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Camp Tails – Part 5


December 18, 1999

Hi Lee,

Well came today and I found out what was happening that I wrote to you on November 20.  First thing in the morning Joel told me that I was his Birthday Present to Carl.  (His twelfth; do you remember that wonderful feeling that one is almost a teenager.)  He was going to give me a birthday spanking (Hey, isn't it suppose to be the other way around?) and shave me.  He has wanted to do that for a long time and Joel thought that he earned it.

So Joel ties this ribbon about my neck with a cute little bow and a card dangling like a tag.  I objected, pulled it off and started to pout and whine.  Joel just snapped his fingers and pointed to the corner.  That's often the prelude to a spanking and I know that I'm suppose to think about what I've done wrong in mental preparation for a spanking.

After a while it dawned on stupid me.  Carl is like my brother and I love him like one.  This would have all been in fun and made him very happy.  He has already clipped my bush and put the depilatory on it.  He seen me spanked to tears several times.  So what the big fucking deal about this?  I told Joel that I understood that I earned a spanking for being selfish and disrespectful (refusing and pulling off the ribbon).  Joel then asked if I had what it takes to ask Carl for a punishment spanking also.  "Yes," I declared and added, "He'll really like to do that even more that a play spanking."  Joel agreed as he replaced the ribbon and off went the birthday present.© YLeeCoyote

Carl was delighted to see me and wanted to tell both Betty and me something very special together because he loved us both.  He just dropped his pants and with a huge grin pointed to his crotch.  "I've got TWO hairs now."  We both congratulated him.  Then Betty pulled him over her lap noting that since his pants were already down that she might as well give him his birthday spanking.  He giggled through the whole thing including the hard one to grow on.  Then Betty gave him her present which was a razor and a can of shaving cream and wished that he could use it soon.  (It would be to soon for me.)

Then I gave him Joel's present (ME!), explained what happened and also my present (a video game).  He thanked me and just dropped my jeans and briefs and pulled me across his lap for the birthday spanking.  He did gently, laughing all the time with a hard SPANK at the end.  Then he changed into a serious mode to do the other two items.  He had me stand and confess my crimes which I did with great humility (is that an oxymoron?).  He stripped me and took me over his lap again for my punishment spanking.  This was the first time he was to give one.  I was sure that he would give others but would they be to me?  He knew what to do and started to do it.  Betty coached him and handed him a slipper to increase his effectiveness.  I was surprised how effective the Birthday Boy could be.  I was almost three years older, big, stronger and all that but also I knew that I was just a naughty little boy as he was telling me and a naughty little boy being spanked OTK cries.  I did not want to cry but I did.  And I promised to be good and everything.  He was relentless.  I'm sure he remembered that I had reduced him to a blubbering baby and he was doing his best to do the same to me.  I tried to resist but it was impossible as that slipper continuously pounded my well trained butt.  The training payed off and the floodgates opened.  He had broken me and I could not have stopped it.  The pride of this accomplishment showed in his eyes.  He let Betty comfort me.

Then he got to his other wish – shaving me.  I was positioned and watered and creamed by a beaming Carl while Betty watched with a big smile.  She, more than anyone else, loved me smooth.  He then started with the razor.  This was his first time and he wanted to get it right – right meant very smooth.  So smooth that he had more hair than I did.  Then when he had done me completely he picked up the can of shaving cream and started over: "We want to get this right."  He sure did.  It was the smoothest shave I had.  He had also remember something that Joel did not bother with – my armpits.  I actually had some long hairs there but he removed them with the razor gleefully.

Betty inspected me carefully and complimented her brother on his good job in both tasks.  I felt ashamed.  I was humbled.  This is what I needed.  I started to cry and Betty held me.  What was different about Carl's doing this to me rather than Joel or Betty?

I walked home slowly trying to work this all out.  The only thing that was clear was that I gave Carl a fabulous present – a great taste of power and he loved it.  I was certain that he had returned to favor in some way for I felt changed somehow.  I also felt that I should not waste time getting home for I had homework to do.

