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Camp Tails – Part 3


Hi Lee,

Last weekend (after Betty and Carl) was quiet.  Sunday, I did the usual to Joel shaving him and spanking him for something that he pissed off mom about.  I wished that he was not such a wimp.  If he had shown some spunk I would have asked Dad to stop the shaving thing but he doesn't deserve to look like a man.  I wonder if I should tell him to do it himself or let Eric do it.  When I'm really disgusted with him, I even think of having little Carl do it.  Now that boy has real spunk.

On Monday, Kevin approached me.  He was in Joel's swim class and wanted to talk about it privately.  He was both more open and reserved at the same time about things.  He asked me to share a table with him at lunch.  He was ahead for his age so not much more than a year older than me and definitely did not have academic problems.  He had trouble getting to the point so I told that there were only two things he could possibly want to talk about; one was my brother….  He was shacking his head no, so I said softy, it must be spanking then.

With a smile, he said: "You got it, Tom.  You're much quicker than your brother.  You looked pretty excited with that rod in pants when you spanked your brother.  It did not seem to be the first time and you enjoyed doing it."

"Everyone threw a rod then even The Cop but, sure, I was turned for several reasons and I did like it.  You make this sound like I was auditioning for a part or something like that.  You need a spanking?" I said with a shit-eating grin with Richy on my mind and other places.© YLeeCoyote

"The name MMSA mean anything to you?"  I told him no and he wrote down a URL and said: "Check this out – but not from school and only on a private PC and then email me.  Your machine secure from your folks?" and he added his own addy.

This clock and dagger stuff was fun.  I could hardly wait until I got home to see what it was all about.  It good that I did not have much homework for I spent a long time at malespank site.  It was fascinating.  It was exciting!  It was stories all about guys spanking guys!  Old guys and young guys.  With hands, straps, rulers, paddles and more.  Discipline and erotic stories.  More than 3,000 male spanking stories!  Hundreds of authors!

"*F*U*C*K*E*N HOT DUDE!!!!!!!!" I emailed Kevin.

As I continued to read and whack, I got an email back.  "Wanna hang on Friday night?"

"Sure, about 7:30 but I got to be back by 11."


October 6, 1999

Hi Lee,

This Wednesday, I went to "check on Richy's grades".  I was also prepared for some other things.  I told him that I was going to be his Uncle Tom – his mother's brother-in-law so that it would be a little different since I did not feel right being his father.  I really though that there was something phony going on about the bad grades.  Things got going like the first time with him showing me the failing reports.  My suspicions were confirmed – they were the same papers as last time.  This was a charade so that he could get a punishment spanking.  Well, if that's what he wants, that's what he's going to get and then some.  (Sometime I have very evil thoughts.  A few of those times I can exercise them safely.)

I really laced into him starting with: "NEPHEW!  THIS IS EVEN WORSE THAN LAST WEEK." YOU'RE A TOTAL DISGRACE."  He practically bust into tears before I had even stripped him.  I saw that he was fully hard before I yanked him down across my lap and rigid rod begging to get out of my pants (and into a nice hot hole like last week).  "BOY, I don't know what we are going to do with you.  I never seen such terrible grades."  All the time I was pounding on the very willing butt before me.  Unlike little Carl's soft and tender bottom, this was an old, tough bird and need strong measures to get through.  When I had finished the warm up with my hand I took out the strap I had made for Joel and started with that.  It was more effective than my hand and certainly easier on me.  He soon started to cry and then lost control and metamorphosed into a blubbering little boy out of control.

Rather than park him in the corner, I made him knee and lean over his own bed.  Then I paused so that I could admire the bright red glow from his nice tight buns as I opened my own pants and freed my tool.  He reminded me of the baboons in the zoo with their swollen red butts when they are in heat.  I started to think like the king baboon and my rod turned to steel.  I took out the condom and lube that I had brought.

I beat his butt with my heavy leather belt to keep him in the blubbering and out of control mode.  Hairbrushes are for mommies' to use.  WHACK!  WHACK!  WHACK!  WHACK!  WHACK!  WHACK!  "Are you going to study like you should, boy?"  WHACK!  WHACK!  WHACK!  WHACK!  WHACK!  WHACK!  He was crying and promising for all he was worth.  I slipped a condom on and put some lube on it.  Then as I caressed his fiery rump I put a glob of lube on his little rosebud also.

