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The following story is fiction about an young youth who still needs a babysitter who proves to be a femdom girl but he turns that to his advantage using both a carrot and a stick.  The story contains scenes of spanking, shaving, humiliation and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This continues my sequel, Caitlin Is My Babysitter, to Steam Train's story, The Hunt for Kyle's Pubesboth of which should be read first  Unlike Kyle's story which is told contemporarily, Aaron is now older, in college and looking back at his earlier life with much greater understanding.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.  This series was written jointly with Steam Train doing the Hunt for stories while Y Lee Coyote did the sequels to each of them.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Caitlin's Saga
Aaron and His Babysitter


The Beginning

I was only ten years old when Caitlin became my babysitter.  That was half my life ago for I'm now twenty.  She was different than the other girls that Mom had gotten to sit me.  It is hard to describe but she was, er, more grown up than the others.  Although I certainly did not care at the time, she had breasts like the big girls and women did and she was tall.  I quickly learnt that she was strict and I had best listen to whatever she told me to do (even faster than I did for Mom) or I would be quickly upended over her lap and getting my bottom singed before I could blink.

I got my first spanking the very first time she sat me.  I wanted to stay up to watch a TV show but it was past my bedtime and she said "No way, young man."

"Yes, way." I backed talked.  It was less than a minute latter that she had taken my jeans and Batman-Robin briefs down and had me over her lap.  I tried to get away but she was strong (especially for a girl) and she held me tightly in place.  She spanked very hard and a lot so soon my bottom was on fire and I was crying and all that.  After a zillion spanks she stopped, stood me up and held me while I cried and cried.  That spanking was harder than any of Mother's had been.  Although I did not verbalize it, internally I learnt that I did not want to be spanked by Caitlin again.  Of course, I would be but I knew I would not like it.

She carried me upstairs like I was a little kindergarten kid and gave me my bath.  She was more through than Mom was making sure that she washed every little bit of me very carefully.  She did not allow me to play with my bath toys (something I did only when Caitlin bathed me) saying that since I had been a naughty boy that was not permitted.  She turned out to be gentle with my hot, red bottom which was still hurting.  Mom always told me to wash my penis as she watched, but Caitlin did it herself making me feel funny.  After she dried me off, I had to brush my teeth and then pee-pee.  It was strange to do that with her watching but she said that if I did not tinkle for her she would put me in a diaper for the night.  That would have been terrible as only babies have to wear diapers, so I tinkled.  Then she put me into bed and read me a story.  Of course, I could have read a story myself but it was ever so nice that she did that.© YLeeCoyote

Mom asked was I was naked in the morning and I told her that it was because Caitlin put me to bed that way.  Mom also noticed that my bottom was still red from the spanking and I had to explain that also.  "I hope that you learnt that you must obey Caitlin, Aaron."

Over the next couple of years, Caitlin babysat me a lot.  I tried to not be babysat but Mother insisted that I was much too young to be left alone even in the afternoon.  I found that although she was strict, she was fair and not nasty like some of the other girls had been.  She also insisted that I be naked all the time in the house.  I got used to that.

Caitlin Catches Kyle

A very strange thing occurred one Sunday afternoon when I was twelve.  I was called down to the living room and found Mom, our next door neighbor Mrs. Quinton, and her son, Kyle, and Caitlin and her friend Cassidy.  They were talking about how girls were more mature than boys and babysat them.  Kyle suddenly learnt that Caitlin bathed me when she babysat me which was something I never bothered to tell him.  Pretty soon almost fifteen-year-old Kyle got tricked in admitting that a babysitter could (should?) bathe her charges.  It was pretty bad for him since Caitlin was a little younger than he was and she was to be his babysitter starting right then!  I know that he wished he was dead but things quickly got worse for both of us.

The females decided that we both should get bathed right that very moment.  I was ordered to undress.  I was reluctant but there was not anyway to avoid it and delaying was making Mom angry, so soon I was naked.  It had not been so long ago that Mom and Mrs. Quinton had seen me running naked in the sprinklers so it really was only Cassidy who hadn't seen me naked.  Kyle was also a boy so he did not really matter.

Kyle was very reluctant but with his mother there and insisting, there was nothing to stop Caitlin and Cassidy from getting us both naked.  He was most unhappy about it even though the girls both said his body was nice.

