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The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of teen sex, domination, spanking and shaving.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now. It is recommended that you start with Part 1 which has a full introduction.

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Camp Tails – Part 9


When I checked my email there was a awesome message from Lee.  He had made a discovery of great import – we were on the same bus route.  Twice a week there was a bus that zigged and zagged and, although creepy (taking five hours), did not require a change in the big city (two one hour trips).  It was really a bus that was designed to serve other places but so what.  He invited me to visit him for a week before school restarted.  He had already checked and had approval from his parents for company.  He even believed that they would allow him to take the bus alone if that would work out better.  The bus company lets even little twelve-year-old's to do it alone.

My dad made an interesting observation.  Joel was going to be away for a couple of weeks and that would be a good time for Lee to visit since there would be an available bed.  From what you say, you can visit Lee anytime as he always has space.  Since he done the work of figuring all this out maybe he's ready to travel alone.  Five minutes after dinner, my email invitation was on its way.

In the morning I got two replies.  The first was just five words: "ok got approval c'ya Tues" which he had sent late and the second sent in the morning gave all the details of the bus schedule and stuff.

Eric had mixed feeling about this.  "Now there will be two of you telling me of the great fun and disasters of camp." he bitched.  I thought he was joking.

I was waiting at the bus stop at least a half hour early on Tuesday and Lee's friggin' bus was almost an hour late.  But he got here – safe and sound.  After a quick handshake he dashed to the phone to call his mother as he had promised.  He did not want to wait until we got home because the bus was so late.  Risking solo travel privileges was not anything he wanted to do.  He was my first non-relative visitor and we both liked that.  Since he was not carrying very much, I showed him a bit of the town which understandably did not impress him at all.  In my room he joked that his was the "big brother's bed" which meant that he was in charge.  I reminded him of how I was in charge of the big brother last year and therefore I was in charge.  We let it go at that although looking back it was a good sign.© YLeeCoyote

After a while we tired of Lee's looking at my stuff and sacked out.  Eventually, Lee got around to that duel we had at the beginning of camp that we never were able to talk of before.  "Why the fuck didn't you whip my ass two straight falls?  You really are a better wrestler than me, dude."

I did not really know the answer to that.  "Perhaps it was an off day for me; maybe I was not concentrating on the fight like I should have; perhaps I was distracted by the noisy crowd; maybe because it was close to the truth; who knows.  Did you want to lose?  Expect to lose?

Lee paused a bit before answering.  "Well, this is just between us, ok?"  I grunted my agreement.  "I think so and yes, Baldy."

I let that pass and continued: "So why didn't you?"

"You know I couldn't take a dive like that and survive the summer."

"But you would have been OK shaved?"

"Sure, it would have been a debt of honor.  That makes everything OK without being sissy or shit like that.  As long as you're being macho and taking like a man you can do anything."  Although I did not know it, Lee was playing with his thick bush wondering what it would be like without it.  "I would never ask you to do it but…."

"I would really have to beat you; force you; make you my prisoner or slave." I finished for him.


We drifted off to sleep.  Well, Lee did as my mind went into overdrive.  He wanted to be forced as a prisoner; like playing cowboys and Indians.  Joel and I use to do that years ago and to prove that he really trusted his little kid brother he let me tie him up.  Then I got real good at being a crafty little Indian brave; Soaring Eagle I called myself.  I really did capture Joel a couple of times although once was with Eric's help.  I dug through my stuff and found my ropes, loin cloth and headband complete with three absolutely genuine eagle feathers (from a turkey).  Lee was in for a big surprise.

He was making it easy for he had rolled onto his back and had kicked off the sheet.  My cowboy was waiting.  One arm was outstretched and I slipped a noose about it and secured it to the bed.  Then I went to the other arm.  Gently I eased it outward and upward and secured it to the other side.  I got his legs in a similar fashion.  He was secured.  I prepared the shaving stuff and woke up my captive.  He was definitely surprised.  I kept my hand on his mouth until he quieted down and understood that he was Soaring Eagle's captive.  Soaring Eagle did not like the Paleface trampling his lands and taking his game.  Soaring Eagle was going to have his revenge.  We both had trouble not laughing out loud at all this.

"Please, Great Soaring Eagle, show this poor Paleface mercy.  I only shot a small bird for I was very hungry.  The bird had a broken wing."  Lee cleverly ad-libbed.