I knelt down behind him and pressed forward.  There was a little resistance but I just pressed forward ramming my steel-like rod into him.  At that time I did not care if he had wanted this or expected this or even planned this for I was the ALPHA MALE WITH TOTAL CONTROL.  We had fought; I brought him to his knees crying and I was claiming my prize.  I AM NO LONGER A VIRGIN!!  As I pumped in and out of  him, he start to buck back meeting my thrusts.  Regardless of whether or not he wanted this before, he sure did now.  We both got vocal and soon after my exploding in my first real fuck he did the same making a mess on his bed.

We cleaned up a bit and then hugged for a while.  He told me that this was even better than the first time and that he just loved my aggressiveness and would like to see me often.  I let him know that I had lots of fun and thinking that he could be my boy.  As I said this I was tugging on his pubes.  Then I slapped his butt real hard and repeated: "my little boy." and gave his pubes a tug.

He hugged me tighter and said: "Whatever you want, sir."

I had very evil thoughts on the way home and afterwards.

Tom (no longer a virgin and more than very happy about it)

October 7, 1999

Hi Lee,

Thursday morning Betty told me that Carl was very anxious to see me and would I please come by after school.  "Does he need another spanking?" I asked and she said not at all.  Carl had not explained why but had been very insistent.

Carl was thrilled that I came and shook my hand like a little man.  I asked him if he wanted to talk in private but it was just the reverse for he wanted Betty present.

"On Tuesday me and Steve were …"

"'Steven and I', Carl." corrected his sister.

He ignored the interruption and continued.  "… were rough housing in the living room and Betty caught us.  She sent Steve home and asked what Dad's penalty for that was.  It is a spanking and she then asked if I wanted now or after supper.  I went to my room, stripped and returned with the hairbrush because she was right.  I had to tell her 'harder' a few times (like you told me to do) but she did give a proper spanking that made me cry.  Not as good as yours though, Tom."

I told him that if he keeps acting this grown up she won't get enough practice to become a great spanker.  We all laughed but it was clear that Carl and Betty were both proud of each other.  Then Carl upset the boat.

"Betty", he asked, what Dad's rule about a bad grade from school?"

"A spanking." she said simply.

"What did you bring home from math yesterday?"

Betty gulped as she admitted to a 53.

"Then you need a spanking." he said with a child's simplicity.

"Dad will do it when he returns, Carl."

Carl did not buy that at all.  "You didn't let me wait for my spanking because you wanted Dad to think everything went well.  Tom can spank you so that you don't have wait.  Remember that he even spanked his big brother – a JUNIOR – in school in front of his whole class."

Betty was trapped.  She had admitted that she had to be spanked.  Now the question was when and who would do the deed.  As she pondered, Carl continued: "I know the difference between boys who have a PE-nis and TES-ti-cles on the outside and girls with a va-GI-na and O-va-ries hidden inside so don't worry about that."  Smart little bugger carefully using the unfamiliar formal words.  Frankly, I could not see any way out this, without Betty destroying her credibility with her little brother who now actually admired her in spite of her being a girl, except by getting spanked.  I sent up a silent prayer to thank whatever god had inspired this kid.

Betty finally made that hard decision.  She hugged her brother and told him that she loved him and sometimes – like now – wished he wasn't so clever and kissed him and told him: "Please ask Tom to give me a proper spanking for failing that math test just like he did to you."  I almost creamed in my pants at that.  Carl did as he was told and Betty stood in front of me.  She quickly admitted that she had failed a test and that the prescribed punishment was a spanking.  I wished that I could have stripped her in a different way without her dear little brother watching but one must do one's duty no matter how unpleasant.  I removed her blouse and skirt easily and she just stepped out of her flat shoes.  Her well shaped athletic body was now just in a bra and panties (pink with flowers and a little lace) about the same as at the beach.  I reached behind her and unhooked the bra and got my first look at a girl's breasts.  They stood up all by themselves and I wished that I could caress and kiss them but this was not the time unfortunately.

