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The following story is fiction about young teens.  The story contains scenes of stripping, humiliation, spanking, shaving and masturbation of both boys and a girl.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This is the second sequel to Steam Train's story "The Hunt for Caitlin's Bottom" which should be read first.  In this section Tanya continues to tell how she gained control.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Caitlin's Saga
Aaron Gets a New Point of View


With the passage of time, things were very good for both Shari and me.  Shari was consolidating her control over her two brothers.  Travis was required to be naked in the house and she kept him hairless.  Although Wade had originally chosen to be naked with the intention of gaining dominance over his brother, Shari now required him to be naked in the same way.  Nothing had changed about that except it was no longer his choice but that of his increasingly in-charge younger sister.  He also noticed that his pubes were only about five mm rather than the twelve mm they were after the first time Shari had trimmed them.  When Shari refused to let them be longer, rather than accepting her decision, he appealed to their parents.  He lost big time for Shari was given complete authority about how long they should be.  When she set the clipper to four mm the next time and although he begged and whined she showed him who was in charge.  Although Shari appreciated how Wade helped her dominate Travis, their older brother, she was inexorably gaining full control of both of her older brothers.

I was doing fine with Caitlin.  She had become docile after I locked the crotch protector on her.  I even think that she had gotten to looking forward to eating out both Shari and me.  We certainly did.  When she needed to be spanked, I sent her to Aaron who was happy to oblige.  She was also required to give relief to Aaron as spanking her always gave him a major erection.  She had two holes that were always unencumbered even with the protector on to please him.  I did not want to totally deprive her of sex but only to control her excesses.  Aaron appreciated my allowing him such relief especially when he had the key and never failed to thank me after spanking Caitlin.  When I was not present to watch the proceedings, he always told me what they had done in detail often by sending Caitlin back with the raw video record.

Cassidy had become the regular sitter for the Turner twins.  She was extremely strict with them although not abusive like before her ordeal with them and Aaron and her deflowering by David Colby.  Since I had also gotten reports on the Twins' feelings from Aaron, they were reliable.  In fact, since they had gotten the better of Cas, they were more relaxed with her than others.  That is until they sprouted their first pubic hairs.  Cas fully remembered that they had removed hers and had vowed that she was going to keep them bald.  She told me how elated she was when she plucked those offensive hairs out with a tweezer immediately on the first sighting and after that carried an epilator which she used every time she gave them a bath.  When she refused to consider their feelings, they spoke to their mother.  That was even worse for they were reminded that "Little boys who need a babysitter do not have pubes."  Cas was delighted as it was now a parental decision and she was not to blame.

I was not making progress with Aaron, unfortunately.  I wanted his pubes but they had to be a gift.  I told Aaron that I might assign Cas to be his sitter in a couple of weeks.  He was, just as I hoped, horrified for he realized that she would pluck him bald as she was doing to the Twins.  As I played with his precious hairs as he was in bed, I suggested that he could ask his mother to tell Cas not to.  He was practically crying as he explained how gleefully his mom had called him "a little boy" and had Cas take them the first time.  "Please, Tanya, please." he begged as I kissed him goodnight.

Aaron called me a couple of days later.  He was strangely emotional and promised to do anything he could for me if I did not give him to Cas.  "Anything?" I asked.© YLeeCoyote

"Yes, Ma'am." he replied.  Then very hesitatingly he continued.  "Yes, if I'm going to lose them, I want you to have them."  It really was not a personal threat but it was becoming common knowledge that little boys (and girls for matter also) that have babysitters should not have pubes.

"I'll see you on Friday, my little Aaron.  And you don't have worry about Cas."  I was thrilled.  I was getting the gift I dearly wanted.  Aaron was giving me his cherished pubes; my little boy was making a great sacrifice to appease a very powerful entity.

I quickly shared this wonderful news with Shari.  She shared my elation and came up with a stunning idea.  She would bring Wade over and we could shave the two friends together.

Friday came and I went to Aaron's house.  He was down but as obedient and respectful as ever.  I reminded him that he should not have had any pubes at all, but it was only because of Caitlin's problems that he had them for the last few months.  In preparation for the event Shari had clipped Wade's pubes down to just a millimeter long and informed him that she had decided to shave him so that he was prepared even though he did not like it.

