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Camp Tails – Part 4


October 17, 1999

Hi Lee,

In the morning Betty dropped by and actually did need some help with her math which we did while Joel was still sleeping.  Then I woke him and asked when his curfew was and when he got in (after I did).  It was quickly determined that he was to be spanked and was upset that it was Betty that was to do it.  "Do you want two spankings?" and he got the message.  Betty pulled back the sheets and he was just in his briefs – his tri-colored white (yellow in the front and skid marks  in the rear) briefs.  She made him strip and closely inspect his own undies and immediately berated him for being a baby that did not know proper hygiene – urine and feces stains are a disgrace.  She ordered him to take a shower and be back here in five minutes clean or else.  He looked at me and I just snapped: "DO IT NOW, BOY!" and he did.  You can imagine how he felt being treated like a little kid by a girl with his hairless pubes fully exposed.  It was so embarrassing that his cock was smaller than usual.

When he returned still wet, she made him 'bend over and spread them' so she could inspect and see if he had washed thoroughly.  (I had thoughts of her dragging him back to the bathroom to wash him herself.)  She pulled him over her lap and he would quickly regret that he did not dry his bottom first.  She thoroughly SPANKED! his wet rump.  Joel reacted as expected and was soon crying.  She lectured him just like a mother about being good, washing properly and obeying curfew and even about failing to growing up.  His promises got lost in his sobs and her lectures.  She asked for a hairbrush but I gave her my strap and she finished the job.  He was crying more than I had ever seen before.  I really think that she put more into this spanking than she did yesterday into spanking me.  As she held him over her lap she asked me to get the shaving stuff and after I put the towel on the bed had him lie on it.  She did an excellent job.  She covered him with foam and rubbed it in.  Then she carefully removed all the stubble even on the shaft and ball sack.  She handled his prick as if it was just something in the way (like a chair when vacuuming the rug).  She sent him to stand in the corner and washed her hands.  We did some more math with both of us admiring the red glow from the corner.

I released Joel from the corner and walked Betty home.  On the way she suggested that I use a depilatory on Joel.  She said they are easier to use and more effective.© YLeeCoyote

When I returned, I found Joel dressed, his part of the room cleaned up and doing his homework.  I hope that it was a good sign.


October 18-23, 1999

Hi Lee,

I'm really sorry that I have not been writing but I have been swamped by with school, Betty, spanking and me.  I'm sure that you are not interested in school events so I'll move on to the second most interesting item Betty.

Well, the answer to your question is NOT YET.  We have been going steady but she still won't let me do to her anything like what I love her doing to me.  For all its aggravation, this definitely seems like a case of half a loaf is better than none.

After our movie date where she kept me hard through the entire film I was worried about a stain showing afterwards and if I lost control making a big obvious mess in my pants.  I started to talk to her; here's the conversation.  Through all of it she had her devil's grin on which I find absolutely irresistible.
Me:  It's hard …
Her:  I like you that way.  Don't you like it?
Me:  Yes, but …
Her:  I like getting it and keeping it that way.  Do you want me to stop doing that?
Me:  No.  Betty, please, …
Her:  Is there a problem.  Is it hard now?
Me:  Of course, I'm with you.
Her:  I'm flattered.
Me:  Betty, please, …
Her:  (giggling) OK Tom, what do you want to say.
Me:  I really do love the way you get me hard but I'm worried about embarrassing you by getting a stain in my pants.  I want to wear a rubber but it seemed wrong not to tell you.  I wanted you to know why and, that as much as I want to, not think I'm trying to go too far before you are willing.
Her: Certainly, wear a condom instead of underwear and slacks instead those thick denim jeans.

Need I say what happened on our next date at the movies.  She got me off twice.  Yes, a half loaf is better than none.