Once home, I called Carl and thanked him for what he had done for me even though I could not explain it to him much less even to myself.  I actually did do my homework then.  All of it!

A short week at school and then winter recess and holidays will be here.

Tommy (humbled)

January 1, 2000

Hi Lee,


New year's eve was the next challenge.  Of course, I wanted to be there yelling and shouting that it's now 2000! and it's the start last year of the millennium in MY time zone.  This conflicted with my bedtime of 10 pm and Joel was quite willing to stretch it all the way to 10:05 so I could watch the Chicago as well as the NY celebrations live.  But at midnight, I was to be sleeping like a good little boy.  Going to a party was out of the question.  Betty said that she would help me shoot in the New York New Year at 9 (local) and they would tape the Pacific stuff for me to watch in the morning.  Joel had that look that said not to argue or even think of evading the rule.  I resigned myself to missing it just like all the other little kids.

They did their best for me though.  Joel, Ralph and Eric, Betty and Carl all came over for me at about 7 to party a lot.  Carl suggested that I should be nice and smooth for the new year and everyone (with one exception whose opinion did not count one tiny bit) thought that he was absolutely right and soon I was wearing less than the new year kid.  A marking pen was found and I got labeled as 2000.  Of course, I was spanking new so that everyone felt that my bottom was a good target and I got spanked a lot.  Eric even pulled me over his knees and play spanked me to everyone's (no exceptions this time) good time.

The real fun came as New York's midnight approached.  We got the TV on and were all watching.  Betty got hold of my cock (yes, with everyone around) and started her games.  She had decided that she was going to have fun with me and, as always, she got her way.  She knew just what took me over the top and could tell how close I was.  My complaining got me into more trouble.  Everyone was encouraging her and preventing me from resisting.  I expected this to be very embarrassing but it turned out that it wasn't.  Betty played with me and got me primed (so to speak) by the count down.  She did her magic and pushed me to the very edge and dragged me back from the cliff edge until I exploded exactly at midnight (NY).  Everyone was impressed at how we could do that.  I knew that this would make my this new year unforgettable even though I would be sleeping in less than two hours.  Chicago was certainly anti-climatic (pun intended) after New York.  Then everyone split – Betty and Eric to a local party (the one I should have been going to also), Joel and Ralph to some big thing, and Carl to home and to bed (with permission to watch the TV at midnight unlike one little boy you know).

Joel gave me a hug and tucked me in.  I felt good and thankful for my party and promised to be good and go to sleep right away.  Which I did once I realized that everyone really tried to make my New Year's Eve as special as it could be considering my bedtime.  I resolved that I would arise again like the phoenix  I put the unattainable out of my mind and slept easily with the good stuff.

I was awaken by Carl's yelling at me and in my bed.  The TV was blasting and it was just before midnight.  When I woke up, I worried that I would get into trouble for this.  "It's kewl, dude.  I got you a special dispensation from Joel.  Let's PAR-TY, dude!"  And we did for the few minutes.  It was only then that I realized that Carl was as naked as I was.

"Where are your clothes?" I asked.

"I'm staying the night.  Joel is not coming home tonight.  I wouldn't have left you alone to miss all this once in a century stuff – you're like my brother, dude!  But I'm almost sorry that you weren't a bad boy and I didn't find you watching the TV."

He saw my puzzled look and handed me a piece of paper.  It was from Joel and put him in charge for the night and I was to have been severely spanked by him if I had broken my promise to sleep.  He made me so happy that I had to do something back for him.  "Carl, a good host always makes his guest happy.  It would be my pleasure to have you spank me so that you are happy."


"Really, dude.  You're in total charge; whatever you want.  I'm so happy that you came back for this."  I was so high on all that had happened this night I want to show my appreciation.


"Your wish is my command, Sire." I said in my most humble tone.