After Shari arrived and stripped Wade, we got started.  Aaron was first.  I used the clippers on him while Wade carefully harvested his hair like it was freshly reaped grain and then put it into a small bag.  He gave it Aaron who, in turn, presented it to me as an offering.  Shari, then washed Wade's crotch and covered it with shaving gel while I did the same to Aaron.  Then we shaved them both.  We were very gentle with them and soon both boys were hairless.  Their equipment was not tiny but they looked like proper little boys without any hair.  We had the boys play with each other since they were already erect and they both soon shot which made them feel good.

We dressed the boys, after presenting them each with spanking new briefs adorned with superheros and then took them to the mall for dinner and a kiddy movie as a special treat for two good little boys.  Shari and I wanted the two little boys to bond as special friends through this shared experience.

Back home, I bathed Aaron and made sure that I made him cum when I washed him and then put him to bed.  He asked about Cas and I promised him that he was safe from her.  "Thank you, Ma'am." he said quietly.  I sat by his side and while I fingered his smooth pubis.  "Will you let me grow them again?" he asked.

I could not lie to my little boy.  "No, Aaron.  As long as you have a babysitter you are a little boy.  Little boys don't have nasty, ugly pubes but are smooth like you are now.  They wear briefs and not boxers and may run about the house naked.  Your mommy expects this so don't even think about getting dressed before breakfast.  You are to obey and respect Shari just the same as you do me.  Also, Wade is your very special buddy now since you are both the same age and have babysitters."

"I don't feel that great resentment and anger that I did when Cas took my pubes." Aaron volunteered.  When I pressed him, he added: "I feel happy about giving them to you.  I guess you will spank me also since I'm a little boy."

"Turn over, Aaron." I said with a smile.  He did and I gave him a few gentle spanks on his cute butt and had him turn back.

"Everything seems right, Ma'am." he said smiling.  Since we had finished our end of day talk, I started the formal greeting that I also used to say good night to my little boy.

"Who am I?"

"You're my babysitter." he said with a big smile.

"Who are you?"

"I'm a little boy who needs a babysitter, Ma'am."

"What are you?" I said this time continuing with the full exchange.

"A little boy who has a babysitter and does not have any nasty, ugly pubes."

He did not hesitate with the final answer.  I kissed him goodnight.

When Mrs. Cabane got home I told her that been successful in transforming Aaron as she had wanted.  He now understands and accepts that as long as he has a babysitter he is just a little boy.  He had been on the cusp for a while pretending he was more since he had pubes.  Today, he willingly gave them to me and now is like an eight to ten year old boy.  My mother's methods are very effective and he followed the path just as she predicted.

A few days later Mrs. Cabane told me that Aaron had came down to breakfast naked just as he had done years before.  He even boasted: "Ms. Tanya took those nasty hairs away and she said I'm much nicer without them.  See?  Ms. Shari did the same to Wade and then we had a great time at the mall, Mommy.  She even got me some awesome Spiderman briefs.  May I wear them today, Mommy, please?"  She was very pleased that Aaron was an immodest, little boy except at school and expected that he would continue that way and avoid some of those nasty teen years.

My mother was most pleased with me for being so successful.

* * * * * * * * * *

My success with Aaron had left me with a problem.  Aaron was now a little boy and thus not qualified to use to spank my sister Caitlin.  I could have spanked her myself using a strap or hairbrush but I thought it was more effective if I had someone to send her to for discipline.  Of course, Cas would have loved the opportunity to get even so I did not consider her.  Then I realized who the absolutely perfect person was – Mike Cesare.  Physically he was more than adequate for he was ​five feet ten inches​ (​178 cm​) tall and almost fifteen although he was late starting puberty and still had a small penis.  This was not a problem since I did not need stud but a spanker.  He would be able, even better than Aaron, to give Caitlin thorough spankings easily.  There was a bonus if I could get him for Caitlin had a secret crush on him and because she had been instrumental in his treatment he would never overcome his shyness and approach her unless he could show her he was a man.

Fortunately, he was not under the control of his little sister, Gail, so I would not have deal with her and I was certain that Mrs. Cesare would like it if he could blossom.  I spoke with her and got the OK so I arranged a meeting with Mike.  He was surprised, to say the least, although willing before I mentioned anything about the spankee.  After making him promise to keep quiet, I told him that Caitlin had gotten off track (sort of like Gail had) and needed guidance.  Because I did not want to use an implement rather than a hand, I wanted his help. I also explained that there were also a couple of boys that I might call on him for assistance as well.

