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Camp Tails – Part 2


September 13, 1999

Hi Lee,

You won't believe what a stupid shithead Joel is.

On Monday, the first day of school, Joel had gym the third period.  It standard here for everyone to have to strip down in the locker room and then go to the gym for getting a height and weight check.  I can tell you that it was really weird to be in a school class with everyone but the teach in just their birthday suits.  If I hadn't been to camp I would have had a lot of trouble with it.

Well, everyone saw that Joel had lost his bush and he became the center of attention.  Ralph (that is Eric's brother) was ready and watching very closely to see what would happen.  At first Joel was razed for being hairless.  He deserved it for he was excessively fond of doing that to the less developed guys and they were getting back at him.  Then he lied and claimed that he had lost a bet and that was the forfeit.  Ralph did not think anyone believed him but neither did he talk about what he knew.© YLeeCoyote

The gym class is split up use the facilities more efficiently.  Joel's group got what he most feared – swimming for the first half term.  That means that he will be naked the whole gym period as we swim bare assed.  (The school board does not want filtered pee in the pool.)  No way to hide his now hairless pubes.


September 14, 1999

Hi Lee,

By Tuesday morning, there was talk about him all over the school.  You can just imagine how embarrassed he was.  (Or should I say em-barr-pubed?)  There were lots of rumors being floated about what had really happed.  Joel is lousy liar.

Late in the afternoon I was at my locker.  In my school the lockers are in rooms (much like for gym) rather than lining the halls as you see in some movies.  Joel stormed into my aisle which was otherwise empty yelling:


"What's the problem?" I asked innocently.  And Mr. Loud Mouth repeats with more detail even louder than the first time:


I was pissed at him (so what else is new) and gave him a piece of my mind:

"I didn't tell anyone that I shaved your stupid pubes under Dad's orders after he spanked you while you were still crying and with Eric watching.  And as a favor to ME, not you, ME, Eric promised not to tell either.  I even got Ralph to promise on the one condition that you personally invite him to next Sunday's shaving by tomorrow noon.  But guess what you just did?"  He put on his stupid face; the one that is frayed at the edges from excessive use.  "Have you noticed how quiet it is in here now?  At least twenty dudes must heard you, you yourself, say what happened.  You even yelled twice to be certain that they did.  See you at dinner Mr. Loud Mouth."  I slammed my locker shut and walked out as the laughter rang through the room.

At dinner Loud Mouth was strangely quiet.  After dinner he wanted to talk.  He actually asked me for advice.  Did I really think he spilled the beans in the locker room?  Will Eric and Ralph keep their promises to be keep mum about this?

It depends on who heard you making that public proclamation.  You'll find that out in a couple of days.  Eric will be silent – for me – as long as Ralph is or it becomes public knowledge.  I think that you should invite Ralph nicely, real nicely, to be here on Sunday.  My brother was really squirming and I loved it.  I would say I had him by the short hairs except that he no longer has any.  I got saved by the bell, for Eric called just then to talk about our homework.  Baldy just sat there pouting.  I was using the speaker phone and he suddenly jumped up and yelled to Eric, asking for Ralph.

As expected, Ralph did not make it easy for him.  "What do you want shit face?"

He had to ignore the insult so he asks: "Tom tells me you and Eric won't talk if you're here on Sunday?"

"Talk about what?"

Ralph was making him suffer.  "How I lost … my … pubes."

"What's happening on Sunday that would be of interest to us, Baldy?"

This was so painful for me that I passed him a note telling him he had to say it all to satisfy Ralph and he did.  "Ralph, please come over Sunday morning to watch Tom shave my pubes in return for not talking about it."

"It will be my pleasure, Baldy." laughed Ralph.  Eric was laughing in the background.

Joel ran out to talk a walk.  I almost felt sorry for him, but not quite for he deserved it all.  Eric got back on after I told them Joel has split and asked if he could come too.  "Sure, you're my buddy and we can hang afterwards."


September 19, 1999

Hi Lee,

Right after breakfast on Sunday, Dad goes to the garage to back the car out since he and Mom are going out.  Although it is usually a chore left for Joel or me, he takes the garbage out with him.  Three minutes later he is back in the house bellowing for Joel.  The garbage can was full because Joel had not taken it out for the Saturday morning pickup – this has long been a spankable omission.  From the top of the stairs, I could hear Dad shredding Joel at the bottom.  The pussy boy lamely mumbling: "Sorry Dad; I forgot." did not cut it one little bit.  Dad's next line was ambrosia to my ears:

"Ask your brother to spank you when he shaves you this morning.  Understand?"

