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The following story is fiction about a youth humiliated publicly as punishment and then rehabilitated.  The story contains scenes of spanking and humiliation.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This a sequel to Steam Train's story The Hunt for Travis' Cum which should be read first.  Wade relates what happened after Caitlin crushed his older brother with parental approval.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Caitlin's Saga
My New Kid Brother


Today was the absolutely strangest day in my entire life.  As we drove home I tried to work things out.  Mom and Dad were in the front and my two siblings were in the back seat with me.  That was quite normal.  What was strange and different was that Travis, my older brother who is almost fifteen, was stark naked while sitting between Shari, only eleven and half-years-old and almost thirteen-year-old me.  Travis' face was red and tear-streaked.  His butt was all red and swollen.  Strangest of all was that he did not have any hair on his body other than his eyebrows and the top of his head.

In front of a whole host of people, he was publicly punished for bulling not just Shari and me but also a lot of others.  Travis' punishment also includes being grounded and he must be naked in the house indefinitely.  I have gotten used to seeing a hairy ape in our room for more than three years and now he is a bald as a billiard ball.  This has enabled Shari to notice what I had known for a long time about my older (not bigger) brother which was that he had a small cock of barely ​two and a half inches​ (​six cm​) when soft although one had to look closely when it was engulfed by his long and thick pubic hair to realize that.  That, of course, was something that his classmates would never do for fear of being called names.  Shari was dumbfounded when she saw him hairless with his little pricklet fully exposed for the first time.  I'm so very glad that I played I'll show you mine, if you show me yours with Shari just last year so that she already knew that I have a full size tool.

I could hardly believe my ears when Mom and Dad told us what was going to happen when we were at the Cabane house.  "Your brother Travis will be punished for being a bully."  She told us that Travis would be stripped, paddled, masturbated and bathed in front of witnesses including Shari and I.  Travis also knew that was going to happen but not that when Caitlin bathed him she would remove his body hair any more than Shari and I did.  Further, as part of his punishment, he was grounded and required to be naked in the house even if there was company.

I was confused, relieved and elated.  I certainly did not know what the future would bring but I sensed that Travis would not be lording it over me any longer.  In the car going home it was already clear that Travis was very down because of all that had happened.  To say that it was embarrassing and humiliating would just touch on the horrors.  If Caitlin had put her hand in his pants on a date or at a party he would have been thrilled and boasted of it for weeks, although probably he would have messed his pants.  I knew that Travis believed as an absolute truth that his body and pubic hair made him a man and now he had lost them he could no longer think of himself as a man.  I, although never as ape-like as him, already had a thick bush and other manly hair.  By his standards I had to be a man.  A man is in charge of a boy.  Everyone knows that.

Once we got home, Dad parked Travis in a corner to think about things.  I went off to our bedroom to try to work stuff out.  I felt a sense of relief that Travis would not be in charge any more.  The 'rents had made a few things very clear and that was he was a bully, a baby and until he grew up he would remain looking like a little boy.  I had never seen my big brother so down and, well, wimpy.  He was always telling everyone what to do and now he was as mushy as an overcooked piece of spaghetti in hot water.© YLeeCoyote

After dinner he got spanked.  In the past, our rare spankings were done in private but not this time.  Right in the family room with Mom, Sis and I watching Dad roasted his very sorry, hairless butt.  Dad took him over his lap and held him tightly before beginning to spank him.  Between every hard SPANK that were turning his butt crimson, Dad lectured him about how ashamed he was of him for being a bully and a sniveling sissy baby in front everyone earlier in the day.  I was amazed that he quickly began to cry and soon was yelling for Dad to stop like everyone expects a pansy crybaby to do.  I admit Dad makes me cry when he spanks me but I don't whimper like a sissy and do my very best to take my punishment like a man.  Dad has promised that he won't continue to spank me OTK like a little kid but will let me bend over for his belt like a young man should.  I know that it will hurt more but that is the price for not being treated as a little baby.

After some corner time, Mom told Shari to take Travis upstairs, get him to brush his teeth, urinate and put him to bed.  Shari took Travis' hand and led him away.  He did not resist at all.  I got a sympathetic chill at the idea of him having to pee with our kid sister watching like he was a five-year-old boy she was babysitting.

When Shari returned, the folks told us that we would have to help to rehabilitate Travis.  They explained that, unfortunately, he had slipped and had gotten out of control so before he got into big trouble they had to act.  They did not explain what they expected at all.  I'm not even sure that they knew.

