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The following story is fiction about young teens.  The story contains scenes of stripping, humiliation, spanking, shaving and masturbation of a girl with lesbian sexual contact.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This is the first sequel to Steam Train's story "The Hunt for Caitlin's Bottom" which should be read first.  In this section we hear from Tanya about how she gained control.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Caitlin's Saga
Caitlin Gets a New Point of View


The last few months have been very interesting.  For some time I had known about Mom's feminist activities, but it was only recently that I had gotten involved and been learning about being a good feminist.  My big sister, Caitlin, now a high school freshman (freshWOman!) was also very active in babysitting and she had begun to train me.  Oh, not the usual stuff like watching the little ones and changing their diapers but to handle older boys in the way that Mother said kept them in their proper place – naked and under the strict control of us women.  Both at school and the mall I could even see how we girls were becoming young ladies while the boys remained, well, just little boys.  This change was both physical in that we started puberty earlier and, even more important, were far more emotionally mature.

I originally thought that all the stuff that I heard from Mom and Caitlin applied to the boys not yet in high school.  After all, by fourteen even if they did not have pubes they should have been able to care for themselves in a civilized manner.  Two centuries ago many of them would have been apprenticed and earning at least their own keep, if not more, with definite responsibilities.  I liked reading about them and seeing how retarded the present day boys are by comparison.

Now to be fair to the present boys, those in the past were not perfect either and got well punished when they messed up.  I wish that I could have watched Sedrick, then just a cabin boy, getting it after he was caught by the second mate for stealing and jumping ship.  Here is his vivid description from his biography.

I'd pinched a few silvers from the captain's box, tied my rags into a napkin and then at about four bells in the dark climbed down the mooring line almost falling while getting past the rat guard.  Once on the quay, I gave a sigh of relief and headed inland to hide until the ship sailed.  That was a mistake for only a few steps later, I was gripped by Mr. Abbott whose huge strong hand closed like an iron clamp about my arm.  "Going some place, laddie?" he snarled.  Well, not anymore.  I was helpless and he just dragged me back to the ship and handed me to the bosun like I was a sack of corn.  A few minutes and a few painful cuffs later I was thrown into a storage locker.  Escape was impossible from the small stuffy cell with the heavy door locked shut.

It was more than a day later, when they came for me.  I was ravenous and stank for I had pissed and shit myself.  I was dragged up onto the deck and stripped.  My soiled clothes were thrown into the sea.  They tied a rope about my chest and dragged me through the water after telling me I need a bath.  There was no place to escape to except Davy's Jones locker.  I knew that it would be weeks before the ship made landfall again.  "Boy, you're lucky Mr. Abbott caught you."  When they captured you they would have chopped off a hand for stealing or maybe just your little balls.  You would have been made a slave."  I sure did not feel very lucky for I was stark naked being dressed down by the Captain in front of the entire grinning crew.  A few minutes later, he pronounced my doom.  "You will forfeit all wages due and receive twelve strokes of the strap." There was not a cannon on board so I was bent over a railing and tied in place.  It was a wicked strap – more than a hand wide and made of thick leather.  The bo'sun got into position and started to strap me.  I wanted to be brave and manly but the first cut drove all that out of me.  I opened my mouth and screamed to make the dead rise up from the sea.  The second stroke made me scream again and that surely scared the ghosts back.  After six excruciatingly painful stokes I was bawling and my butt was ablaze.  The bo'sun stopped on the Captain's orders and I was put into my hammock.  The other six stokes where to be given after I had recovered some.© YLeeCoyote

I got some food later and, still naked, I had to serve the officers' mess.  Everyone made fun of my roasted tail.  Later, the cook shaved the small crop of hair I had above my cock off.  "Not decent for a boy to show hair like that." he explained.  My red tail made me in extra demand that night.

Of course, I was thrilled to overhear Cassidy and Caitlin talking about the boys in their classes whom they had babysat.  I don't know how many times I came masturbating thinking about what they did with Kyle and the other high schoolers.  Then there was that wonderful day when I saw Travis get it. That was totally fantastic!

