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The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of teen sex, domination, spanking and shaving.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now. It is recommended that you start with Part 1 which has a full introduction.

Those who have been following both Sawyer's  I, Babysitter (in the MMSA archive) and this story know that they share characters and have interacted with each other several times.  In this last part, as a special treat, Sawyer has written one of the spanking scenes as delivered by one of his characters in his own distinctive style although the voice is that of Lee rather than Matt.  Tom and Lee exchange emails to wrap things up.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Camp Tails – Part 11


Hi Tom,

I think that you're right about that: "It is not pubes that make the man but the man that makes the pubes."  I really think that this experience of losing and all the other stuff was good for me.  I feel that I more of a real man inside where it really counts.

Charley is finding out that everyone is ignoring him.  I heard that, in desperation, he even asked his kid sister (Susie, 13) what the problem is.  "Nobody likes a welshing coward." she sneered with stark simplicity and went back to her homework.  Charley tried to apologized to the team and begged them to please shave him as per the contract but there was general disdain for the task.  I suggested that it might be appropriate for a child to deal with him or lacking that a freshman.  The others agreed and it was suggested that any problems would generate a spanking.  I knew the right person – Vincent Taylor– for the job.  He even has just the costume for the job – the one he debuted last Halloween.

When the Rams went to play the football game with the Tigers, the wrestling team went along.  Charley was lead into the locker room on a leash.  I'll let you guess where it was attached but suffice it to say that he was very mindful of whoever tugged the other end.  After he was stripped the leash was handed to Jason.  He had to apologize while on his knees to both the Tigers wrestling and football teams for his terrible behavior at the wrestling meet.  Jason and Tigers' wrestling captain got pictures with Charley while holding the bags of 'wool'.  During the first quarter, Jason gave Charley a full body shave.  Both football teams got to watch the tape later.

On Monday, Charley was given orders to report for a discipline session in a remote park at 4:00 pm on Tuesday.© YLeeCoyote

Charley arrived ten minutes late at the assigned place.  He started to blabber excuses but he was immediately told to can it.  Considering his lack of respect for Chuck, and his love for Vince, I had hoped that Matt (your biggest fan – ha-ha) would be there, but he was off with Gavin.  There were, however, several members of the wrestling team present, his little sister and her boyfriend (both of whom he had frequently hassled) and a younger boy looking like he was from a movie as he was dressed as THE MASKED AVENGER.

"ARE YOU READY TO HONOR THE CONTRACT AND FREELY OF YOUR OWN WILL SUBMIT TO THE DISCIPLINE OF THE TEAM?" demanded The Masked Avenger in a very solemn voice that had not quite broken yet.  Everyone had to look up at him since he was standing on a picnic table.  He made quite a sight in his black outfit standing legs apart with his hands on his hips; think Napoleon or, even better, Alexander the Great.

"Yes, Sir." Charley said softly in a little boy's voice while starting at the ground.

"STRIP."  Charley hesitated and pointed to his sister and started to babble.  Two guys ran forward and flipped Charley onto his back and yanked off his sneakers and tossed them away.  They did the same with his socks.  Then they stood him up and bent him over.  Susie pulled his shirt off and tossed it.  He was straightened up.  Susie opened his belt and jeans and yanked them down.  The guys pulled them off.

"Please, not the briefs, Susie, please." he begged on the edge of crying.

"Now you're Mr. Sly.  So now you're modest after you were in the school yard, on TV and even on the web in your birthday suit with your hairless little pee-pee hanging out.  We've all seen it before; it is not memorable.  It's hardly even noticeable."  She reached out and pulled his tightie-whities down to his ankles and off.  She stepped back and looked at her shamed and cowardly brother.  "You look like a ten year old." she said with disgust.

The Masked Avenger spoke again: "Do you know how lucky you are, maggot?"

"Uhhhh….no?" Charley was confused.

"One year ago today, unknown even to The Masked Avenger, The Masked Avenger was awoken." The Masked Avenger announced.  Do YOU know what that means?"


"Of course you don't!" The Masked Avenger sneered.  I don't know what he has but I think that the military calls it command presence; everyone was listening to him.  "Do you know what you are?" he snapped at the naked, quivering teen.

"Ahhhhh…a wrestler…?"

The Masked Avenger jumped down from his perch and went face to face with Charley.  "You are a BULLY!" The Masked Avenger yelled.  And The Masked Avenger HATES BULLIES!  Bullies are stupid and weak and cowardly…you are stupid and weak and cowardly, aren't you, bully?"

Susie and her boyfriend were loving every moment of this!

"Ahhh…yes, sir."