Later, when I sacked out, Travis was still crying rather than sleeping.  I had a lot to think about with regard to my big, er, older brother.  I made a promise to myself that I would not allow him to bully me anymore but would stand up to him.  Now that I had seen how much of sissy wimp crybaby he really is, I would exert myself.  Without his hair, he looked much more like a little boy especially with his teeny dick than I did.  True, he was almost two years older than I, but I also had gone through puberty so I was almost as tall as him and now looked a lot fiercer with my hair and larger cock.  I know it is silly to make a fuss about cock size and pubic hair, but Travis did.  I don't think I would have thought about doing that except that Travis mocked me before I hit puberty.  Although I'm not as hairy as he was, now it is he that looks like the little boy and I like the youth becoming the man.  I will be sure to remind him that I'm hairy and with a much bigger ​five and half inches​ (​fourteen cm​) rock hard cock that is still growing.  After all, turnabout is fair play.

Travis did not want to get out of bed in the morning which gave me to opportunity to push him to do stuff.  On Sunday morning, we are required to do chores and the first of these is to remake the beds after stripping them and cleaning up our rooms.  When Shari came to get the laundry, I just pulled everything off of Travis' bed including him to get the bottom sheet.  He was not a happy camper but I pushed hard to make him do what was required.  I was not putting my butt on the line for his irresponsible behavior since we are required to cooperate in doing the chores.  I gave him a few spanks on his butt as an incentive.  If he did not want breakfast, that was his choice but he had to do his share of the chores or else.  He did a sloppy job just shoving his stuff into the drawers but it was sufficient to let Shari do the vacuuming while I dragged him out to the yard for the outside stuff.  It was his turn to mow which I made him do.  If he did not get dressed to work in the yard that was his choice for I was not going to tell him to get dressed.  He did a sloppy job but I got the trash to the curb, the yard raked and the car done.

He went back to moping about afterwards.  Dad praised me for doing my best with him.

What I discovered was that I liked being in charge rather than being constantly directed and ordered about by Travis.  For years he had been bossing me about and now delightfully when he had been stripped of his clothes and dignity he also lost his bossiness.  Whether or not our parents had worked all this through I certainly did not know but I was going to try my best never to let him bully, that is, dominate, me again.  I was as old as Travis was when he was first permitted to be in charge by babysitting Shari and me.  Certainly, he would not be allowed to do that again for a while.  I decided that I would move into that position if I could.  Shari was pretty mature for her age and I spoke to her about this.  She agreed that it would be better for me to be in charge rather than there be a hired outsider as our babysitter.  We made a pact agreeing to be reasonable and to work together (against the 'rents).  I would, naturally, try to get Travis to do what he should while being very careful not to appear to bully him in our parents' eyes.

In school on Monday, I made sure that I had lunch with Aaron Cabane so that we could talk privately.  He anticipated that I would want to talk about the strange events two days before and was prepared with advice.  As soon as I mentioned that I didn't want to be bullied any more he understood and encouraged me to become the brother-in-charge.  That will prevent Travis from starting up again when your 'rents allow him to have pubes and clothes.  Seizing the moment was essential he insisted.  "Only if you teach Travis that you're in charge now will you ensure that he won't take back control.  He's bullied a lot of guys and should never be able to again.  I really have faith that you can do it."  Then he went on to explain how Caitlin loved to dominate guys and even though she was very fair in her dealings with guys, I best treat her with great respect.  Tanya is probably telling Shari that she should be in charge so you have to be careful of that."  He pointed out that the two girls were talking like we were and further explained that he had his own encounters with Caitlin and knew a lot about others.

After school on the way to our busses, Aaron reiterated that I could fill the power vacuum left by my disgraced brother.  "You're much more a man than he was.  Make sure that he never bullies you again.  You should make yourself into the BROTHER-IN-CHARGE.  Don't worry too much about those feminist ideas that Shari is picking up.  It does not matter if you are naked in the house, unless you let it matter.  Tarvis is going to be ashamed of being naked and bald so it's going to bother him.  I've been there and I know.  If Shari and her friends see your cock so what and they might even make it feel good.  Enjoy it."

Travis was hiding in our room when Shari and I got home and he was naked.  He had had a terrible day at school.  He did not have to tell about any of the details.  In the gym shower everyone would have seen that he lost his hair and there surely would be stories about why.  I knew that several of his classmates had witnessed his humiliation and there would be talk and rumors and gossip.  I knew that Travis would have reacted to any teasing which would encourage more.

It was on Tuesday that he whined that the worst bully was someone he least expected – David Colby – for David was his friend (and a former partner in the bullying of others).  He had even asked the question "Can you find your pee-pee now that you are bald?" in the shower with others around.