"Yes, Dad." Joel whispered shamefaced.

"And have him take a picture to prove how red your bottom gets."

"Yes, Dad." moaned Joel as Mom and Dad left.  He just sat there on the steps with his head in his hands realizing that things had gone from terrible to even worse.

A little later he came upstairs with Eric and Ralph looking very unhappy but apparently resigned to his fate.  "Tom, can we get this over with?"

"If you want something, just ask." I said gently.  I wondered how long it would take him to realize that I was waiting for him to do exactly what Dad said he had do.  But he never does things the easy way.


"If you want something, just say it, Joel?"

"Please … please…."  Why was he embarrassing himself with beating about the bush.  Everyone knew what was going to happen.  He's such a coward.

"What do you want, Joel?"

"Please … do what Dad said."

"Dad tell us to do a million things; which one did you have in mind, Joel."

"Please shave my crotch and spank me.  Also, take a picture to prove to Dad how red it was."

Finally he managed to say it.  Ralph and Eric having a great time at his expense.  "Why does Dad want you spanked this time, Joel."

"Because I forgot to take out garbage yesterday, Tom."

Now I understood the meaning of "A coward dies a thousand times; a brave man but once."  This was too painful so I told him to strip and went for the shaving stuff myself.  I hoped that he would do it but he was still in his briefs when I returned.  Unbelievable that he would subject himself to this.  I sat down on his bed and called him over.  I pulled him over my lap and twisted his right arm behind his back so that he would stay put as a naughty little boy should.  As I yanked down his briefs, Eric snapped his first picture.  Joel did not realize that Eric had his camera not mine.  He howled and I was glad that I had his arm twisted.  "Why are you getting spanked, BOY?".

"Because I forgot to take out the garbage." he whined like a little baby.  I raised my hand and brought it down as hard as I could on his right check.  SLAP!  He yelled in pain as Eric took another picture.  This was going to be fun.  Certainly my cock thought so as it stretched along my leg.  For years Joel had bashed me and now I was getting even with the extra pleasure of having to do it as Dad's proxy and with an audience.  SLAP!  SLAP!  SLAP!  My hand crashed down on his butt, no, his little boy's bottom turning it red.  I went for the extra sensitive crease at the bottom where the leg starts.  SLAP!  SLAP!  SLAP!  SLAP!  And it got to him.  Both Eric and Ralph were beaming and had huge boners.  I shifted to the center and gave him a rapid series and he started to beg me to stop.  A few more and the promises started.  And, of course, the water works had opened up also.  He was blubbering like a sissy boy; a broken baby.  I spanked him a bit more to be sure that he would really remember this first spanking from me.

While he was still feeling broken I got him off of my lap and onto the towel I had put on the bed.  His lower legs were over the side and I held his hands by his head.  Ralph picked up the shaving cream and squirted it over the stubble that had grown since last week when I shaved him.  Somehow he realized that it was Ralph and not me that was going to shave him and he tried to object.  "BE STILL, BOY."  I commanded, "Dad put me in charge and this is Ralph's price for silence."  He was not in any state to resist.

Ralph was having a ball playing with Joel's package.  I'm sure that he was pleased that Joel got hard-on so that it could be captured on film while covered with the shaving cream.  Of course, he did not forget what he came for and carefully removed the ugly stubble leaving Joel's crotch as smooth as a baby's ass.  Ralph suddenly dashed to the bathroom and to get something.  After he wiped Joel off with a towel, he powered him:  "A little tacky-wacky ba-ba pow-dee, for snook-ems."  I think Ralph would have diapered him if he had one.  Joel just bawled some more.

Ralph and Eric both split claiming to have things to do.  I picked up my own camera and took a couple pictures of Joel's red bottom for Dad.  I couldn't believe what a cowardly wimp my brother was.  What made it worse, is that he loved to dish it out but could not take it.  I'm sure that is the reason they left.  I wish that I did not have to babysit Joel like he was seven rather than seventeen.

Joel just cuddled up with himself and kept crying.  I went up to the attic and rummaged around until I found it – Mom's a real pack rat – and brought it back for Joel.  He took his old Teddy Bear and hugged it tightly.  I took another picture for Dad.

As I looked at my wimp of a brother, I suddenly imaged how Ralph and Eric would have done it.

