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The following story is fiction about young teens.  The story contains scenes of humiliation, spanking, shaving and masturbation and the use of a male chastity device.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This is the sequel to Steam Train's story "The Hunt for David's Balls" which should be read first.

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Caitlin's Saga
Cruelly Locked Up



I knew that I would be taken to Dr. Sutherland that terrible day and had not slept well at all.  I did not want to go but they made horrid threats showing me that fake video which make it look like I had raped Cas.  I certainly did not want to get sent to juvenile detention which would leave me with a record and where the ghetto boys would turn me into their punk.  The day started with Mom barging into my room and rousing me.  "Time for your enema, David." she said cheerfully as if that would be great fun.  She made me take off my boxers and lie on my side so that she could shove the thing up my butt.  Then she gleefully squeezed the bottle to fill me with the stuff.  In just three minutes, I had to take a dump but she made me lie there for another three minutes.  I thought I was going to mess the bed.

I dashed to the toilet not caring that she was watching my junk swing and emptied myself.  It stank!  I was about to get into the shower, when Mom produced the full bag to "rinse me out".  That was no fun either.  Only then was I permitted to shower and with Mom watching I could not deal with my morning wood.

While we waited in the doctor's waiting room, two of my classmates, Caitlin and Cassidy sat there watching me.  I objected about them being there and Mom explained that Ms. Di Medico was there so that she would see the start of my rehabilitation and not seek legal action for my horrendous activities.  Ms. Skye was there to support her traumatized friend.  Hell, I've been screwing Cas almost everyday since that "rape" and she loved it.  I was the one being royally screwed and traumatized!

The one bright spot was the nurse the doctor had.  She was hot with a great ass and boobs!  I guessed that she was probably just out of school.  I had to strip then get on the examination table.  They stuck my legs on some metal things for the table was shorter than ones I had seen before.  In a few minutes, I was stretched out and strapped down like I was a guest of Tomás de Torquemada.© YLeeCoyote

The beauty then lathered up my crotch and shaved my pubes while giving a lesson about razors to my classmates.  When my pubis was hairless like that of a little boy, those metal things were raised up and spread apart leaving my junk hanging helpless and unprotected.  Even my butt hole was exposed.  I could barely move and certainly not get away.  I was as helpless as an innocent puppy taken to the vet to be castrated.  Fortunately they did not do that to me although the nurse shaved my crack et al.

The doctor and the nurse then proceed to empty my nuts.  The nurse jerked me off (and she was damn good at it) while the doctor had a gloved finger up my ass.  They made me come and come until I was dry and exhausted after which the doctor fitted the cage over my junk.

Cas used the – her! – key for the first time to remove it and right after they cleaned me up, they locked me up again.  I was so beat that Caitlin and Cas had to help me dress and Mother then took me home.

Back to School

It was only two days after that evil sadistic she-devil got me in her office, shaved my pubes and pits, and jerked me off in front of a herd of sows including my own Mother.  It even got worse for she locked me up in this horrendous, torture device that not only stops me from jerking off but even prevents me getting a proper erection.  I hope that she and mother roast in hell for an eternity for I'm already going crazy.

This morning Mom took me to school (to make sure that I didn't play hooky) and told the principal that I was locked up on doctor's orders but that I was NOT to be excused from PE not even the showers.  I practically died right there in his office.

I'm sure that Dad would find a way out of this but he just started his tour and they got that rigged video that makes it look like I raped Cassidy Di Medico.  That cock tease even has a key to IT.

In gym, the Coach pulled me into his office so that I could change in private but my good fortune did not last very long.  Some five minutes early, he stopped the games we were playing for a talk with the class.  Soon half the guys the ninth and tenth grades knew that I was different.  He gave strict warnings about leaving me alone and respecting the fact that I had to wear a special device for medical reasons.  "Remember that it is just as rude and inconsiderate to invade David's personal space as it is of someone using a cane, having braces and other stuff."  When we were in his office, he advised me to say a few words because the rumors and gossip would happen so it was best to explain at least some but not to mention anyone other than the doctor and my mother.

I got on the stand next to him.  I was very hesitant.  "As you will see in a few minutes, I have been cruelly locked up by my mother and a quack of a doctor for trumped-up reasons.  I really do not want to talk about it."  I pulled down my gym shorts and jock and let everyone see that horrid contraption.  There was absolute silence and looks of horror on each and every face.  I hoped that would keep me from being trampled in the showers as those first viewers yelled shit like: "OMG, he's been locked up."

I was so distraught that I made a mistake about showing IT in the gym rather than waiting to get back to the locker room.  Some of the girls leaving on the far side heard and turned also getting a look see.  Fortunately, everyone's phone was in the phone lockers so that they couldn't take pictures.