Carl yelled that he wanted to remove her panties like she had removed his briefs.  I told him no unless she did not want me to remove them.  I sat down and reached for the waist band and slipped them down over her hips and let them drop affording me a first look at her charms.  (Actually any girl's charms.)  I helped her over my lap and gave her bottom a rub.  I hope she liked that as much as I did.  I raised my hand and brought it down.  As my hand print formed, I realized that her tennis playing had given her hard muscles and she was going be as hard on my hand as my brother maybe harder.  Life is tough sometimes.  I methodically covered her pretty bottom until it was uniformly red and even had to get spank the crease to get her to sob and cry and promise to study harder and finally to break her completely.  I would have stopped before that last if her brother had not been there.  I was very impressed by how tough she was for under her beautiful soft skin she was as hard as an athletic guy.  I let Carl give her a couple of spanks and feel how hot her bottom was so that he would know for sure that this was for real.

Carl insisted on comforting her because he was her brother and that was his responsibility.  I welcomed the chance to go to the bathroom and free my rock hard PE-nis (as Carl would say) and stroke it to (temporary) relief.  I also went to her room, got her a robe and found her Sportscreme®.  By the time I returned she had stopped crying and Carl was telling her he was very proud of her because she did the right thing even though it really hurt and was hard to do.

I told him to rub some of the Sportscreme® on his sister's bottom and she laid on his lap while he did.  I wished that I could have done that but she had done his bottom last week.  Then I gave her the robe and she went to clean up.

I made him promise that he won't tell anybody about what had happened even though he was so proud of his sister.  I explained that she would not like it known that she was spanked because her friends might laugh at her.  He agreed that would not be nice.  Also, that it was ok for her to wear the robe because girls are shyer than boys and that she needed the protection when she worked in the kitchen making dinner.

When Betty got back, I excused myself as I'm sure that she needed some time to herself.


October 8, 1999

Hi Lee,

Friday morning Betty thanked me for my help with Carl as there were other people around.  It was nothing I said casually; it just that a boy needs an older male sometimes.

Today I got to visit Kevin.  I had been so busy spanking and with homework that I hadn't been able to read any more stuff on malespank.

We talked for a long time and he learnt that I had only spanked six times and only as an authority figure and been spanked many times but only by my father.  He, OTOH, had played many times both as a top and bottom and both with erotic and disciplinary spanking.  Almost apologetically, he wanted to know if I was straight, gay, bi or still trying to figure it out.  I hadn't really thought about a label for myself and until last week I certainly would have said straight (visions of beautiful Betty just passed through my mind) but after I fucked Richy, I'm not so sure; the latter I guess.  Why and what about you?

"I'm still experimenting and if you were straight I would not get sexual with you."  Then he explained about safe words and how to use them.  He made me formally agree to an erotic spanking.  This was exciting!

Slowly we undressed each other and it was very different from when I was stripping Tom or Dad stripped me.  There wasn't any shame or embarrassment.  Would you be surprised that we were both hard and dripping?  Soon I was over his lap, my rod held between his thighs and his poking into my pubes.  He gently rubbed my buns and playfully slapped them a few a few times.  Soon I lost control.  It was like jerking off when one loses touch with the world.  I felt like I was just his toy and loving it.  Not only did he play his music on my butt but he played with my cock also mostly with his hand but also with his mouth.  He was the first one ever to play with my butt hole.  I think he was putting his fingers into it and that also felt good.

I have vague recollection of him asking if I want to stop and telling him to kept going because it is wonderful.  Eventually, I was on my back with my feet by my head while he was spanking me and playing with my butt hole.  Then there was something large there and he gave me a couple of hard slaps and he slipped his shaft into me just like I did into Richy.  He was fucking me and it felt so good as his rod did its stuff inside of me.  I exploded and I felt my own spunk hit me in my face as I yelled.  Then he came and we just rested.

After he pulled out and dumped the condom (when did he put that thing on?)  He cuddled close up to me and got me prone.  Then he spanked me once again.  It felt so good.

What a week!!!  And I owe it all to Joel being an asshole.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I saw Richy in the hall.  He hoped that I had as good a time on Wednesday as he did.  "We'll have to do it again, dude." I replied.

What happening with you?  Making any new friends?

