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Camp Tails – Part 8


I awoke a changed man with a mission.  Joel had given me the answer – I must act like a man to regain my status!  That was the what.  The questions remaining were the how and the when.  I thought about this long and hard just laying in bed.  I thought about how I had given up my status and rights almost a year ago and thought that they had been returned.  Evidently, I must be aggressive and recover them myself; I must be an Alexander not a Gandhi.

After lunch the phone rang and I answered it out of habit.  It was Carl and he wanted to know if I wanted to play.  "Sure." and he said he would be right over and was horny.   He was going to get a surprise; a big surprise.

Carl came in (not unexpectedly) with an air of arrogance that was appropriate for the Czar of all the Russias.  He was surprised that I did not kowtow to him but just grabbed him and forced him to sit next to me on the bed.  I asked him if he remembered our very first meeting.  He got a strange look on his cute little face and nodded.  I don't think that he wanted to talk of that time.

"You were quite a brat then."  He nodded in silent recognition of that fact.  "You're quite a brat now."  I was definitely not the little Tommy boy that he had just three days ago.  He looked worried.  "You needed an attitude adjustment then; you need an attitude adjustment now even more."  He had no doubts where I was going and he looked scared.  He also knew that I could easily over power him.

I stood him up in front of me.  He was afraid to speak.  He was afraid to do anything.  He was quaking like a little boy should when he has been caught and is about to get his due.  The fear showed in his eyes.  I was glad to see it.  I pulled off his T-shirt.  I yanked off his sneakers and socks.  He remained still.  I opened his fly letting his shorts fall to the floor and picked up each foot to free them.  I repeated this with his briefs.  He was standing before me a little naughty naked boy who thought that he should rule.  I reminded him of that very first spanking he had from me and why.  He was back because he had forgotten that lesson.  He was being a brat again and this time in a major way.  It was wrong and had to be stopped.  He was just a boy and had to remember that.© YLeeCoyote

I pulled him across my lap and he did not resist.  I placed my left hand about his waist and gave his bottom a few rubs before starting to spanking him.  His bottom was nice and white compared to the light tan above and below.  Soon it too would be colored.  I raised my hand and brought it crashing down on the target.  He gasped and my hand print appeared in dark pink on his bottom.  I continued over and over with hard spanks until his bottom was completely bright red.  I did not forget the sensitive crease at the bottom and included that in my spanking target area.  It was not long before he was sobbing and crying.  I lectured him that he must be considerate of other people and be respectful to his elders.  That sometime special conditions provide special privileges but when the special time is over so are the special privileges.  Through his cries he said that he understood.  I was not so sure, so I continued until I was.  By then he was a bawling out of control – a very sorry little boy.

We hugged for quite a while as he bawled and then just cried.  I really thought that he meant it when he said he was sorry and promised never to do such naughty things again and even begged my forgiveness.  I told him that there was still more that had to happen.  He guessed what I had in mind and did not like it at all: "Please don't clip me, Tom.  I really understand that I abused my power and I promise never to do that again."

"I'm sure that you believe that, Carly, but you must also feel it."

"Like when you asked me to clip you the first time, Tom."  I nodded and held him patting his hot bottom.  "Do I have to ask you to do it?  I know that you are going to do it anyway."

"It would be better for you do so.  Not today, but in the future you will understand that.  I'm afraid that you have to trust me on this but I do have some experience."  We both laughed.

He held me tight for sometime before speaking again with hesitation in a little boy voice.  "Tom, I been very bad trying to act like a big, tough man and I'm not.  I'm still a little boy and should not have pubes.  Please take them."  Then he hugged me tighter and cried some more.  I briefly thought maybe I shouldn't do it but then he would be even more confused and I was really and truly mad at him; he needed more tough love.

I got the stuff and he stretched out on the bed.  He was resigned to his fate.  I turned on the clipper and removed his little bush which was less than a year old.  Then I covered the area with shaving cream and took up the razor.  I carefully and gently shaved him until he was nice and smooth and then I dried him.  I looked at him for a bit and then stripped myself.  My cock was pleased to have the opportunity to soar and it did so to the max.  I pulled him to me and he opened his mouth and started to suck.  I had to tell him 'no teeth' several times for I was a mouthful and he evidentially was inexperienced.  But soon I succumbed to his lovely ministrations and blasted a load into his mouth which he had some trouble swallowing.  We lay together for a while before he turned to me.  "Tom, please fuck me.  I want you to be the first."