"Soaring Eagle could tie Paleface on mountain of the stinging ants covered with honey in places."  I squeezed his balls to indicate where the honey could go.

"Soaring Eagle could hang Paleface from his pec's like Horse*."  I pulled and twisted his tits.

"Soaring Eagle could tie fresh rawhide strips about Paleface's head and let dry in the sun."

"Soaring Eagle could make Paleface suffer with just the gentle touch with finger of bird."  I pulled one of my feathers from my headband and drew it across his chest.  It affected him but he was able to suppress his laughter.  Then I started playing with him.  The feather touched him everywhere and I quickly learnt the proper spots that rendered him helpless.  A touch here; a touch there and soon he was pleading for mercy.

"Great Soaring Eagle please have pity on weak Paleface who can not resist the touch of two great birds.

I let him be and continued: "Soaring Eagle could take Paleface's scalp."  I pulled his hair.

"Please, Great Soaring Eagle, show this poor Paleface mercy." he pleaded convincingly.

"Soaring Eagle could take Paleface's pitiful manhood."  This time I pulled on Lee's thick bush.

"Paleface is Great Soaring Eagle's miserable captive for him to use as he wishes."  Lee said with feigned resignation knowing what I was going to do.  Knowing he hadn't actually asked.  Knowing that he could claim an honorable reason for his loss if it became known.  Knowing that I actually did capture him (ignoring that little detail that it was unfairly done).

I stuck a pillow under his head so that he could watch and moved down so that I was between his legs.  His cock was rampant with excitement as was mine and I pulled the string on my loincloth so that it fell away exposing my own rampant cock.  All doubts whether or not I should do this vanished.  He had told me that my emails had excited him and obviously the reality did.  I turned on the clipper and he jumped at the noise.  I started with it a bit away from his pubes so that he could feel the vibrations and then rubbed his cock with it.  We both got harder as I did this.  I started to remove his heavy bush.  It was even thicker than Joel's.  His respiration and breathing were faster as the clipper did it job.  Soon I was done with the clipper and put it aside.

"Paleface is showing bravery in defeat.  Soaring Eagle doubts Paleface is coward."

Lee remained silent as a good captive should.  Silent and stoic and above all macho.  I covered him with shaving cream and proceeded to get the stubble.  It was the work of only a few minutes before he was baby smooth.  He was still very hard.

"Soaring Eagle is impressed by Paleface and will reward him with relief."  I was playing with his hard rod as I said this.

"Great Soaring Eagle is most kind and Paleface humbly thanks Great Soaring Eagle."

"Does Paleface have forked tongue or does he speak truth?"

Paleface speaks the truth; Paleface does not have forked tongue."

I tied a thin thong of leather about Lee's neck.  "The greatest of the great medicine men has placed a spell on this light strip.  If you prove to have forked tongue it will shrink and choke you.  Will Paleface remember he is a captive if Soaring Eagle cuts the ropes?"

"Paleface swears by The Great Spirit that he will stay Soaring Eagle's obedient captive."  I had no idea of how deeply he meant this.

I untied the ropes.  Lee immediately felt his smooth pubes, stroked his rifle and smiled.

"Does the squaw of Soaring Eagle like it like the missionary or like the dog?"  I asked hoping that he wanted to be fucked.  I was right.  He turned over and then spread his legs without any hesitation.  I slipped a condom on and lubed up his hole.  This was not his first time and as he easily relaxed as my fingers entered.  I stopped wasting time and pushed my spear into him without any trouble.  I pumped and he responded in kind by enthusiastically thrusting back to meet me.  Lee was really a great fuck.

But all good things come to an end and I exploded far too soon.  Lee was still hard and chose to be blown rather than to fuck.  Soaring Eagle happily sucked off his Paleface squaw.  We cleaned up and then cuddled together for the night.  I rubbed his freshly shaved pubes and asked: "Who's baldy, now."

With a laugh we went to sleep the best of buddies.

He the morning he woke me with a hard fuck which got me off.  Lee is a strange dude.