Since he never spanked anyone, I gave him a lesson by getting over his lap myself.  I had him remove my blouse and skirt even though for a real spanking he would actually strip the spankee completely.  I wiggled and struggled about so that he could practice to holding an uncooperative spankee and even how to use his legs in extreme cases.  I then allowed him to give me a birthday sort of spanking.  When we had finished, he thanked me and said that he felt much more confident about doing this.

It was not a day too soon for Aaron and Wade, as little boys are wont to do, managed to get home late the next day.  I parked the boys in corners and called Mike to come over.  Once he was there, I lectured the two naughty little boys and let them know that they were going to be spanked by Mike.  Mike slowly undressed both of them alternating with each item.  Aaron got the first spanking.  I had to encourage Mike to hit harder and spread over more of the little target butt but he was a quick study.  I was delighted that Aaron lost control and was crying before the end.  Wade started to cry after only a few spanks although I'm not sure if Mike was being more effective or Wade was more of a little boy.

I comforted them some and was convinced that they recognized that the spanking was fair and proportionate.  I then made them do homework rather than play.  I enjoyed a pleasant chat with Mike and told him how well he had done.  "Sure nicer to give than receive!" he said.  I explained that spanking a girl was done exactly the same way expect that there would be an extra garment – the bra – to remove.  Mike questioned if that was necessary and I told him that it was for the physiological effect of total exposure.  He understood that having been through it himself.  You won't see anything that you haven't with Gail except that Caitlin's tits are bigger.

I also had to tell him about Caitlin's special protector for I wanted him to remove it as part of the punishment.  I reminded him of his promise to keep quiet and explained that Caitlin had slipped and was now under my control.  Because of her immature behavior and misconduct, she no longer has pubic hair and has to wear a special crotch protector locked on so that she wouldn't abuse herself or worse.  Just like her bra, it also has to be removed so that she will be fully exposed during her spanking.

It was only a few days later that Caitlin required a spanking.  I called Mike and he rushed over most anxious to be of help.  (I suspect he had some other reasons as well.)  Caitlin was appalled that Mike was going to spank her as she expected Aaron.  "Naughty little girls don't pick their spanker.  Their mommy or babysitter selects the spanker." and then, as I had with the boys, I gave her a lecture concluding with "and now Mike is going to undress you and spank you.  It would be best if you cooperate."

Caitlin did not like this anymore than the boys she had done it to, but, like them, did not have a choice.  Actually, she was better off since there was not an audience.  She knew Mike as a kind and sensitive boy perhaps she felt less threatened although she did not like it.  Her blouse, skirt, stockings and shoes were quickly removed leaving her dressed as much as for the beach. Now the real exposure began as Mike unhooked her bra and tossed it aside.  Although he looked carefully, he did not touch them nor comment but I'm sure they were more interesting than his sister's.  Perhaps Caitlin then remembered what was under her panties and gripped them tightly.  I gave her three seconds to put her hands on her head or she would get another spanking tomorrow.  "Please, don't do this." she begged but it was going to happen.  The panties were quickly removed leaving her in only the special protector.  I gave Mike the key and he proceeded to undo it.  Because of the lock and fastenings it took a while to remove it allowing Mike a good look at her shaved pussy.  Any other boy would have commented on that but Mike was too kind.

I paused the proceeding to take Caitlin to the potty remembering what a mess she made when Shari and I caught her being spanked by Aaron.  When I brought her back I guided her into position over Mike's lap and the spanking commenced.  Mike was too gentle and I had to encourage him to hit harder.  As he turned her bottom pink, red and finally crimson Caitlin began to cry.  I had him spank her some more and then parked her in the corner.  Mike was curious enough to have checked out her pussy from the rear as he spanked her.  I was delighted when he lifted her up by putting his spanking hand right on her slit from behind and the other one on her chest under her tits which gave him a good feel.  That was fair because she had done that to him in a much meaner way.

I ordered Caitlin into the corner and took Mike to the kitchen for a drink and to talk.  I told him that he had done a good job and hoped he would be available for further sessions should my naughty little sister require them.  I gave him the key to put on his key ring.  Caitlin would learn about that the next time and have another reason to desire him.  It would also help his self esteem by having the key to a desirable young lady in his pocket.

Things were going well as far as I could see.  Caitlin was coming into line like a foal learning her place.  Aaron was doing very well showing two personalities.  One for school and generally as a well behaved almost thirteen-year-old and, two, as a little boy when I babysat him.  Shari was doing very well with controlling her brothers.  Travis took more work since Wade was now hairless also so he did not see him as a man any more than himself.  Wade was very much like Aaron and they liked to play together.

The Hunt for David's Balls by Steam Train

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