"Get something that's good to paddle your naughty butt, boy.  Be quick about it and get back over my knees quick."  He commanded.  I jumped up and found the strap I had made for Joel's butt and ran back to lie over his lap as he sat with his back on my headboard and his legs straight out.  I saw that his cock was hard when I returned and well on the way to be man sized already.  As it poked me I wondered if he started to use it yet.  I was brought back to reality as he spanked me with his hand a few times not very hard.  "You're such a naughty boy, Tommy.  You need so many spankings.  When will you learn to be a good boy?" he lectured as he spanked me hard and fast with his hand punctuating each and every word.  Then he covered my entire my bottom with hard SPANKS not missing the tender crease.  It was getting to me.  I must admit that I was enjoying this punishment-grade spanking.

Even though I hadn't done anything in particular to earn this spanking  I felt repentant anyway and started saying that I was sorry and that I'll be good.  He switched to the strap and went at my bottom with a will.  I could not help myself (just like two weeks ago) when he brought me to tears and soon I was crying uncontrollably.  I totally felt like a little boy and I knew that Carl was totally in charge.  Before I had yielded intellectuality but now it was also emotionally.  I no longer had a will of my own and would obey him unquestioning.  I just waited for my master to command.  He stopped spanking me and I continued to wait.

He turned me around so that my head was now in his lap.  His rod was fully rampant from its three-haired base.  I stared at the beautiful shaft and waited.  His hand played with my hair as I waited.  "DO IT, TOM." he commanded some what vaguely.  I no longer waited.  I docilely obeyed.  I opened my mouth and enveloped his cock for the first time.  I sucked it the best that I could.  I hoped that it would please him.  He guided my head some and I followed his instructions.  In a few minutes he came, shooting a small load into my mouth.  It was sweet and I swallowed it.  "I liked that, Tom, do it again in the morning."

"As you wish, Sire." I answered adding "I liked it too."

"Then I appoint you my official cocksucker, Tommy."

"Thank you, Sire.  It is an honor."  I hadn't realized what I was saying but Carl would hold me to it.  We went to sleep with him holding me like a big brother holds the little one; like Joel had held me.  I was content.

Tommy (Feeling a lot better and happier than for a long time.)

January 2-31, 2000

Hi Lee,

I'm happy that the changes that started with Carl spanking me, persisted with me.  I can not define the changes but others noticed them particularly Joel.  In mid-January, he adjusted the rules and I had a bit more freedom.  I needed to convince myself of my own changes and I stuck to the old rules just to see if I could without the threat of punishment from Joel if I failed.  Carl found reasons to drop by and feed me his sweet boy-juice however it was our little secret.  I wonder if seeing him grow more pubes each time I saw him (and I always got a close up view) particularly after he shaved me, encouraged me.

I set high standards for myself, more than Joel had for me, and asked him to hold me to them.  Once I got an 89 rather than a 90 I had set as the goal but definitely better than Joel's mark of 85.  I thought that there were some extenuating circumstances for this missing of the mark but Joel would not hear of it.  In fact I got it twice, once for missing and the other for not living up to the contract.  I got the first about 4 pm right after school and was naked for the rest of the day.  This had been bound to happen again for Joel new girl friend was over for dinner that evening.  It was obvious that I had been spanked from the condition of my behind and mother made me help with the serving so that she got a lot of close up views of me both fore and aft.  I'm sure she also knew that I was shaved and probably assumed that was part of the punishment.

In the morning, Joel woke me a little early by yanking me out of bed.  He then gave me my second spanking.  My bottom was already sore but that did not reduce the severity of the spanking.  When I went for my clothes, he stopped me and sent me down for breakfast.  Was he going to make me go to school this way?  Would that even be legal?  He made me suffer until almost bus time when he allowed me to dress but I had to strip immediately after returning from school.  It was difficult to sit on the hard wooden seats at school that long day.  It was apparent in gym why I was fidgeting all day.  There were lots of taunts of the sort "the little baby got spanked" often accompanied with hard slap on the most sensitive spots.  There were a couple of the sort: "the spanker gets spanked too".  It was a tough day.  It was difficult but I kept my cool which was a good sign.  I even was able to joke about it (albeit feebly).


