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The following story is fiction about a youth being spanked.  The story contains scenes of spanking and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., children) please leave now.  There are two versions of this story which may be read in either order (link at end).

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Burnout Cure – Version 1


First Encounter

I’m suffering from a major case of burnout.  That is not such an uncommon ailment for business men under great pressure to get too many things done in too short of a time while worrying about a zillion things.  Well, it has also happened to me although I’m just a high school junior.  I’m a varsity team captain with tons of worries about the games and my teammates.  Need I mention that I also have my academic courses to keep up with to get into a good college?  And not to mention family.  In short, an overabundance of stress.

I figured out one thing I can do to reduce some of the pressures at home.  I asked the ‘rents to put my younger sister Elsie, who is almost fourteen, in charge of our two younger siblings.  I don’t really like being in charge of the little ones and the second born resents me being in charge of her since she is mature and even a well qualified and experienced babysitter.  Additionally, she is actually better with the little ones than I am.  The folks were not enthusiastic but sis gave me a great big hug and a (non-sexual) kiss of appreciation.

I’ve been reading on the internet about how men in charge deal with this problem and was surprised to learn that they turn submissive at home or with extramarital liaisons.  Some of them really take it to the limit and even play ‘slave’ for a time.  A slave just does as he is told and does not have to agonize over decisions.  That is not really possible for me as I don’t have the bread to hire such a pro and they certainly wouldn’t even speak to a minor like me.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

This morning I just had to get away from it all.  I stuffed my day pack with food and set off for the state park on my bike about a half hour away.  Even though it was chilly, the wild outdoors would surely do me some good and relieve the pressures.  Seemingly, I had the place to myself which was delightful and an hour later I was enjoying the raptors soaring high above and stooping for their fresh hot rodent lunches.  It was absolutely exhilarating.  Experience had taught me that it unfortunately was not long lasting when I returned home where my problems awaited me to pounce.

“Hi, Martin.” I suddenly heard.  It was Reginald whom I knew from school.  He was a year younger, well liked, a good student and even a minor athlete.  “I see you’re getting away from it all just like I am.  I come up here often for I just love those raptors.” he added.

We talked over our lunches.  He was very perceptive and said how he was amazed at all the things I was doing and doubted that he could manage it all.  “How do you do it all?” he asked, “Constantly making decisions.”

“I don’t know.  Sometimes I wonder if I do.” I replied exceptionally honestly because I was off guard and, truth to be told, that was exactly why I was on the top of the mountain.

“And you feel guilty about all the wrong decisions you make.  You constantly feel that you have acted improperly and should be punished.” he added very nonchalantly sensing something more.

«How the fuck did he know?» I thought for that was exactly the sort of stuff that was bothering me.  “What makes you think that?” I demanded.

“You’re exactly like my cousin.  He does the same sort of stuff as you do and is constantly worried about his fuck-ups.”  That sure got my attention and then he continued.  “He deals with his guilt by getting spanked once or twice a week and he is a lot happier now.”

“What?” I exclaimed.  “Explain!”

“He feels bad – naughty actually – because he knows that he makes errors.  Then he assuages his bad feelings like it happened when he was a little kid – losing control and getting his ass roasted.  He claims that it helps him immensely.”

I was gobsmacked to say the least.  Immediately I wondered if it would help me in the same way.  Although, I certainly could not even imagine asking a younger boy to spank me like that especially since there were other hikers coming by occasionally.  After a while we headed back down.  I didn’t realize it for a while but he had picked the trail to use.

Halfway down Reginald got me to accompany him on a short spur trail to a viewpoint.  That is when things got positively weird.  We were sitting on a log at his insistence and then he actually declared that it was time to roast my butt.  He wouldn’t hear my objections and even managed to make me listen to him.  He explained that strappings and paddlings were options but not as effective since they were really for older boys.  Spanking was most effective for little naughty boys who were not ready to be macho and stoic.

I was trying to assimilate all this when Reginald moved to a practical demonstration.  He grabbed me and pulled me over his lap.  Completing the surprise he started to spank me.  He even lectured me about being careful and not to be super bossy.  I was having trouble absorbing this when he abruptly stopped and stood me up.  I thought we were through but that was not even close.  Reginald quickly opened my belt and pants and in just an instant yanked them along with my undies down to my shins.  Before I knew it I was back over his lap and he had even leg locked me.  Then he resumed spanking me even harder than before.

