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Brother's Surprise – Part 3/3


Hi.  This is Tim or I guess that I should say Timmy now that my kid brother, Scot, has taken charge.  He told me to write about how I felt since that day our relationship changed.  I was very excited when our parents suddenly told us that they were going to leave us on our own for a few days while they went to see and deal with granny's problems.

As you can imagine, Scot and I had been asking for this for some time.  Of course we were going to be in school most of the days and mom arranged for the housekeeping stuff and our neighbor was going to watch us.  But at least no babysitter or being sent to friends' houses.  The best part of it all was that I WAS TO BE IN CHARGE.  Of course, I was the oldest and always got the chore to watch over little Scotty.  But now he was a teenager and even had hair about his prick so he did not really need much watching.

The 'rents are probably about average in the rules they set but dad still likes to haul us over his lap with our pants down and blister our bare tails when we do wrong – even though I am sixteen already.  It was not that bad when I was a little boy but since I got into high school I just don't like it.  The worst time was a few months before granny fell.  I had been sassy with mom and that really ticked dad off.  He just grabbed me and hauled me off to my room.  Scotty and his buddy Ike were there but dad did not care and did not send them away.  He sat on my chair and opened my belt and opened my jeans and yanked them down and then my boxers so that my cock was flapping with Ike and Scot watching.  I must have been blushing from head to toe when dad flipped me over his lap.  I can still hear the smacks as his big hard hand connected with my butt over and over.  How the pain raced through my body and forcing the tears right out of my eyes and the yells out of my mouth.  "YOU WILL NOT SPEAK TO YOUR MOTHER LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN, YOUNG MAN!"  dad lectured over and over.  He was truly mad.  Then he parked me in the corner – with my pants about my ankles and my glowing butt on display – for Scotty and Ike to stare at.

And they did not stop at staring.  As soon as dad left they started making wisecracks about how my ass was glowing; how they were worried it could start a fire; and (worst of all) about my crying.  It was, in a word, disasterville.  My misery was compounded the next day in school when Tony (Ike's brother) my closest friend and blood brother talked about it in the hall with everyone else listening and wanting a look.  My butt was red for days for all to admire in gym.

Naturally, Scotty got spanked the same way at times for his fuckups.  I enjoyed watching him get it when I was not waiting for a spanking at the time.  So, when I was put in charge I immediately looked forward to spanking Scotty.  I though it would be fun and make him listen to me more.  I did not notice how Scot was giving me enough rope to hang myself that first night alone.  He did everything I ordered him to except get to bed early.  How could I have guessed that he had rigged the camcorder to get the proof to blackmail me especially when I was busy being a stupid ass?© YLeeCoyote

I did enjoy spanking him at the time but not as much as I expected.  I hated getting spanked by dad although I liked watching Scot get it but something was different.  Perhaps, I guess, deep inside, I knew that what I was doing was wrong and mean.  By the time that Scot gave me that damming tape I had decided that I should apologize to him but then it was too late.  He had the goods on me and I knew what dad would do.  So reluctantly I agreed to his terms.

I did not feel like I did when dad spanked me.  It was just different when my little brother stripped me.  I somehow felt that I must be younger than he because he was punishing me.  I just felt younger and younger as he pulled my clothes off piece by piece and then turned me over his lap.  I was so ashamed of myself that I did everything he told me to.  Of course his spanking did not hurt anything like one of dad's on the outside but inside it was terrible.  The hairbrush hurt more and I deserved an even more severe spanking from Scot.  Back then I did not want to cry but now I wish I had so that Scot would have had that satisfaction.

He really got to me with his three options.  I already felt that I small enough to walk under a snake and so I tried to show him that I was not a total loser by taking option A.  I promised myself that I would accept whatever punishment he dished out.  When I saw him with the hair clipper I expected that he was going to cut my hair and that I would look like a stupid dork.  I was not prepared for him clipping my pubes.  I was mad at that time and scared of what would happen in gym.  I did not sleep well that night.  I was going suffer and I deserved to for my terrible behavior.  I'm very grateful to Scot for suggesting several reasons to explain my new crew cut.

It was then that I realized that Scot was not just a little brother brat to be pushed about.  He was a guy to reckon with as he proved by really besting me.  He certainly was catching up with me and perhaps even passing me.

