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The following story is fiction about bullying of tweens and teens.  The story contains scenes of spanking, humiliation and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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The Bully, the Non-hero and I


I was almost home when I heard his voice and felt his heavy hand tightly grasp the back of my neck.  He wasn't hurting me but his grip was tight enough that I knew I should not even try to resist.  "Hi, Marc." I greeted the bully.  He was a year older than I – twelve to my eleven years and definitely stronger and physically more mature.  Several times I already had the 'honor' as he put it of examining his tackle up close while I was sucking him off.  It was an honor because he would not help just any of us undeveloped boys but only the ones he liked by giving them his man cream to help them grow.  Yea, I know, a load of crap.

Marc steered me into the woods.  "Timmy, I missed you yesterday but we'll make up for it today."  I was not thrilled at that one bit for I knew what he meant by making it up – a sore butt.  There was no helping it now so I kept quiet after saying: "Sorry, Marc."  There wasn't anything that I could say that would appease him.

Once we were in the woods, he let go of my neck.  "You know the way, boy."  Unfortunately, I did know the way and probably more important I also knew that if I ran when he caught up with me it would be much worse.  We were in the little clearing that he liked, which was more than a shout from the trail.  I kept my mouth shut for if I begged, he would just smile and make things worse.  As always, his first order was "Kick off your sneakers." which I did after we dropped our backpacks.

I stood there passively as he slowly undressed me while making a pretense of checking for any growth of muscles or pit hair.  Then he lowered my jeans exposing that I was still in tighty-whities.  I really wanted to wear boxers as the older guys did but Marc did not approve.  I had managed to make a deal with him – I would continue to wear briefs without complaint until I got three pubic hairs and he would not make me wear those with cartoon characters.  It's not as much fun pantsing guys in plain briefs as cartoon ones so that humiliation happened less to me.

Of course, even knowing that, he made nasty remarks about how small my boyhood was and that I was still bald.  I was, unfortunately, getting use to it.  Marc then sat on the stump and pulled me over his lap asking why it was happening.  "Because I was a naughty little boy and missed our meeting yesterday, Marc.  Please spank me." saying what he had taught me to say.  Marc was super nice and did exactly as I asked him to – for my own benefit.© YLeeCoyote

This time he just used his hand, albeit good and hard for maybe fifty spanks on each check.  My eyes were full of tears but I managed to keep from crying.  That was important because Marc expected me to take it like a man even though I was just a boy and if I cried he would spank me extra.  Just as he finished and I was standing up Gavin barges into the clearing, shouting: "Marc!  You LEAVE Timmy ALONE, YOU BULLY."  Gavin is fourteen and a strange guy.  He's known to yell at bullies.

Marc wasn't having any of it.  "Get lost, Gavin," he snapped, "before I spank you!"

"Stop bullying, Timmy.  He's just a little kid."

"I heard that you're just a little kid, yourself; get lost."

"I'm not a little kid.  I'm fourteen.  Now leave him alone.  Get dressed Timmy."

"Don't!" growled Marc at me and then "YOU'RE JUST A LITTLE KID, Gavin!  And I'm going to prove it."  Gavin was stunned and did not move nor reply.  Marc grabbed him and spun him around and held him tight.  "KICK OFF YOUR SNEAKERS!"

"LET ME GO!" whined Gavin.

Marc just laughed and twisted his arm more making Gavin squeal.  "DO IT OR I'LL BREAK YOUR ARM, BOY."  Gavin then decided to cooperate and kicked off his sneakers.  "Open all his buttons and zippers, Timmy."  I hesitated but followed the orders of the stronger one for one spanking was quite enough for today.  Gavin's pants fell as I did reveling his tighty whities.  He was whimpering a lot now.  Marc pulled off his shirt and Gavin just stood there.

"Well good to see that you're not wearing boxers which are for men but briefs which are for boys.  Timmy, does he have a bulge like a man?"

I couldn't help but to laugh as I took a close look.  "He's as flat a girl." I said exaggerating.

"Step out of your pants, boy." Marc ordered as he yanked Gavin's briefs down to his ankles.  Gavin was practically crying as we both saw that he was as bald as bowling ball and small.

"Let me compare you two.  Stand next to each other."  We did so and Marc made the comparison.  I was almost as tall and had better muscles while neither of us had any hair below the neck.  "You look just like a little boy, Gavin."  Marc then lifted our dicks and said that I was bigger soft.  "Let's see then hard."  When Gavin hesitated Marc jerked at his dick and got it hard.  "Face each other up close." and when we did Marc held our dicks together.  Mine was pressing Gavin's pubis while his did not reach me clearly showing that I was bigger.

"I'm bigger than you Gavin." I said proudly.  "You just got a little pee-pee like an eight-year-old.  You're a littler boy than I."  Marc smiled.

"You lied to us, Gavin.  You're just a little boy.  What happens to little boys who lie?"

Gavin was silent so I answered: "They get spanked!"  Of course, that is what Marc wanted to hear and quickly dragged Gavin over to the stump, sat down and yanked Gavin over his lap.  This was a much more pleasant spanking than the preceding one since it was not my butt getting it.  Marc spanked Gavin just as he spanked me and I found it very interesting how his little boy bottom turned red.  Not only did he howl but he also cried.  He really was a little boy although he was fourteen-years-old.

After the spanking and the crying stopped, Marc told him that he would have the honor of giving him a blow job and get all that special man cream to help him grow.  Gavin was outraged and refused while insisting that he was older and therefore I was the little boy who should do it.  Some rescuer!

Marc surprised me.  "OK, you two can wrestle and the winner decides.  Go to it."  That was certainly an improvement over sucking Marc especially with Gavin watching.  If he had been effective in stopping Marc it would have been good, but he turned out to be a super wuss.  I decided that I would win and have the pleasure of watching Gavin suck Marc while I watched.

It was an easier fight than I expected.  I was not sure about Gavin's skills so I did not hold back.  Within half a minute I had him in full Nelson.  His twist and turns were pitiful and ineffective.  Even when I applied pressure he held back from surrendering but kept yelling that I should get up.  I didn't do that but with my cock rubbing on his hot butt I got super hard.  I decided to surprise him so I told him "No way, José." but quickly jumped up and immediately rolled him over onto his back.  Then straightaway I sat on his chest with my knees pinning his arms down in the classic school boy pin.  Once I gabbed his little peanuts, he lay still.  As Marc laughed, Gavin was forced to stare at my hard shaft right in front of his face.  As counted him out I whacked his face with my rod.

It was then that Marc ordered him to get on all fours and for me to hold him from behind.  A few rough tugs by Marc got him to comply.  After a few extra spanks, Marc sat down on a rock with his pants open so that Gavin was facing his hard hairy cock.  I was holding Gavin from behind.  Not surprisingly, Gavin needed encouragement and Marc gave it to him by grabbing his head.  I moved closer so he could not back away.

As Marc fucked Gavin's mouth, I found that my cock was getting harder and harder as I kept Gavin in position.  Just like when we were wrestling it was in Gavin's crack and the rubbing and the domination made it get hard – very hard.  As I bumped his asshole, I started to go in a little bit.  Then I realized what I could do and rammed forward.  If I had been as big as Marc, this probably would not have worked but I got my thin hard arrow in before Gavin knew what had plugged him.

I was fucking!


This was my first fuck!


I heard Marc explode while he was in Gavin's mouth and his order to swallow.  I also came.  It was dry as usual but still I was not a virgin any more.

Marc congratulated me on becoming a man and promised to treat me as one.  He even  called me "Tim".

This day turned out to be great.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 7, 2014

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