It is hard to explain but I was in a little boy’s position over the lap of my lecturing younger spanker who was quickly wearing me out.  Somehow that made me feel like I was only ten and soon I was crying.  There was none of that pressure to ‘take it like a man’ and lot to just be a little boy so that is what happened.

When he finished and got me off his lap, I immediately pulled up my pants and let him know that I was unhappy and that he was way out of line.  I was just about to decimate him when he just laughed and insisted that I would feel better just like his cousin did.  He even added another datum that astonished me which was that he often spanked his older cousin.

That cooled me down especially since bashing littler kids was not my way.  We got back to the trail head, retrieved our bikes and rode back to town in silence.

By the evening things had coalesced and I was feeling much better.  Reginald sure had a good point and I wondered how long it would last.  His parting words kept echoing through my head “Call me when you NEED another spanking.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Second Encounter

I couldn’t believe my luck when I went to the top of the mountain in the state park and meet Martin by chance.  He’s a real star who is a year ahead of me in school and the captain of the one of the big teams.  I think that he could swap resumes with my cousin and nobody would notice.  More important is that they both suffer from dealing with too many odious decisions.

As we marveled at the birds and had lunch he hinted about things so I guessed he suffered from the same doubts that my cousin does.  When I made the right guesses and confronted him, he admitted it.  He was very surprised to learn how my cousin handled it.

Martin was quite passive and I was able to select the trail to return.  It did not really matter except that it was not the one he chose.  I decided that I should be as forceful as I could.  We got to a view point off the main trail and I yanked him over my knees and spanked him.  Initially it was over his pants but then I took them down so it was a proper spanking on his bare ass.

All my assumptions that he was exactly like my cousin were correct for he responded very well to losing control and being spanked.  I was absolutely delighted for I love spanking guys especially attractive leader types.  Martin was initially miffed but cooled down by the time we reached the trail head and our bikes.  When we got back to town my parting words were “Call me when you NEED another spanking.”

* * * * * * * * * *

When I was back home, it was great jerking off to the image of his reddening butt.  I hope he calls soon so I can do it again and, hopefully, massage his love nut with my hard rod.

It was only five days before he called although I expected it would be close to double that.  I was delighted especially when he told me how he felt much better after being spanked.  Again, exactly like my cousin.  I invited him to come visit on Friday evening assuring him that we would have the house to ourselves.  He showed up right on time.

Martin wanted to talk before we got down to business.  I’ll admit that I really did not care that he was upset that he played Brown rather than Smith (or maybe it was the other way around).  After a bit we got to the point where I got to use my favorite opening line.  “You have been a very naughty boy, Martin.  You are to be spanked.  Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” he replied showing he was in the proper naughty boy space.

“Naughty little boys, like you, get stripped for their well-deserved spankings.” I reminded him and began to strip him.  As he was used to being naked in locker rooms there was not any problem before he was starkers with a hard-on.  Naturally, I had one also but it was hidden in my pants.

Martin flopped down on my lap without any delay on command.  It was a fantastic to have his hot bubble butt awaiting for my spanking.  I took my time and caressed the beautiful mounds before I started to spank with my hand.  I gave him a good hard spank and he reacted with a great exhale which suppressed a yell as I watched my handprints form on his checks.  I paused every few spanks to caress the beautiful target as it got redder and redder.  I made sure to let my fingers explore his crack with its special hidden hole.

When his butt was nice and rosy, I switched to using a flip-flop which is a small rubberlike paddle.  Most important is that it is most effective but it also protects my hand.  I had achieved getting Martin to almost sobbing with just my hand but then to actually cry and bawl with the flip-flop.  With Martin in this more vulnerable state I let my fingers probe into the hidden hole.  He did not object and remained passive.

I got Martin off my lap and over the end of the couch with his butt up.  I spanked him more with my hand and inserted a couple of lubed fingers into his hot hole.  I rolled a condom on my anxious shaft and replaced my probing fingers.  It was quite wonderful as I pounded away.  Fortunately, I had put a towel on the couch arm for my naughty little boy exploded before I did.

I did some clean up and then cuddled him as he slowly recovered.  He was even more confused than after his first spanking when he went home.  I hope to repeat this experience soon.

I texted him after a couple of hours asking “R U OK?”

“Yeah  but confused  C U”

I’m sure that he’ll be back for more.

The End

There is another version of this story with female spankers but without sex.  It is at BurnoutCureVersion2.html

© Copyright A.I.L. February 28, 2022

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