Ralph would have just bounded into the room and addressed Eric like he had just kissed his ass.  "Hey shitface, I shaved myself in the shower this morning so it's time to spank me for forgetting the friggin garbage yesterday.  Let's get this over, I got things to do today."  Then he would hand Eric his leather belt, drop his pants and bend over.

Eric would be up to the task and give his brother the eighteen strokes they has previously agreed was the right number.  If Eric gave him a wimpy one Ralph would not count it and complain that it was not worth counting, stop being a pussy and do the job right.

Joel cried himself to sleep as I did homework.  Then I logged on and found an email from Eric suggesting I look at a great new web site.  The first part of the URL was one of the 'get your own free web page' and the last was "Baby_joey".  I did not like this and suspected what I would find.  Unfortunately, it was full of the pictures that Eric took this morning.  There was a special button: "Tom: click here!" so I did.  Ralph and Eric had put in a note that they were not going tell anyone else as long as Joel is a good boy.  If he bothers anyone, particularly the little kids, then the URL will be posted all over school.  I guess that this will have to wait.

I just hoped that Mom and Dad get home before Joel wakes up.  I don't know how to handle a baby.

Our folks decided that he was ok enough to go to school in the morning.  I'll send you a report next week.


September 21–23, 1999

Hi Lee,

Joel has been so passive that the how and why he lost his pubes is no longer the topic of the day.  I'm told that there are quite a few visitors to the third period gym to try to get a peek at the hairless wonder but he is surviving.

Today he brought home a test he failed and I spanked him real hard.  I slowly stripped him down to his birthday suit.  He hated that I did it but so I gave him the choice of asking Dad or doing as I told him.  He knew that Dad would probably ground him and tell me to spank him also.  This was easier that the first time.  I knew where his most sensitive spots were and could concentrate on them (not that I neglected the rest).  Of course, he got a long lecture that he must apply himself to his schoolwork as I continued to pound his ass.

I also told him that I expected him to put in more time with his studies and thus less with his friends.  It really amazing how much his hearing has improved since I've been pounding his butt although his memory is still poor.  An example, on Thursday he was talking with his friends and I called him to take the early bus and he just sassed me by telling me to fuck off so I told him (with his friends listening): "If you're not on the early bus you're going to get it, Joel."  I'll bet his friends were wondering exactly what I meant that made him change his mind and why I would threaten without adding something like 'from Dad'.

On the bus I told him that next time I'll be more explicit so that there be no doubt that he was going to get his butt beat OTK like a little boy.  He got the necessary horrified expression and really gave it to him.  And the time after that, it will be clear who is going to do the spanking too.  "Understand?"

"Yes, Tom," he said sadly now knowing that I was going to exercise my power over him even at school.

Last Sunday, my hand hurt after pounding his bottom, so I made a short strap from an old leather belt.  It is very effective and easy to use.  Quickly, I got him crying and promising and then to out of control bawling.  He'll remember this spanking for some time.


September 24, 1999

Hi Lee,

On Friday, Dad got a call from school and went to see the Principal and the swimming instructor.  He told Mom and me (since I'm in charge of Joel now) the story.  It turns out that the school was worried about Joel's missing pubes.  The principal said that happens every once in a while but it is not usual for it to happen to a boy several weeks in a row.  They also had heard that Joel claimed to have lost a bet and rumors that his brother had done it.  Whichever is true, they felt some parental guidance was called for.  Dad agreed but for very difference reasons.  He was pissed that Joel had lied to his classmates and made a two-fold request.  First, he wanted Joel to apologize to the class and second to get the standard punishment of a spanking BUT in front of those that he lied to in class.  The principal loved the idea but, alas, said that none of the teachers could do it nor could Dad do it in the class.  They did agree to having another student from the class or me doing it.

I thought about having Ralph do it as the class representative to avoid the possibility that the class might not trust me to do a proper job.  But Ralph's parents never spank him so he probably does not know how and he might just beat Joel black and blue.


September 26, 1999

Hi Lee,

Maybe there is hope for my brother after all.  This Sunday, he got the shaving stuff and then asked me to please shave him.  Of course, I obliged as loving brothers should help each other.  Then I gave him the news of what was going to happen in swim class.  You are going to speak to your class and tell them: (1) you apologize for lying, (2) you lost your pubes as a punishment for being a bully, and (3) ask me for a spanking for lying.  He turned while as a sheet.  I also told him that Dad had been to the school and it was all arranged.  You better write it all out before so that you don't make a fool of yourself in front of your class.

