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This is story is just fiction.  It contains scenes of spanking, shaving, paddling, jo and sex between teens and parental discipline throughout the story.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Camp Tails – Part 1


Series introduction.

This is a much longer story than I usually write.  It is about the highly improbably life of a fourteen-year-old youth, Tom, starting in summer camp (Coyote Camp) in 1999 through the fall of 2000.

In part 1, Tom's friend Lee starts telling the story and then the narration shifts to Tom.  Tom tells the story in a series of twenty-seven emails to Lee in parts 2 through 5 taking us through the end of the school year.  In part 6 which starts just before summer camp of 2000, the narration shifts to an external voice and, to have a bit more fun, the story is interactive.  (This is easy to do in HTML.)  Parts 7 and 8 are about Tom after camp at home. The last parts, 9, 10 and 11, are interactions between Tom and Lee with them visiting each other as well as with their friends in their own towns.

This is a companion piece to Sawyer's I, Babysitter in archive. That story runs from the summer through the fall of 1999.  After my alter ego, Lee, was introduced into his story I had to come up with essay for the ever popular What I did on My Summer Vacation theme to fit between I, Babysitter parts 15 and 16.  This is Part 1 of the story.  For those who skip Sawyer's story, you need to know that this is a couple of days after Lee returned from summer camp and was at his friend Matt's (14) house.  Gavin (10), who Matt is babysitting was also there.  After playing ball all morning with the two, Lee tells of his and Tom's experiences in the three week sleep-a-way camp at lunch.

Tom's emails to Lee (most of part 2) are again brought up in Sawyer's I, Babysatter following part 35, and even serves as a catalyst for one of the younger characters to covertly exchange emails with Tom.  Tom's answers to Gavin's questions about life are in the separate post Awesome Power, Awesome Responsibility.© YLeeCoyote

Sawyer and my stories are independent and both are complete without the other one but they do share some characters.  There are trivial problems with the time lines between the stories.  I ask that you ignore this little mess up and enjoy the stories.  Sawyer has made a contribution to Part 11.

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The story starts

Coyote Camp has two divisions divided by age.  I was a Frosh in the teens group with the older dudes split between the Sophs and the Juniors just like in school.  (The Senior group is no more.)  Guys, I have lots of stories about the standard camp activities of various sports and activities – just the sort of stuff that is found in camp advertisements – but those will all wait.  This is a much more juicy and interesting story – stuff that the advertising brochures do not discuss one tiny bit – HAZING.

It was SOP for …

"What's that?" cut in Gavin.  Matt had agreed to let his charge listen to my report.

"Standard Operating Procedure." explained Matt, "Please continue, Lee."

It was SOP for the Sophs to haze the Frosh.  Basically, the Sophs just gave us a hard time with stupid things like knowing the camp lore and making us eat disgusting combinations of things.  One of the favorite games (well, for the Sophs anyway) was to paddle the bare butts of us Frosh.

"Did it hurt?" asked Matt.

"How many times?" asked Gavin.

Well, it hurt – a lot – but one has to stand still, be macho pretending it does not hurt and take it like a man.  The worst that I got was TEN in one night.  It hurt more than when Dad spanked me but I did not cry.  I guess being over Dad's knee encourages crying.

"Crying is sort of a confession and submission." said Gavin with wisdom beyond his years.

The important thing is NOT to cry for then they pick on you even more.  There was one kid, Timmy, in our group who was the youngest, smallest and a spoiled sissy.  The Sophs were like hyenas attacking an injured antelope and went after him three nights in a row.  It would have been alright if they hadn't kept at him for he was always bawling like a baby after the first blow and even ended up in the infirmary one night with an ice pack on his bottom.

Of course, we were all afraid of reporting – who wants to be a tattletale – to the counselors (not to mention possible retaliation).  The ring leader of the Sophs was Joel (almost 17) who was my bunkmate Tom's older brother.  He knew about how things worked from the previous year and hearing stories from his brother.  He told John who was a Junior and who Joel had said had paddled him in previous years.  Tom was ashamed of his brother who was a nasty bully constantly picking on smaller and weaker kids.

The next night when the Sophs invaded our bunk, the Juniors were right behind them.  They put on a great show for us.  First, they stripped the bullies and threw their clothes out outside.  Happily, it was a very windy night and the stuff went all over camp.  Then they paddled each of them very hard.  I can tell you those WHACKS were like the sweetest lullabies I have ever heard.  Everyone of the Sophs' butts turned fiery red and they got a lot.  Little Timmy was really beaming seeing these bullies on the receiving end.  At first they got hard-ons but as the paddling continued, the pain mounted and they started to droop.  A couple of them actually were crying especially the big bully, Joel.  Oh, yeah, all us Frosh and the Juniors too had tent poles trying to escape from our pj or shorts.

Then they started with the haircuts. A couple of them got Mohawks and one a reverse Mohawk.  Joel got a broken one – sort of like an "L" shape.  He looked really ridiculous.

"Mohawk?" queried Gavin and Matt explained.

The best was yet to come.  One of the Juniors whispered something to Joel who yelled: "NO WAY, MAN."  They just bent him over and paddled his already blistered tail again.


His face dripping tears, Joel begged: "OK, I'll do it.  Just stop beating me, please."

Joel went over to Timmy and started to say something.  One of the Juniors, barked at him: "Say it loud enough for everyone to hear."