I glanced at the clock.  It was mid-morning and we had the house to ourselves.  I turned to Lee: "Soaring Eagle is displeased that Paleface woke him.  Paleface must be punished."  He touched the sinew at about his neck and nodded, accepting that the game was still on and he was mine.  "Paleface may have choice.  Be tied to tree and get five hands of lashes with belt; Paleface will get extra lash for each sound he makes.  Paleface maybe treated as naughty paleface boys are; put over lap of Soaring Eagle for very hard SPANKING until Paleface crying like little boy.  CHOSE NOW!"

"Great Soaring Eagle is most kind to Paleface.  Paleface is naughty, hairless little boy and chooses spanking."

"Paleface will wait in corner until Soaring Eagle summons Paleface."  He went to the corner and buried his nose in it while I went to the john.  On the way back I got my fun little strap.  "Paleface." I called and he came to me.  I pulled him over my lap letting the bed support much of his weight.  I rubbed his bottom and he reacted with pleasure.  That would soon change I thought as I give him the first spank.  He jumped and howled.  I had hit him hard in the tender area and he was not prepared for that.  It would put him off balance and make the rest of the job easier.  This spanking went as most do.  I soon had his butt completely red (did that red skin make him an Indian?) and I switched to the strap.  Again I caught him off balance and thus I was more effective.  His sobs got harder and he changed to crying.  I was relentless and used the strap with great vigor.  A few shots in the bottom crease drove him over and he started to bawl.  I gave him a few more and then stopped.  We lay on my bed holding each other as he cried and then recovered.

He spoke first: "Tom, please forgive me for calling you Baldy.  It was cruel of me.  I'm truly sorry."  I told him that, of course, he was forgiven and that I hoped he was having fun visiting.  As I said that I was rubbing his hot butt with one hand and his smooth pubes with the other.  He was returning the favor by playing with my rod and staring at it.

"Fresh man-cream is on the special breakfast menu." I joked.  "But you got to do your own milking."  He moved down and took my cock in his mouth and began to suck and lick it.  He was practiced and it quite differently from Carl.  Soon I was out of control and shortly after that he started his breakfast with some hot come.

Before we went downstairs, I put my headband and loincloth back on, but made my captive stay naked.  Over our breakfast, Lee told me that my emails over the last year had really been turning him on but he could not find anyone to play like that – without cruelty.  It was really great what we had done already and he was quite happy that I had gone so far so fast with him.  He just hoped that the month until school starts would give him enough time to regrow and not be hassled in gym.

While we were eating, Eric called.  I let him know that he was speaking to Soaring Eagle and he guessed a few things because of all the games we had played over the years.  He said he would be right over.  I told him to take an hour as Lee was not dressed. Eric got the hint and did not disappoint me.  In a few minutes there was a thundering: "HOW, blood brother Soaring Eagle."

"How, blood brother Gray Wolf." I replied.  "This is my captive, Paleface.  Soaring Eagle caught Paleface hunting on our lands last night."  Then turning to Lee I added: "Paleface will obey blood brother Gray Wolf as Paleface obeys Soaring Eagle."

All this time Lee was sitting with his nakedness hidden by the table.  Eric and I were standing and waiting to see what Lee would do.  Lee got up and went over to Eric, he knelt and said: "Paleface is honored to serve Great Gray Wolf, blood brother of Great Soaring Eagle, binder of Paleface."  I saw Eric's loin cloth flicker at that.

He lifted Lee by the only thing he was wearing until he was standing and looked him over like he was livestock.  Then he took hold of Lee's cock which responded and stroked his smoothness.  Lee stayed silent and still.  I had never seen Lee so passive.  He pushed Lee back down and untied his own loin cloth which fell to the floor.  His one-eyed snake looked directly at Lee.  Lee stared back at it licking his lips.  Eric pushed forward and his shaft was accepted.  Lee finished his breakfast with a second helping of man-cream.

After dressing, we hung out all day and decided to go camping the next morning.  We chanced to meet Swift Mink (aka Carl) on the way home.  When he learnt of our plans he asked if he could join us and we agreed if he promised to obey Soaring Eagle and Gray Wolf and his parents approved.  I told him to being his Indian costume although I did not tell him that Lee was my paleface captive.  I also called Richy [see: Camp Tails 2 & 3] and invited him to join us.  He had family commitments for the next day but said he would meet in the woods the day after and return with us.  Actually, that fitted in with my plans for the trip even better as you will see.