On the school bus, Monday morning Joel asked me if I was going to make him cry and I asked him if it would be a proper and honest spanking if I did not.  He almost cried right there as he said he understood.  I also told him that if he cried too soon he'll get extra for faking so he had better resist for I don't want to be known as "the Crybaby's brother".

I was very anxious all morning also.  I would be the only student with clothes on in the class.  I wondered how many of the guys in the class would get a woodie watching and how many would have cute butts needing a spanking.  I guess that I'm really into this spanking thing.  Just in case Joel managed to resist my hand, I carried the little strap in my pocket.  I want Joel to learn that when ever he goes over my lap that I have the power to break him and will.

Vice-principal C. O. Peters  (affectionately know as The Cop) who's in charge of discipline showed up to watch for official reasons.  (Actually since I heard Joel complain about him, I suspected that he was going to enjoy this for personal reasons.)  The swim coach told the class that Joel had asked to make an announcement.  Understandably, he stumbled through everything even though he had written it all out at home.  The class went from just amazed to total disbelieve when he asked for his spanking.  There was the expected laughter when they realized that it was me going to do the job but Ralph assured them that I could do the job properly.

I took my seat and Joel lay down across my lap.  He was a little braver than I expected.  I looked at the pack of bare-assed sixteen/seventeen-year-olds in front of me and could see that most had semi-hard-ons and a few were already all the way up.  I raised my hand and started.  The tiled room really made for an good echo which made everything sound louder.


"You must not lie again, Joel." I lectured.


I made sure that I covered his butt fully and got the most sensitive spots several times.  Joel was torn between being macho, i.e., not crying and giving in, i.e., crying and I could feel his tenseness as I continued with another round.  I was confident which it would be.


"You must be honest with your classmates."


He was yielding as the pain got to him and started to sob softy.  I confess that I wanted to show off and was pleased that I would not need the strap.  I gave him another two rounds – one slowly and one fast and that broke him completely as was absolutely necessary.  Mr. Loud Mouth was now Ms. Water Works.  Everyone in the class had a major hard-on and even The Cop.  I got a standing ovation.  Everyone in the class looked like they needed to jerk off.  Later, I heard that they got sent to the showers a little early that day and they used the extra time for a circle jerk.

I asked the class not to tease him as he had a very hard time with this.  I put Joel in the corner for about ten minutes and then took him to the showers.  As he dressed I told him that he had a choice.  He could go home now get certainly be razzed as a crybaby by everyone tomorrow and forever after or tough it out and be in his next class like a man.

When he asked me what he should do, I told him carry on and don't make any comments about this.  As Moses said to the Israelites: "Be strong and resolute" (Deuteronomy 31:1).  Joel, you are going to have to do this sometime. Then I added that if he cut class today, he would get strapped and grounded.  I thought that this would be an extra incentive.

Most of the guys in the class found me within a couple of days and congratulated me on a job well done.  That made for talk about me for HS juniors and seniors rarely talk to a lowly freshmen like myself.  It surely increased my stature in my own class.  I wondered what going to happen when the whole story got out.

By the time I saw him at the end of the day he was able to hold his head up.  There was lots of talking about us (How did I learn to spank so well so young?)  but he was pretty much left alone.  When we got on the bus Ralph got behind him, patted his butt and told him that "you did pretty well considering".  We all had a good laugh at that; even Joel.

What neither of us knew is that Thursday morn we would be famous celebrities in our small universe.  The school paper came out and there was a full write up about that most memorable swim class.  It seems one dude in that class was a sports reporter for the paper and since it was public knowledge the advisor did not censor it.


September 29-30, 1999

Hi Lee,

Once the story was in the paper the rumors stopped and so did the gossip as there was nothing left to talk about.  I got some unexpected bonuses out of this.

Richy was the first of the dudes in the swim class who sort me out because he wanted his butt spanked.  After he swore me to secrecy he told me that his dad used to spank him whenever his grades started to slip but he was away for three months and could I help him, please.  I went over to his house after school on Wednesday when his mom was out.  I decided to act like a very strict father and instructed him that he should call me 'Dad'.  I had him go to his room and that I would be up in a few minutes the check on this week's reports.  "Yes, Father." he said and dashed up stairs.  This was going to be fun.  Great fun.

I went up to his room, entered without knocking and declared.  "Time for your weekly grade check, son."  I sat down on the chair in the middle of the room (after moving the hairbrush) and looked at the batch of papers he handed me.  They were terrible.  The best was a 78 and some under 60; certainly not acceptable work.  "These are a disgrace!  You should be ashamed of yourself."  I had trouble believing things were really this bad.