We were sent to the showers with a reminder that harassers would have a lot of time to think about stuff in detention.  The Coach stayed close to me but everyone wanted a look and was sympatric.  But that did not stop the talk and within two periods everyone in my year knew about my plight – even the girls.  You can guess what witty comments were made.  I wished that I was dead.  Many of the girls stared at my crotch trying to see it they could detect it.

Even my former buddy Travis Haussler did not support me.  He made a comment that I was hairless like he was and locked up so that my cock was useless.  "At least I can still use my cock." he boasted.

That pissed me off (especially since I was on a short fuse) and I lashed back at him.  "Well, Trav, that may be but when this thing is off and we both grow our pubes back you'll still have a little boy's cock and mine will be that of a man."  He turned red and the guys laughed.  That was, alas, of little comfort.

A few days later, the guys all had each gotten a close up look and I really couldn't blame nor stop them.  The Coach couldn't stop them from looking at me in the shower and there was not any point making it forbidden fruit to intrigue them more.

The girls who like to tease were delighted and they all wanted to see.  "No!  I'll be in more trouble if I took my pants down for you.  No.  Absolutely NO!"  Of course, Caitlin, Cassidy and Kate Sutherland had those knowing smiles every time we saw each other.  Did Dr. Sutherland talk about me violating medical ethics since her daughter seemed to be in the know?

I Get Off

I hadn't gotten off in days for Mom said she would not let me for ten days.  When Cassidy and Caitlin said they would jerk me off, I took the opportunity even though I did not want to with them but only Mom and Cas had keys.

They came to my house and made me strip.  "Spread-eagle on the bed, David." they ordered and proceeded to tie me down explaining that they did not want to have any trouble replacing the medical appliance.  They removed IT and I popped up unencumbered for the first time almost a week. "You're anxious, we see." said Caitlin thinking she was a great wit.

"And happy to see us.  That's surely not a pistol in your pocket." joked Cassidy.  She was not a bit like Mae West.

They proceeded to jerk me off and I exploded harder than when I took Cas's virginity.  But my pleasure was short lived.  They immediately jerked me off again so that I was sore.

Then they noted that my hair was growing back and covered me with some sort of cream.  A few minutes latter I was smooth as a baby when they washed me clean.  They powered me and put IT back on.  They kissed me goodbye and untied one of my wrists so I could free myself.

The fourth time Cas showed up alone.  I knew what I had to do to have her get me off, so I stripped and got on to the bed so she could tie me down.  It was a great joy that she removed the cage and I sprang free.  "Anxious, as always, my little hairless boy." she chortled.

"Yes, Mistress." I replied remembering the game she played when I was trapped.  She got on top of me and I stared at her already wet snatch showing she was just as anxious as I was.  I did my not so onerous duty and ate her out and made her come.  She got off me, and I expected a hand job next but I was surprised that she rolled a condom on my hard shaft.  I did not know what to expect.  Perhaps she would make me eat my own spunk.  Then she sat on me again impaling herself on me.  Oh, that felt ever so good being in her hot throbbing hole.  Up and down she went until she came again.  Fortunately, I came first since she stopped immediately.

"That my good little pet." she said as she cleaned me up and replaced the cage. leaving me very confused.  I guess that she missed our regular fuck sessions just as much as I did.

Short Term Salvation

I was having lunch by myself in the school cafeteria.  Since IT had been seen in the gym showers, I was generally avoided and usually had a table to myself unless it was crowded when some loser shared the table.  The guys treated me like I had contagions open sores all over my body.  Today's company was very different for it was Reuben Rudde who joined me.  He was new to town and an eleventh grader.

"I know what you're going through, David." he said as an opening line.  I looked at him puzzled and even considering blowing him away with a nasty crack about being locked up but he continued.  "My mother was a crazy feminist which is why I'm living with my father now.  I really do know what you're going through."

Now I was interested.  Assuming he was being truthful, then he could help me even if it was just knowing that I was not the only one ever subjected to this ordeal.

"Does she allow you come at all?" he asked.

I slipped and said that Caitlin and Cassidy had jerked me off after four days.  "Mom promised that every ten days I'll be allowed to jerk off for her.  It sucks.  I'm always horny and no release.  Don't even have good nocturnal emissions."

"There are ways to evade her." he said quietly.  I was desperate and Reuben was providing the first inkling that there might be a way.

"Tell me." I said and then remembered, "Please."  I paused and added "I'm desperate."

"Can you take an hour after school?"  I nodded.  "Come to my place then.  He let a small piece of paper slip onto the table and left.

My concentration was worse than usual for the rest of the afternoon.  My grades were beginning to slip as I was always thinking of sex and the impossibility of it.  It was harder now than it would have been before that bitch Cassidy trapped me when I was making her a woman although I got to plow her every day before they brought those trumped-up charges and a flock of females ganged up on me and locked this thing on me.

