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The following story is fiction about young femdom.  The story contains scenes of stripping, humiliation, bathing, shaving and masturbation of a youth by a girl with sexual contact.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This is the third story in the "Hunt" series' which follows the further adventures of the female character Caitlin from my stories: The Hunt for Kyle's Pubes and The Hunt for Mike's Cock.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  The author has given explicit permission for his story to be posted here.  This series was written jointly with Steam Train doing The Hunt for stories while Y Lee Coyote did the sequels to each of them.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.  You can see more of Steam Trains stories on  Forced Nudity Story Archive (formally Nialos Leaning's site).

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Caitlin's Saga
The Hunt for Travis' Cum


Steam Train <>

It had taken a lot of effort and some time but the time for stripping Travis Haussler naked was only moments away.

Since I had decided that both Travis Haussler and David Colby would benefit greatly from doing some naked behavioral management time I had been working on achieving that objective.

On David Colby I had recently received damming video blackmail evidence, thanks to the Turner twins, but I had decided to put him on the back burner, he was a follower, it was Travis that was the leader and immature arch bully and my initial object of revenge.

I had not been alone in planning Travis' demise, one of my younger charges Aaron Cabane, who was only in the sixth grade had given me great assistance.  In fact it was Mrs. Cabane who had finally set this up.  She knew Mrs. Haussler through scouts, where both boys were in the same troop.

Travis had consistently teased and bullied Mike Cesare about his tiny hairless cock and balls since the guys had started showering after physical education once we started at our new high school in the ninth grade.© YLeeCoyote

I had been working with Mike's parents for some months, with great success it would seem, in getting Mike over his excessive modesty and gaining back his self esteem due to his lack of sexual development.  Already much of the steam had been taken out of Travis' bullying because Mike with my help had stopped reacting and now openly accepted that having a small hairless cock and balls had little to do with who he really was.

Mike was a great guy.  He respected females and in turn I had come to really respect him.  Ok …  ok maybe I'm falling for him a bit …  just a bit mind you.  It was interesting as young Aaron seemed to sense this and despite him being younger, he was doing all he could to win my favors as well!

It was a very nervous and embarrassed looking Travis Haussler who was now standing in just his boxers in the middle of the Cabane living room.

Sitting around the room were Mr. and Mrs. Haussler and Travis' nearly thirteen year old brother Wade and eleven and a half year old sister Shari, Mrs. Cabane and Aaron, Mr. and Mrs. Cesare plus their children, Mike and Gail, Mrs. Quinton and her son Kyle plus my younger sister Tanya.

My friend and fellow participant in planning today, Cassidy Di Medico was still recovering from the trauma of her stripping by the twelve year old Turner twins who she had been babysitting and the following sexual intercourse with David Colby who she had been deliberately cock teasing as part of our revenge plan.  Despite her desire to see Travis naked she had not felt up to attending today!

I didn't feel too much sexual excitement about seeing Travis naked, he was handsome enough, but he was an immature boy despite his very obvious developed body.  No, the excitement in Travis's case was going to come from a sense of revenge.

Revenge due to the way he had treated Mike, and the way he looked at females.  Travis showed no respect to females, not even his mother.  At school he constantly leered and lusted in the basest fashion at any female that interested him.  This had caused a few females at school to burn with humiliation knowing his eyes were undressing them and then exploring every imagined nook and cranny of their body.

My satisfaction was that very soon I would be able to do the same to him, only it would not be my eyes undressing him, it would be the real thing! I wanted him to feel the embarrassment of being naked; to have people staring at his private parts with leering grins and crudely transparent thoughts.

Travis gulped, "No …  mum, dad …  you can't let Caitlin do this to me, you don't understand!"

"Oh I understand son, you're a bully." Mr. Haussler replied.

"No, dad, I'm not, I swear!  I haven't! I haven't bullied anyone!"  Travis voice was rising in pitch by the second

"Mum!  Don't do this, I haven't been a bully!  They're all lying!"

"Take your punishment like a man, stop blabbering like a child, son." Mr. Haussler responded unsympathetically.

"Mum, please not here! Not in front of all these people, I'll let you punish me at home, even in front of Wade and Shari, I promise I won't resist, please!"  Travis begged then went silent, as he realised that both his parents were unmoved.  His face grew whiter and whiter until eventually Travis dropped his head and the bully humiliatingly shed a tear that dropped to the floor in front of his naked feet.

I looked over at Mike.  He looked distressed.  I knew him well enough now to know that he was enjoying Travis being taken down, but not enjoying the spectacle.  Mike was a kind forgiving soul and punishment in any form went against his nature.