Your friend,


October 10, 1999

Hi Lee,

As I mentioned briefly before, dealing with Joel was becoming a drag.  He sort of turned into quiet ten-year-old.  He never wants to do anything now.  I'm not saying that I miss the asshole he was but I sure would like him to grow up.  Eric generously offered to do the job this last weekend and even came up with a plan to make it more fun.  He would come over in the morning and we would work on our school project.  When pussy boy asked for his shave, I would ask Eric to do it because that would cause less delay in our project.  If by some remote chance he objected, then that would be an excuse for Eric to also spank him.  Eric also got the same mistreatment as I did over the years,

Things actually worked out a little better for he got into trouble at school and was due a spanking for that.  Dad allowed me to defer that from Friday evening (since I was busy with Kevin) to Sunday.

So that what we did.  Joel did object but I said: "One more word and I'll spank for not doing as you are told.  Eric's my deputy now so that I can do my school work.  Now ask him nicely to give you your spanking for school and to shave you."  And that is exactly what my seventeen-year-old little baby brother told my big fourteen-year-old friend.  I could tell that Eric really enjoyed doing this remembering the past abuse he had suffered.  He had been present for the previous four shaves but hands on was definitely better.  We both remember the three years of teasing that Joel had reveled in when he got his pubes until we did.  Eric delighted in reminding him of that.  It was clear that Joel was suffering but it certainly was well deserved.  Turn about is considered fair play.

Then he took him over his knee.  This was Eric's first time and was having a ball (or should I say, ass?).  Joel had learnt that it is best not to resist when he was being spanked for that only makes it worse.  Eric lectured him about the school problems as he worked Joel's bottom to a nice rosy shade and gotten Joel crying and promising.  Then he brought in his harbored hurts and let Joel know that the time had come to pay the piper for them.  Joel begged forgiveness but Eric really pounded his bottom to a deep red.  He also used only his hand because he wanted the satisfaction of not having used a paddle or strap.  He kept at it even after Joel had broken until I stopped him.

We left him crying on his bed while we did our work (after a jerk off break, of course).  He cried for about two hours.  Then he just laid there quietly until he suddenly called Eric over.  Eric sat on his bed and Joel actually placed his hand on his still roasting behind.  "Eric," he said, "I sorry that I was mean to you over the years.  I never realized how much I was hurting you.  I deserved that spanking you gave me and the shave too."

This seemed to be one of the best responses from Joel since Timmy had the pleasure of clipping his pubes back in camp.  I was going have to have a long talk with Dad about this development.


October 12-13, 1999

Hi Lee,

On Tuesday I had  a chat at lunch with Richy before our regular games on Wednesday.  I told him that I did not think we needed that nonsense with grades any more and he just said: "Yes, Sir.  What every you say, Sir."  After getting this same answer to a dozen questions about what he wanted, I finally caught on – he wanted to be told what to do.  I had to order him to answer my questions in full declarative sentences before he finally told me that he wants to submit to a guy that just takes want he wants provided that he was not injured or gets into trouble.  He told me that I had to be careful about marks since he was in swim class and they could attract attention.  Also, that it was probably not good to shave his pubes because of the fuss over my brother.  He admitted that the last two summers a guy at place his family stayed just shaved him whenever he felt like it and never asked.  The first time he was tied up and was told that men don't get tied up and therefore he was just a boy so he should have any pubes.  It was never discussed.

When I got to his room on Wednesday, I told him to strip for I was going to punish him for lying about the failing grades.  He quickly striped and stood with his head bowed.  I had him lay on his front and tied him spread eagle to his own bed.  Then I striped myself.  There was not any need for my rampant tool to be crushed in my jeans.  I had fucked his ass last time and we both knew that I was going to do that again.  I picked up my belt and started to beat his butt while telling him that he must not lie to me ever again.  I liked the way the red stripes appeared as I swung it accompanied by a loud WHACK!  I'm sure that this hurt more than when I spanked him but he did not cry but moaned.  He also called me master and promised to obey.  When I felt it was enough I dropped the belt and quickly rolled a condom on and got between his spread legs.  There was no doubt in my mind this time about this being right or not; I knew that it was and his ass was mine to take.  I positioned my ramrod at his hole and drove it all the way in with one massive thrust so that my pubes were pressed up against him.  It felt so good to be inside his hot hole.  I took great pleasure fucking him and I soon exploded with a terrific orgasm.  Shortly after that he also shot.  I would have like to continue but I had to get home so I pulled out and dressed.  I though about teasing him about leaving him that way but I decided that would be too childish.


