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The following story is fiction about young teens.  The story contains scenes of stripping, humiliation, spanking, shaving and masturbation of a youth and the use of a male chastity device.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This is the sixth story in the "Hunt" series' which follows the further adventures of the female character Caitlin from my stories.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  The author has given explicit permission for his story to be posted here.

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Caitlin's Saga
The Hunt for David's Balls


Steam Train <>

Finally the time of David Colby's doom was imminent!

Waiting for Mr. Colby to be away on his twenty-eight day shift in Brazil and getting a suitable weekend appointment with Dr. Sutherland had meant that the hunt for David's balls had taken longer than I had originally expected!

My own life had taken a number of turns for the worse in the last few weeks and I was looking to David's demise to bring me some much needed enjoyment!

If I was less than happy with the way my life was at present then it was an even less happy David Colby who currently sat opposite me in Dr. Sutherland's waiting room.  I felt like telling him to cheer up as his life was about to get much worse.  You see I knew what Dr. Sutherland, my mum and Mrs. Colby had planned for him.

As per my mom's plan, David had been confronted with the fake video of him raping Cassidy by Mrs. Colby who pretend she was totally shocked and disgusted in his actions and about to take him to the police.© YLeeCoyote

David tried to explain what really happened between him and Cassidy but soon came to the realization that the video was damming evidence against him.  He knew what happened to boys like him in juvenile detention and so readily agreed to visit Dr. Sutherland for a physical and to participate in her new behavior modification program if it meant that the video would be kept private and the police would not be involved.

Dr. Sutherland was, like a lot of paediatricians, a primary care physician who specialized in children.  She was patron of my mom's women's group and was always willing within the law to assist any mother who wanted to bring her unruly child, especially boys, under control!

"David Colby please follow me" the nurse announced.

Cassidy and I knew who the nurse was but I don't think David recognised her.  Kate Sutherland was Dr. Sutherland's daughter.  She was also in the ninth grade and fourteen going on fifteen like David, Cassidy and I.  When Dr. Sutherland did special weekend appointments she utilised her underage daughter as her nurse.  Dressed in the nurses' uniform with a wig, makeup and some strategically placed padding Kate looked years older.

Only recently Kate had related to me at school her excitement at being involved in the medical examinations of the six boys selected for final casting consideration for a new musical which was soon to premiere that required a boy who looked twelve to thirteen years old as it's principal performer.  The role would be rotated between four boys and one of the requirements was that they have unbroken voices and be less than ​five foot two inches​ (​157 cm​) tall.  Basically they had to be prepubescent and Dr. Sutherland was commissioned to report to the casting director of the musical on the physical health of the six chosen boy contenders and specifically their Tanner stages!

I was so jealous of Kate, especially as one of the six was fifteen year old teen pop heart throb Armistead Barber.  Kate had seen him totally naked!

It was a profusely blushing and trembling David that walked behind Kate into the examination room followed by Mrs. Colby, Cassidy and myself.  Part of David's added gloom was that his mom had insisted that Cassidy and I be present.  Cassidy to appease her for David's actions and I to support my friend.

The examination room was large and in the centre of the room was an examination table complete with stirrups, which were currently set at a low angle but I knew enough about stirrups to know that soon they would be raised to such an angle that David's legs would be spread high and wide exposing everything between his legs.

The ever confident Kate instructed "Right David, please remove all your clothing and hand them to your mother then I will position you on the examination table ready for Dr. Sutherland."

I looked over at Mrs. Colby who looked to be savouring the moment of David's demise

David was trembling visibly and as Mrs. Colby touched his shoulder to move him along, he almost flinched, such was his abject state of nerves.

"Come on David, hand me your clothes and I will fold them for you."

Mrs. Colby did well in keeping her demeanour neutral as she watched her blushing and trembling son slowly undress.

Each item of David's undressing was a delight to watch!

I admired his chest and narrow waist, a thin sheen of perspiration was evident as he stood trembling, his eyes down cast and his bottom lip quivering as he got down to just his jeans.

"Come along David, off with your jeans" Mrs. Colby encouraged.

Slowly David undid his belt then the button at the top of his jeans with trembling fingers.

I noticed David could not look at anyone present as he eased his jeans down his thighs, acutely aware that his erection, which tented the thin cotton material of his boxers, was now noticeable.

Handing his jeans to Mrs. Colby he suddenly covered his erection with both hands, pushing his bottom backwards and almost crossing his legs.

Mrs. Colby at first pretended not to notice but Cassidy's giggle was a dead give away that his actions had been noticed.

"Stand up straight David; you look ridiculous in that position" Mrs. Colby ordered.  You of all people have no reason to be so modest, for we all know what you look like after your performance in that video!