"Oh don't worry son, you'll be punished at home as well." his mum eventually replied, "You'll be spanked and grounded and you'll be spending the entirety of that time without a stitch of clothing on and if Wade or Shari have friends over they will see you naked too!"

"Noooooo" Travis wailed as he looked back up at his parents.

Wade and Shari had huge smiles upon their faces at the thought of what punishments were to come for their brother.  I saw and heard Aaron lean over and whisper for Wade to "cool it" lest Wade also suffer Aaron's fate and loose his growth of pubic hairs.  I guess based on the reports of Travis' thick growth of pubes, Wade who was already thirteen was also likely to have a good sized bush!

"Yes son, as your mother just said, you are about to have many hours of humiliating nudity in front of your brother and sister and their friends if your younger siblings have their friends over, or if your friends come over, or we have visitors." his dad added.

"I can assure you son that I am planning a very busy week socially" added Mrs. Haussler.

Aaron was also grinning at Travis, enjoying the prospect of this older boy being naked and punished.  Kyle, Travis' fellow ninth grade student was also smiling at him, looking curious and clearly enjoying the anticipation of this spectacle.  They weren't in the same classes but he too had suffered from Travis' bullying on occasions.

Tanya's eyes were wide and curious too and I had no doubt she was looking forward to seeing him undressed and naked.

Mr. and Mrs. Cesare and Mrs. Quinton all had predatory looks on their faces as Travis' final stripping drew ever closer.

Travis was now shaking from head to toe after his parents' latest news.  He had lost all semblance of cockiness or boldness, again he dropped his head.

He knew all his appeals had failed, that he was only moments away from me taking off the last of his clothing, exposing his most private of parts and then having me smack his bottom until he cried and then jerk him off till he shot his cum! He had been told all of this in advance.  He hadn't however been told of my plans for him in the bathroom, but his parents knew and approved.

Travis stood forlorn and alone, blushing a bright red and shaking even more dramatically as his moment of nakedness approached, a sob escaped him, but with a great effort he managed to hold back any more tears.

"Well Travis the moment has arrived I think" I said causing Travis to jump with a start, "I'm about to take your boxers down and you're going to be very embarrassed, aren't you? Because we're all going to be seeing your cock and balls, your pubic hair and your bare bottom!

Travis did not answer so I said again, 'Well are you?"

"Yes …  but …  please, Caitlin …  I …  just …  please let me keep my boxers on.  I promise I'll be good.  I promise!" pleaded Travis, his face straining in desperation for me to relent.

"Your boxers are coming down and off, so take your hands right away from them and put them on your head" I sternly replied.

Travis trembled violently; torn between obeying me and protecting his modesty.  I could tell what he was thinking, his thoughts were so transparent.  To be stripped naked before his parents was bad enough but to be completely naked in front of his siblings and peers, well from the look of terror on his face, it was beyond bad!

"Oh, God!  No, please Caitlin, I've asked nicely, and…  I don't want you to…  I don't want to be…" Travis begged.  Broken completely tears began streaming down his face as he finally realise that his attempts to reason had failed.

As Travis had yet to obey my command to place his hands on his head, Mr. Haussler rose from his seat.  When Travis saw his dad coming at him, he began to cry and blubber even more and snot began dribbling out of his nose.  Before his dad reached him, he closed his eyes and his hands came away from his boxers and were raised slowly to his head.

His hands out of the way, his boxers only bulged slightly.  Mike had told me very early on that Travis though very hairy, wasn't well endowed.  Aaron who was in Travis scout troop had conformed that Travis was definitely undersized.

I hesitated briefly in thought and then brought my hand to the top of Travis' boxers.

"No, no, Caitlin, please, no, don't!" wailed Travis as his eyes shot open and his hands launched themselves from his head back to protect his last vestige of modesty, but Mr. Haussler who had remained standing caught them and hauled them back up over his head and pinned them there.

Travis obviously didn't want his pubes, cock and balls being exposed at any price and began thrashing about, kicking at his dad and nearly succeeding in breaking away, until Mr. Cesare lent his assistance and the strength of the two grown men over powered the nearly fifteen year old Travis.

I didn't expose him straight away once he was bough under control, desiring to drag this out and maximise Travis' embarrassment.

Instead I slid my fingers underneath the waistband of his boxers which caused Travis to inhale sharply as my fingers invaded what had been, up until then, the most private parts of his body.

I'm sure that Travis would have loved me doing this on a date or even at party even with our peers watching but now, in front of adults and siblings it was a horror of epic proportions.

My audience were silent and momentarily I suspect not breathing as they witnessed what I was doing.

I ran my fingers down his silky happy trail, feeling delicately around until I descended to his thick bush of pubic hair.  As I felt around, I realised It was fully formed, spreading all the way to the inside of his thighs.