October 16, 1999

Hi Lee,

This Saturday I had a date with Betty.  We got an Indian summer now and we planed to hike in the woods.  I had worried that she would be so embarrassed after I spanked her nude in front of her kid brother that she would never speak to me again much less date.  I was sure wrong.  This is what Betty said to me (the pronouns are from her point of view) on Friday:

Because of the spankings Carl is a changed boy.  He has stopped always sneering at me for being a girl.  He just stopped being bratty and is treating me some with respect for being "man" enough to take the spanking you gave me and tough enough to spank him to crying.  He even confessed that he stayed in the bathroom we shared sometimes just to annoy me and promised never, ever to do it again.  He also realized that my seeing him naked did not cause to world to end or to turn him into a frog or anyone to go blind so he decided that it just does not matter to him any more.  I'm now welcome to share the bathroom if he was in there if I don't mind him in the shower or on the pot just like his friends do with their brothers.

At the parental debriefing he was more than perfect.  Our parents had already checked with the housekeeper and knew that nothing serious had occurred but they asked if there had been any problems.  Carl spoke first and said that all had gone well, that we not had fought and we both did our homework.  When Dad looked at him suspiciously he added that they had argued a little but nothing serious and a lot less then with other people home.  (That got a chuckle from everyone.)  Then he confessed that I had caught him roughhousing in the living room.  Dad interrupted that rated a spanking.  Carl resumed: "I know that Dad and so does Betty.  She gave me a real proper spanking and even made me cry.  She has a real strong arm from whacking those tennis balls.  Well after that I just knew that I had to be good and she did too to set a good example for me."  Then he gave me a kiss and said that I was the best-est sister ever.  I just agreed that was the whole story and asked if we were excused so that we could finish our homework.  My stunned parents just nodded.

Just as I arrived at Betty's house to go off for the day, she was hanging up the phone.  Carl's friend that he was going to spend the day with was sick and Betty had to watch him.  Carl said that he would love to go hiking with us and promised to a good boy.  "I know I have to be extra careful with you two dudes." he grinned as he rubbed his butt.  I gave him a slap on his butt to accept the contract he proposed and agreed.  Betty made some more sandwiches and Carl insisted on having his own pack.  One advantage of living in a small town is that the woods are nearby and soon we were there and making our way up the stream.  We were delighted that we seemed to have the place to ourselves.  I guess that most people decide what do by the calendar rather than by the weather.

A couple of hours later we were at a small meadow with a little pond that was a great place to play in.  We had lunch and had to wait before we could go swimming.  Carl wanted to run around and said it was too hot to wear anything.  With that he shed his clothes until he was in his birthday suit.  We insisted that he put on sun block where he was not already tanned.  He agreed that he sure did not want any sunburn there.  Without a though he lay down next Betty – cock side up and asked her to do it.  She did a through job including his cock and balls and then told him to turn over to have his butt done.  Before she let him up she gave him a few love taps and reminded him that he had better be good or else.  "Or else what." he sassed.  She demonstrated with a couple of hard slaps and he ran off laughing.  (I wished that my brother and I been close enough to do stuff like that.)  Betty and I started to change into our bathing suits.

"Why bother?" she said.  "Carl has the right idea.  Beside you seen all of me already and so has he."

Moments later we were nude and I was rudely pointing.  I apologized saying that it not completely controllable.  "If you hadn't being pointing like that, I would have been very insulted.  Particularly after how you were such a perfect gentleman when you spanked me."  She then picked up the sun block and put it on her front.  I wish she had asked me to do it.  But she asked me to do her back and that was really nice.  I made her return the favor.  She slapped my butt just as she did Carl's and told me that I better be good too.

"Yes, ma'am."

She slapped me again, harder, and told me to turn over and she put the sun block on my front including my cock.  It, of course, arose more as the occasion merited.  "That feels so good, Betty." I said reaching for her.  She stopped stroking and slapped my hand away.  The putting her hand on my chest to hold me down ordered me to put my hands behind my head adding that she did not want Carl to see me touching her.  I wished that I could have done more but she had decided just what she would do.  It really was not hard (not that, stupid, that was rock like) for me to just lay there while she jerked me off.  I'm so glad that we had the sun block.  After I did my imitation of Yellowstone's most famous attraction she gave my 'nads a squeeze and: "Let play some ball with Carl."  She dug a tennis ball out of her pack and called to Carl: "CATCH!"