When I rang his bell, Reuben was awaiting for me.  He took me upstairs to his bedroom via the kitchen where he offered me a snack – soda, milk or beer and chips or pretzels.  His dad was like mine apparently – one beer in the house was allowed.  Once upstairs, he questioned me on the human male anatomy.  I was pretty ignorant as we hadn't gotten to it in bio class yet and sex ed was a pitiful joke.  He brought up some images from the web and they were, er, very enlightening.  I admit I had tried to find such stuff myself but had failed.  Rube gave me a super fast course – excite the cock and it triggers a mess of stuff that feels great.  I knew about orgasms how great they were but then he went on to tell me there are other ways to trigger them.  I was all ears now.

He asked me when I was passing a hard turd, if it ever felt good (before it strained the exit hole)?  Damn, he was right.  Was he suggesting that I get constipated?  It was back to the pictures and I learnt about the "love nut" neatly labeled "prostate".  I remembered that the she-devil had done something inside me.

"With the right stimulation of your love nut, you can come even without an erection."

I could hardly wait.  "HOW?"

"With this, my friend, with this." he said as he gripped his package.

"But that's gay." I protested suddenly realizing what he had in mind.

"Why do you think that guys like be fucked.  Because it feels great and makes them cum.  This is lot safer than sticking a hard thing up your butt that could rip you up.  Even a tiny hole in your rectum will infect your gut and lead to a painful death."

I sat there like a dummy.

"Dave, you got a choice – wait for your jailer mommy to let you come with her watching or … or be a man and get off when you want."  I remained silent.  "I'll be gentle and won't hurt you and it will be between just us.  I know for I've been in your position."

I was going nuts.  I had to do something.  Even this.  "OK." I said.

He told me to strip and as he did also.  I saw that he had a nice bod and neatly trimmed bush above a regular size dick.  He got out a couple of small towels, a tube of lube and some condoms out of a drawer.  He looked at that the torture device locked on my junk and said: "That's abuse."  As I got on the bed and held my legs up he slipped a condom on his hard ​seven inches​ (​eighteen cm​).  "Don't worry and just relax.  I'm going to use a lot of lube and loosen your hole up with my fingers before I start to massage your love nut so I don't hurt you.  Ready?"

I was and he got going.  He was gentle and talked softly to me as he dilated my hole so his shaft could get to my nut.  He was so gentle that I closed my eyes and was imagining a real beauty when he replaced his fingers with his rod into me.  It was when he rubbed my love nut that the universe changed.  My dick was straining against its cage but it felt good.  Each rub made things better and then I came.  It was not like when I plowed Cas or jerked off but it was still great.  I gave a yell of pleasure and relief.  He must have come also, for he pulled out and handed me a towel to wipe the mess from my chest while he wiped himself off.

"Man o man!  That was fantastic." I told him.  "I owe you big time."

"My pleasure Dav, but you better get dressed and go.  See you in a couple of days."  Then as an after thought added.  "Better not talk about this as it might get back to your mom and you have even more trouble in the locker room."

I left much happier than I arrived without any doubt about returning for another release.  When Dad gets home in a couple of weeks, I'm sure he put a stop to all this.

Mixed Blessing

Things were not as impossible as at first.  Reuben was very happy to help me come as often as I wanted, or more precisely, could with the restrictions I was under.  Although it was not my favorite way to get off, it still was under my control which was a good thing for my self respect.

Cas, usually with Caitlin, loved to tie me up and make me service her by sitting on chest and pushing her juicy cunt into my face.  Actually, I let them think that I did not like it so that they would do it more often.  I had Caitlin that way also but she stopped wanting it after a couple of weeks without any explanation.  After they came they would jerk me off to show the power they had before locking me up again.  I had to thank them for being ever so kind.  It did, however, kept me from having a permanent case of blue balls.

What I did not look forward to was every tenth day.  Mom had said that was when I would be allowed some relief as per the quack's prescription.  I did not want to let her know about the times with the girls and positively not with Reubin.  I did not look forward to it at all.

When the time came and Mom started: "David, it is time for you to ejaculate according to Dr. Sutherland.  It is necessary for your health."  (Like if she cared, she would not have locked me up in the first place.)  She took me to the bathroom and while I was in the tub removed the cage.  "OK, David, ejaculate as the doctor ordered."  She expected that I would pop off in seconds but it was hard to get hard with her watching and being so clinical.  I did manage and then she made me shower carefully washing my equipment.  After I was dry, she checked for sores and locked me up again.

It was horrid.  I know some guys are into their mothers, but not me especially since she is so cruel.  At least Cas and Caitlin are attractive girls for all their other faults.

Strange Ménage à Trois

I must admit that Cas was full of surprises.  But this one topped them all.  She came over alone and as always I stripped for her but she did not tie me to the bed.