I explored further down, for my own enjoyment, as Travis whimpered, turning redder and redder, horrified by the sensation of my fingers caressing his now raging erection.  Mike and Aaron had been correct, it wasn't an impressive erection.  His cock was engorged to its fullest, but it was not very thick, sure it was not pencil thin but it certainly didn't approach a manly thickness, it was still very juvenile in thickness and length.  His cock felt no more than ​four inches​ (​ten cm​), if that, erect.

Travis whimpered and wailed even more, as I went even lower and felt his hairy ball sack.  Again it was no little boy's package but it was not the size I expected on a guy who was almost fifteen years old.  His balls had dropped but they were not really hanging very much nor were their size very great, they felt only about ​three quarters of an inch​ (​two cm​) long and not very thick!

As I continued to feel around inside his boxers, a small wet stain appeared on the front of his boxers as the profusely blushing Travis continued to struggle.  Mr. Haussler and Mr. Cesare were too strong for him however and continued to hold him firm.

"Getting a bit excited, Travis?" I asked unable to stop a grin from appearing "I'm guessing you're going to be a lot more excited soon.  Before I'm though with you today I think you'll be so excited you'll be shooting cum for all to see!"

"Noooooo …  " Travis moaned as he shook his head desperately.  To publicly masturbate a boy was about the most humiliating and embarrassing thing I could think of doing to punish a boy.  Travis was a bully, he deserved the worst!

"Well I think it's time Travis, are you ready to show everyone what I have just been feeling?" I said with a grin and a sense of mounting excitement as I removed my hand from his boxers.

"Please, Caitlin, don't!" Travis cried "I …  I won't bully any more, I'm really sorry Mike.  Please Caitlin; I don't want you to strip me, please! It's so…  embarrassing!"

"Aw, such a nice apology to Mike but far too late Travis." I said.

I reached for his boxers again and started to tug at the top, pulling them down ever so slowly.

Travis tensed and wailed "No, no, no, please, no, no!"

As I pulled the front of his boxers out I could see all the way down inside to his lush dark nest of pubic hair.

My excitement was matched every step of the way by Travis's humiliation as his boxers slowly came down.

I paused momentarily as his thick bush of pubic hair came into view, causing Travis to groan, "Oh God …  Oh shit!"

"Such a healthy growth of pubes for a fourteen year old" I said.

After a moment to admire his pubes, I continued pulling until his cock came into view.

I felt a flush of excitement race through me and I was so wet, I felt for sure I was dripping!

Mr. Haussler and Mr. Cesare had to work quite hard to keep Travis's arms from escaping to cover himself as I lowered, then removed his boxers.

Shari let out a giggle at seeing her oldest brothers' naked body and little pee-pee for the first time in ages and Wade had a huge smirk on his face.  He shares a bedroom with Travis I believe, and obviously knew about his brothers hairy groin and little dick!

Unable to break free from those holding him, Travis thrashed his head from side to side, tears spraying out to both sides.

I threw Travis' boxers to Tanya then reached across and again stroked my fingers through his pubic hair, causing Travis to again shriek with panic and I suspect the thrill of it.

In the room, the audience was still hushed in total silence, as if they were all still holding their breath.  They sat and stared with excitement at Travis' exposed cock and balls as they nestled almost hidden in their hairy nest.  Again, Mike and Aaron had told the truth; the hairy, macho bully had a cock that was still very juvenile.  It was hard to tell that it was even fully erect except for the tell tale drop of pre-cum that nestled on its tip.

Obviously humiliated beyond belief Travis whimpered and writhed and wriggled as his previously most private parts were viewed by all those present.

I moved my fingers from his pubes to his cock.  I took his mediocre erection and wrapping my fingers around it, I stroked it up and down, sliding my thumb over the head of his circumcised cock!

Travis was not used to this!

"No…  no…" he wailed, looking more humiliated than only moments earlier if that was possible.

"Oh you don't want to be masturbated yet Travis? …  Ok …  I can be flexible, I'll smack you first!"

"No! No, no!" yelled Travis, as Mr. Haussler and Mr. Cesare pulled him down into a bending position and held him there for me.

I stroked my hand across his furry bottom.  He sure was hairy!

Travis whimpered in anticipation of his imminent pain.

I grabbed my paddle from Aaron and drew it slowly backwards before smashing it enthusiastically down numerous times with stinging blows impacting both his bottom and his thighs alternately.  Travis screamed and tried to jump up and escape, but Mr. Haussler and Mr. Cesare held him firmly in place.

Soon he was begging for mercy!

