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The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of teen sex, domination, spanking and shaving.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now. It is recommended that you start with Part 1 which has a full introduction.

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Camp Tails – Part 10


Lee's pubes had grown back sufficiently by the time school reopened that nobody had noticed that he had lost them during the summer.  Of course, Tom's friends all knew and actually challenged Lee to do it publicly as a dare.  By avoiding skinning dipping back home, Lee managed to keep this a secret from his friends.

The two friends battled over this and Lee had made counter challengers to both Tom and Eric.  Tom remembered how he had flubbed the opportunity with the duel at camp back in July.  He proposed another duel and after a lot of wrangling they came up with this

* * * CONTRACT * * *

The duel shall be at the next inter-school wrestling meet.  If we don't complete in the meet, we will ask for a formal match which will count.

The Winner collects the Loser's pubic hair with a clipper immediately after the match with at least two members of each team watching.  The Loser is also shaved by the Winner if possible otherwise when back home by his Designated Shaver with at least some of the team watching.© YLeeCoyote

If the Loser's team loses the meet, then the Loser is to be kept smooth until either (a) all the other losers also get shaved or (b) they win a meet and then as if they had won.

If the Loser's team wins the meet, then the Loser is to be kept smooth until (a) he wins a match and (2) his team feels that has improved his wrestling skills sufficiently to have earned the right to have man-fur.  In case of a tie vote, the Designated Shaver shall cast the deciding vote.

The Loser must explain his loss in gym class publicly.

The Loser may not ever lie about his loss either directly or indirectly.

This contract is to be signed and shown to the team a week before the meet at which time it becomes binding and the team is fully empowered to enforce it as they see fit.

The Designated Shaver shall be Matt for Lee and Eric for Tom.  If others sign on, they may add their own DS.

Tom had insisted that Matt be the DS for Lee because of all the grief he had given Matt for developing latter than he did.  Since everyone had already seen Tom bald, there was not any corresponding requirement.

Both Tom and Lee figured that this should put some spice into the match as there was an extra incentive for every Ram (Lee's school nickname) and every Tiger (Tom's) to do his best they both thought.

There was some questioning from both teams that this was pretty weird but Tom and Lee had thought of two answers.  First, that frats and pro teams do stuff like this all the time and, second, "Win = Truth and Lose = Dare" and we all play that game.

It turned out that there was an other pair of rivals on the teams.  Chuck had moved last year so that he was now a Ram instead of a Tiger but had a major feud with Jason who was still a Tiger.  Just like Lee and Tom they were in the same weight class.  Each was certain that he would be victorious and thus would get his rival's pubes.  They both signed on to the contract.  This inspired both teams even more.

The meet was held at Ram's school on October 7, 2000.  There were seven contests including the two special duels.

The Rams were not happy with the first match for Ken was eaten alive by an experienced and very aggressive Tiger, Fred, who out-weighted him as they were at opposite extremes of the weight bracket.  It was not a good way for him to start his inter-school competition.  Ken was disappointed but he knew that Fred has fought cleanly and well.  The next match evened the score up at 1 each.

Tom and Lee faced off next.  They went at each other with great energy for the stakes were high.  They were evenly matched and each got points and a penalty.  Lee decided to try the move that worked so successfully at camp.  It was such an obvious thing to do he figured that Tom would not expect it.  He was wrong.  He was very wrong.  Not only did Tom expect it but he had worked out and practiced a deadly counter move and was ready.  Lee attacked but Tom parried and immediately went into his counter-attack.  Before Lee realized what was happening he was pinned like he had pinned Tom at camp.  The only thing different was that Tom could not stand over him triumphantly and pants him for that was not proper sportsmanship conduct here.  Lee knew he was going to lose his pubes.  He hoped that he would act like a man when that happened.  The Tiger's were ahead 2-1.