It was great going with my big sister to get practical experience working with those immature high school boys.  It was just wonderful treating them like little pre-schoolers and bathing them.  I stepped up to do more when Caitlin got into trouble at school.  Mom wanted her to get back on track with her grades so I got to babysit some of the older boys.  I thought that it was strange that Caitlin maintained that Aaron Cabane was mature enough not to need a babysitter but, happily his mother did not agree and I had some very easy afternoons and evenings assignments.  He was a different than the other boys.  He was totally obedient and cooperated completely when I bathed him.  To be honest, I would have loved to have shaved his crotch nice and smooth but Sis told me not to as he had been very instrumental in helping her get more babysitting jobs and, even more important, videos that made still others her clients.

Well, I was on the way home after school with my friend Shari when we decided we could have some fun with Aaron by surprising him with an unexpected visit.  He was not scheduled to have a sitter this day because his mom was due home early.  We were going to tease him about removing his pubes which he treasured.  I let us into his house as I had the key and we were surprised to hear a spanking as we entered.  Shari and I smiled at each other and went to investigate very quietly.

It was coming from Aaron's bedroom.  We were totally dumbfounded as we stood in the doorway and watched.  My sister, Caitlin, was naked over Aaron's lap and we could see that he had turned her most feminine bottom bright red.  Aaron noticed us and, as always, politely greeted us: "Well hello girls."  Even before we could reply, he then added: "Caitlin has been a naughty little girl and let her school work slip so I have been helping her focus on her school work."  By then her hands were trying to cover her red tushie.

I had never seen my big sister being spanked.  "In that position she sure looks like a naughty little girl and not a big ninth grade high schooler." commented Shari with a giggle.

Aaron had her get up and she then tried unsuccessfully to hide her crotch from us like she had tried to hide her hot red ass moments before.  Indisputably, she did look like a little girl for her mound was as hairless as that of a baby.  Even Shari, who was just developing, now had more hair covering her slit than my bald big sister had covering hers.

With a little encouragement Aaron got her across his lap again to continue the spanking and she pissed on the floor like a baby.  Fortunately the floor was not carpeted so there was not any harm done except to her pride.

Needless to say, we postponed our plan to tease Aaron and took my sister home.  She was pitiful as I made her feel ashamed having violating Mom's strict feministic principles.  Having been caught, the guilty girl begged me not to tell Mother but before I agreed to keep silent I made her swear to do whatever I said.  Mom certainly would have made her very sorry to have submitted to a boy – especially a younger boy – so I became the SISTER-IN-CHARGE.  She would not escape punishment but it would be from me rather than Mother.

I had to exert my new power immediately to be sure that Caitlin knew at her core that I was in charge.  I certainly could not remove her pubes as she no longer had any nor could I spank her as her ass was already extremely well spanked thanks to Aaron.  Mom had taught me several other techniques to use, especially on recalcitrant subjects.  Shari and I had her get naked and then we also stripped.  Caitlin was transfixed by our pubes (although Shari hardly had any yet) now that she was a bald baby.  Her strong belief that not having pubes was equivalent to being a baby when dealing with boys now boomeranged back at herself.  We had her lie on my bed and I sat on her chest, mashing her boobs, as I put my hairy cunt in her face where she had to stare at it.  It was hypnotic for she couldn't look away from it  I made her pleasure me.  Then I had Shari replace me to be serviced by my obedient sister while I played with her cunt enough to made her orgasm.  Our cunt juices were all over her face and in her tummy.

We did this several times until it was dinner time and Shari had to go home.  I only allowed her to dress for dinner with Mom but then made her do her homework naked.  I also made her give me a good night tonguing before going to sleep.  Now Caitlin was my obedient slave for even though she might have hated eating out two young juicy snatches, she was rewarded with her own orgasms.  A few pictures of her snacking on snatch helped convince her that obedience to me was her best course.

The next evening at dinner, I told Mom that Caitlin and I had a long discussion about how important it was to do well in school and we agreed that Caitlin should totally concentrate on her studies.  That meant that I would be in charge of the babysitting schedule and myself.  What Mom did not need to know was that I was also in charge of my older, hairless mound, little sister.  Caitlin was horrified but was trapped because I knew that Aaron had spanked her and even had sex with her.  If Mom knew then she probably would have grounded her or much worse.