Carl is really amazing.  He has kept all of his promises and is not one tiny bit bratty.  When Betty and I ask him to please leave us alone, he does although making a silly remark about "sex again" as he leaves.  One afternoon, he told me that he like to think of me as his big brother and wanted to talk man-to-man.  He went on to explain that he had looked up a lot about sex but the books even with pictures did not explain everything.  He had masturbated to orgasm (shit-eating grin) but nothing has come out of his penis.  I explained dry vs wet and he asked me to demonstrate.  I was not sure that I should show him when he told me that Betty had let him take a close look at her so he could see the difference from his immature friends.  (Damn, that's more than she allowed me to do.)

Just then Betty came in and sat next to him so we were together on the couch.  I told her what Carl wanted and asked if she would help by jerking me off.  She agreed she would (ah, bliss) but only if she did it all.  I agreed like I agree to every she wants.  She went for a towel and some lube and then slowly stripped me while Carl watched bug-eyed.  Then she pulled the shocker – she tied my hands behind me explaining that I would get impatient and come before she wanted me to. I sat down on the couch with them on either side of me.  She made sure that Carl knew what every part was and then she started working on me with the lube.  I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the bliss.  I'm not certain but I think that Carl even got a hand or two into the act.  After uncounted ups and downs she let me explode.  As I stayed in the after glow, I heard Carl say: "AWESOME!"

Other than that there was not anything special to report.

Joel was a different matter.  Betty's spanking really did something to him and he started to change immediately.  The next Sunday he really shocked me.  He came to me and showed me that he had shaved his pubes himself, his assignment book all checked off and noted that he was not due a spanking and asked if he may go visit his friends.  Then he did a repeat the next week.  I spoke with Dad and suggested that he be allowed to have pubes again and Dad agreed.  On Thursday, I had a chat with him and told him the good news.  He really appreciated that I had spoke with Dad and promised to kept up the good work.  I was so impressed with his response, that I offered to adjusted his curfew to be halfway back to where it had been.  But he said no for he was not sure he could handle the extra time properly yet and suggest that we make these adjustments after two weeks with any spanking level problem.  We did make the adjustment the next week though.


October 25, 1999

Hi Lee,

I continued to play with the people I've talk about but I was not happy with them always older than me.  I found a classmate, Phil, who wants to play both erotically and punishment games.  We had not planned what we would do in advance.  I made the mistake of being late and he called me to task immediately.  He started to lecture me even before I even got my jacket off.  He kept it up all the way to the basement where there was a play space.  He stripped me quickly never stopping the verbal lashing.  He lead me to a padded saw horse and bent me over it.  Then he buckled some leather straps about my wrists and ankles so that I could not move.  It was exciting as hell must be on party night.  I was also scared some because we had not talked about limits and safe words or stuff like that.  I start to say something but a hard hand SPANK on my very exposed butt told me to shut up or else.

"The penalty for being late is one stroke for the first minute, two for the second etcetera.  You were five minutes late.  I shall use a …", he paused for a few seconds, "a belt.  He slowly drew his heavy leather garrison belt from his trousers, let me see it up close before stepping into position.  He raised the folded belt and brought it down on my ass.  I saw stars and yelled.  "You must count them yourself, prisoner.  We'll start again."

He raised the belt and brought it crashing down on my butt once again.  The galaxies reappeared.  The pain intensified.  I squeaked out a "One".  He struck again and I said: "Two".

"No, dumb ass, you start at 'one' for each new minute.  We'll restart minute two."

Again the belt struck my poor ass.  "One."  Again "two".  He paused.  Then the belt kissed my seat anew.  WHACK!  "One."  WHACK!  "Two." WHACK!  "Three."  This surely was harder then straight counting for I had to remember two counts.  He started the strapping for the  fourth minute with my ass already ablaze.

WHACK!  "One."  WHACK!  "Two." WHACK!  "Three."  WHACK!  "Four."  Almost done.

WHACK!  "One."  WHACK!  "Two." WHACK!  "Three."  WHACK!  "Four."  WHACK!  "Five."

