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The following story is fiction about a public (UK, private US) school with strict rules about the required PE kit which have an exposure issue.  The story contains a scene of public canings.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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By Order of the Magistrate


The Sixth form students could not understand why pants or a jock strap were prohibited when they had to wear their gym kit.  If the PE master caught you wearing anything under the shorts it was six hard ones with his oversized Plimsoll's bottom on your shorts.  Unless, of course, it was a repeat offence in which case it was a visit to the Headmaster for six-of-the-best with his cane on your bare arse.

The problem was that they were not little boys and with the ​two inch​ (​five cm​) in-seam they would stick out.  It wasn't that bad in the gym since they all showered and changed together in the locker room.  It was quite a different matter when they had to do their cross-country run three times a week.  Perhaps a couple of centuries before it would have been all right but now the population was much greater.  The prescribed route for the run took them close to the town, past a secondary school and a public school for girls.

Since the running took place in the afternoon, there were many very keen young ladies who watched in hopes of getting an anatomy lesson far more interesting than from their text books.  Many jeered the running boys about how they stuck out and little boys made even ruder comments.

The young gentlemen's complaints and reports were summarily dismissed by their School.  "We have always done it this way." the Headmaster insisted.

Then one sunny afternoon as the group passed the girls' school, they were stopped by several police officers.  The four well-endowed menaces to society were taken to the town police station and charged.  The Prefect with the group reported to the Headmaster that the police had said that there had been many complaints about indecent exposure.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

The magistrate was very understanding.  As the lads before him were all minors he ordered that the responsible adults, the in loco parentis, also be charged.  The outcome of the trial made for headlines far beyond the little town.

On Saturday, market day, the PE master and the Headmaster were in the city square along with a large crowd to watch the punishment administered to those found guilty.  The sheriff stood on the raised platform along with the public executioner and the convicted criminals.  As required by the law, he read from the long scroll issued by the court that described the crime and decreed the sentence of twelve strokes of the judicial cane to each convict.

Even the less well-endowed boys were glad that they were in their regular uniforms with long trousers for just the idea had made them hard.  The Headmaster was first.  The cheap paper wrap he was wearing was ripped away exposing him completely to the crowd. Then the Executioner's assistants grabbed him, bent him over the whipping horse and strapped him down.

The crowd held its collective breath as the Executioner raised the heavy cane and brought it crashing down on the target which had not felt a cane in more than thirty years.  The Headmaster howled and his students rejoiced in his pain for they had suffered much injustice at his hand.  Over and over that vicious cane was raised and crashed down on the target leaving it bruised, red and bloody.  The Headmaster was in agony and bawling from the great fire that was burning in his arse.  All knew that he would not sit for at least a week.  The PE Master was pale as he waited his turn.  By now many of the lads had already messed their trousers.

The PE Master did not have to wait long for he was quickly dragged to the second horse and strapped into position after his wrap had also ripped away exposing him just like the Headmaster.  It was almost anticlimactical as the Executioner began the second public caning of the day.  The PE Master was young and strong so that he did not yell like the Headmaster on the first cut that savaged his arse but was appropriately howling by the halfway point.

The two were left on display for several hours.  For the few that cared the criminals' anterior side was fully exposed as they were led back to the jail.  After a cursory inspection by a doctor, they were given back their clothes and released.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next morning new rules were posted regarding the PE kit.  Jock straps were now required!

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 27, 2016

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