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The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of teen sex, domination, spanking and shaving.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now. It is recommended that you start with Part 1 which has a full introduction.

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Camp Tails – Part 7


Summer camp ended and Tom returned home.  The next afternoon he went visiting as he was most anxious to see Betty and feel her magic hands on his trouser snake.  She feigned horror at his hairy state and insisted that he must get her brother to shave him.  Tom offered to do the deed himself but Betty said that Carl must do it as he had given him that right.  It would not be right to deprive Carl of his fun so he may do it himself only if Carl grants him permission.

Carl was anxious to see Tom for several of his own reasons.  He had been doing a lot of thinking for the month Tom was away and had decided that he would try some new things.  He had thought a lot about the power he had and not only wanted the exercise it but to expand it.  Betty had to do some other things so that Carl had Tom to himself.

Tom expected that Carl would want a blow job and also shave him.  He did not have any objections to this as he want to have Betty play with him.  He hoped that Carl would outgrow this but he was about to learn that this was less likely than ever.  Carl was very interested in what had happened at summer camp – particularly the mischief that Tom was part of.  Tom, like Lee, liked to exaggerate such things and Carl was a great listener.

"Sound like you were a very naughty boy this summer, Tommy."

"Yeah." agreed Tom not even noticing the use of the diminutive by his younger friend.© YLeeCoyote

Carl was anxious so he just jumped to the end and in the most authoritarian voice he could muster: "Tommy, you have been a very naughty boy and it is now time for your spanking."  Tom might have shocked if it had been his brother or even his father for they would have been deadly serious, but Carl was surely just playing.  A spanking from Carl would probably be fun.  He let himself be stripped and taken over the lap of his young friend.

Carl remembered how much fun it was to spank Tommy and he was looking forward to this.  He raised his hand and brought it down on Tommy's bottom as hard as he could.  Tommy reacted with a jump and an OUCH.  Carl smiled and continued carefully covering Tom's entire posterior until it was a uniform rosy red.  He continued the spanking with his slipper which magnified the intensity of the SPANKS as it flexed on contact with Tommy's hot bottom.  Tommy was feeling all this and could not help but to slip into the role of a naughty little boy as he was being soundly spanked. Soon he was sobbing and crying and promising.

Carl paused long enough to get Tommy on the bed and stripped so that he could have more fun.  Tommy did not even notice that he did so.  He resumed his attack with the slipper and Tommy cried more.  He turned him over and raised his legs enough to get his feet up by his ears and resumed the assault finally getting Tommy to break into uncontrolled bawling.  He gave him some more SPANKS to assure he would stay in this state for a while and positioned himself in line with Tommy.  He lowered Tommy's legs so that they were resting on his shoulder and got his thighs under the red hot butt.  Through out all of this, Carl had been lecturing Tommy that he was a bad boy, a very naughty boy.  He was being told that of all the transgressions that he had confessed to in his boasting.  Also, Carl was telling him that he was not ready to be a man – the stuff Tommy himself had written just a few months ago.  That was all that was in Tommy's head as he continued with the uncontrolled bawling.  Neither boy had any idea what the power of words could have on bawling soundly spanked boy.

Carl had a larger agenda.  He slipped on the condom he had prepared and put some lube on the rosebud that was in front of him, shifted forward a bit and waited to Tommy to calm down a little.

Tommy did calm down and was a very contrite little boy; a docile and obedient little boy anxious to please his spanker.  "Are you going to be a good boy, Tommy?  Are you going to do as I tell you to?  Or did you need to be SPANKED some more?"

Through his tears Tommy replied: "I'll be a good boy; promise.  Please don't spank me any more, Carl."

"I want to fuck you, Tommy.  It would please me, Tommy.  You do want to please me, Tommy?  Or would you like another spanking?"  Of course, Tom told him that he wanted to be fucked so as to please him.  Carl pushed forward firmly but gently and Tommy accepted him as a boy should docilely accept his master's cock.

Carl fucked happily for a few minutes driving Tommy up the wall as he repeatedly hit Tommy's prostate.  Then he paused and while still remaining inside, let Tommy legs down so as to expose his crotch.  He picked up the clipper and carefully removed the summer's growth that he did not like on his boy.  "Tommy you were right last year that you should not have pubes.  You're a just a little boy, Tommy; my little boy.  I want my little boy to be smooth."  Tommy could just nod.  He was torn at what was happening for he loved it and hated it both.  He felt so submissive that he could not talk much less resist Carl.