"If you're really sure you want it."  I teased as if I had not planed to do it before he was even here.  I think he knew I was going to anyway.  I got a condom on and then started to play with his little rosebud.  I lubed it up and worked first one finger in; then two and finally three to loosen him up.  I wanted to fuck him not hurt him any more.  I turned him over and placed his legs on my shoulders so that I could see his face.  I pressed forward and my hard shaft eased into his hot hole.  His cherry was mine and we were both smiling.  As I stroked in and out building to my climax, Carl's prostate was getting hit hard with each stroke and it was driving him wild.  He came promptly and then I exploded.

After cleaning up, Carl cuddled up to me.  "I like it better when you're in charge, Tom."

"Me too, kid." I answered, rustling his hair.

"You're the big brother and I'm the little one."  We hugged and laughed.

At dinner I discovered that everyone would be out and I would have the house to myself so I invited Betty to drop by to watch a film on the box and whatever.  I knew she couldn't resist that for than she could play with my cock.  Tonight was going to be different though.

As we settled down for the film, I suggested that we strip so as to be more comfortable.  We had fun unwrapping each other.  Of course, she did not let me touch her beautiful bod.  It was nicely tanned and her curves were more sensational than ever.  Not only did tennis give her a good spanking arm but a great figure.  Naturally, my cock was rampant.  My shaft looked even bigger rising from its smooth base.

We started to watch the film and she stopped me from touching her in the interesting places.  After the third time, I grabbed her and flipped her over my lap just like I had with Carl in the past.  I will admit that it was easier because she was not expecting it, but she did not stay passive more than a couple of seconds.  But I was prepared and stronger.  I grabbed her right wrist and pulled it behind her back while getting my right leg over her legs.  I waited for her to stop yelling and struggling while rubbing her lovely bottom gently.  "Betty, you have been a very naughty girl.  You have been mean, selfish and even cruel.  You need to learn a lesson.  You need a spanking and I'm going to give it to you.  You are going to be SPANKED NOW BY ME!"

She protested that I could not spank her for all the reasons naughty little girls (and boys) always come up.  The reasons that are always rejected by their spankers.  She finished up with that she would never see me again if I did not stop instantly.  I laughed and told her that the way she behaved, that would not be a loss.  I would find a girlfriend who had some manners and knew better than to tease and embarrass her boyfriend all the time.  Then I raised my hand and brought it crashing down on her lovely curvy bottom leaving a very red hand print.  She howled.  Her butt was as hard as it was the first time I had spanked her, but fortunately my hand was harder then that time.  I repeated this several times and particularly after hitting her bottom bit she started to respond as a naughty little girl is suppose to and began to sob.

I spanked some more and the sobs became crying and the struggling stopped.  I shifted her so that she was across my lap and I was holding her just about her waist.  Her derriere was beginning to glow and as she reacted to my spanks by kicking her lovely legs she was flashing her lovely hidden charms.  Occasionally, I reached between her legs and felt her twat.  She was wet and got wetter as I continued to spank her.  I even played with the little love button and she moaned even more than when she was being spanked.

I let her bawl a bit lying over my lap while I reached behind the couch cushion for a condom that I had prepared as I also caressed her glowing tail.  My shaft was sticking up along my belly and I was able to roll the condom on without her noticing.  I picked her up and sat her astride me so that her tits were bumping into my chest and her pussy was right in front of my crotch.  As her bawling changed in to crying and then mere sobs, I pushed my rod down between her lips and pulled her closer.  There was nothing she could do.  She was so wet that there was no need for any other lubrication.  I was only part way in when there was some blockage.  We were both hot and suddenly she was yelling: "FUCK ME, TOM, FUCK ME!"  I flexed my hips and thrust forward as I pulled her closer.  I drove in and she yelled.  She responded and fucked back.  This was my first time with a girl and I felt great.  That kept my cock extra hard as we fucked each other until we came.  Then we sat there and rested some time.

"Oh, Tom.  That was so wonderful.  I've wanted you to do that for every so long."  She kissed me and hugged me tighter.