We got going right after breakfast.  The weather was still very warm so we could do without tents which reduced our backpacking load quite a bit.  We had lunch on the mini-mountain top past the ridge with the view of the town below.  We faced away from it and watched the hawks soaring hunting for their lunches.  We saw a couple of them swoop down.  At least one flew back to its aerie with its catch.

By early afternoon we were by Hidden Pond where we camped.  In less than an hour we had set up our camp and collected sufficient downed wood to cook dinner so that the real fun could begin.  A few minutes later, we had metamorphosed into Great Soaring Eagle, Gray Wolf and Swift Mink in loin cloths, feathers and war paint with a naked Paleface captive.

Paleface was kowtowing at our feet as I explained to Swift Mink that this cowing prisoner was my captive and why.  I also explained that he had sworn to be obedient and faithful and to accept punishment for his great crimes.  Eric was prepared for this having known since yesterday but it caused a huge smile from Swift Mink.  I almost could hear the gears grinding and see the smoke coming from his ears as he considered the possibilities.  I knew that I would have to be sure that he did not go overboard.

Gray Wolf spoke long and hard that Paleface was full of evil spirits which must be beaten out of him.  He went to his pack and got his belt and some rope.  Then he took Paleface by his collar and lead him to a tree.  First he made him hug it and bound his wrists together in that position.

"Paleface ready to have evil spirits driven out?" Gray Wolf asked.

"Paleface ready, Gray Wolf, blood brother to Great Soaring Eagle.  Paleface does not want to harbor evil spirits.  Drive out the evil spirits!"

Gray Wolf swung his belt gently on Paleface's upper back and continued down about halfway. Then he placed a hard stroke on Paleface's butt, leaving a wide red strip.  Paleface howled in shock and pain.

"Paleface sounds like one of my people when the moon shows a whole face." said Gray Wolf as he gave Paleface another hard blow on his butt.  Of course, the results were as before with another bright red strip and howl.  For more than fifteen minutes Gray Wolf played and strapped Paleface.  After a few minutes, the howls were supplemented by tears as Paleface was bawling like a baby.

"The evil spirits are leaving." declared Swift Mink pointing both to the tears on Paleface's face and the pre-come oozing from Paleface's very hard cock.

Eric stopped and untied Paleface.  We laid him out on the ground and tied him spread-eagled to four trees.  "Cry those evil spirits out, Paleface." commanded Gray Wolf.  Paleface continued to cry.

Then we used feathers to drive more evil spirits out of Paleface.  We ticked him for a long time.  At first he tried to laugh as he cried but he could not do that.  Then he stopped trying to laugh and cried from the tickling.  Surprisingly he was hard through all of this.  I set Swift Mink to jerk Paleface off as we continued to using the feathers.  In a few minutes he exploded in a huge orgasm squirting many times and a yell of relief.

We quickly untied him and carried him down to the water.  We dragged him in.  "Must drown evil spirits away in pure water of Magic Lake." I declared as if I was a great shaman.  We repeatedly dunked him.  I must give Paleface credit for he never resisted nor struggled fully keeping to his promise to be Great Soaring Eagle's obedient captive.  The four of us had great fun swimming and playing in the water.  As the evening came upon use we returned to the land and had dinner.

Swift Mink claimed that he had the right to punish Paleface as his lands had been trampled by Paleface also.  Before either Gray Wolf or myself could really consider this, Paleface kowtowed before Swift Mink without a word surprising all of us.  I could only hope that Swift Mink would be reasonable since it was up to him what to do as Paleface accepted his dominance.

"Paleface is a naughty boy and is to be spanked." declared Swift Mink definitively.  He sat down and stretched out his leg and ordered Paleface to lie across his thighs.  He then proceeded to spank Paleface hard and fast.  Swift Mink loves to spank and he was really smiling as he re-reddened Paleface's butt.


Paleface could not help himself and was crying a little.  Swift Mink was ecstatic and solemnly stated: "Look.  I gotten more evil out of Paleface."  He let him cry a bit and then turned him so that his rampant cock was at Paleface's mouth.  Paleface accepted his arrow and started to suck it enthusiastically soon bring it to an explosive state which then discharged into Paleface. 