We tossed the ball around a bit and suddenly Carl realized that we were nude and announced the obvious.  "No, we're not.  We got these magnificent togs made of the finest cloth in the realm from the Emperor's own tailors." she solemnly proclaimed.  It took us five minutes to stop laughing.

After a swim where we had fun tossing Carl about the trouble started.  Betty went into my pack to get my towel and a joint fell out.  It was my camp pack and I had not used it since I had returned home.  I explained that one of guys at camp had these and one night he sprung it on us.  I couldn't split and regrettably I succumbed to peer pressure to try it.  Gosh, I insisted, if I really used the stuff that would have been smoked long ago.  I did not know it was even there.  I was condemned by my own words for "doing drugs" and "having more".

I was made to wait with my nose kissing a tree while they dressed.  Then I was summoned to lie across Betty's lovely lap for a well deserved tail warming.  Carl helpfully reminded me that if his sister was not doing it right I was obligated to instruct her.

"We don't do drugs, young man." she declared firmly as she took a hard whack at my still wet butt. SPANK!  And she kept at it.


She moved around and I was surprised at how hard she could hit.  I was definitely feeling this and I was understanding why she had the fastest serve her tennis coach had ever seen.


"No more drugs, ever!"

I was definitely feeling this and I could not help myself and started to sob and promise just as I expected my spankees to do.  I hadn't felt this way since Dad had me over his lap more than two years ago.


She was relentless and my sobs became crying with real tears.


And then I broke under her strong hand with Carl watching.  As she pounded my now sore bottom to be sure that I would remember this for a long, long time.  She remembered that sensitive area at the bottom of the bottom that I showed her when she was spanking Carl.  Soon I was bawling just like Carl had.  Laying there limply like he had.  Just a naughty, soundly spanked, little boy who should have known better that to use drugs.


She turned me over and lifted me up to comfort me.  I cried on her shoulder for a while and then composed myself.  I had a huge erection that she could not have failed to notice; just as huge as when I whipped Richy and that she had played with earlier.  I ran off to the pond to cool off in many ways.  Unfortunately, I could not jerk off because they were both watching.  Kid brothers are great chaperones, alas.  Then I got out, dried off and dressed to go home.

On the way home Carl boasted that his sister really can spank.  She sure can I agreed.  We all laughed.  He also said that he won't tell because then my friends would think that I was wimp being spanked by a girl but he knew that she spanked as hard as a guy.  You're less of a wimp than the other boyfriends she had.

Her father was sitting on the porch when we got home.  Carl told him that he a great time and was sent off to shower.  Betty's dad told us that he appreciated that we took care of Carl particularly without notice and said if we did not have any other plans or homework and my parents and curfew allowed he would drive us to the mall so that we could have a proper (i.e., without little brother) date with dinner and a flick and he'll pick us up afterwards as his treat.  This did push my curfew a bit but Mom agreed since it was Betty's father who suggested it and he would be picking up his daughter and me.

He handed me three twenties when we got to the mall and suggested that we go to one of the real restaurants rather than a fast food place which we did.  The movie was in one of these new cinemas with the raisable armrests so that we were able to cuddle nice and close.  I got my arm around her by the time the lights went down and she leaned close to me and said: "Thomas you keep your other hand to yourself or I'll spank you." and gave me a little peck.  But she kept her hand on my bulging crotch for the entire film.  It was wonderful yet awful at the same time.

Over our après cimema sodas, she brought back the conversation to Joel's hairless crotch.  He used to look like me but a bit smaller (with a smile) but with as much hair.  Right now he has some stubble which will be removed tomorrow morning and then he'll be as smooth as Carl.  Would you believe that it has become a drag to shave him and that after more than a month he hasn't figured out that if he did it himself then he would avoid the humiliation of it being done by others.  She picked up on that instantly and asked who else and why and I told her about Ralph and Eric.  As we went to meet her father, she asked if she could drop by in the morning to talk about math which was giving her a bit of trouble and maybe there is something I could help you with.  She so cute when she has that wicked grin on.  I'm sure there something that you could do for me I told her.


End of Part 3.  Go to Part 4

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