Still crying he said with a breaking voice: "Tim, I'm just a cowardly crybaby bully.  I'm sorry that I picked on you. … I don't deserve to have pubes like a real man. … er … please … remove … them."

John put a moustache clipper into Timmy's hand and said: "Do it, kid."

I wouldn't have believed that Timmy's smile could have gotten any broader but it did as he grabbed his tormentor's flaccid cock as if it was a handle and started to clip his pubes.  One could see the tears welling up anew in Joel's eyes as his big thick bush was reduced to mere droppings on the floor in front of a large audience.  The cock that had strained so mightily in his shorts when he wielded the paddle now just hung limply perhaps even shrunken by his shameful embarrassment.

After the Juniors chased the Sophs out and left, we were all rock hard.  One of the guys suggest a circle jerk.

"What that?" interrupted Gavin again.

We formed a circle and pulled down our pj's or whatever and started jerking off.  You know what that is Gavin?

"Of course." he snapped with real annoyance.

We all got off at least twice.  Timmy had his first wet orgasm and was very proud of himself.  (I turned to Gavin and he looked like a light bulb had just been turned on.)

Remember these porno pic we had I asked Matt where all the studs had more than ten inches.

"Do I ever!" Matt said, trying to hide his smile.

Well, this is the first time I saw so many hard-ons live.  They were much smaller – like five to seven inches.  It was hard to tell about the Juniors but they could not be hiding that much meat in their shorts.  I'll bet that porn stars are selected for size like actors are for their looks.

The next day when we changed for swimming, the Sophs' butts were still like red lanterns and most had a few bruises.  One could see how Joel was hiding his hairless crotch.  He was a changed boy after that.  Almost nice.

On the night before we left, John brought Joel for a little visit.  First he paddled him real hard.  That sounded so sweet, even to his little brother.  Then he had Tim trim his hair at both ends.  Timmy clipped his pubes smooth again and removed the broken Mohawk.  Although his hair was like a buzz cut, the sun tan showed the L-shape.

Matt and Gavin were quite speechless after hearing this.  Of course, they agreed that Joel was real shit-head and deserved all that he got.  After they calmed down I read them the email that I had gotten just this morning from Tom.

September 1, 1999

Hi Lee,

The day after we returned from camp Dad walked into our bedroom when we were dressing and saw Joel naked – his butt was still bruised and his pubes as hairless as a ten-year-old's.  Dad asked what had happened and Joel told him some half-assed story about losing a bet.  I had to cover my mouth to prevent laughing out loud.  Dad saw right though him and told him he had a call from the camp director.  I don't know if Dad had set a trap but if he had, Joel fell right into it.  Of course, Dad often can tell that we are lying.  I wish I knew how he did that.

"What is the punishment for lying, son?"  asked Dad.

"But I'm too old for a spanking Dad." pleaded my big baby of a brother.

"I don't think so, boy; you don't even have pubes."  Joel turned white as a sheet.

Dad reverted back to old times.  Sitting down on the bed he just pulled Joel over his lap and hand spanked him liked he did when he was younger.

I had the great joy of watching.  Just as he started the spanking another wonderful thing happened.  My buddy Eric showed up and saw the big bawling baby getting this OTK spanking.  Eric's brother is in Joel's class and they hate each other.  Joel is in for it next week when school starts.  (I'll send you an update.)

It only took Dad five minutes with his bare hand to turn Joel into a bawling little boy.  The first few strokes did not seem to do much but redden Joel's cheeks.  But with SMACK, SMACK, SMACK Dad got through to my dumb ass sibling.  As he worked his way over the entire target area Joel lost his macho resolve.  I think those five quick SLAPS at the bottom of the bottom area pushed him over the edge.

Joel caved in real fast considering how much he took when he was paddled by the Juniors.  This day it was just like when Joel was ten.  He was yelling and bawling and promising to be good forever.

Then he had Joel kneel over the bed and gave him an even dozen with his heavy leather belt.  Joel miscounted and got two extra for his mistakes.

Then I really got some shocks of my own.  Dad then told us that the camp director had also said Joel had behaved much better after he had his pubes clipped so that he had decided that Joel would not have any until he showed that he can act like a man not just a bullying boy.  I was sent to get Dad's razor and shaving cream and a wet washcloth and a towel.

Dad made Joel lie on the towel and then told ME, YES, ME, to shave big brother's pubes.  I almost came then and there in my pants.  Boy was that FUN!!  Both Eric and I had huge dripping boners.  Following Dad's instructions, I covered Joel's clipped bush with the shaving cream and very carefully and thoroughly removed all traces of hair on his pubes, balls and even up to his belly button.  Joel could not watch this assault to his dignity and person.

Then Dad laid down the law to Joel and me.  For a change I liked, no, LOVED, it

  1. Joel was not to take any sort of revenge for what happen on me or else he would never have any pubes.
  2. He was ask me to shave him every week until further notice.
  3. I was to be in charge since I was more grown up than my smooth crotch brother.
  4. His curfew was now 8 pm.

Joel tried to appeal but Dad told him to "Stow it, boy." and parked him in a corner.

Eric and I went to the woods and wacked off several times.  We would have liked to have done it looking at my red tailed little brother but I had the feeling that Dad wanted Joel left alone to think.  This was not a time to cross Dad.

It going to be nice for the next few months.

Have fun buddy.


I think that Tom is going to have fun being the big brother now that his brother been cut down to size.

"That sure sound like fun." giggled Gavin with a gleam in his eyes.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L., November 14, 1999

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