On Wednesday, Aaron reported  at the bus stop that Kyle Quinton and Mike Cesare (Caitlin's big success story) had also noticed these things.  It seemed that David had taken over as chief bully and he did not have an Achilles' Heal like Travis.  It was said that he had a full size cock and a good bush so I did not know what could be done. In some ways this may sound contradictory but it isn't.  Although I was working hard to be the dominant brother I also wanted to protect Travis as he was in my charge.  Sort of the "I'm the only one who's allowed to bash my little brother." concept.  Aaron however told me not to worry as Caitlin and he would soon end David's bullying days but to keep mum about it.

There was gossip about Travis already circulating.  A lot of people knew that something had happened to Travis in the high school and that trickled down to the middle school.  I knew things would get worse for Shari had some friends over.  Just her three best best-friends to see if the story was true and, if so, check out a naked older boy.  Mom would not let him get away with hiding in our room that but insisted that he help her and serve the refreshments to the girls.  Two rooms away I could hear their squeals of delight as the naked, almost fifteen-year-old boy brought in their drinks and cookies just in his birthday suit.  They were, I think, somewhat disappointed because he was not well hung and now as hairless as the little boys they had seen.  I heard at least one comparison that surely turned him red.  "My brother's thing is waaaay bigger and he is only twelve.  Does yours get bigger when it is hard, Travis?"

"None of your business." he snapped.  But that did not save him for Mom walked in and told him to be nice and show the girls.

"Mom, he pleaded, "pleasssseeeeeeeeeeeeee."

"I know how to make it hard." said one of them.  I nearly fainted when Mom told her to try.  I was surprised that Travis didn't.  They were sorely disappointed with his little erection.  Mom then allowed him to go do his homework and I quickly scurried to my own desk so that he would not know I had been listening.  I tried to talk with him, but he was unresponsive.

In school the next day I learnt that I had far more friends than I had the previous week.  I did my best to squash the outlandish nonsense and keep to the truth.  Several guys wanted to visit but I said that there was not anything to see.  "Travis does not have any body hair or pubes now and he is not well hung.  We've all seen each other naked so there ain't nothing new." I told them.  Of course, that did not stop anything.  I just took a couple of real friends home.  Once there, I invited Travis to play catch with us but he refused.  But it did give me something to tell the 'rents that was positive.

It was on Thursday that I was able to make an advancement to my main objective.  Dad was stuck at work and Mom had her card group to go to.  She wanted to get a babysitter but Shari and I talked to her about that.  "I'm as old as Travis when you left him in charge and Shari is as mature as I was.  We really can manage on our own and watch over Travis.  You'll only be gone four hours and we'll be in bed by then." I said.  Mom was conflicted.  "Travis doesn't want to do anything and we all have homework to do.  We'll even save some money."  Mom finally agreed.

I asked her to tell Travis that I was in charge but unless he misbehaved I would leave him alone.  Of course, I really planned to assert myself with him as much as possible.  I planned to get naked telling him it was a show of solidarity while it really was to emphasize my manly masculinity and his 'boyness'.  I had vivid memories of things he did when he had hair and I did not.

I had given some thought to the advice I had gotten from Aaron about nudity not mattering if I did care about it.  Shari had already seen my body just a few months ago so I asked her if she cared if I was naked in the house.  She laughed.  "Most boys are too modest for their own good so that would probably be a good thing.  Tanya even said that Caitlin would have all boys naked all of the time if she could.  She said (warned?) me that it wouldn't stop her from having her friends over.

"Fair enough." I replied.  Back in my room with Travis, I stripped down.  "Travis, you should not care about being naked.  You have nothing to hide."  I liked the double meaning of that.

"Yea.  Sure!" he snorted.  "Have you forgotten the show I starred in last Saturday?  I'm still getting rave reviews."

Later Travis and I were in the kitchen getting snacks when Shari and her friend Rikki joined us.  I greeted her but Tavis tried to run away.  I stopped him and told him that he should be a polite gentleman and greet the young lady who was a guest.  We both could see Rikki's eyes comparing us as we stood next to each other with me holding Travis in place.  It was perfect!  She just greeted us without saying anything about our nudity or that Travis looked like a little boy.  Shari, without prompting, volunteered that Travis was naked because he was being punished and I was trying to make him feel better by being naked also which made things even better.  Travis was blushing from embarrassment.

Back in our room, I asked Travis about having done his homework.  As you might have expected he snarled at me and I patiently explained that Dad said I should be of help and added that he better get to it.  "If you mess up, the 'rents are going to exxxxxxxteeeeeend your punishment."  I paused a good thirty seconds before adding: "You want to get this over with."  He turned away but he did take out a schoolbook and start to do stuff.  I was delighted – he was doing what I said even as he objected.