Then I discovered something.  I had pubes (well, a little bush anyway) and Kyle did not (well, a few hairs but he was more than two years older than I).  This was noticed by everyone and, unfortunately, Mom caught me smirking which pushed her over the edge.  She decreed that I would soon be as hairless as Kyle.  I begged her not to taken them but she was unmoved.  Cassidy and Caitlin took Kyle and I to the bathroom.

Cassidy smeared some cream (which she got from Mom) over a lot me especially on my pubes and crotch and even on my upper lip where was the start (OK, just a hint) of a mustache.  She was very interested in my body and handled me a lot.  Meanwhile Caitlin was doing the same to Kyle.  We both, but especially Kyle, were most unhappy about this.  Not only was he older than me, he was older than the girls by a few months and they were his classmates.

The cream made our hair fall away and then they washed both of us.  That was sort of fun because they were gentle.  But they finished up with something very special for they were very interested in our bodies.  They jerked both of us off.  Now I could shoot and Cassidy soon brought me to a climax for my first time with a girl.  I blasted my load onto Kyle's chest.  I felt like an animal when he marks his territory with his scent.  Kyle was surprised by that and he was even more astonished when he had his own dry orgasm.  He asked Caitlin what it was.  He was so immature and illiterate about sex yet he was two years older than I.  I think it was his first orgasm.

I was, naturally, upset by the loss of my pubes and resolved to convince Mother to allow me to regrow them and to realize that I was growing up.  There were a few affirmative things.  First, Kyle had the same problems only worse since he was older and the girls were his classmates.  Second, everything was private and several other kids (both boys and girls) in my class had babysitters.  Third, I was way ahead of Kyle in growing up.  Fourth, Cassidy had made me come and I had hopes that she and Caitlin would do that again.  I had some mixed feeling about being naked in the house but the attention from the girls compensated for that.

Looking back, I now realize that there was lots of duplicity that day.  The big excuse for the girls to get Kyle naked and in the bath was that they were ever so much more mature than we 'retarded' boys.  Well, that was not true because they treated us more like toys and were very interested in our bodies.  Now don't get me wrong – I liked the attention they gave me and especially being jerked off.  Being naked was a small price to pay for this special attention from an older girl.  Even then, I knew if I tried to get close to them, I would have been rejected as a little kid or worse.  The only thing that I really did not like was losing my pubes.  I won't blame the girls for that the first time but they did it every time.  They wanted to be in control and kept us hairless to constantly reminded us of their power.

Missed Opportunity

It was a couple of weeks later that Caitlin was sitting Kyle again and I went over.  I knew I would have to be naked, but I had hopes for some more sex.  Well, a hand job anyway.  I got a hint of that but it was not what I had expected.  Kyle and I got to wrestle with Caitlin watching and being sort of a referee.  It was more exciting with her watching, since it made me think of sex.  I wanted to win to impress the girl so I fought really hard.  A couple of moments are memorable.  Kyle was prone and I was on top of him.  As I struggled to get full control I got hard.  I had forced his legs apart with mine so my crotch was on top of his ass.  Yea, if I had known what I was doing I could have easily fucked him rather than just rubbing his crack with my hard on.  Later, I got him turned over and sat on his chest.  I was still hard and I missed the opportunity to face fuck him.  My hard and dripping rod, was practically at his lips.  I could see his desire in his eyes and that he licked his lips.

Caitlin declared me the winner and the prize was his ass.  Unfortunately not that way but to spank.  I enjoyed doing that.  I took Kylie over my lap and roasted his butt.  If Caitlin had not been present, I would have made him bawl but that did not seem right.

My sexual hopes were realized later in the bath when Caitlin jerked both of us off.  Kyle was still dry but I shot my load on his chest again.  This time I managed to smear it around some before Caitlin washed it off which made me really feel that I had marked Kylie as mine.

The Zoo Trip

The next week, Mom had to go to some conference on Saturday and arranged for Caitlin to take me to the zoo rather than stay at hone.  Caitlin brought her little sister, Tanya, who was a year younger than I, and Kyle was allowed to join us.  I was all right with Caitlin deciding what order we would see the animals but Kyle kept fussing and complaining.  Even I thought he was behaving pretty badly.