February 20, 2000

Hi Lee,

I had another date with Phil.  He was eight minutes late getting home.  He claimed that it was not his fault but I refused to let him weasel out of the game.  He was late and he was going to pay.  It had been a long time since I was on top.  Let see now that would be 8*9/2 = 36 strokes.  More if he mis-counts and I'll get to fuck him too.

We got the paddled saw horse and I selected a small tawse that looked very nice.  I generously told him that I would not "charge" him for setup time and he thanked me but with an attitude.  "That's going to cost you an extra eight mister." I snapped.

"Yes, Sir, I'm sorry Sir." he responding accepting my control.  I watched him strip and then present me with the tawse.  "Please, Sir, give me what I have earned, Sir."  He then laid across the saw horse and I strapped him in.  I told him that we would start with the extras first.

WHACK!  "One, Sir."  The tawse had a nice feel when I swing it.  It made a nice sound when it hit.  The target respond well.  I raised my arm and gave him the second one.

WHACK!  "Two, Sir."  WHACK!  "Three, Sir."  WHACK!  "Four, Sir."

and we continued to

WHACK!  "Eight, Sir."  WHACK!  "One, Sir."

He got the switch to the minute counts correct.  Would he keep it up?

WHACK!  "Two, Sir."

He goofed.  That did not count.  "That is 'one'." I said, "We'll start again with minute one."

WHACK!  "One, Sir."  WHACK!  "One, Sir."  WHACK!  "Two, Sir."  WHACK!  "One, Sir."

He was back on track.  He did not make any more errors in the count as I carefully covered his entire butt.  I did it from both sides (I wonder if Betty would approve of my back hand?) and was sure to catch the crease and also a couple across the thighs.  Then we got to the end.

WHACK!  "Seven, Sir."  WHACK!  "Eight, Sir.  Thank you, Sir, I'm really sorry for being late, Sir."

I rubbed his very hot butt a bit before attending to my own rising needs.  I opened my jeans and released my eager sword and rolled the condom on.  I stepped up him and positioned myself at the entrance hole.  I felt him flex as he prepared for my entry.  Just has I was his last time, he was mine and we both knew it.  He played fair.  I pressed forward slowly; there was not any need to hurt him.  I could afford to be a gentleman about this.  It felt great in his hot hole as I slowly pumped in and out.  This was different that with Betty; I was in control and it felt good.  I pumped faster and blasted my load (into the condom) deep in his guts.  I howled with pleasure and second later so did he.

I sat down on the couch and called him over.  "Peter, you just got it for bad attitude and being late.  There is one more thing.  You childishly tried to shift the blame.  For that you get a spanking.  I pulled him and he fell over my knee into position.  I clamped my left hand about his waist to hold him secure and began with my hand.  I could feel the heat as I spanked.  I also lectured him (although not as well as Betty could have).  Although I was certain I was not hitting him as hard as I had with the tawse, he was reacting in an entirely different way.  He was becoming a small and naughty boy.  I hoped that I could make him cry.  I lectured more and spanked as hard as I could.  I wished that I could have used some tool but that was not right.  Persistence was sufficient and he was soon sobbing.  Another dozen hard SPANKS some on the crease and he was crying and begging me to stop.  "YOU MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS BOY!" I yelled accompanied with a hail of hard spanks.  He broke and was bawling.  I felt good.  I held him until he stopped.

"Tom, that was great.  Nobody has made me cry in years."

"You're welcome, Phil.  I must go now."


