to strip as I did the same.  Then we sat in the middle of  my bed facing each other – our knees were touching, our cocks hard and looking into each other's eyes.  I extended my left hand with my pinky out and he gripped it.  We automatically and immediately moved into our special blood brother space – where half truths and evasions were prohibited; where only truth was allowed.

Then I asked: "Are you happy with what we're doing?"  I rubbed his bald pubis and, a few seconds later, he was stroking my bush in return.

"Yes, sir." he said quietly and firmly and without any hesitation.  "Are you?"

"Very much and I want to continue."  He beamed like he had a vision of an angel.  I leaned forward and gave him a kiss.  "And we shall, Timmy.  Do you know where you want to go?  Not go?"

"Where you take me, sir."

"You know this will stay smooth so that you be constantly reminded that you are my boy." I said as I caressed his pubis.

"Yes, sir." he smiled.

"I want you to have a safe word."

"Safe word?" he queried.

Most stories don't talk about them and he really had not read about top/bottom and the like.  "Yes, a word that you can use to let me know so I don't go too fast or the wrong way for you.  A word that will stop or slow me down.  An uncommon word that you only use if I exceed your limits.  A word that I'll react to even when I'm ignoring your role playing complaints.  An escape word."


"'Kiwi once to slow down and twice to stop whatever."

"Yes, sir."

I leaned back and released his pinky.  I had my contract.  "Suck, boy." I commanded.  And he did until I exploded several times.

After that we lay spooned together until my cock slipped deep into his hole for the night.

* * * * * * * * * *

That talk did a lot of good.  I now knew what Timmy wanted and decided that I would give it to him as best as I could.  After all isn't that what brotherly love is about.  OK, of course, I enjoyed doing it but there nothing wrong with win-win deal.

The stories, particularly on MMSA, were often from British guys or set there and made me yearn for living there back in the 70's.  Then there was a sure fire way to make a guy feel like a little kid and that was to make him wear school-shorts when his classmates were wearing long trousers.  Well, that sure would not work here especially when so many men chose to wear shorts.  But there is something close and more private – underwear.  Boxers style underpants are now very in and only little boys wear briefs.  I decided to get Timmy a present.

The next day I went to the mall and was most successful.  It was almost like hitting the jackpot for there were lots of briefs and the right size for Timmy.  Best of all I did not have to get a designer name which even made them even more juvenile.  Timmy would soon be wearing generic tighty-whities like little boys wear.

It was a Saturday morning that I gave them to him.  "I got you some nice new underwear, Timmy.  This is the proper dress for little, hairless boy like you."

"Gosh, Scot, everyone is wearing boxers.  The other guys will laugh at me."

I sat on the bed and yanked him over my lap.  I yanked down his pj's and began to spank him hard.  After I got his butt nice and red, I switched to the hairbrush to let him have it.

After a bit, he begged me to stop but, of course, I continued and then he let himself go.  He started to cry a little and promised to be a good boy and do as he was told.  I stopped spanking him with the hairbrush and switched back to my hand.  Now it was just a light spanking as I lectured him about being a good little boy.  I took him into the bathroom and washed his face.

Back in the bedroom, I helped him to dress pausing to tell him how nice he looked in his spanking new boy briefs.  As we had breakfast I told him he was allowed to wear his grown up boxers on gym days so the nasty boys at school would not tease him.  He thanked me a lot but he was not sure of what to do.

In the afternoon, I took Timmy to the movies. 

As a special treat as we approached the box office, I asked Timmy if he would like to act like a big boy and buy our tickets.  He enthusiastically said yes so I handed him the money.  Inside, I told him go pee-pee so that he wouldn't have to during the show and particularly not wet his nice new boy briefs.  I only allowed him to have a small soda (I had a large) and we shared the popcorn.  We ate out and then went home.

I gave him his bath.  That was fun since we had lots of time to fool around.  I took the opportunity to shave his pubes super close since it was well soaked.  I dried him and put him in his pj's.  I then took my shower and put on a pair of grown up boxers.  He sat on my lap while we watched TV.  When it was Timmy's bedtime, I asked him if his conscious was clear.  Like all little boys, he immediately said "Yes, sir."

"That's my good boy.  But you better be sure because if I hear of something next week that you should have confessed, you'll get two spankings."  He looked away like a naughty little boy with a secret.  I just hugged him and gave him time.  Soon, he confessed that he had been sassy to his teacher and lost the note she sent home.

I took him upstairs and lectured him a little and took him over my lap for a spanking.  I spanked him for a long time although not very hard.  And then he knelt between my legs and gave me a most wonderful blowjob  We then cuddled up together and later I fucked him.

It was a great day.

End of Part 2.  Go to Part 3

© Copyright A.I.L., October 28, 2003

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