"Please place your hands by your sides and stand up straight as your mom has asked" Kate commented when David made no initial move.

Mrs. Colby waited slightly impatiently for her son to obey, tapping her feet and folding her arms.  I felt a thrill run through my body and a tingling between my legs as I watched David slowly stand straight and reluctantly uncover himself and place his hands by his sides.

Trembling and blushing a bright red, David looked horrified as Kate went down on one knee in front of him and placed her delicate hands on either side of his waist.

"Too slow David" Kate admonished as she slid the smooth palms of her hands down inside the waist of his boxers.

I watched as Kate slowly pulled his boxers down exposing his ample but not large bush of pubes until his erect cock momentarily halted her progress.  Looking at his pubes with a smile she lifted the waistband over his ​five and a half inch​ (​fourteen cm​) boner, watching it spring upwards as it was freed from the confines of his boxers.  David's cock was a good size for a guy of fourteen, it was long and thick and was complimented by a hanging but still hairless set of balls!

Kate's face was only ​inches​ (​centimeters​) away from David's smooth bulbous cock head, which was circumcised, as she slid his boxers down his thighs and to his feet.

"Lift your feet so that I can take them off" Kate ordered.

David looked like he was near to fainting as Kate took his arm and moved him over to the examination table and made him sit on the end and then lay back.

His face was ablaze with utter humiliation and embarrassment as Kate lifted and spread wide open his legs as she placed them in the stirrups and then strapped them in preventing David from removing his legs from the stirrups.

She then made David lift his bottom off the examination table so she could place a pad under the small of his back, which supported him.  I knew from my own experience that when his legs were raised higher the support would elevate his bottom even further away from the examination table.

Whilst Kate had been doing this David had covered his groin again with both hands.  He resisted as Kate moved to his side and gently took his wrists to pull his hands away from his groin.

Seeing her son's resistance Mrs. Colby spoke sharply, "Look at me David."

David opened his eyes which had been tightly shut with embarrassment and looked at his mom through his widely spread legs.

"The nature of our relationship has changed, due to your criminal behaviour I am asserting more control than ever over you" Mrs. Colby stated in an authoritarian manner.  "Let the nurse position you properly, for if I see any more such nonsense I will smack your bare bottom.

You could have heard a pin drop in the room such was the silence that followed that comment.  David again blushed and trembled in humiliation.

Mrs. Colby, Cassidy and I watched Kate uncover David's groin again as he quietly whimpered like a frightened puppy.

Kate then took his wrists and raised his arms until they were laid on the examination table stretched out above his head and secured them in place with straps, exposing his lightly haired arm pits and preventing him from covering up again.

David was now stretched out totally naked as Kate strapped down his chest totally immobilising him.

David's most private parts were now totally exposed and his immobilised body highlighted to me the shift in the relationship with his mother.  Mrs. Colby now had complete superiority over him.  Unable to move his body David laid his head to the side and closed his eyes tightly, trying I think to block out the pure and utter embarrassment and humiliation he must have been feeling.

Mrs. Colby, Cassidy and I came closer and looked down at the naked body of David as Nurse Kate wheeled across a trolley, filled with a variety of instruments and supplies. "He has a beautiful physique and wonderful skin" Mrs. Colby commented absent minded to Cassidy and me.

"Ummm yes he does" I gushed out surprised at her comment.

Cassidy looked equally bemused and just nodded her head in agreement!

As we all admired David's body close up Nurse Kate took a shaving brush from the trolley and nonchalantly began lathering David's genitals, gently lifting his balls as she applied the foam evenly over all of his genital area, even those parts that still appeared hairless.  Kate took the opportunity to show Cassidy and me all about prep razors and how they don't clog on long hair!

David's face looked horrified throughout Kate's training session on prep razors and he begged her not to shave off his pubes when she finally in an almost callous and casual manner, took hold of David's cock.  Despite David's continued protests, Kate moved the razor about his groin shaving the entire area between his legs and buttocks as David looked down at his groin, horror filling his eyes as his sign of manhood disappeared before his eyes.

David was beside himself with utter humiliation as Kate denuded his pubic area to total baldness then raising his legs high in the stirrups she stretched his bottom cheeks wide apart and shaved his bum crack the few hairs growing there before turning on his small patch of pit hairs!

When Dr. Sutherland entered the examination room she wasted no time in inspecting the quality of Kate's shaving before opening a box that was on the trolley.

"David in light of your behaviour with Cassidy I have recommended to your mother that we fit you with this male chastity device."

I giggled at this comment little realising then that my sister would soon have an equivalent female device fitted to me to control my own sexual urges.