After a while Caitlin had enough and led us along a rarely used path.  Then she gave Kyle a lecture which thoroughly delighted Tanya.  I thought that would be all but she quickly opened his jeans and yanked them and his briefs down.  Tanya was enthralled, I was surprised and Kyle was chagrined.  Then Kyle was over her lap for a spanking.  Yes, right there in the open in the zoo.  Kyle was lucky there wasn't much traffic for this embarrassing public spanking.  A security guard gave her approval after checking things out.  A family with a boy and girl were absolutely delighted and the little girl got Kyle to turn red by noting that he did not have pubes and a pee-pee that was smaller than her ten-year-old brother's.  Kyle was mortified.  Tanya commented to her sister that Kyle not only acted like a baby but looked like one with a hairless, little pee-pee.

I Spank Kyle

It was three months after Caitlin started babysitting Kyle that I got him over my lap.  As usual he was being babysat by Caitlin when I dropped over.  I had not told Kyle that I had gotten Caitlin to stop using the cream on me (more on that later) so he was surprised by my bush.  Even I noticed that he was acting up, and Caitlin and I agreed he needed a spanking.  We were all sitting on the couch and I just pulled him over my lap.  Caitlin told him to be still and then I spanked him.  I got carried away for I turned him into a bawling brat which made me feel powerful.  I guess I was being selfish.

The next morning I went over and it turned out that Kyle's mom needed to go out so she put me in charge.  Caitlin had told how I had decided that he should be spanked and (with her approval) spanked him showing how much more mature I was.  I tried to make up with him by giving him an orgasm.  (Somehow he never learnt to that for himself.)  I promised him something better than he got from Caitlin and soon was finger-fucking him.  Caitlin did that a lot so he did not object since it was familiar.  Then I used my cock to do as I promised.  I pushed into him and it was great.  He loved how I hit his love nut with each thrust far more effectively than Caitlin's finger had.  He actually came before I did.  He was very appreciative.  I was a good friend and obliged him whenever he wanted it to happen again.


It was shortly after Caitlin and Cassidy humiliated Kyle and me that first traumatic Sunday afternoon, that I started to realize that big, mature, bossy Caitlin was not really so mature.  She liked to push (bully) people around and she was abusive since she did all the sexual things to me (and Kyle).  Now, I was young and becoming sexual myself so I liked a lot of what she did, particularly the sexual stuff that made me come.  But I really hated that she used the damn cream every couple of weeks to keep me hairless although it was even worse for Kyle since he had open showers in school.  The guys all saw each other's bodies for there was not any hiding of them.  There was one thing that was in Kyle's favor and that was that he was short.  The other guys saw him as little and did not expect that he should have pubes and a bigger cock.  He told me that the bigger guys especially the older ones got teased for being late developers.  Since I was in middle school, I did not have that problem.  I certainly expected that I would not need a babysitter once I was in high school.  But regardless, I wanted to have my pubic hair like Mother Nature designed me to. But high school was a couple of years away for me and there was Caitlin to deal with.  After a month, I managed to get Mom to relent and allow me to be normal and have pubes.  I even suspected that she regretted her hasty remark that let the girls remove them.  Perhaps if there had been more time, it would have turned out differently.  Unfortunately, I could not get Mom to tell Caitlin to stop using the cream but I had to convince her myself.  I realized that would not be an easy task although Mom had promised to be neutral.

I appeal to Caitlin but was turned down.  I knew that she liked me as her little boy toy.  I was glad that she could not take me to the vet – like she did with her dog to get his nuts cut off so that he would not really grow up.  Truth be told, I liked the sexual games she played with me and even managed to get a feel of her breasts and her pheromones gave me hard ons very quickly.  Beside getting jerked off by her, I sometimes sat in her lap and was cuddled.  This let me rest my head on her breasts and even touch them a little – only through her clothes often, however, with her hand about my hard cock.  I dreamed of getting to see her sex, even touching it, tasting it and more.

There was not really anything that I had that I could use as a weapon so I had to be creative.  I decided that it was better to lose her completely if that meant I would regain my pubes.  There were other girls and, of course, Kyle to have sex with.  It would be nicest to have both her and my pubes.  There was but one thing that would make Mother fire her and that was if she knew how abusive she was.  Actually, I got the idea from the headlines in the newspaper where caregivers got into a lot of trouble for doing sexual stuff with the kids.  Naturally, I had to prove what I was saying or Mom would not act and, even worse, get stricter.

I had a way and that was just sitting on my desk – my computer and its all-seeing camcorder.  There were only three locations where Caitlin 'molested' – the bath, my bed when I was lucky and on the couch when we watched TV together while cuddling.  Although the most frequent location was in the bath, I decided to go for the bedroom first since the camcorder would blend into my stuff regardless of where it was.  It was easy to hide the camcorder high in my bookcase so that it looked down on my bed and would see me stretched out and Caitlin playing with my cock and taking me to paradise.