I kept training my little sister to love using her tongue on my tasty pussy by making her come (using my hand) every time she did.  Shari, my friend and apprentice, also became a regular visitor to experience the pleasures of Caitlin's tongue.  I even gave her a spanking but saw that I was not nearly as effective at it as Aaron as.  Even though he was a male and under my control, he was older and stronger than I so I decided that I should use him to spank her.  If he spanked Caitlin at my direction, then he would just be a fancy spanking implement (acceptable to Mom) but not be in charge of a girl (unacceptable to Mom).  I could have used a strap or flip-flop but to send her to a "professional", especially a younger male, added to the shame and made it more effective.  Aaron would be rewarded as Caitlin would be available to him.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was Friday and I was going to babysit Aaron because his mother was going to be out very late.  I always found sitting him to be fun as he completely submitted to my being in charge as his mother had decreed he should.  He was always extremely polite addressing me as Ma'am, stripping even before I arrived, accepting that I should bathe him and being most obedient in general.  I didn't like that he had pubes and would have removed them the first time except that my big sister had asked (told) me not to.  Now that she was my little sister, I was reconsidering doing it.  Shari, had told me it was great fun keeping her big brother Travis hairless.  She would have liked to do her other brother, Wade, also but leaving him with pubes made it easier to dominate the older Travis.  Wade (perhaps trying to appease her) had asked her to keep him trimmed and neat but she told me she was gradually trimming his pubes shorter and shorter and so far he hadn't complained so either he had not noticed or acquiesced to her decision.

I had ordered Caitlin to show up at Aaron's house a half hour after I was due to without explaining why.  When I arrived, Aaron was naked although completely at ease about it and we did the special formal greeting prescribed by Mom.

"Who am I?"

"You're my babysitter." he responded.

"Who are you?" I continued.

"I'm a little boy who needs a babysitter, Ma'am." he admitted correctly.

Each time he said it there was less doubt, less hesitation and more conviction in his voice.  I told him that I wanted him to spank Caitlin again.  Although he just answered politely, I could tell that he was really most delighted.  He even confided that Caitlin's hot red ass made him think about how the baboon bitches in the zoo displayed their swollen red rumps when they wanted the alpha males to mate with them.  The way he talked confirmed the truth about the story that Aaron had taken Caitlin's maidenhood that I heard from Cassidy.  Because of that I was free to take this all the way so I got everything setup.

I had Caitlin strip down as soon as she arrived and had Aaron feel her sex.  "Absolutely smooth; like a baby's ass."  he said.  "You did a very through job, Ma'am."

I had the shamed-faced Caitlin confess to Aaron that she was still behind in school and request penitence with another spanking.  Aaron generously agreed to spank her as she requested.  He sat on a simple chair and Caitlin got across his lap.  It was a great joy to watch her curvy tail first show Aaron's hand prints, then turn pink and eventually bright red as she cried.  When I stopped Aaron, and Caitlin got up, Aaron was also up.  He was fully erect – even more than when I had bathed him and played with his penis.

"Caitlin, it's rude to be a cock tease.  Look at how Aaron is up and ready because of you.  Get down on your knees and give him the relief he deserves.  I must have done a good job training her, because she did as I ordered and Aaron immediately got a smile that would have put the Cheshire Cat to shame as she enveloped his hard rod in her mouth.  I had to get naked myself for the first time in front of Aaron for the next activity.  It was a bending of Mother's rules but necessary and I justified it since Aaron was certainly familiar with the female body.  I stretched out on the floor and ordered Caitlin to kneel between my knees and then bend over.  She knew what was required when her mouth was right on my slit and did have time to think about how her hot red rump stuck up in the air as she pleasured me.  Aaron, on the other hand, naturally took notice of her slit just below her red hot cheeks, slipped on a condom and knelt behind her.  He hadn't any trouble sliding his hard cock right into her cunt like she was a baboon bitch in heat presenting her rump.  Soon it was over as we all came multiple times.

I quickly got dressed even though Aaron was paying much more attention to Caitlin's bod than to mine.  I took the two of them upstairs to the bathroom and had Caitlin get into the tub.  Caitlin was unhappy although Aaron kept his cool.  I washed Caitlin with Aaron watching but not interfering at all.  Then I dried her, told her to thank Aaron for his efforts, get dressed and go home and study.  I then bathed Aaron who actually seem to enjoy it more than usual.  I told him to set up dinner (already prepared) while I showered.

As we ate with him naked and I dressed, he thanked me for the most pleasant afternoon.  I could see why Caitlin said he did not need to be babysat as he was a well behaved and respectful boy but I was not going to give him up as sitting him was a real pleasure.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was really happy having taken control of my sister.  I loved not having to take orders from her and even more that she had to obey me.  I also had a great bonus that her tongue and my slit had become great buddies and visited at least once a day.  There was somewhat of a change in Caitlin after she had gotten David Cobey locked up in that chastity thing.  I did not like the change at all for she was thinking that she was in charge again.  It was also evident that she was having a lot of sex – with Aaron, with me and even a lot with herself.  She was, a chronic masturbator, just like David and more.