Because of being named in The Contract, Matt had been made part of the support staff for this meet and was ringside.  Matt's heart was racing.  Ever since Lee had gotten his pubes almost a year before he had gotten his he had been upset about it.  His pants were definitely very tight now.  He managed to sit next to Lee but avoided razing him like he would have the previous year.  "It will work out OK, Lee." he said.  Lee just nodded knowing that Matt would enjoy this.

There were two more matches before Chuck faced off with Jason.  The Rams butted Tiger ass right out of the ring two in a row putting them ahead 3-2.  Chuck and Jason were both raring to go.  There was some problem between them in their past but that was their private business.  Chuck was thinking about crushing Jason, then getting his pubes and making the score 4-2 which would assure that the Rams would win the match.  Jason was thinking wrestling, wrestling and wrestling.  The whistle sounded and they faced off.  In just thirty seconds Chuck knew that he was in trouble.  Jason had definitely improved his wrestling skills.  Knowing he was in trouble completed the destruction Chuck's concentration.  While horrible images of Jason happily clipping his pubes went through Chuck's head, Jason thought of how to make that a reality by thinking of WRESTLING and nothing else.  Jason managed a reversal and a take down in the next minute.  As Chuck bemoaned his fate, Jason sealed it with an easy pin.  Chuck practically cried knowing he was due to lose his man-fur to his arch rival.  The meet was tied at 3-3.

The last match went on.  The captains faced off and that Tiger turned into a little pussy cat.  The final score was 4-3 with the Rams bleating in victory and the Tigers mewing like little pussy cats in defeat.  Both Lee and Chuck were not only going to lose their pubes publicly but be subjected to the collective wisdom of their own teammates as to when they could recover them.

The teams went to the locker room to shower and change.  Normally this would be a very leisurely process with even a gym party to promote friendship between the teams following.  However, a storm was moving in, and the Tigers' coach decided that they must leave immediately.  "Fifteen minutes for a shower and we're out of here, guys." he ruled.

There was not going to be time for shaving but only a quick clipper job.  The Tigers were disappointed in losing the match but at least they would have the joy of seeing two of their opponents shorn in the Rams' own pasture.  The guys stripped down and Lee honorably presented himself to Tom, and handed him the clipper.  "Tom, fulfill your obligation." he said cavalierly as if Tom had to pay the forfeit rather than collect it.  Tom was also relaxed about this.  He easily ran the clipper through his friend's bush.  Only they knew that this was the second rather than the first time.  Lee was not defeated nor beaten, he had just lost a wrestling match and as a consequence his pubes also.  Both his life and the world's spinning would continue.  In just a couple of minutes it was all on the shower floor.  They shook hands and Lee said that he would get Tom the next.  Tom not did think that was likely at all even as everyone applauded Lee's behavior.  Lee was even surprised at himself.

Tom handed the clipper to Jason.  "Where the fuck is Chuck?" he bellowed holding the clipper and a bag for his trophy.  Chuck was no where to be found.  As much as the Rams were proud of Lee they were ashamed of Chuck who had cowardly bolted.  The Rams' Captain apologized, promised that Chuck would pay a heavy price and that he would send pictures to prove it.  A welsher is not liked by any one; particularly one that embarrasses his team mates.

"JASON!" a small voice bleated with great authority.  It was Ken who has lost the first match.  "Jason, you can clip me."  There was silence for a minute.

The Rams' captain spoke: "This is not necessary, Ken, you did not bet."

"Captain, I failed my fellow Rams on the mat.  I want to uphold the honor of the Rams now.  These pussies can have my wool.  We Rams are shorn regularly and it all grows back."

"Are you sure, Ken?" the Captain asked.

"ABSOLUTELY!" thundered Ken and approached Jason.

Fred, Ken's opponent for the day, stepped between them.  He knew that Jason would want a trophy but he was not going to let Ken supply it.  He had a brief whispered exchange with Ken, then turned and without a word took the clipper from Jason.  Even Jason knew that Fred has the rights to Ken having just vanquished him in personal battle.  It also was clear that Fred and Ken had just agreed to something as was their prerogative.  It did not take Fred very long to shear his brave opponent for Ken had only a small bush and it was entirely above his other equipment.  Then, to everyone surprise, he handed the clipper to Ken.  Ken then carefully trimmed Fred without fully removing his hair.  In its own strange way, honor was satisfied for the nonce.