Then the 'rents were going away again and I suggested to dad that Scot be in charge.  I knew it really wouldn't matter and justified it to dad that I could take care of myself and Scot would be so busy doing the same he would have time to bother me.  I knew that this was not really true but I was afraid that I might do something stupid again if I was in charge again.

But then I started to think about how strange it was when Scot spanked me for it was not like when dad did it.  When dad always expected that I would change and be a good boy and live up to his expectations and I felt that I had to be a better boy.  When Scot did it I felt like a little boy with lots of time to do right and without any responsibilities.

I really admire Scot with how he kept his control and relentlessly proceeded to take control of me.  I admit that I was not running after the girls nor were they flocking about me but similarly I was not thinking about doing anything with guys.  Sure I read a lot of stories with guys spanking and fucking with each other and jerking off but that was all.  When Scot spanked me I started to feel like some of those characters and did what Scot made me do.

I will confess that I liked doing it all.  We had gotten into blood brothers mode a few times and I knew Scot would stop if I asked him to.  But I haven't asked and don't plan to at least for now.  He been very good about keeping this our secret.  But I wanted to be able to talk about this with my best friend and so I spoke with Scot.  I've already told you that Scot and I have that special blood brother relationship that boys like to do even though we really are of one blood.  Actually, it is a four way with Tony and Ike.  A few years ago we all got close and we made blood brother vows.  He agreed but insisted that Ike be in also to maintain our four brothers solidarity.

We arranged a meeting.  Scot and I set it up like the time we shared blood.  It was on the old rug in the dark attic with a single candle for light so that it felt very special – ceremonial and mysterious.  We all stripped and sat around the candle on the four compass points with our knees touching.  I locked left pinkies with Tony across the center and Scot did the same with Ike.  Then Scot and Tony locked right pinkies and Ike with me so were one now like a big knot.  We chanted our private secret stuff.

Scott told them that I had something to say of great importance that was strictly private and for no other ears.  "It's hard to explain" I started, "but Scot and I have found that he is the natural leader and we decided that he is the brother-in-charge and not me.  We have seen that I'm still just a little boy and he is already a young man."

They were shocked as expected and were silent for a while.  Then Tony broke a big smile.  "So that explains it." he laughed looking at my bare pubes.  "I never believed all those answers you gave in school."

Ike, without breaking our pinky grip, moved his hand so he could feel my pubis.  "Smooth!  Like a little boy and smooth as a baby's ass."

"Little boys don't have pubes, they wear tighty-whities, and get spanked when they are naughty or don't listen to their brother." explained Scot most matter-of-factly.

"You spank him?" asked Ike in amazement.  "Like a little boy?  How?"

Scot had to answer our blood brother for we had no secrets.  "Yes and yes.  Bare ass over my lap with my hand, hairbrush and strap.  Bent over with the strap.  And for as long and hard as I feel is necessary.  It really makes him behave as he should."

They both asked a lot of question and I explained as best that I could as I wrote about before.  Ike suggested that he could take care of Tony in the same way but Tony declined.  Not only that but he suggested that he should adapt spanking as a method with Ike.  Ike did not go for that at all.  Tony said that he would kept it in mind for the next time his little brother fucked up.

They both wanted a demonstration.  I was glad that I had been good so that they wouldn't get one now.  These last two hours had been very difficult for me.  But Scot suddenly asked me if had collected the laundry and started the wash cycle.  Unfortunately I hadn't.  I was in trouble.  Big trouble.

Scot dragged the old chair to the center of the room and made me stand in front of him as he lectured me about responsibility.  Our two blood brothers paid close attention.  Then he pulled me over his lap and clamped me in place with his arm.  A year ago he would not have had such an easy time but he grew a lot since then.  He spanked me with his hand for some time; over and over I heard and felt his hand crash down on my bottom cheeks and they were growing warm.  I was glad that this had not been planned so that he would not have the hairbrush or his strap to use.

I was so, so wrong.  Apparently he was prepared for I saw Tony move about and then hand him something.  With the next stroke I knew that it was the hairbrush.  In record time I was bawling like a baby and promising to do my chores and begging him to stop.  It seemed forever before he did.  I fell to my knees between his legs and cried in his lap.  Of course his hard cock was in my face.  I forgot we were not alone and started to suck him for comfort as I often did.  And Scot let it happen and encouraged me as always.  Not only did he shoot in my mouth but I swallowed as I normally do.