Turning to Mrs. Colby, Dr. Sutherland ignored my giggles and David's verbal protest and continued, "It is made from high strength materials used in prosthetics and has been designed for long-term wear.  It will encase David's entire scrotum as well as his penis and consists of a cock ring and a cage which surrounds his penis and scrotum.  A lockable nylon post holds the cage against the cock ring and when locked in place it is impossible to remove."

"Because it encloses the scrotum the chastity device does not put pressure on the scrotum area like trapped ball type devices use for security, and therefore is very comfortable for long term wear.  Whilst worn, it will prevent David from achieving a full erection and effectively prevent him masturbating.  It does however rub and press against the penis, making it difficult for David to forget that he has it on; this in turn will keep him in a state of extended sexual frustration.  It is easy to urinate with the device when either standing up or sitting down and is virtually undetectable under clothing, if you do not want people to know he is wearing it."

"Before I fit the device I think it would be wise have David ejaculate as much semen as possible.  This will allow him some time to get used to the device before his sexual urges begin to build and he finds he is no longer able to gain relief" Dr. Sutherland informed Mrs. Colby.

By the time the Doctor finished talking David's penis had gone completely flaccid.

As Dr. Sutherland moved between David's legs, Nurse Kate handed her an opened tube of lubricant from the trolley and waited with her hand outstretched while the doctor snapped on a rubber glove in front of the wide eyed David and then greased several of her fingers before handing the tube back.  Kate had obviously done this procedure many times.  I wondered if she had done it to the naked Armistead Barber and subjected him to this kind of humiliating and intrusive examination.  I made a mental note to ask Kate a lot more questions about Armistead and the other five boys!

Dr. Sutherland then proceeded to insert her hand between David's stretched bottom and pressed her forefinger against his tight rosebud sphincter.

"Relax David; I am just going to slide a finger up inside you."

David moaned and turned his head to the side in embarrassment.  His moan turned quickly to a groan as Dr. Sutherland pushed her lubricated finger push past the constricting muscle of David's tight sphincter and felt for his prostate gland.

"Oooooohhhhhh." David groaned as Dr. Sutherland's finger, felt deep inside of him.

I could tell when she located it as there was an answering throb from David's penis.

Kate caused David's next groan of misery and embarrassment as she took hold of his quickly erecting penis and gently began stroking his shaft.  Kate gave a smile of satisfaction to Mrs. Colby, Cassidy and I as his cock quickly became fully erect within her hand.

Kate's practiced milking action soon had David gasping for breath and every sinew of his body was tight.

Again I wondered had she done this to Armistead Barber and the other five boys.

David built to a crescendo of moans and groans before he suddenly arched his back and in a wail of anguish a mighty stream of thick semen erupted from his thrusting cock.

To David's distress, Kate continued to stroke his pulsating cock, attempting to milk him of all his semen as Dr. Sutherland also continued massaging his prostrate.  David threw his head back in anguish and lashed it from side to side with his mouth wide open, gasping for air, as renewed jets of thick white semen burst from the tip of his violated cock as he ejaculated again and again in a wail of anguish that almost caused David to faint in ecstasy!

On and on they went until the last spurts of now watery semen were drained from him.  His back arched as much as it could, constrained as it was by the chest strap for one final time before he fell back on to the examination table exhausted.  His chest heaved for breath as the doctor slowly and gently slid her gloved finger out from his bottom.

I could almost hear his heart beating within his chest as David lay there looking humiliated, his face as red as a beetroot.  Not just from the physically overwhelming masturbation he had just suffered but from the utter humiliation that he had suffered in front of us all.

In her usual business like manner Dr. Sutherland then informed Mrs. Colby, "I will try on David some of the different size cock rings and spacers supplied with the male chastity device to see which size fits him securely and after fitting I shall write you out a medical certificate explaining its attachment that you can give to his school for when he has to shower after PE" Dr. Sutherland explained.

It did not take Dr. Sutherland very long to have David's balls and cock securely locked away.  Cassidy and Mrs. Colby were given the keys that would unlock the device and allow David to get sexual release.  David was so exhausted from his ordeal and so traumatised at having his genitals locked up that Cassidy and I had to help him get dressed.  We wiped off the seaman and lube from his torso and Cassidy used her key for the first time so we could wash and carefully dry and powder around his boy junk.  When the job was completed and his chastity device refitted you could not tell through his jeans that David was even wearing a chastity device.

Finally after much planning on my part, the hunt for David's balls was accomplished, they were certainly now well and truly captured and locked up!

Cruelly Locked Up by YLee

© Copyright Steam Train, December 19, 2010

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