I had also at this time been taken a greater interest in Mom's library and collection of stuff.  Not only did I discover chastity devices for females both to prevent masturbation and intercourse but that Mom had some she used for demonstration.  It may sound unfeministic but the reality is that there are young ladies who need to wear such a device to protect them from aggressive boys and/or their own hands.  There was one non-commercial homemade contraption that was absolutely perfect for Caitlin.  It would keep her from masturbating and even reduce the need for me to do it as a reward for pleasuring me.  It would also keep Aaron from getting into her cunt unless I allowed it. She reacted just like David had when he was locked into that chastity device – protesting vehemently that it was cruel and promising to change.  I was prepared for that.  "If you change, then it won't be any hindrance."  She cried and begged but I stood firm.  The nice part of the design of this one was that it did not have a crack strap so that it would not interfere with rear end activities on the toilet.  Of course, there were holes to permit her to pee normally.

A few days later, I ordered her to see Aaron for a spanking which would let him know that his girlfriend was locked up.  The next day I was babysitting him and after his bath had him in bed and was playing with his bush.  "You can have the key if you give me your pubes, my little boy." I told him.  As part of Mother's plan, I constantly reminded Aaron that he was just a little boy just like I also did the formal greeting with him when I put him to bed.

He thought a few minutes before answering.  "It would be nice to have the key but you would still control Caitlin and I making it and you have the authority to just take my pubes any time, Ma'am."  He looked very serious and continued.  "You have the power to decide.  You know what your humble little boy would prefer, Ma'am, but that your obedient little boy will obey you."  It was a good sign of his understanding of his status that he referred to himself as a "little boy" twice in one sentence.

I have to say that it put it most eloquently.  I did have the power just like I did with our dog when I took it to the vet for shots and neutering.  I remembered that Mother had insisted that with power comes responsibility.  I had to be responsible and not willy-nilly just do anything that I wanted without considering the consequences.  By being totally obedient and humble Aaron had saved his pubes at least for the nonce.  I had already decided that I would – next week – give him the key with conditions.  Caitlin would stay locked up unless I permitted otherwise.  Aaron would be rewarded for his good behavior and efforts to improve my retard of a sister.

* * * * * * * * * *

There was one loose end however – Mother.  What would happen if she found out?  I had promised not to tell in order to get Caitlin to submit to me and I was delighted with my new power and authority over her.  I couldn't believe that Caitlin would tell as it would mean confessing what she certainly did not want our Mom to know.  It was an accident that Mom found out.

We were home alone and Caitlin was naked except for her special crotch protector.  Mom came home early and as she was ascending the stairs saw Caitlin was coming out of the bathroom after using the toilet.  Mother demanded to know what was going on and her first question was: "Who put that on you, Caitlin Louise Skye?"

I had to think fast because Mom would grill me as soon as she heard Caitlin's response that it was I.  "Mother, when Caitlin was having so much trouble in school she agreed that I should be in charge of her and I felt it was necessary as her conduct was not up to your exacting high standards."

"And has it corrected your behavior, Caitlin?"

"Yes, Mother." my sister admitted.

"Since you haven't spoken of the reasons so it is clear that you rather not tell me.  As the problem has been resolved, I will commend you both on your maturity in dealing with the issue."

"Then this can come off, Mother?" asked my sister hopefully while indicating the protector.

"I don't have the key, Caitlin, so it is up to Tanya unless the agreement has terminated?"

As soon as Mom left, Caitlin fell on her bed crying.  I sat down and took her in my arms.  She pleaded with me to remove the protector and I refused.  "I don't want you getting into trouble Caitlin."  I continued to hold her.  "You may tell Mom the details, Caitlin, but then Mom will have the key.  Remember that she'll be even stricter than I and probably give you an early curfew to prevent you from seeing any boys at all."

I felt most secure about remaining the sister-in-charge and keeping Caitlin properly under lock and key for a very long time.  There was one thing I did want however.  I wanted Aaron to give me his pubes – a gift just to please me.

Aaron Gets a New Point of View

© Copyright A.I.L. December 11, 2010

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