Travis was still Mr. Mopee as the week drew to a close.  He finally opened up and talked about how awful it was in school.  Not only was he teased and bullied and picked on in the locker room and shower but all the time.  And even by the girls.  He even explained that Caitlin was coming in the morning to give him another hair removal treatment.  He broke down at this and I held him, like a big brother should, to comfort him.  "Wade, Mike and you are the only ones who are being nice to me." he confided.  Little did he know that I had sinister surreptitious motives.

"I think that there is a way to keep Caitlin from using that hair remover again."  He looked at me hopefully.  "If you are hairless like last week, then she'll have nothing to do.  I can get some of the stuff and then she'll think that your hair hasn't grown back yet."  The ploy worked and he gave me a smile.  Further more, he even gave me some cash to get the stuff which I did before dinner.  I was certainly looking forward to helping my hairless little brother to stay hairless.

In the morning, Travis mentioned that he was smooth and did not need another treatment from Caitlin.  Mom had to agree after inspecting him and I explained that I had done the job at Travis' request.  She called and canceled Caitlin's visit, while I got praised by Travis as well as our parents for being a good brother.  It was one of the most pleasant 'chores' I ever had to do.  It was less unpleasant for Travis to be handled by me than Caitlin.

On Sunday after breakfast, I got Travis into some cutoffs so that he could work in the front yard again earning his gratitude.

* * * * * * * * * *

I got a lucky break on Wednesday.  Father had to go out of town until the weekend for his job and Travis brought home a failed exam which needed to be signed so he had to let Mom know about it.  Mom immediately declared that he would get a spanking when Father returned.  Naturally Travis was not happy about that but it was even worse because he would have to wait several days for a spanking.  I whispered to Travis that if he wished and Mother approved, I would spank him so that he would not have to wait.  Initially, he rejected the idea but after a while he decided that would be better getting it over than waiting.  Mother, however, insisted that she would watch to be sure that I did a proper job.  Of course, Shari wanted to watch also and Mother permitted her to.

I sent Travis to get a slipper since he had a hard butt and I was not as strong a Dad.  My heart was definitely racing as I got into position and guided Travis across my lap.  Fortunately, I was dressed having gotten home late so my hard on was not immediately obvious as I raised the slipper in my hand and brought it down on my brother's naked butt.  There was the expected WHACK, a yell from Travis and I watched the red oval form on his tail.  After a dozen, I said it was enough but Mom said five more which I delivered hard.  I then told Travis to get to our room and to finish his homework.  Mom thanked me.  Shari said that I did a good job.

A little later, Travis thanked me for spanking him to which I replied that helping ones brother is nothing special.  But in my heart I knew that it was very special.  I had spanked my brother as punishment and that was another step in becoming the brother-in-charge.  I was certain that Travis would remember this spanking for a long time.

By the end of the first month, I was very pleased with my progress to becoming the brother-in-charge.  What was really helping was that only Aaron knew my real objective yet everyone about, including Travis, was encouraging me.  The 'rents were happy with the progress Travis was making and I was getting lots of points.  He was not totally down and was coping at school.  Shari did not get a chance to get into the femdom mode like Caitlin because I kept Travis in check and consulted her in such a way that she felt respected and involved.  My being nude also helped since that impressed both Caitlin and Tanya.

I was very careful only to tell Travis to do stuff that he was supposed to do and would actually do.  Often I would just make suggestions which if he followed, things would be easier for him.  That way he always seemed to be obeying me.

I also encouraged Travis to do extra well in school so that I could push for a treat for him.  He did manage to do that and keep up with his homework (which I was monitoring) so I asked the 'rents as I had promised.  "Mom, Dad Travis is doing quite well and he has been cooped up for a month.  May he go to the movies with me and Aaron tomorrow night?"  Dad asked me if I thought he would behave and I said I was sure he would and if he didn't I would spank him again.  Dad asked Travis if he agreed to that and he enthusiastically accepted the condition.

The next night I had my two years older brother happily tagging along with me in charge.  I don't think he cared what the movie was but it was a good action flick of the sort he loved.  He was ever so grateful and, of course, totally obedient so as not to risk the loss of further treats.