"Soaring Eagle, great warrior, brother to Brave Swift Mink, this Paleface is now weak from the ordeal of having the evil spirits driven out.  Yet, evil spirits hang in the evening air seeking to return to the body of Paleface.  May Swift Mink protect Paleface by sharing bags of sleep until the Great Light of Day reappears."  All the time Swift Mink was speaking he held the face of Paleface in his crotch with his arrow still in the warm mouth.

I looked at Gray Wolf and he nodded with a big smile.  "Paleface, thank Brave Swift Mink for his kind offer and adjust the bags of sleeping."  Paleface thanked him and zipped their two sleeping bags together.

A little later we all sacked out after Gray Wolf and I combined our sleeping bags.

In the morning we had a swim and then breakfast.  After some loafing, we moved on to our meeting place with Richy.  Because of what I had planned, we stayed in our Indian regalia and I left Lee's collar on.  I told him that I would remove it this evening if he proved that he had truly repented and totally respected us "Indians".

Richy was to meet us at a nice meadow near the brook flowing from Hidden Pond.  He was bring frozen meat and the other stuff for all of us so that we could have cook out for lunch.  Like Lee, he was in for a surprise.  My plan was simple.  We were to capture Richy as another Paleface intruder using Lee as a stool pigeon.  What the others did not know was that Richy was a total bottom and would absolutely love being man-handled.  I also planed that this would be a "reward" for Lee for total submissiveness.  Of course, he liked playing both ways.

Richy had beaten us to the meeting place and was sitting by the brook.  We approached quietly without out packs and Paleface, naked, ran in front of him.  As he mouthed off about having escaped from wild Indians, we snuck up on Richy and captured him.  In just seconds he was bound and gagged.  After he recognized me, he calmed down knowing that this was just a game.

"Another evil Paleface intruding on our lands, brothers.  How shall we deal with him." I proclaimed to totally set the mode.

"This Paleface must repent." stated Gray Wolf.

"The evil spirits must be driven out of Paleface." stated Swift Mink.

I took out my knife and opened it.  I stepped over to Lee and cut his collar off.  "Paleface, you have shown repentance and respect; honor and strength, you have helped me and my brothers.  I name you White Rabbit.  You are free to come and go on our lands.

"Thank you, Great Soaring Eagle for all that you have done for me.  And thanks also to blood brother Gray Wolf and Swift Mink also.  May White Rabbit travel with Great Soaring Eagle for some more cycles?"  Lee was great at ad-libbing.

"White Rabbit may help us deal with this Paleface." suggested Gray Wolf.  We got all the backpacks and led our captive to a small grove of trees near the brook.  Then we stripped him and tied him between two trees.  With a rope on each limb he was stretched out and totally exposed; helpless.  He also was excited as proven by the major hard-on he was sporting.

We lectured him a little and then I gave Swift Mink a small scissors and a razor.  He knew what to do and went right at it.  Back in October, Richy had told me that he had spent the last two summer shaved and never was asked about it.  Since he did not go away this year, I though that it would be nice to continue the practice.  Paleface did not say anything for we had ordered him to be silent.  His erection did not fade any as Swift Mink cut and shaved him but the rest of us were soon straining at our loin cloths.

Then we beat the evil out of him as we had done yesterday with White Rabbit.  This time Gray Wolf and White Rabbit both used their belts at the same time.  They were very careful only to hit hard on Paleface's butt and lightly elsewhere.  I played with his nipples roughly squeezing them hard and twisting them.  Swift Mink worked on his package.  So we pushed him over his limit which was quite high and made him cry.  Then Swift Mink jacked him off so that he violently expelled the evil spirits from both ends.

We untied his wrists and got him kneeling.  Then we each put on a condom and fucked him hard.  From the way he pushed back it was clear that he was enjoying it as much as we were.  He even encouraged us verbally also.  When we were done, we washed the evil spirits away in the brook.

We dried while laying in the sun in the meadow.  It was nice to be all naked with the other guys.  Since we were all shaved, there was an extra air of innocence about it all.  We built a fire and had lunch.  Eventually, we got dressed and hiked back to town with all of its restrictions.

Lee stayed another couple of days but they were not nearly as much fun as our camping trip.  His trip home was uneventful.

End of Part 9.  Go to Part 10

© Copyright A.I.L., September 16, 2000

* See the movie: A Man Called Horse (1970).

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