I set my stuff up and tested it making sure that it was silent so as not to attract attention to itself.  It took a couple of weeks before I was 'a good enough little boy' for Caitlin to play with me in bed.  The next week, I got her in the bathroom feeling me up and making me shoot.  One of the things I told Caitlin was that I was bottle fed so I still yearned for that lovely nursing feeling.  Occasionally, Caitlin was horny enough to slip off her bra and let me get real close.  Sometimes I actually could get to her nipples and use my tongue on them.  It made me extra hard and she still felt like she was in control because she had my stuff in her hands.  We both knew that even a gentle squeeze would make me stop anything I was doing.

I 'confessed' to Caitlin one day that I had been late with some homework and felt very guilty about it.  "You know the rules, Aaron." she said and patted her lap as I knew she would.  "I'm glad that you owned up to this rather trying to hide it."

"Yes, Ma'am." I replied and got into position over her lap just as she had trained me to.  She spanked me hard but not for very long.  She spanked enough for me to know that I had been spanked and even to make cry like she like to see me do.  It made me horny (actually her scents did) and she turned me over and jerked me.  I shot very fast and she went for a second round to my great joy.

I had originally planned only to make a video that showed Caitlin being sexual with me, her charge, but then I realized that one could catch more flies with honey than vinegar so I also made a nice one where I talked about how great she was guiding me to be good boy.  I got the promo idea because I was frequently dragged along with Mom when she went shopping and over heard a lot of what she said to other moms.  As you might expect, it was about us kids.  Discipline and control was a most frequent topic as were babysitters.  I heard her recommend Caitlin and Cassidy to a couple of other women who had little kids.

At a scout get together, she talked to Mrs. Haussler.  This stuck in my head because Travis Haussler was a patrol leader and did a terrible job because he was a bully.  He also liked to strut about naked in the locker room to show off his hairy body.  (Actually, he was like an ape.)  I doubt that he realized that everyone could see that his cock surrounded by a forest of hair was smaller than those of some of the tenderfoots who only had little bushes.  I would actually propose Travis as a client  He needed her 'therapy' for he was immature, a bully and terrible at leading.  "Shave that hair away", I said to Caitlin, "and he'll be a little boy again."  My mom helped get him as a client.

One day I mentioned to Caitlin how I thought that she had helped me mature and that maybe I could help her get new clients.  In response to her "How?" I showed her my creative endeavors.  The promo ended prematurely and then I restarted it but with her jerking me off in the tub.

As expected she liked the nice one but got upset about the sexual stuff.  I have to give her credit for realizing what sort of choices she had.  She immediately recognized that if the sexual ones got out, it would be very bad.  Not only would the opportunity gain new clients evaporate but she could lose current ones.  She might not be able to do what she loved – to dominate naked boys – especially when she got paid to do it.  In that first discussion I indicated that I would really appreciate if she would stop using the depilatory cream on me.  We never discussed tawdry subjects like blackmail and coercion.  I even told her I fully accepted that it was right and proper for her to get me naked, bathe and spank me.  When she asked about Kyle, I said he was still an immature little boy and probably better off bald.  I must give her credit for she was pretty calm about everything and we spent some time cuddling on the couch with her holding my stuff while I nuzzled her lovely breasts.  She was a smart girl and quickly saw the advantages of the promos at the small price allowing me to have pubes especially since I was otherwise her boy-toy.

Over the next few weeks, I was able to get closer to her and get to kiss some.  Since I was naked and she wasn't she still felt in control as did I.  I got her help working on the promo and she gradually let me get closer to her skin.  First, it was her breasts when I would play a baby suckling which she also enjoyed.  After we kissed one time, I let her know that I would be willing to kiss her other lips.  (Needless to say that I wanted to.)  She showed up in a skirt the next time.  I was allowed to reach under and feel her up which was thrilling.  After she removed her panties, we played some more.  I put my head under her skirt and went down on her.  Even though I was an amateur, she loved it.

We continued working on the promo that she could show to prospective clients – mothers of older boys.  I believe that she like playing with me the most because my stuff really worked yet I was still short so I was a little boy that she could dominate.  I convinced her that if I graduated, I would be a better example of her good work so I stopped being a client.  She easily convinced Mom that I was mature enough not to need a babysitter and we teamed up to make a 'most satisfied mother' video.