One thing I did to keep Shari from taking charge of me as Tanya was pushing for was to have her trim my pubes.  After a few times being nude, I asked her if my hair was too wild about my crotch.  "Gross!  Absolutely Gross" she said.  I agreed and told I had though about trimming it although I had reservations about doing myself because I might make a mess so I asked her to do it.  There was some risk but I did give her a chance to discusses things with Tanya and made her promise to be extra careful.  After I hinted that she might get to do Travis completely but that the odds were better if she did a very nice job on me.  Of course, that would fit in with my grand scheme very well as it would reduce Travis' displeasure with me.  Along with my frequently being nude, that convinced my little sister, Tanya and even Caitlin that I was a good guy, not overly modest and very respectful to females as well.

With the passage of time, Travis also was confiding more in me.  He was not able to spend much time with his friends and some of them were even shunning him.  He had to endure a lot of teasing (aka bullying) in the locker room.  Now that he was the target, he got to understand how terrible it was and started to apologize to his victims.  This helped him a lot.

Things suddenly improved when his chief tormentor, his former friend, David had gotten his comeuppance and was as bald as my brother.  With David neutralized (may I say emasculated?) and now a target himself, Travis found school a lot less painful.  Travis was even able to joke about how he would love to tease David but knew how terribly wrong that would be.  He was definitely getting better.

I was pleasantly surprised one afternoon when I got home from hanging with my buds for Travis made a request.  "Wade, I got into a little trouble at school today and I got to get this note signed by Mom or Dad."  Of course, I told him that I couldn't sign it.  "I know that but Dad will spank me first and he won't be home until late.  Would you spank me?  He won't spank me again."  Please."

It was difficult not immediately jump at the opportunity but I played it cool and I thought about it for a couple of minutes.  "It would have to be a real spanking so Mom can see your red butt and Dad might anyway.  But I'll be glad to help my brother if he likes.  Well, he did.  A few minutes later Travis was over my lap and I had my doubled over belt wrapped about my hand to form a short strap.  I made sure that I turned Travis' rear bright red without any gaps so that Mom would be satisfied yet I did as little spanking as possible and avoided the sensitive crease.  This would encourage him to think of me a his benevolent big brother as I wanted him to.

* * * * * * * * * *

I had gotten home one day and stripped down to try to make Travis feel better but the test he had brought home rated a spanking.  We had gotten into the habit of my spanking him immediately without waiting for Dad to do it at bedtime as the 'rents approved.  He really preferred to get it over with sooner rather than later and, of course, I was delighted to be helpful.  This day I decided that he should bend over and I would use the belt.  He gave me his belt and got into position.  I folded the belt and gave him six hard cuts since he really should have done better and we both agreed.  I left his tail nice and red-hot.  I had even gotten the last cut in the crease which made him yell.  He thanked me and I told him he was welcome.  It was certainly more my pleasure than he knew.

Caitlin and Cassidy came by a little later.  They liked to check him out a couple times a month to make sure that he was smooth even though the 'rents had not asked them to.  They knew that he had messed up the test and were a little a little disappointed that he had already been spanked for it especially by me.  That I was naked just like Travis was definitely to their liking although Caitlin said I had too much hair.  "Shari keeps me nicely trimmed but has been busy this week so my trim was delayed for tomorrow, Ma'am, when she will also do Travis."  I was relieved that satisfied her (since Shari was in control) although she was a bit disappointed that she and Cassidy couldn't do it themselves.

"Shari checks us both out every day, Ms. Caitlin, often making us cum.  It keeps us from getting excessively modest.  Even her friends see us naked.  And, again, thank you ever so much for dealing with David." added Travis.

What neither of us discussed was that Shari has the right to make us cum either by order or by hand.  She acquired those rights when I relinquished the power to keep Travis bald and then as part of the compromise that she would only trim my pubes rather than totally remove them.  Even Travis has gotten to love Shari and her friends' hot hands making him feel good as have I.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was some three months before the 'rents lifted Travis' grounding although in a limited way which meant he had an early curfew unless he was with a family member.  That required him to be home too early to do a lot with his friends.  Hanging with Shari and her friends even dressed was not to his liking any more than with the folks except for dinner and some special family outings.  That left me as his savior, his friend in need and his guardian angel all in one which, in turn, made him obedient to me as otherwise he might be confined at home and naked.  Just like some of my friends had their kid brothers tagging along with us, I had my older 'kid brother'.  I carefully became the benevolent and loved master.  He appreciated that I lobbied for him to be allowed to have hair again but modified Shari by getting him to agree that she would keep him neatly trimmed like she did me.

Now four months after Travis was crushed, I have an obedient, respectful kid brother rather than a bullying big brother.

Life is good.

The Hunt for Cassidy's Virginity by Steam Train

© Copyright A.I.L. November 10, 2010

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