The Tigers finished up their showers, dressed and left before their coach blew a gasket.

Lee called for Matt who was hanging there with a shit eating grin.  "Hey, buddy, could you help me out?"  Matt had oft dreamt of being hairy while Lee wasn't – particularly when everyone knew it.  He had so hated being called "Baldy" by Lee.

"Sure, buddy, what can I do for you."  Matt was surprised that Lee was calling him buddy so publicly but he was not going to object.

"Would shave this stubble off, please."  Then he just laid down on a bench with his feet on the floor as if this was a daily occurrence of no more import than wiping his butt.  Matt though that he was more excited than Lee as he lathered his friend up.  Then he took the razor and carefully did his duty as Designated Shaver.  It only took a few minutes until Matt rendered Lee smooth as a little boy.  (At first he figured that he would have a lot of fun calling him Baldy, but from the way Lee was taking this he re-considered that and he would do it only once privately with a smile.)  After Matt indicated that he was through, Lee responded.  "Thanks buddy; if I can return the favor just let me know."  Everyone laughed.

Ken got on the bench and Matt got a fresh razor.  Ken had evidently decided to go the whole way and nobody tried to stop him.  Matt lathered him up and gently removed the stubble left by the clippers.  The team showered.  Every member of the team congratulated both Lee and Ken on how well they behaved and particularly for Lee's panache which Ken copied.  Although they were praised for their behavior, they still had to pay the standard price for losing.  There was a team tradition must be followed.

The team manager produced the paddle.  Both Ken and Lee stood bent over and leaning against the wall in a frisk-like position.  Each Ram who had won his match got two shots and the other members of the squad got one shot each.  Ken and Lee each got sixteen WHACKS on the butts.  The team was as gentle as they could be without risking being paddled themselves for hitting too lightly.  They were proud of how these two had behaved and were very upset with Chuck.

At the after meet party the team members started to plot what to do to Chuck when he was found.  There was immediate consensus that he would lose all his hair below the neck no matter what.  Opinion was divided on whether or not his head should also be shaved and it was agreed that it would not be if he came forward to honor his commitment within the day.  Ten out of twelve agreed that he should get stripped and dumped into the school yard for all to see his hairless bod.  Actually, he had one alternative – he could surrender to Jason before being caught.  The Rams hadn't any doubts that Tiger Jason would know how to properly shear such an errant ram.

October 13, 2000

Hi Tom,

On Monday, Ken and I both had an easy day for the team had spread the word about how I had lived up to my contract and Ken made a sacrifice for the honor of the Rams so that nobody even thought about hassling us.  It appears that the "be macho and you can get away with anything" theory is working.

Chuck was still among the missing for he skipped school last Monday.  We (the team) went looking for him and were successful in the hunt.  Chuck was taken to one of the town playing fields, stripped and tied down.  He begged for release but no one was sympathetic to his groveling and babyish pleas.  They got so annoying that a sock (his) was stuffed in his mouth to gag him.  For our heroic behavior after the match Ken and I were rewarded the job of using the clippers.  We each did one side of the coward.

It was a lot more fun than when I worked on you at camp for two reason: first, there was a lot more to remove and, second, the victim was an unwilling coward.  I started with the pubes which were not very lush at all but they were carefully collected in a bag for Jason; that would help to restore the honor of the Rams in general and the wrestling team in particular.  They fell even quicker than mine did just three days ago.  Then I did the armpits which were also sparsely populated and the few hairs on the chest.  Ken mirrored the collecting operation on the other side.  There was not much in the bag.

Ken passed the clipper to the captain who went to work on Chuck's head leaving him with a buzz cut everywhere he could reach.  This was all collected in another bag.  By now Chuck was sobbing like a little baby.  He was untied and turned over so that the other side could be done.  There was not any reason to retie the wimp.  Just like a balloon with a cut that let the hot air escape, he just lay there.  Another member of the team finished the buzz cut and after getting him up on his knees, his ass crack also.