"So why did you do it with that traitor Eric?" I asked.  I was deeply hurt that they had betrayed me and was going to find a real girl friend and not a big tease now that I had fucked her.

"Eric?  I never did it with Eric.  You were the first Thomas.  The very first in my heart and in my body.  All you had to do was take me when you really wanted me; when you were man enough – like you were today."  She kissed me and I kissed back for a very long time.  I had found my real girlfriend now that I had beaten the teasing devil out of her.

We fucked some more in various positions.  When we stopped we realized that it was a good thing that we had put a beach towel over the rough couch for there was the traditional evidence that she had been a virgin.  There was just one small point that I still needed to take care of – her pussy hair.  I told her it did not seem right that she was hairy and I was smooth and she agreed that was very strange.

"Then I won't see you again until we match down there." she said rubbing my hairless pubes.  "Do you think it will be more than three months?"

"I have a better idea.  I'm going to shave you and we can grow back together."  She smiled and I led her to my room.  She spread her legs to give me the best access possible as I carefully used the clippers on her mound.  Of course, I took careful note of how she was built.  Then I shaved her carefully and slowly.  It looked so lovely that I just had to give it a kiss.  I kept kissing and then licking her for a long time as she guided me in what to do.  Then I got another condom and we made love once again on my bed.  I wished that she could have stayed the night but her parents were expecting her and mine would be home soon.

As we walked home, hand in hand, I wondered if we were in love.  I told her that Carl and I had made peace and I would deal with Eric very soon.

I now knew that Eric and Betty had not betrayed me but he did fuck me without my permission (was it rape?) and in embarrassing manner.  Fortune smiled the next morning for Eric called and wanted to go to the woods.  We had fun like in the past and he did not expect that I had something on my mind until I challenged him.  He protested his innocence with regard to Betty (which I knew was the truth but did not tell him that).  We fought for some time until I had vanquished him.  As we rested, with him stretched out in defeat and my sitting on top of him, I told him that I knew he was telling the truth about Betty but he had fucked me in front of her and for that he must pay.  He had no choice but to agree to my terms.

First I stripped him and while he was hugging a tree gave him twenty hard strokes with my belt.  His ass was bright red as I then took him over my lap and spanked him.  He had a very hard butt and I was glad that I had strapped him first.  I was mad and the intensity of my spanking showed it.  Soon he was crying and then bawling like a baby.  He did his best to apologize and say he was sorry but there was more to do.  I took the clipper out of the bag and happily used it on my best friend.  Then I covered him with shaving cream and used the razor.  It was the first time that he was being shaved and he did not like it but, to his credit, did not say a word.

"Now is the time to play doggie." I joked but he got the message.  He got up on his hands and knees and asked me very politely to be gentle and to use lube as this was his first time.  Never did he ask or beg me to stop but just accepted that I had the right to do as I wished.  I did respond with a more generous application of lube and a lot of finger action to prepare him for my very anxious cock.  My pants down; my condom on; I moved forward and pressed against his prepared hole.  He accepted me and I was able to plow his willing butt easily.  We both enjoyed it for as I fucked him I also was jerking him off.  Even after I shot, I continued until he did also.

I told him that there one just more thing that he had to do.  Namely to apologize to me in front of Betty and Carl and to ask me to fuck him.  He was not happy with the latter part but agreed that it was fair.  We had a great swim afterwards.

He did it with class though.  The next afternoon the four of were together and without any prompting he came right out with his apology.  Then he handed me a condom and a tube of lube, dropped his pants and knelt down without a further word.  I was not sure if I should do it.  "Should I, Carl?"

Carl thought about it a while and suggest that it would be more fun if I did Betty and if Eric really wanted to be fucked he would do it – if he was asked nicely.  That last bit broke us all up and we were laughing for at least five minutes.  When I got over that, I lowered my pants and did as Eric requested for it was our deal and he would have been hurt if I let him out of it.

Later I told Joel what had happened and that his advise had been right on the mark.  I felt good.  I had Betty and she wanted more.  I'm still best friends with Eric.  Carl is back under control.  And there still six weeks before school restarts.

End of Part 8.  Go to Part 9

© Copyright A.I.L., December 29, 1999

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