I was surprised that once Caitlin stopped with the depilatory cream that being her boy-toy was really nice.  I could escape all responsibility when I was with her and got TLC and sex as a bonus.  She was happy also.  She continued to visit and I always happily submitted to her whenever she wished getting naked, bathed, spanked and 'molested'.  However, we played a lot more and eventually she get naked herself.  I'm happy to say that I eventually scored a home run although that took a couple of years.

Actually, she had many clients over the years she was in high school.  She had the charisma to charm many a boy's parents into hiring her to babysit their sons, who they couldn't control properly.  Caitlin had a temperament that also let her dominate boys.  Even those that did not like submitting, succumbed to the irresistible force of her very strong personality.  If – no, make that when – she got them into the tub they were as doomed as a fly is on the slippery slope of a pitcher plant.  Those with little sisters found themselves as primary exhibits at anatomy lessons.

Terry gets me back on the rails

I turned out doing something different.  After Caitlin whet off to college, I was free.  Unfortunately, I started to slide and Tanya did not have the powerful personality that her sister did.  I found the answer in the scouts.  You might expect that he would have been an explorer older than I, like Caitlin was.  It was just the reverse for Terry was a recent graduate from the cubs and just a second class scout.  He was, however, a ball bearing Caitlin and a young hunk that had a lot of command presence.  He easily got me to tell of my slippage now that Caitlin was gone and said that he would take charge of me.  I had to agree that he was my disciplinarian with the right, authority and power to get me in shape.  After a two-week trial run, I became his boy.  He did not care whether or not I was dressed but only that I strip when he wanted to use his belt on my naughty ass.  He even had a talk with my mother in which the two of them talked like parent and teacher about the child's faults and needs.

After three weeks, Terry told me that to be fully successful I had to surrender completely to him.  I responded that I had and he said I had not.  "Aaron, re-read 1984 paying particular attention to what Smith does in Room 101 he ordered.  That should give you the clue as what you must do.  You shall also give me the necessary stuff."

"It's about rats." I said.  "That does not make sense."

"Rats are just a metaphor.  We each have our own 'rats' and our own 'Julia'. " he said.  "What are yours?"

It took me a few days to realize what my 'rats' and my 'Julia' were and even longer to buy those 'rats'.  For several days on the way home from school, I would go into the pharmacy.  At first I could not go near the product but after several tries I got to the section.  Unfortunately, I could not just grab a box and rush to the checkout but I had to make a selection from more than a dozen products after reading the labels.  The next day I gave Terry the package hoping that he would not use it.  He even made it harder by asking me if he should use it.  I wanted to say "NO!" but that surely was the wrong answer.  Telling him that it was his decision certainly would be a cop out.  I did not want to say "Yes." for I certainly did not want him to use it but I did.

I knew that instant that I had truly submitted to Terry.  I undressed and let him led me to the tub where he covered my pubes with the hair remover just like Cassidy had more than four years earlier.  I had betrayed my 'Julia' – my pubes – so that I could be Terry's boy.  Looking back it is clear that it was a sacrifice I had to make to prove to the both of us my total submission and thus my willingness to metamorphous – hopefully for the better.

He was prepared and gave me a set of strict rules to govern my conduct.  My first task was to neatly copy them in longhand so that I would know them and memorize them.  When I had completed that task well enough to be able to withstand a tough oral quiz, I got a shock.  He asked me how I liked the rules and I replied that I did not like them.  Terry told me to tear them up.  We then developed a batch of goals for my school work and life.  I then had to write them all out, memorize and sign them.  "I'm not going to micro manage you for that is your job.  You are going to have to figure out how to get enough sleep and still get to school on time.  How to use your time to get your work done and still be able to play."  That sounded great although it turned out to be a lot of work.  Then he gave me the kicker.  "You are to report your failures within a day prepared for the appropriate punishment."

Yipes!  I was on my own as long as I stayed on the straight and narrow and subject to punishment as soon as I strayed.  In the first two weeks, I got strapped five times.  Terry watched me with eagle eyes and was on my case immediately.  Actually, he made me get on my case and he only swung the strap.  He totally shamed me into being the best I could be include developing good habits and being very strict with myself.  He managed to tie in my having pubes with not being strapped so I was bald for some six month with the unpleasant task of doing it myself.

But it worked.  I got back on track and it was well worth it.

Caitlin's Hunt for Mike's Cock by Steam Train

© Copyright A.I.L. October 22, 2010

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