We were finished, with the extras I had gotten seventeen and my ass hurt more than any other spanking I had ever had but I was not crying.  My cock was hard and trying to push me away from the horse but it could not do that.  My butt was howling but my cock wanted to play.  I bet that this was the sort of feelings that Richy has.  I could feel Phil playing with my butt; he even was pressing his fingers against my butt hole and I could feel him slipping in.  I was his beaten captive and it was his right to take me just as I had taken Richy.  I heard his zipper being opened and the ripping open of the condom package.  I wanted to yell: "FUCK ME!" but I was not in any position to give orders.  I was poised to take them now.  I felt his ramrod at my hole and it pressing forward.  I pressed back to welcome it in although it would enter even un-welcomed.  His shaft did something inside of me and it felt great.  As he pumped in and out, I began to feel that I wanted to come just like when Betty jerked me off.  I surrendered to my feeling and let it happen.  I came and it was great and he must have also for he pulled out.

He untied me and took me to his bedroom.  I laid on his bed, ass up of course, as he played with me.  "That's what happened when you're late.  I hope that you'll remember that."  All through this he was shedding his clothes.

"I certainly will." I answered.  How could I do anything but remember.  He was caressing my hot butt and I knew that I would be late again.  My hand wandered over his body and found his hard shaft.  I stroked it as he played with my flaming butt.

He shifted so that he was sitting and I was between his legs.  I looked up him feeling like a puppy at his master's feet.  He was smiling.  I dropped my eyes to his groin and saw that his shaft was rampant.  I wanted it and I moved forward with my mouth open.  "Good boy.  You may suck it."  I enveloped it.  It was good.  I felt the belt softly moving over my back and hot butt.  I wanted to please him.  I don't know why but I did.  I concentrated on sucking him and the pain in my bottom.  That was all that matter now.  I've must have pleased him for he blasted another load into my mouth which I accepted eagerly.  I kept sucking until he was satisfied.  It takes quite a while to satisfy a fifteen-year-old stud.  When I finally did get up it was clear that I had also come from the mess I left.

We are going to play more.  I must remember to be late.


October 31, 1999

Hi Lee,

Now for some big news.  I been having my problems from all these thing that have been going on.  I had gotten some hints from others but it became clear to me a couple of weeks ago.  I was combing my hair and realized that the guy looking back at me was a genuine shit head.  I had been abusing my power over Joel and being nasty to others.  I looked at me and said: "You have been very bad and need to be severely punished, Thomas."  Yes, basically I had become obnoxious.  I looked at the boy in the mirror and said to him: "You should be shaved and spanked.  You need to do public penitence."

I could have gone to Dad and asked him to deal with me but I did not want to do that for two reasons.  First, I did not think he would fully understand my needs and confession and, second, I did not want to be a little boy running to daddy; a man does things for himself.  I needed two days to work out the proper sentence.  I selected three people to help me: Joel, Betty and Carl.  They each possessed some special qualities that were required.

We met Sunday at 10 which was the traditional time for my shaving of Joel.  I started with freeing Joel completely, permanently and irrevocably from my control with a letter to him and Dad 'resigning' my position of 'brother in control' and stating that I feel that he must and could take care of himself.  He was very appreciative and we even had a tender moment with a hug.

Then I started to explain why I called them all together and that I heed their help in dealing with a boy whose been a shit head and needed to be punished and remade.  Carl winced at that, but I quickly told him not you but me.  There were three stunned people there.  Each of you has something special that will be helpful to me in making this punishment and penitence work better.

It hard to know how to do all this.  What I have decided is that I need to go through the same sort of cleansing treatment similar to that you did Joel.  Except I know that I need it and want to start it before it is imposed on me.  Joel you need to know that Carl is a great boy and not the kid brother brat with Betty and I that, for example, I was with you.  He actually leaves us alone when we ask and is fun to have around.  He's very much like a brother to me and vice versa.  Carl was agreeing and proud to be treated like a teen peer and not a baby.  When we finish this discussion, I need you to tell me this (handed him a paper about not being a man therefore not deserving of pubes) and then clip them off.  Carl protested that he did not want to hurt me.  "Does Betty want to hurt you when she spanks you?" I asked him.  He shook his head no.  But she does because it is for a greater good.