March 18, 2000

Hi Lee,

I had been a good boy for a several of weeks and had even gotten my homework done yesterday so I was free to play this Saturday.  Joel wanted to go the mall.  Not the nearby one but the big one over an hour away.  That one is much more fun then the little nearby one for it has bigger stores with more models (toys) and more tools and more video games.  Joel asked me if I want to go and even said I could invite Eric to join us.  This evening, I wished I had stayed home.

I don't know what caused it but after an hour in the car I was getting restless and started bugging Eric.  He responded and Joel yelled at both of us to cool it.  We did then.  This was not a good start.

At the mall, Joel insisted that we stay with him because of the way we had behaved in the car while he did his shopping (dress clothes – ugh) and then we would look at tools and toys.  There was even a special model train exhibit this day.  Could I be patient?  Alas, not.  I wandered away and Joel sent Eric to fetch me back from the other side of the floor.  Eric tried to talk some sense into me but I was not responsive.  Then we went to the tools department and there was lots of things to look at.  There was also a lot to knock over which I did.  Fortunately, hardware does not break so easily but it sure makes an extremely loud crash when a whole rack falls on the floor.  Joel did not appreciate it when the security guard "suggested" that he take his charges elsewhere until they grow up.  Joel told us that this was the third time and it had better be the last or I would be one very sorry, very red bottomed little boy.

Both Eric and I promised that we would behave properly and that we were sorry.

We went to the train exhibit next.  It was setup in the central 'street' of the mall.  It was very interesting but a bit crowded.  I did not wait my turn to try something and Joel saw me push a little kid aside.  He grabbed me by my arm and snapped at Eric to come, NOW!  He dragged me away from the trains and down to the next bench on the mall street where he sat down.  I was standing in front of him and he had Eric sitting next to him.  "I told you three times to behave already – in the car – when I was buying my slacks – at the tool shop  – and now you shove a little kid about.  What is wrong with you, boy?"

I just hung my head.  "I don't know, Joel.  I'm really sorry.  I be real good, honest."

"That just not good enough now, boy."  He told me to bend over and swiftly pulled my shirt off and gave it to Eric then he reached to open my belt.  I was horrified.  He was going to spank me right here in the middle of the mall with thousands of people about.

"Please, Joel," I begged, "not with my pants down here, please."

"One more word and you'll carry them back to the car."  I shut up and wished that I was dead.  Joel lowered my pants.  Then he did the unthinkable and also lowered and removed my briefs so that I was in my birthday suit.  My ass and everything else except my pubic hair was showing.  The only reason my pubes were not showing was they were long gone down the drain.

Then in the background I heard a tiny high pitched kid ask: "Mommy, why does that boy have his pants down?"  I blushed at both ends and everywhere in between.

As mommy did not answer, Joel told Eric to explain.  Eric was excessively complete.  "Tom was a bad boy and is going to get spanked on his bare bottom."

"May I watch, mommy?" asked the little one.

"Yes, Sally, you may watch the bad boy get his spanking."

Joel pulled me over his lap and started.  As I went over I could see herds of people leaving the train exhibit.  Then Joel's hand came crashing down hard on my unprotected bottom and I could not think of anything else beside the one-sided conversation it was having with my bottom.  He was very mad at me and he really let me have it hard.  He progressed in neat rows across my bottom starting from the top.  Two on the right and two on the left.  Then the next row and the next.  The next one I really dreaded as that was the bottom of my bottom.  I howled at each one and began to cry.  Need I also mention that I was promising to be the best little boy in the entire world also.  Then he just started the sequence all over again.

My public was enjoying this.  I could hear comments in the crowd: "A naughty boy is getting it – good."  "Look at that butt turn red."  "That's what you look like Johnny when I'm spanking you."  "Yea, that's the kid that shoved you at the trains."  "You can see his nut sack when he kicks."

The fourth pass had me crying at full blast and the fifth got me into emergency overdrive as I disintegrated into a bubbling, bawling blob with the entire world watching.