A can of shaving cream appeared and a squirt covered the crack.  A razor was quickly drawn over the area.  Chuck was turned back on that he was spread-eagled on his back and had his front shaved by many hands.  We did not bother to rinse him off; he'll remember better this way.

Annoyed by the crying someone suggested that Charley (not Chuck, if you please) should be given a real reason to cry.  We went over to a bench and the Captain sat down.  Charly was placed over his knees like he was a little boy.  The Captain spanked him hard.  He was careful to cover the coward's bottom completely making it very red.  He knew enough to get that sensitive area between the leg and butt cheek.  We were all quite shocked at how much a seventeen-year-old cried.

One of the squad made the obvious pronouncement:  "What a crybaby, Charley-Wally is."  Then he added: "No more boxers, CRYBABY, they are only for men.  From now on you wear only boys' thightie-whities, UNDERSTAND!"  The group all agreed.

To finish the job, everyone on the team got to give him ten strokes with his own belt.  That really gave him something to cry about.  Of course, all this was video taped.  Charley was left to make his own way home.

With properly placed trepidation, Charley went to school on Tuesday.  As one might expect, he did not have a good day.  As the day progressed and the story spread fewer and fewer people wanted any contact with him.  His new hair style was apparent to everyone and his fully shaved body in gym.  Since he refused to tell what had happened, a team member told the story.  Of course, it included nasty words like welsher, coward, crybaby and wimp.  Everyone razed him for looking like a little grade school boy.  He was, to say the least, most miserable.

The word was also spread that there might be some fun in the school yard right after last bell so everyone hung about.  First a set of boy's clothes was run up the flag pole – everything – shirt, pants, briefs, socks and sneakers.  Then Charley was pushed out of the door followed by several members of the football team.  (They knew that he had dishonored the Rams in front of the Tigers and they were scheduled to play against them on Saturday.  They were not looking forward to the taunts.)  Charley in his hairless birthday suit was surrounded by the student body.  There was not any place to run.  Wolf whistles and other taunts filled the air.  Many appreciated the wide yellow strip painted down his back.

Then Charley was forced to bend over a low wall to receive his paddling from the team for losing as was the custom.  Unlike the gentle strokes that Ken and I received, each one of these was hard.  There was great anger that needed release.  As Charley's butt turned bright red he started to cry like the cowardly bully he was.  When the paddling was finished, he ran from the school yard to hide.  There were yells of "Watch Channel 69 at 11 tonight".  Channel 69 is our local public access channel and there is a HS student program Tuesday nights.

The program started off normally with a quick review of Saturday's wrestling match.  Little attention was paid to the meet itself but to the special side deals.  Lee got praised for living up to his deal like a man should.  Ken was praised for his sacrifice.  Charley was called vile names and the video shot on Monday afternoon on the field was shown.  It noted that he was completely shorn, was crying even before the spanking and bawling after it.  For those that missed the school yard fun, some shots of that were also shown.  By the morning a copy of the full tape was on its way to the Tigers.  Charley was also the star attraction his own web site.

Charley had an even harder time on Wednesday than he had on Tuesday.

Contrariwise, Ken and I, were even more of heros.  At the end of the week, we even had trouble getting shaved again because we were so admired.  Since The Contract required that we be shaved and not shave ourselves we needed to get someone to do it.  It took me a long time to convince Matt to do the job.  "My honor depends on it." did the trick.

Then at the next practice session, the team voted that as soon we won a match, we would not be shaved again.  We were then both put to the test then and there.  Ken faced off with the second lightest member of the team and won on points. Near the top of my weight class I had to fight with John, the lightest in the next weight class.  I lost and was required to wait another week to try again.

Lee (not having a problem with bare pubes)

October 17, 2000

Hi Lee,

Glad to hear that things are goings so well for you after the shaving and stuff.