Betty I need you to do two things.  After Carl clips me, to shave me smooth and spank me with a lecture having the ferocity that you used on Joel.  This is a list of my fuck ups and you dudes might even have some to add.  We all know from painful personal experience that you can do the job excellently.

Joel you get probably the hardest job.  I'm asking you to watch over me and make sure that I'm good boy doing my homework and otherwise behaving right.  If I'm not then please take appropriate action as you see fit.  I'll shave myself weekly until the end of the school year unless you tell me to stop because you want to take care of it.  Also, I'm giving you the key to my cell. You and you alone have the power to decide when I have been restored and to terminate this with a real punishment spanking that would be appropriate for right now.  You decide when and where that is to happen.

Finally, because of gym some of this will have to become public which is necessary anyway.  I don't think the details are anyone else's business and I prepared a press statement stating that "I've behaved badly and am being punished so that I can repent and mend my ways."  I prepared a letter for Mom and Dad which explains this.  Other than Ralph, Eric and Lee, my email buddy, I don't think that there are any other exceptions the information blackout.

Joel wanted to know if I was sure I could trust him and I told that last year I wouldn't have but I do now.  Betty wanted assurance that I did not have any doubts about this which I certainly did not.

I went to the bathroom and when I returned they agreed that we should proceed.  Carl, bless him, treated me just like I treated him when I spanked him.  He made stand in front of him and made me confess that I was a very naughty boy and need to be severely punished.  Then he stripped me slowly and deliberately down to my birthday suit not even leaving me socks.  He grabbed me by my short hairs and asked if boys had pubes.  After a few exchanges I said what I had to said: "I am not a man but just a naughty boy.  I should not have man-fur, Sir."

He picked up the clippers and told me to put my hands on my head.  Then he took the irreversible step and passed the clipper through my bush like a bushwhacker lawn mower through a brush field.  My hairs fell and strangely I started to feel relieved.  I was being demoted to 'boy' from 'man' (youth) so that I could rise again like a phoenix from the ashes.  After a bit he was satisfied and turned off the clippers and gave my hairless pubes a good feel.  I was beginning to feel punished already.  My head was hanging so I saw him look up and turn the clipper on again.  With two quick strokes he clipped my right armpit and the repeated this on the left with two more.  This time he put down the clippers.

Betty called me to the bed and I lay down so that she could shave me smooth.  This was the first time I was being shaved.  The shaving cream felt strangely pleasant as she covered my privates with her kid brother and my big brother watching.  As I felt the razor in her hand finish the task her brother had started I had doubt about if this was the right thing but they passed quickly.  Beside I no long had control of what was happening.  Since that hike with Carl in the woods I had known that she loved to control me through my package.  I wondered if she had ever thought of doing this before.  I know that I had and now it was happening although not quiet the way I had thought about with her taking me captive and shaving me to claim me.  Regardless, I felt claimed and I would soon learn that she knew it too.  The razor felt nice as she repeatedly drew it across me but I also knew that the pain would come later.  She even picked up on what Carl had started and shaved my armpits.  I know she had experience doing this.

Then I realized that I was over her lap and she was rubbing my butt, no, little boy bottom.  She start spanking me and that got my attention.  I don't know how she could lecture so well as the spanks rained down on me.  She a natural born spanking mom perhaps.  The lecture was enough to make me fell soundly spanked without other any spanking but I got both.  This was even more severe that the one she had given me in the woods.  Without even think about it I realized that I was sobbing and starting to cry.  I promised to be good and mend my way and respect other people and lots of other thing but the spanks on my bottom and on my ears continued and continued.  I already felt very soundly spanked and I had not even broken.  I was screaming for her to stop but of course that was useless.  Her hand continued to rain down on my blazing red bottom and then I broke into uncontrolled bawling aware of only one thing.  The rain of spanks stopped but neither the pain nor the crying abated.  I felt a few lighter blows which were probably from Carl but on my abused flesh they caused me to react in pain.  Was this a sign of things to come?  I was not in any state to think about this.