Eric was seated just to the left of Joel and he had my head in his lap and was holding my hand.  I knew that he would have done more if he could; he was some comfort to me.  Joel let me lie there until I stopped bawling and was merely crying.  He stood me up and dragged me across the street – right through the crowd which was enjoying the show and seeing my cock flopping about from my hairless groin – to a notch in the wall.  My pants and briefs remained about my ankles.  The notch was a space about five inches deep and twenty wide.  Just the right size for me to do corner time in public with my hot red bottom glowing for all the world to see.

He told Eric to stand by me and answer any questions while he sat on the bench for thirty minutes.  And there were questions a plenty which Eric answered fully and truthfully.  Friend he was and is but his day was also spoiled by me.  Only the people who saw my front asked why I did not have pubes at 15 and Eric explained that I had been shaved because I did not act old enough to have them.

The kid that I pushed was among the people that were there from the beginning and recognized me.  He came over with his brother (my age) and Eric confirmed that my shoving was the last straw that triggered this spanking.  Eric allowed this kid to actually get a feel of my burning hot bottom.  The kid had a lot more to say.  He told his brother that my ass was as hot as his (big bro's) when he gets it from their granddad but I did not get the "extra".  My dear friend Eric asked what the "extra" was.

"When my brother gets spanked for picking on me, I get to give him extra.  He really hates that but the next day he always forgives me for hitting him because he truly sorry for what he did."  Eric, seeing big bro nodding, asks the kid if he thought that I should have "extra".  He give an emphatic "ABSOLUTELY."

"I think that you're right, kid." said Eric, "Don't you agree Tommy."  That was not a question and everyone knew it.

"I shouldn't have shoved you, kid.  I'm sorry.  Please give me the 'extra' like you do with your brother."  I had no idea what this meant but trusted Eric would keep it reasonable.

"Step back and bend over." he ordered and I did.  He stepped to my side and rubbed my hot red bottom with his little hand then given me two hard fast SPANKS on my well tenderized seat.  I jumped and he grabbed me by my cock stating: "You move too much so I have to hold you still."  He then continued with his 'extras'.  I reacted much more strongly than I had expected and he continued spanking me being sure to get the crease at least every third time.  Well, I think it was every third time at the beginning because I lost count when he made me cry and even bawl.  I stood up on his command and he gave my pubes a rub.  "He's got a five o'clock shadow." announced the kid, "He needs another shave."  His brother copped a feel and agreed.  Eric pushed me back into the wall notch.

It really hurts when an eleven year old tells you: "I hope that teaches you not to push others around, boy." while spanking your freshly spanked rear end some more.

Joel come over and asked me if I though I could behave properly now and I said yes.  He said to come along.  I asked if I could pull up my pants and he agreed but he kept my belt as a reminder that I could lose them in a flash.

I was very quiet on the trip home.  I lost my clothes for the rest of the day as soon as we got into the driveway.

Back in my bedroom Eric rubbed some Sportscreme® into my bottom and told me he could not understand my behavior today at all.  "Even after three warnings, you were still intractable.  I think that I should have given it to you after you knocked over that stuff in the hardware store."  Laying on my bed, with my head in Eric's lap, I cried some more while he patiently rubbed my back and neck gently.

I did not know what was wrong with me today either.  Eric was really good with me and I thanked him for his kindness.  I even told him that it was good that I got the 'extra' and wished that I could tell him so.  "You can, Tom, they both gave me their cards with email addys.  Interesting, the big one goes to the same school as Lee does." taking the business cards from his pocket.  In the morning Carl would take care of the five o'clock shadow the kid noticed.

I also sent him an email again apologizing for shoving him, thanking him for the extras and that I think they did me some good.