Carl covered his boy with shaving cream and with the ease of experience removed the stubs that the clippers had left.  Then he finished fucking his boy real hard until he came ecstatically and Tommy shot hard enough to hit his own face with his cum.  They rested.  Carl held his boy tightly.  Tom, once again Tommy, knew that Carl would keep control of him and was somehow serene in the thought.  Soon he was sleeping peacefully, happy and secure in Carl arms.

Soon after they woke up, Tommy was happily going down on the young stud.  He did not hear Betty and Eric come in to the room.  When the hi's were exchanged, Tommy started to do the same but Carl just pushed him down with his hand and ordered: "Keep sucking and don't talk, Tommy." which he did.

Noting the red butt, Eric asked: "What did you spank him for, Carl?"

"He was a very naughty boy at camp.  And to make it worse he even was boasting about it.  Then after I shaved him while fucking him and he came without touching himself.  Sorry, sis, I was leaving him for you to play with but…."

"Congratulations on your first fuck, Carl." declared Eric slapping Tommy's butt.  "But don't worry about Betty, Carl, I'll keep her happy in more penetrating ways."  Eric then pulled Tom's girl over to him and gave her a French kiss.  "See you later." and they left.  Tommy had no choice but to continue to suck as he realized that Eric was much more intimate with Betty than he had ever been.

An hour latter, Eric and Betty returned to find Carl still happily being sucked by his boy.  Just as they entered Carl exploded and Tommy swallowed it all.  Carl had Tommy turn over so that he was lying next to him and told him that he was a good cocksucker and that he may ask Betty for a hand job as a reward, which he did.

Betty was quite willing and started to play with Tommy.  She stretched the process out as much as she could knowing how to read Tommy's state so well.  She easily brought him to the brink and pulled him back over and over.  She also kept telling him that he was just a naughty little hairless boy who still got spanked.  Spanked, shaved and fucked by a boy three years younger then himself.  After just a few minutes, Tommy wanted to finish the job himself but Carl and Eric restrained him and allowed Betty to do as she pleased.

Eventually, she allowed him to come.  Then she started all over.  Tommy was having a hard time for he loved what was happening but also hated it as it was exquisitely painful as well as pleasurable.  After she had forced Tommy to come twice he became unresponsive.  "Do you think that a prostate massage would help him guys?" she asked.

Carl said the he'd been sucked dry and was not up to the task but Eric was welcome to try and flipped him a condom.  Tommy tried to decline but Betty was insistent.  "But we haven't played for a month and I know how much you've missed this." she cooed every so sweetly.  Eric was very eager to help his friends and had already dropped his jeans and put on the condom.

Carl got Tommy kneeing on the bed and Eric moved up behind him ready to go while Betty kept playing with Tommy's exhausted member.  Eric pushed forward and rammed his shaft into his friend.  As he plunged in and out, his rod hit the intended target and Tommy responded.  Betty and Carl both encouraged him and Tommy actually was able to climax once more before Eric did.  Tommy received much praise for his achievement.

The four were satiated and as it was approaching dinner time Tom and Eric left to walk home.  Tom was very confused.  Eric was treating him as his best friend as always, he was sexually exhausted and yet he felt that something was wrong.  He slept fitfully that night with strange dreams of always being a boy (belonging to Carl) and that Eric (his best friend) and Betty (his girl) were going together.

To say that he moped about the next two days would be more than generous.  He was already in bed when that second day when Joel came over and sat on his bed: "Tom, tell me about it.  What's bugging you?"

Without getting into details Tom explained how he was being trampled by his best friends and he was not happy about it.

"Were you acting like a whippy sissy boy or like an assertive young man, Tom?"  Tom did not answer, so Joel continued.  "If you want to be treated like a man, you've got to act like one, Tom."  Then Joel did something that he had not done in a very long time.  He gave his brother a hug and kiss good night and told him that he loved him no matter what.

Tom slept soundly that night and in the morning he started to decide what to do.

End of Part 7.  Go to Part 8

© Copyright A.I.L., September 9, 2000

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