"Something different my little pet." she said and tied my wrists together.  After she stripped, she got on my bed and spread her legs so that I was kneeling between them.  She then indicated that I should kowtow and do what I was very good at.  She even made sure that I did not fall by guiding me to her desirous slit.  I pleasured her a while and then she stopped me.  "I'm sorry that I forgot the key, my little one," she said rubbing my ears, "but a brought a friend to help you out."

I looked up and it was Rube.  He said "Hi," and quickly stripped and rolled a condom on his ready rod.  He kneeled behind me and began his usual loosening of my hole.  Cas made me resume working on her cunt and soon he had impaled me.

I had to make her come several times and Rube thoroughly enjoyed my ass for he also came.  Fortunately so did I, but like I always did with Rude while still locked in the cage.

Cas explained that Rube and she were friends and that he loved blow jobs.  I objected to doing that and got taught a lesson in obedience.  Rube sat on my bed and dragged me over his lap.  I could not fight back with my wrists tied and he had gotten a leg over mine.  He started to spank me.  The first few spanks were light but then he put some muscle behind it.  Cas sweetly explained: "The spanking would stop when I stopped being a stubborn, willful, recalcitrant, disobedient little boy and would do as I was told."

I tried to hold out but I could not.  "Please, I'll do it." I wailed.

"Do what?"

"I'll suck Rube.  Please," I whined, "stop spanking me."

So Rude got me kneeling on the floor between his legs and with his big cock up and ready.  It was not so bad until he was ready and then he grabbed my head and made sure that I would taste his cum and then swallow it.  I gave my first blow job to him as Cas watched.  It was just liked I had imagined a BJ should be except I was the sucker rather than the suckee.  Well, I almost got it right.

Cas let me know that she was  Rube's girlfriend and that she liked his manliness especially his big cock and bush.  Rude explained that he was bi so that he would continued to be a good friend and make me come as long as I was locked up and afterwards if I wanted.

I was trapped once again.  I wished that my dad was home to get me out of this.

Dad Returns

I expected that as soon as Dad saw this horror on me, he would immediately force Mom to yield the key or cut it off.  He started to do that but Mom showed him the video and he paused.  "Dav, that is very incriminating.  Even if it a fake like you say, it could have disastrous consequences if it gets out "  I was very dejected then.  I felt that Dad was not on my side.  I went to my room and cried.

What I did not know was that Dad had formulated a plan immediately, just like a general must have a strategic plan to win a war rather than just one battle.  He had a lot of friends.  One analyzed the video and showed how it had been manipulated.

We lucked out that Rude was away for a week so Cas wanted my cock in her cunt again.  Dad got it all on the cam – how she tied me to the bed, made me eat her out and then sat on my dick to fuck herself – which would undermine her story for girls just don't go back and fuck their rapists in a nice, albeit kinky, way.  There was also the fact that Cas was tied up and shaved before I got there and that the camera were ready.  That showed that there was a plot especially since the Twins did not even try to intervene.

A private detective, dressed in a cop's uniform, got the story from the easily scared Turner Twins and then followed up with Aaron Cabane.  With his house empty all day, it was easy to enter and tracelessly copy his hard disk.  Although he had encrypted the video files he had the keys in a easily cracked file.  Dad had some very good connections and Aaron was very outclassed in security procedures.

Confronted with all this evidence, Mom and several other of the less ardent feministic moms backed off for fear of an official investigation that might lead to abuse charges and expose several girls. There were even some questions raised about Dr. Sutherland judgement about the cage but that was for another time.

Best of all, I was freed.  The Twins got a proper babysitter.  Shari continues to control her brothers while Tanya is in charge of Caitlin (which explains her changed behavior) but these are private family matters.  The big surprise was Aaron.  He wants to have Tanya continue to babysit him.  He made a very eloquent statement:

When I got to understand things I saw that I was living a double sort of life.  Most of the time I was a pre-teen doing well in school and behaving properly.  When I was with Tanya (or Shari) I was just a little boy and was suppose to be childish without cares or responsibilities.  Being able to be that way, let me avoid getting into trouble the rest of the time because I got the mischief out of my system.  However, when I do get into trouble I get over Tanya's lap and she spanks me good and proper so that I cry like a well spanked naughty boy should.

When I get to high school I'll want to have pubes so as not to look like a baby in the showers.  If I still need a sitter then Tanya said that she will allow that although they will be trimmed short.  I think that I'll ask her to keep me trimmed in any case.

I hope that when we are old enough that Tanya will be my girlfriend.

I learnt a lot because of this although somewhat painfully.  I'm going to be less of a bully and treat females and gays with more respect.  Mom and I have made peace since we both understand each other better.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 19, 2010

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