Tom (mall star)

June 27, 2000

Hi Lee,

Spring and it has been a more than half a year since I decided that I need to change and enlisted Joel and a couple close friends to help.  I had committed myself to their care and gave them authority over me.  I was the new phoenix and ready to fledge.  Joel had restored all my privileges but decided not to terminate the contract I, myself, had written and signed.  There were just two things still active (although it could all restart if I fucked up big time).  It was totally up to Joel when to terminate it by giving me a major spanking when and where he chose but meanwhile I was not allowed to have pubes.  Carl was very happy to keep me shaved and I discovered that I really did not need them to be a man.  It is "not pubes make a man" but "a man makes pubes".  Once this happened, then I began to enjoy Carl shaving me for the shear joy of the sensual pleasure I got and the reflection of happiness it gave to Carl.

I wrote nice letters of appreciation to my dear friends and even to my parents.  I asked Joel to keep an eye out and let me know it I ever started to turn in an asshole again.  If I did not listen then he was to give me a proper bare ass spanking to remind me.  I developed a nightmare about this.  I was forty and we both had teenage kids when he decided that this was to happen.  I would get stripped in front of the young'uns and spanked back to a bawling baby.  Embarrassment does not come close to the horror I felt.  I gave Carl a duty and a right.  The duty was that if I ever forgot that the pubes don't matter he was to take them away to remind me.  The right was that he could do it anytime he wanted because they really did not matter and he had so much joy in removing them.

Joel finally told me when and where I would get my termination spanking.  It was to be at the end of the year class picnic in front of all whole class.  The school tradition was that it was only the class members and a couple of older siblings to chaperone.  Joel was going to be one of the chaperone.  My first reaction was that this was horrible but then I realized that it was just perfect.  I would have to explain it all to my classmates and then get that all important final spanking in front of my peers.  If I could not handle this, then I was not ready and I would have to renew the agreement with Joel.  I also decided that Joel had not selected this because I had spanking in his class but for very valid reasons.

In preparation for this event I wrote out my speech (just like I advised Joel to do at the beginning of the year) and Carl gave me a full shave that morning.  I was a very hot day that we assemble in the forest.  Joel called for attention and explained that I had an announcement about what had been happening for the past few months.  I explained all the stuff that you already know just skipping the details about Carl doing the shaving and thanked everyone.  I was quite surprised at how attentive they were and thrilled about the spanking.  Joel shut the doubting Thomases up by offering to demonstrate on their tender butts his effectiveness.

Then it was the moment of truth.  I kicked off my sneakers and faced Joel.  As he stripped me he lectured me about being a shit head and all that.  Joel then sent me to get the chair he 'forgot' to bring over before so that everyone would get a good look at all of me.  He sat down and pulled me over his lap.  The class cheered.  Joel started slowly cover my entire bottom until it was a nice pink along with more lecturing.  Then he shifted into middle gear and increased both the tempo and intensity along with getting to the bottom of the bottom.  As always, he was getting to me quickly and I was sobbing.  He moderated his pace to keep me there for a while and then pushed me into the cry and promising and crying stage.  A shift into high gear had me collapsed into a bawling baby who can do nothing but bawl and accept more pain.  Eventually, it was over and he held me close.  When I could talk again, I thanked him for helping me not caring about our audience one bit.

When Joel told me that it was over and to get dressed a wise cracker yelled: "No clothes after a spanking!"  Joel put it to a vote and it was naked for the rest of the day by 39 to 1.  Then someone else suggested that everyone go naked in support.  Their were cries of "don't be a coward."  That was also put to a vote and soon everyone was naked.

It was a great picnic.  I was whole again.  A lot of the guys hid in the cold pond to hide their erections.

Just one last thing.  I'm sure that Carl will do his thing just before I go to Coyote Camp next week and we get to see each other.

You call me Baldy just once, I'm going to deck you and then clip and shave you!  Understand dude.

You call me Baldy just once, I'm going to deck you and then clip and shave you!  Understand dude.

You call me Baldy just once, I'm going to deck you and then clip and shave you!  Understand dude.

Tom (Like the Bellman* – "What I tell you three times is true.")

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* See: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll)  The Hunting of the Snark, Fit the First, Verse 2.

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