Then I was in Joel arms.  He was comforting me like I had him just a few short weeks ago.  The normal order of thing has been restored.  How long would it be before I was restored?

I cried myself to sleep and remained that way until Joel woke me at dinner time.  Joel had told Ralph and Eric about the whole deal and got them to promise support and to keep the details quiet.  Joel had also a long talk with our parents.  By dinner time they had accepted that I felt guilty and need to repent.  Nothing else mattered and Joel promised that he would do the best to help me but I really had to solve my own problems just as he did.  Just like he did when I was eight, Joel led me to the bathroom to wash and pee and then took me to dinner naked.  One of my favorite deserts was on the menu but there were only three portions served that night and I was fourth on line.

After dinner, Joel setup rules for me.  They were very strict but he thought that I need that sort of control for at least a while.  I felt like I was a little boy and docility accepted them all.  At school my bare pubes did not attract the attention that Joel's had.  It is a much more common condition in the ninth grade than the twelfth and I hid them a bit in the locker room.  It had to come out soon, but I was not unhappy about waiting a few days.  The strict rules caught up with me very quickly.  On Tuesday, I managed to get home late and Joel called me to task for it.  I had asked him to be strict and he was.  Proffered excuses were quickly rejected and a spanking was the penalty.  Joel striped me and soon had me over his lap.  His hand felt so good rubbing on my bottom that I lost sight of what was about to happen.  He raised his hand and brought it crashing down on my bottom.  He was strong, perhaps even stronger than Dad and I howled like I did when Phil's belt hit me.  In just a couple of minutes I was reduced to a howling banshee and he was comforting me.

I started to learn his rules.  Spanking were fast and hard and hurt like the blazes; I would always know I had been spanked.  He never spanked in anger but in love for he always held me so very tenderly for as long as I need it.  I stayed naked until the next sunrise no matter who was around (little hairless boys have nothing to hide).  I did not do much beside school and home.  My spanking friends had to make do without me.  Betty and Eric were the exceptions and formed my entire social life.

Betty did become more possessive of me since she "cleared the land to establish her homestead" and Joel told her that she had spanking rights on me.  I still love cuddling up with her while she keep me hard and dripping even while I'm not allowed to touch her.  She always makes me come every time we go to the movies at least once during the film.

Joel has decided that I'm not to shave myself.  He did the next time because he wanted to do it and for me to remember that he had.  But then he has taken Betty's suggestion for a depilatory but I'm not allowed to use that myself either.  Carl likes to do it and Betty likes that even more than doing herself.  Carl has two wishes right now: first, that he starts puberty ASAP so he gets hair before I do and, two, that he gets spanks me.

The cat got lose on Wednesday.  My bare pubes got noticed and because of my brother's previous situation the word spread like wildfire.  Truth be known, I'm glad that it happened.  It was part of my plan that everyone know that I was going through this.  It is hard to repent when it is a secret.  My little press release did not do much to calm things down.  Dad spoke to The Cop and told him the story that this was my idea and it had to happen.


November 1-20, 1999

Hi Lee,

I doubt know what happening but I'm not changing into a good fifteen-year-old but some how have gotten stuck as a pretty good ten-year-old.  I know it's ten because the rules that I have to live by are those that I had when I was really ten.  School is ok – my grades are already (well, mostly) and nobody give a shit about whether or not I have pubes like they did with Joel (should I be jealous?) .  Betty makes sure that she get me off regularly but exactly when she thinks that it should happen.  Could I like being a boy so much that I like even that most intimate control?

Joel has really been good to me.  I been getting about three spankings a month from him and, believe me, they really last that long.  It seem that I get to the bawling stage even faster than when I was just eight.  However, after it over and he comforts me, I truly feel better.  After one of those spankings, I got into bed with him and he held me all night.  His bush is fully regrown and bigger than ever and it easy to feel like I'm his little, little brother now that I'm smooth there.  We joked about this.