"Yes, Father.  I'm very ashamed." he said with his head hanging.

"Take off your shoes and come here, boy." indicating the spot in front of me.  I stood up and unbuttoned his shirt, pulled it off of him and yanked it out of his pants.  I opened his belt, pulled it free and dropped it.  He gasped when I undid his jeans and let them fall to his knees.  "Step out of them, boy," I ordered sharply, and the sox too.

Now this seventeen-year-old youth was standing in front of me in just his briefs.  He was three years older, taller, heaver and certainly stronger but totally submissive.  His cock was half hard and mine stretched as far as it ever got inside my jeans.  Fortunately, I was sitting so that it was not bent.  I lowered his briefs and enjoyed the view a minute before pulling him across my lap.  I let his cock dangle between my legs and had his creamy white butt in the perfect position.  I gave him a hard SPANK.  "Why are you being spanked, boy."

"Because I did badly in school, Father."


I covered his entire butt with these hard spanks.  I'm sure he did not expect that particularly the few in the bottom crease that really stings.  "What are you going to do about it, boy?"


He started to cry.  "I [sob] will [sob] study [sob] harder, [sob] Father." [sob] Promise. [sob]

I picked up the hairbrush he had prepared and brought it down on his tenderized red butt with a loud WHACK!  I liked that sound and repeated this several times.


He completely lost it then and went into a state of uncontrolled crying.  I gave him a few more to remember this by and I got a surprise.  He had an orgasm; shooting his load right on the floor.  I gave him a few more spanks and he was limp like an overcooked piece of spaghetti although his cock started to get hard again.

"Please [sob] no [sob] more [sob] Father. [sob] I'll [sob] do [sob] better. [sob] I [sob] promise." [sob]  I stood him up and he was still crying.  "I'll study [sob] harder, Father, I [sob] promise." he repeated.  I opened my own jeans and with my briefs pulled them down letting my rock hard tool spring free.  I pushed him down to his knees and shoved my rampant cock at his mouth.  He did not need to be told and started to suck like he was a starving baby at his mommy's teat for his milk.  I soon satisfied his hunger with my hot cream which he eagerly took.  He continued to lick and nuzzle at my equipment as I petted his head.

We rested for a while and then I dressed after a quick shower.  "Your grades better be better next week, boy, or you'll get spanked again."

"Yes, Father, I understand.  I'll do my very best."

I walked home on clouds thinking about doing this again.  This was really the first time that spanking had gotten so sexual for me.  I could not get the image of Ricky's glowing red butt out of my mind.  I already knew what my new wet dream was going to be.  On Thursday, I wondered if he really had grade problems.


October 1, 1999

Hi Lee,

The second bonus happened on Friday.  Betty is a nice girl (fifteen) in several of my classes and after she read the school paper report about my spanking my brother asked if I could help her with her little brother.  She had, with great difficulty been able to convince her parents that she could care for her brother, Carl, eleven, and herself while they were away for a couple of weeks with just the regular housekeeper in the usual three times a week.  Of course, she had backup resources including exiling her brother to their uncle's but she did not want to do that.

Carl had earned a spanking and even admitted it but refused to accept it from his sister.  As he put it: "No girl is going to spank me.  No way!"  He refused to accept that his sister being in charge allowed such an action.  He had accepted other punishments and recognized that his dad would probably do it when he got home.

After supper I went to her house and I had a talk with the obstinate young man.  He did not contradict her report one bit.  He also was quite willing to be spanked by the most famous spanker in the high school even though I would certainly spank harder than his sister.

He stood in front of me; so small and so brave.  I told him that he was to be quiet except to answer my questions, preferably with a 'yes, Tom' or 'no, Tom'.  Also, if he gave me any lip or tried to run away, I would give him ten with my belt.  He looked at my waist and saw that I was wearing a heavy leather belt.  "Understand, boy?"

"Yes, Tom."

I started to remove his shirt and he immediately began to objected that his sister was present.  "Do you want the strap, boy?  I asked threateningly as I could.

"No, Tom."

He was appropriately fearful and stood still after that.  "Remove your sneakers, boy?  I ordered and he did so promptly.  I opened his jeans and pulled them down.  I just picked up each foot and pulled them off.  I could see in eyes that he was dreading what was next but he dared not resist me.  Very quietly he whispered: "Please, Tom, don't take my briefs off, please?"