"Ok …  I'll stop spanking you; its time for me to masturbate you anyway!"

"No, no, please!" begged Travis, shaking and crying as Mr. Haussler and Mr. Cesare allowed him to stand back up.

Ignoring his protests I brought my right hand down to his groin, reached into the thick nest of pubes and took hold of his small hard cock and started to stroke him again.

"Oh God! No, no, stop please, not in front of everyone please!" wailed Travis.

I ignored his pleas and continued slowly stroking his cock.  His pre-cum was soon flowing freely and it smeared from the tip of his cock over his cock head and also dribbled into his thick forest of pubes.

Soon as my own excitement rose, I began stroking faster as my other hand reached out and I fondled his equally juvenile balls.

My increased stroking brought another wave of pre-cum flowing from his cock which drooled down over my hand.  Without really even thinking about it, I stopped stroking him for a moment and raised my hand to my mouth and licked off a finger.  His cum was smooth, musky and just a little salty.

I blushed slightly at my actions, but oh God I was so aroused, so from the looks of them were all my peers!

I grabbed his cock again and recommenced stroking it.

Travis was quickly moaning and sighing and soon after, his hips began humping, his jaw opened slightly and even his eyes seemed to cloud over as his breathing quickened very noticeably.  His hands and toes opened and closed in rapid movement just before Travis let escape a guttural moan as his orgasm flowed through him.

I pushed his cock away from me as Travis cried out, "Oh fuck no not in front of everyone …  Aaaahhhhhhhh … Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh … Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", as less than thick gobs of cum shot out of his juvenile cock onto the floor! One, two, full spurts fired out, followed by some lesser dribbling, it was not an impressive showing for a guy nearly fifteen years old

Travis slumped back against Mr. Haussler and Mr. Cesare, humiliated and exhausted.

I gave him little time to recover or enjoy the aura of ecstasy that ejaculation brings.  With Mr. Haussler's help, I marched Travis off to the bathroom whilst Tanya and Gail ran a bath for me.

Before I had started stripping him, I had told Travis what was going to happen to him, well almost everything, he knew he was to be stripped, spanked, masturbated and bathed!.  He had resisted being stripped, he had resisted being spanked, he had resisted being jerked off, but he was now beaten and defeated.  There was no resistance to me bathing him.

I had hoped that would be the way, for I had one last surprise in store for him!

I sent the girls out to wait with the others and I began washing down his body with what he thought was body wash.  My fingers caressed his chest and circled his nipples.  He hadn't yet grown chest hair but my massaging brought renewed soft moans of pleasure from Travis.  I then lifted his arms, washed his hairy armpits and then his arms.

I told him to close his eyes so the soap would not get in them and carefully rubbed his face, especially the darkening hairs above his top lip.

I washed down his abdomen and followed on by washing down his happy trail till I reached his thick bush of pubic hair that completely covered the triangular area above his cock and protected his balls almost completely from view.

Finally I washed down his hairy bottom and then his hairy legs.

When he complained the wash was burning, I dismissed his concerns informing him that it was doing its job and cleansing his skin!

I made him keep his eyes closed till I finally washed his body down.  I did his face last of all!

In the privacy of the Cabane bathroom, I alone was watching as the water I was directing with the portable shower head dissolved away the hair remover I had applied to Travis' body, rendering him totally hairless except for the top of his head and eyebrows!

The look of total disbelief and shock when Travis opened his eyes after I had finished to discover his new hairless look was priceless.

I am sure Travis' wail of misery could be heard in the living room, for when he cried out, "My hair … my hair … nooooooooooo!"  I heard giggles both female and male erupt from out in the living room.

I dried his now smooth and hairless body and marched him out into the living room with his hands back on his head so his new hairless body was completely on display.  The kids and the other adults reacted in surprise at Travis' lack of hair.

"Oh my god Travis, you look like a little boy" Shari exclaimed.

"Hey bro, now everyone can see that you are very small down there with all your pubes gone!"  Wade added with an evil grin, causing Travis to blush an even deeper shade of red!

Without their thick nest of pubic hairs Travis' cock and balls looked very juvenile.  His flaccid penis was no more than ​two and a half inches​ (​6.4 cm​) and his now exposed ball sack was equally unimpressive!

Mike was the only one not openly smiling.  He looked contented but he was not wallowing in the joys of revenge.  As if I wasn't already totally impressed with Mike, his reaction now made me even more enamoured of him!

Mrs. Haussler had the last word, "Well son, if you can't be responsible you don't deserve to look like a man.  You can continue to look like a little hairless boy until such time as your father and I allow otherwise!"

My New Kid Brother by Y Lee

© Copyright Steam Train November 10, 2010

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