That was quite a ruckus in that sheep meadow that you call home we started with our little bet.  Thanks for the tape of that was really a great show from RamHS-TV showing what happened to Charley.  I wish that I could have been there.  I'm going to try to get the full tape from Jason or at least see it.

I thought that Joel had a bad time when he was my "younger" brother but that now sound like a piece of pie compared to what that coward is going to go through.  He certainly did bring it on himself though.

Life has certainly been much more normal and enjoyable since I turned the tables on Betty and Carl and stopped their pushing me about.  I've been smart enough not to be a bore with her and we both have been having great times (and sex, too, Mr. Nosey).  In the fancy language of the day, "we have respect for each other" now and that really works.  When we are in the movies, we sometimes play the old game where she keeps me hard and makes me come while I'm not allow to touch her.  It still is exciting.  We also have another version – she get to be passive and I play with her.  Boy, does that get and kept her HOT!!!  The best part is when I take her to the brink repeatedly but never let her come.  I'll leave you to guess what happens afterwards but I'll tell you that it the greatest.

We discovered some other games too – spanking is erotic.  We give each other nice gentle spankings as warm up.  Remember "The Church Lady" on the old Saturday Night Live shows.  Well (s)he was right – that's one of the ways that get the naughty bits all hot, engorged and tingling.

Carl and Richy are seeing each other regularly.  You saw how submissive he is yourself when you met him on the camping trip and I told you that last year.  It seem that he likes aggressive young'ens even more than older guys (like us).  Here, in Carl's own words is what happened last week.  He made the tense shift when he got to the "hot" parts.

I went over to Richy's house after school as planned.  He opened the door and greeted me:  "Hello, Uncle Carl.  Mom said I should expect you."

As soon as I entered I started.  "Your mother is worried about your grades again, lad.  I want to see your school reports."  Then up to his room where he gave the me same papers that he always gives me; the failing ones with notes like 'careless', 'you can do better' and 'unacceptable'.  "What did I promise you if you did not improve, Richy?"

And he answers, as always, with what he know he needs.  "That you would spank me and shave me, Sir."

"That's right, boy.  And I'm going to spank you regularly until you improve and keep you smooth like a little boy until you start to work like a man and deserve man-fur."  Slowly I strip him.  By the time I take his shirt off, we are both hard.  I have him kick off his sneakers.  I pull his belt out and open his jeans. After I yank them down, I make him pull them off so that he is totally naked like we had him in the woods.  He has the stubble that has grown since the last time but otherwise looks like a kid with a big dick.  I lead him into the bathroom where I wet and lather him.  The razor easily cuts his short pubes and in five minutes he is quite smooth.  I'm sure he likes being shaved for he always feels himself surreptitiously with a smile on his face and his rod rigid.

I lead him back to the bedroom and I sit on the bed.  I pull him over my lap letting his chest rest on the bed to support his weight and gripping his cock between my thighs.  Then I spank him hard!

I use my hand because it is more fun to watch how his little boy bottom turns red that way.  Tom, you really taught me well because he quickly turns red and as I move around being sure to get the tender crease I can feel him responding.  After a little while he start to sob.  Then he promises to work harder.  But I continue because I want to.  I really enjoy how he submits but I want to him force him to go that extra step – and bawl.  I always make him bawl.

I push him off my lap so that he is bent over the bed and drop my jeans and boxers.  I roll a condom on my rigid rod and ram it into him.  It feels real good and I come quickly.  Richy also comes.

I asked Carl if he might be going to far and reminded him how he got out of control with me.

"Tom, you're my big brother.  I'll listen to you and you can even spank me if I'm naughty, but Richy always calls latter in the evening after we have played.  He thanks me and he invites me to come again next week.  He must like it.  I sure do."

I had to agree with the kid.  I'm not sure why Richy who is almost eighteen and a senior submits to Carl who is almost six years younger and not yet in high school.


End of Part 10.  Go to Part 11

© Copyright A.I.L., September 23, 2000

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