When we had finished I turned around and realized that they were there.  They were both grinning from ear to ear and stroking their hard rods.  When Ike stepped in front of me, stuck his throbbing prick in my face and said: "Suck it!  Suck it, boy."  I couldn't help myself.  In less than a minute he blasted off like a firecracker.  "WOW!  AWESOME!  TOTALLY AWESOME, DUDE!"

Tony immediately took his place and entered me.  I don't think that I realized that he replaced his brother until later for I was so intent on satisfying my yearning for juicy cock.  And juicy it was.  When he was about to shoot, he clamped his hands about my head assuring that he filled my month with his large load.  Since he was the oldest of us, it was not surprising that he was the biggest and most developed.  I practically drowned when he filled my maw as I struggled to swallow.

We soon returned to Our Quadrangle.  Scot reminded them that is was all most private and that they should be careful about talking about it if they could be overheard and orders needed to be formed as if they were from our parents or suggestions.  We fooled around after dressing and played games until they went home.  They thanked me for the blow jobs I gave them and Tony even promised to fuck me.

At first I was a bit upset that they saw me getting spanked and that I sucked them both.  I had a long talk with Scot about it.  He pointed out that we were all blood brothers and that this way they would not wonder about the details as much.  This he said was good because since they were also my big brothers (with nice bushes) they should know how to disciple me.

I think it all worked out right now that I'm looking back.  I did get that capability I wanted to be able to talk about it with Tony.  And since Ike also knew all, we could all be comfortable together.

I got to go now.  Scot reminded me that it is time to get ready for bed and if I'm late he'll use the strap.  'Bye.

* * * * * * * * * *

I have to say that the way Scot was dominating Timmy really surprised both Tony and I.  I asked Scot why he hadn't given me some advanced info and he explained that Timmy had said it was a secret in blood brother mode so it had to be.  I jerked off to what had happened over and over.  Many times I would look at Tony and wonder if I could do it to him.  I quickly realized that would be impossible as Tony was far too mature and I even thought about him taking charge of me and decided that I would not like it.

Only a couple of weeks later Scot had a school project he had to stay late for and asked me to check that the little boy was studying like he should for a test.  I dropped by their house about half past seven.  Their mom was going out and told me that Scot was also out.  "I know but I dropped by to get a book I left the other day."  I quietly went up to their room and watched silently for a few minutes.

"Boy!  That does not look like your homework." I said stepping into the room.  "You're not taking an art class."  The screen was full of well built studs.

Timmy tried to change the screen but it was too late.  He tried to give me excuses but we both knew that was not going to work.  "Scot said he thought that you might goof off and asked me to check up on you.  He was, alas, very right.  He also said that a quick spanking would help you concentrate."

"Ike, you can't do that.  Please." pleaded Timmy.

"Timmy, you are a naughty little boy and you are going to get a spanking you earned and certainly need.  RIGHT NOW!  Get me the hairbrush."  My cock was straining in my pants so much I though they would rip.

He walked over to the dresser, got the brush and came to me.  By then I was sitting on the bed.  I started with his shirt – as I lectured him.  I slowly opened his shirt and removed it.  Timmy was silent with his head bowed in knowing he was in disgrace but I was getting a major charge out of this.  This was nothing like watching my little cousins at the family BBQ for a couple of hours.  Then I opened his pants and pulled them down.  He stepped out of them.  Hooking my thumbs in the waistband of his little boy tighty-whites I pushed them down and he lifted his feet so I could remove them.  I gave his pubis a rub.  "Still just a little boy." I told him.  "Just a naughty little boy."  But his pubis was not as smooth as last time for there was some stubble.  He fell over my lap as I pulled him into position.

I was looking at his ass waiting for me to start spanking it.  I did what comes naturally and began to spank with my hand.  It was a real joy to see my hand print form but soon I realized why I should use the hairbrush for my hand was starting to hurt.  I took the brush and started to use it.  It was much better.  All my efforts went into Timmy's butt and I did not feel any backlash.  It was much more effective for Timmy began to promise and beg me to stop.  But, following Scot's instructions I kept at it until Timmy started to sob and then gave him a few more.  I lifted him up but he just dropped to his knees in front of me and cried into my lap.  The only reason my cock did not get harder was it was already at max when I started.