Right before Thanksgiving, Joel said that we would skip using the hair remover and see what happens.

I'll tell you when I know.


December 3, 1999

Hi Lee,

It was my own fault that it all happened but it took three separate events to make it as bad as it was.  It was a Friday afternoon and I was on the way home from school with my friends.  There was plenty of time before dinner and no homework due before Monday so we were playing ball.  The trouble was that we were doing it in the street which was strictly forbidden.

Then there was the squeal of brakes and the screeching of tires.  I was almost hit by a car.  It was Joel's car and he was driving.  He was furious.  He ordered me into the car NOW!  I tried to speak but he told me just to button my lip.  He was to put it mildly very angry.  He was right to be for I was almost killed.  I certainly knew better than to play in the street.  There was a playground nearby.  What I did not have was even a unreasonable excuse.

At first I though he would pull down my jeans and briefs and strap me right there in the street bent over the hood of the car.  In front of everyone – there were dozens of kids on that block and several of my friends.  As I sat in the car I thought I was lucky that he did not do that.  I wish he had.

As soon as we got home, he ordered me into the dinning room corner.  This was not a good sign.  This meant that he was going to give it to me downstairs rather than in the privacy of our room and Dad was due soon.  He was also expecting Mary Ann for dinner but she was not due for some time and hopefully this would be over by then.

Joel had just gotten back to me and was about to start lecturing me when Dad came home.  They greeted each other and Dad told him to "Carry on, son." once he heard what I had done.  Neither Mom nor Dad did watched the proceedings although that would not have really bothered me any more.

It was when he said: "Hi, Mary Ann.  You're early.  I'll be with you in a few minutes after I spank my, er, naughty little brother." that my heart sank.  She was going to watch my entire spanking.  I pleaded with Joel with my eyes and lips but he was not responsive.  This was going to be a good evening, NOT!

"I meet your father shopping and he gave me a ride here." she said pleasantly as if watching a teenage boy about to get stripped and spanked was an every day occurrence for her.

Joel lectured me (although I knew what I had done wrong) and stripped me (which I always hated).  It did not get him long to get down to my birthday suit.  I was blushing all over so I was red even before he pulled me over his lap.  The ferocity with which he spanked me indicated that he was very upset with me and rightly so.  It did not take very long before I was crying and promising never to play in the street again and all that stuff.  An then, he drove me over the brink and I started to bawl with the flood gates wide open.  After an eternity, he stopped beating me and held me.  He reminded me that he loved me and that he was sorry he had to do this but I had to learn not to play in the street.  He was right.  The spanking was just.  I was very ashamed.  My ass hurt and glowed.  I felt very small.

By now I was just sobbing as we held each other.  I did not think about that Mary Ann could see my glowing buns all this time.  Then he told me to take my clothes and pack upstairs, wash up for dinner and come back for my corner time.  When I returned, still naked, Joel had me greet Mary Ann so that she got a close up of my shaven pubes and all the rest.  I also had to apologize for making her witness my punishment.  (Gosh, she did not have to if she did not want to.)  I was not even safe in the corner for mother called me to set the table and I had to go back and forth with everyone watching my thing flopping around.

Mom had me help with serving every course which assured that Mary Ann would get to see me up close a lot.  After I passed out the dessert which was one serving short, I was put back into the corner.  Joel took me upstairs when my corner time was over and I had said good night to give everyone still another look at my publicly displayed privates.  I was to write two pages about why I shouldn't play in the street.  If it was not ready by the morning, I would get another spanking.  I asked Joel to ask Mary Ann not to tell the twins, her siblings, who were in the my classes.  Joel said he wouldn't however I might ask her myself but she could say no and I would have planted the idea in her head.  So I kept my mouth shut.

This was not a good evening.  Fortunately, I did the essay satisfactorily enough for Joel so I did not get an extra spanking.

End of Part 4.  Go to Part 5

© Copyright A.I.L., December 29, 1999

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