"Betty, Carl does not want me to remove his briefs will you please do it for us."  Carl tried to do it himself but I grabbed his hands as his big sister took them down as he blushed all over.  He did not like it when she went to his side to lift his feet and got a close up of his privates.  "Do you need help getting over my lap, boy?"

With a loud and indignant, "NO!" he immediately laid in the proper position over my lap.  He had started to change and to accept the inevitable.  I held him in place and rubbed his little bottom.  He relaxed a little and I slapped him right in the middle of each cheek.  His bottom was so much smaller and softer than my brother's I noted.  "Carl, you have been a very bad boy." and spanked him some so that his bottom was quickly turned red.  "You are getting this spanking because you did not honor your word.  You said that you'll be good and accepted that your sister was in charge.  Well, that includes her spanking your bare little bottom, young man."  SPANK!  SPANK!  SPANK!  SPANK!  SPANK!  SPANK!  "Understand?"

He was sobbing but he managed to squeak: "Yes, Tom."

I gave him a few more so that he slipped into the crying and promising stage and then he broke into bawling as I completed the spanking easily.  I held him for a few minutes and then let his sister comfort him.  He cried a lot and was no longer concerned that he was naked in his sister's arms.  Apparently his concern about that had significantly changed at least for the moment.

When he stopped crying, he wanted to get dressed but I stopped him from doing that and sat him on my lap and explained what was going to happen.  He was going to get another chance to be a man and kept his word if he wanted it or we would take him over to his uncle right away.

"What do I have to do, Tom?" he asked with all the machismo that a crying eleven-year-old can muster.

"You're to apologize to Betty for causing her all this trouble and you're going to ask her politely to give you the spanking you already agreed that you were due."  He was nodding, glad to have another chance but I continued.  "You're also going to insist that her spanking really hurts like a proper spanking should – like it does from your daddy or from me.  If it does not hurt you are going to tell her and she will do it harder or use something like a hairbrush.  You not going to be satisfied with a sissy spanking and you will be the judge of that."

He did not know what to make of this.  He was being put in charge of his own spanking and being made honor bound to be sure it was a proper spanking.  Boys take honor very seriously.

"Carl, there one other thing.  You're not grounded or prohibited from playing with any of your toys but you're not allowed to get dressed tonight AND until you get that other spanking no matter what."

"You mean it up to me to decide when and if it is hard enough and everything?"

"Absolutely.  You can do it here and now or with Betty privately later.  You can put it off until tomorrow or even Sunday if you want but you can't get dressed until you get it.  It's your responsibility and you decide when and how."  Even until Monday night if you want to go to school naked, I kidded.

"I'll be right back." he said as he jumped off my lap and ran out of the room.  And he was back with a hairbrush.

He stood in front of his sister.  "Betty, I've been a jerk.  I'm sorry.  Please forgive me.  Please give the spanking I'm due now and make it really hurt."  Then he turned to me, "Tom show her how to do it right, please."  He handed her the hairbrush and laid across her lap.  No sissy spanking for this macho boy.

Betty put down the hairbrush and started with her hand.  She raised it and brought it down hard on the already tenderized bottom of her kid brother.  He howled!  I think that he started to develop a new respect for his big sister at that very instant.  She went back and forth over the target and Carl began to sob.  I pointed her to the crease and she tried a spank right there.  The reaction was immediate and she went from left to right and back, Carl really was crying.  She gave him a few more hard-ones all over and then back to the crease.  This broke him just as I had a little earlier.

She held him for a long time as he cried.  Eventually, he was able to talk and told Betty that she spanks real well.  "The tennis coach tells me that I have the hardest serve he has ever seen." she explained.

He turned to me and with a bit of little pride in this voice, said: "My sister spanks real good, Tom.  I did not have to tell her a thing."

"Carl, it is your bedtime.  Please shower, brush your teeth and get into bed."  With a new respect for Betty he did just as he was told without a word.  A few minutes later we went to say goodnight.  Betty pulled back the covers so she could put some Sportscreme® on a very sore little boy's red butt.  He was naked as he had been told to be.  He longer felt that he had to hide his body from her.  Then they kissed good night with a big hug and he told her he was really sorry and that he loved her.  He shook hands with me.

I got to know Betty a lot better before I went home.  On the way home I wondered if spanking a girl would be different than a guy.

Last week was pretty quiet considering but this week ended with a real bang.

Tom (hoping to lose it soon)

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