Scot also said that Timmy seems to like to suck a bit after a spanking so I opened my pants and let my cock come through the fly of my boxers.  Timmy pounced on it like a cat on a mouse immediately engulfing it.  He stopped crying as he sucked and I was ecstatic with pleasure.  I'm glad that I lasted much longer than the previous time in the attic.  Timmy sucked me dry without leaving a mess.

When he finally released my drained cock, he looked up at me with puppy eyes.  "Thank you.  I deserved that spanking and I'll do my work now, Big Brother."  He got up, picked up his briefs and started to return to his desk.

Without a word I led him to his bathroom.  After washing his face, I wet his pubis with the wash cloth.  The razor was right next to the shaving cream in the medicine cabinet.  I squirted some on him and rubbed it about.  It was fun to draw the razor through the shaving foam and see the nice smooth skin appear.  In a few minutes he was nice and smooth.  "No more nasty stubble, Timmy-boy." I told him.

I rinsed and dried him.  With a slap on his still red butt, I sent him back to study for his test.  "Yes, Big Brother."  I got my book and returned home to do my own work.

Later I told Tony all about it and how much I enjoyed do it.  He thought it was very interesting but he also got a major hard on.  When I pointed it out to him I asked how he would like being spanked by me.

He laughed.  "Ike, you try that and I'll hand your head to you and then spank you so hard that you won't be able to sit for a month."

Then it was my turn to laugh for I really did not have any intentions of even trying that.  But Tony thought I should be taught a lesson.  I barely closed my mouth when he was on me.  Like all brothers we had played around fighting.  We both knew that he could always control (still but not for much longer, I hope) me when he wanted but he had never hurt me.  Of course, I fought back as a matter of form.  This time he did not play much but quickly overpowered me.

"You need to learn some manners, young man." he snared.  He sat on his bed and pulled me over his lap.  He was going to spank me and I was powerless to stop him.  I was not ready to beg him to stop nor to surrender like a sissy wuss.  Beside doing either would cause him to laugh at me.  While holding me in position with a hammerlock he grabbed the waist band of my boxers and yanked them down.  I was hard and so was he for I could feel his cock pressing into me.  Then he slapped my ass with his hand.  As he continued to spank me he said that I better learn some respect or he would get a paddle and pound it into me.  The spanks were not wimpy but I was sure that they could have been a lot harder too.  He was just playing.  To confess, it felt good.  I was getting a nice warm feeling in more places than my ass.

"Are you going to be a polite lad?" he asked.  I'm sure he was grinning.

"Yes, sir.  I'll be polite."

"I'm glad you're not a little boy wuss, Tony.  Goodnight."

"There just one more thing, young man.  You have to pay for that spanking."  I was puzzled; what sort of charge was there for being spanked.  I grunted at Tony.  "A spanking is a lot of work and you need to pay for it.  Now get your ass over here."  He was sitting on the edge of his bed with his gun out and cocked.  He was also smiling.  "And take care of this."

"I don't do that, Tony."

"Do I have to make you pay your debts?"  He was still smiling.  He started to count down.  When he got to zero he just said my name.  If he was going to force me, he would have pounced on me already.  He was not forcing me.  But, I wondered how it would be?  Tim made us feel great doing it.

"I did not ask you to spank me.  Why should I pay?"

"You got the service and you got to pay for it."

"And if I don't."

"Then you get spanked again and will owe for two."

I will admit that I was a bit curious about doing it.  The thought made my  own cock twitch.  I got up and knelt before my brother.  Before I could open my mouth, Tony put his hand under my chin.  "Only if you want to try it, bro."

"I pay my debits!" I snarled and went down on his shaft.  It felt strange but I did the things that Timmy had done to me.  Tony kept his hand away so I knew that I could stop any time.  But it was interesting how he was responding to my every move; in someway I was in control.  I could bring him close and then back off letting him down.  Then I took him over the edge.  He shot his gun like it was an automatic firing blast after blast until he emptied his magazine.

"WOW!" he said when he recovered.  "That was great."

I got back into my bed but Tony followed me over and pulled down the covers and my boxers.  I practically fainted as he returned the bj. 

"'night, Ike."

I had very  interesting dreams that night.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., October 24, 2003

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