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The following story is fiction about a youth being spanked.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., children) please leave now.  There are two versions of this story which may be read in either order (link at end).

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Burnout Cure – Version 2


First Encounter

I’m suffering from a major case of burnout.  That is not such an uncommon ailment for business men under great pressure to get too many things done in too short of a time while worrying about a zillion things.  Well, it has also happened to me although I’m just a high school junior.  I’m a varsity team captain with tons of worries about the games and my teammates.  Need I mention that I also have my academic courses to keep up with to get into a good college?  And not to mention family.  In short, an overabundance of stress.

I figured out one thing I can do to reduce some of the pressures at home.  I asked the ‘rents to put my younger sister Elsie, who is almost fourteen, in charge of our two younger siblings.  I don’t really like being in charge of the little ones and the second born resents me being in charge of her since she is mature and even a well qualified and experienced babysitter.  Additionally, she is actually better with the little ones than I am.  The folks were not enthusiastic but sis gave me a great big hug and a (non-sexual) kiss of appreciation.

I’ve been reading on the internet about how men in charge deal with this problem and was surprised to learn that they turn submissive at home or with extramarital liaisons.  Some of them really take it to the limit and even play ‘slave’ for a time.  A slave just does as he is told and does not have to agonize over decisions.  That is not really possible for me as I don’t have the bread to hire such a pro and they certainly wouldn’t even speak to a minor like me.

There is one girl at school, Rosemary, who is nice even though she takes charge as I’ve seen her directing others frequently.  Rosemary just does not get elected to be one of the official leaders.  I am sure that is because she not in one of cliques.  I’m going to ask her for a date and see what happens.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

I got up my nerve and asked Rosemary for a movie and snack date.  I called for her and we took the bus to the multiplex theater in the mall.  I brought up the movie schedule on my phone and deferred to her choice.  It was definitely a chick flick but I didn’t object.  It was not so surprising that when I tried to get touchy-feely that she pushed my hand away.  Neither was it not so surprising that she let her hand rest on my crotch emphasizing her control.  As I realized that she was doing that, I relaxed a little which let my cock get harder.

After the flick, we got a couple of sodas and then I was surprised that she says we can catch the last bus back and not have to be picked up by her ‘rents.  She texts them once the bus gets going so they can relax.  I’m surprised that she tells me that I was not pushy like she expected which she liked.

“I’m that way a lot with being the team captain and worrying about grades for college.  Just recently my sister, Elsie, got the responsibility for our kid siblings so it’s a bit less now.  I don’t need to add you to boss about.” I explained.

“That is good for I would not have liked that, Martin.  I like to make my own decisions.” she replied with a big smile.  “I would have spanked you if had tried for being a naughty boy.”

We continued our conversation as we walked from the bus stop to her house.  “So you like to be in charge?” I teased.

That earned me a couple of hard spanks.  “That’s right and you best not forget it or you’ll get a real spanking not just a couple of love taps like those.”

They were definitely not love taps but good hard spanks.  “Yes, ma’am.  A spanking from you would surely be remembered for a longtime.”  She laughed.

We sat on her porch and talked for sometime.  It was easy to let her lead the conversation and she learnt about my past spankings since I was a little boy as she wrung answers out of me.

“So you haven’t been spanked for a couple years.  It’s hard to believe that any boy would be that good.  Surely you have been getting away with things.  Now what do you have to really confess, young man?” she demanded.

“Not really much at home as I’m the oldest.  Late with some chores.” I owned up.

Then she surprised me.  I was wearing slacks over boxers and suddenly her hand was pressing my balls tight against my legs.  “You can do better than that, boy.  Do I have to squeeze it out of you?”  I was sure she could get a too tight a grip on my jewels if she wanted to.

I did not know what she had in mind but I admitted to making errors with the team and being too bossy.  And even worse with my chores than I had confessed.

“You have most definitely earned a spanking, boy.” she unequivocally declared.

I shuttered hearing that even though it was what I said I wanted and needed but now that it was imminent, I got cold feet and did nothing.  But she was not to be denied for she just pulled me over her lap and began to spank me.  After a few hard spanks I started to be vocal and she admonished me to be quiet and not attract attention on her quiet street.

It was a few spanks later that she got me up but that was just a pause so she could open my belt and trousers and bare my bottom.  She gave me a hanky to bite on and pulled me back over her lap.  To be sure I stayed in place she leg locked me.  Then she resumed spanking my now bare tail.  Without the protective padding of my clothes the spanks hurt more and I was glad of the hanky so I would not shame myself yelling nor attract the neighbors.

Then she taught me how much a hairbrush can hurt with only a few well directed whacks.  I was blubbering by the time she stopped.  I stood there rubbing my well-roasted butt as she wiped the tears from my face as my junk just hung there.  I knew that I was just a well-spanked naughty little boy.  She pulled up my pants like a babysitter or mommy would do.

I was still in shock when she thanked me for the lovely evening and told me to get safely home.  She gave me a quick peck on the check and she went inside.

I walked home with my ass on fire very slowly trying to make sense of it all.  One thing was certain – I got the spanking I had wished for.

Second Encounter

I must admit that I felt much better after Rosemary gave me that hard spanking.  I could even take her teasing when we passed in the hall or school bus about being a good boy.  She was very discrete or so I thought.

My team did not do well the next time and I felt very guilty agonizing over the (wrong) choices I made.  When I suggested another date she said I definitely needed another discussion after that game and told me to come over on Sunday at two and then we could go out.

Rosemary was very prepared when I got there.  She knew about how badly the game went and blamed me.  As soon as we got into the family room, she went at me full blast for being a very naughty boy.  She even undressed me after I kicked off my sneakers.  It certainly felt strange that she pulled off my shirt and then opened and lowered my jeans so I could step out of them leaving me just in my boxers.

Reflectively I tried to stop that removal as she reached for them.  That got me another verbal blast reminding me that little boys are not modest and, besides, she had seen it before.  Overall she was quite fierce.  After I was well scolded and naked she got me over her lap for the main event.

Rosemary spanked me even harder than she had the first time.  Over and over her hand struck my rear and sent waves of pain through my body.  I was certain that I had turned a flaming red. There was no doubt in my mind (or anywhere else) that she was not being thorough.  I was surprised that she did not use the hairbrush before sending me to the corner.  Of course, it was hands on head time so I could not rub.

When I was summoned from the corner I got another shock.  My sister was there as well as Rosemary.  “Get over my lap, Martin, for the rest of your spanking.” Elsie ordered patting her lap.

I tried to object but the words did not flow and Rosemary snarled at me “Do as your sister orders, boy, immediately.”  I was overwhelmed and flopped down on my younger sister’s lap.  She spanked a bit telling me what a naughty boy I was and then switched to her hairbrush.  That quickly reduced me to a well-spanked little boy.

While I was in that degraded state, she informed me of the new order.  “Martin you are just a little boy and I am in charge of you.  I will spank you when you are naughty just like the little ones.  You can not resist me.” and she whacked me more with her hard hairbrush to drive the point deep into my soul.

I was allowed to get dressed and then Elsie ordered: “Go home, Martin, and clean up your room.  It is a disgrace of a pig sty.”

As I rushed home with a flaming red butt my instincts told me that the young ladies were right.  Also, I surely had gotten my wish.  However, it came as a package deal with a whole lot more which was positively scary.  Would I regret it?

The End

There is another version of this story which is all male with sex.  It is at BurnoutCureVersion1.html

© Copyright A.I.L. February 28, 2022

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