"Good…very good.  That is what The Masked Avenger wants to hear." The Masked Avenger got out of Charley's face and sat down.  You are weak, but you shall inherit NOTHING!"

"Yes, sir."

"You were late today and for that you receive an extra spanking."  The Masked Avenger announced.  Get over my lap – NOW!"  The Masked Avenger sat on the bench and patted his lap.

Charley looked around, his bottom lip quivering.  There was no one there that would help him.  Even if someone wanted to, there was no way they could be a match for The Masked Avenger!

I watched closely as the naked, hairless big bully slowly approached the much smaller, but dominant boy.  The boy who was about to publicly punish him like as small child is punished.  A couple of the guys pushed him over the waiting lap.  He had to support himself with his hands on the ground.

Charley clenched his eyes shut, and let The Masked Avenger do what he does best.  Aside from Matt, The Masked Avenger maybe the best spanker in the area – bar none.  I watched in awe, as The Masked Avenger broke Charley down to a puddle of crying and sobbing and pleading.  Naked and humiliated, Charley begged for the spanking to stop, but after a good ten minutes it only got worse as his almost twelve year old tormentor brought out a small paddle from his cape.

I had heard about that paddle from Ike who knew it all too well.  It was a de-bristled heavy oak hair brush.

"And this is for arriving late!" The Masked Avenger bellowed, applying the heavy, wooden implement with the gusto of a true crime fighter.  I winced for a moment – in sympathy.  Ike had told me how he hated and feared that terrible thing.

Charley was let up after about thirty smacks with the paddle, as he was made by Vince…I mean The Masked Avenger to go stand with his snotty nose pressed to a tree for thirty minutes and think about everything he had done as he bawled.

"Hands on your stupid head, bully!" commanded The Masked Avenger. "And be back here on Friday – on time."

Everyone wanted to talk to The Masked Avenger about what had just happened, but (like all true crime fighters), he made a speedy exit.  Only I of those present knew the extent of his vast knowledge and spanking experience.  Ten months of spanking an older brother will do that to a young boy – poor Ike.  Wait?!  What am I saying…poor ME too!  Isaac isn't the only one who has been humbled by Vince…I mean, The Masked Avenger.

After The Masked Avenger had slipped away into the bushes, everyone else did the same and in ten minutes Charley was alone with the tree he was kissing Eskimo style.  I heard from Ike who heard from Vince who heard from Susie that Charley returned home very late and was missing some of his clothes.  I wonder how long he stayed there?

Well, you know about me and Vince and everything…well, you know – everything ELSE…but what I didn't know (until just last week) was how WELL you knew my young friend!  Perhaps, I should say 'how well my young friend knew you' in the biblical sense.  It seems like The Masked Avenger had some practice on your naughty butt in the Mall last March.  We were talking with Ike and Ike's boyfriend, Donnie, about the time they went to see the train exhibit in the Mall and some big kid shoved him.  Then a little latter they saw the guy getting SPANKED by his big brother.  He gave him extras and both of them felt your bare pubes.  But you know that story better than I do.  It is a small world buddy; a very small world.


October 30, 2000

Hi Lee,

Yes, it is a small world.  I'm glad that Vincent did not have a free hand with my butt.  He certainly hits harder than Carl and almost has hard as Joel.  And that was last year.

We had our Halloween party Saturday night although the trick and treating will not happen until tomorrow night.  I'm real glad that the clocks were set back this weekend because I really needed that extra hour.  As it is my butt is super sore and it already Monday.

The party was an awesome bash.  The trouble was that I provided the illumination for it at the end – a bright red glow.

What I had not realized was Halloween was my special birthday – yes, it was just one year ago that I looked at myself in the mirror and decided that I did not like what looked back at me.  It was then that I surrendered myself to my friends to change me back into a nice guy.  A process that took more than six months.  A process that was very painful at times but has done me a world of good.

Betty (with help from Joel) set the whole thing up as a surprise for me.  She managed to convince me to go as a baby to compliment her as a nanny.  She insisted that it would be the absolute best costume – a sure winner.  And innocent me went along with her idea and I even promised to be a good baby.  What I had not expected was the "talent contest" but that was part of the plan.

Eric came as the Mr. Day, the father in Life with Father.  Carl came as a barber.  I should have suspected something at the time for he was the only kid his age there.  (Why wasn't he at the party with his friends?)  He managed to have gotten an old razor strop which he like to swing about.  Betty made him put it away before he hit someone or knocked anything over.  He still had fun waving his oversize straight "razor" and constantly asking everyone: "Shave?"

The trap was sprung when the four of us were called up to do a skit.  It was then that I first learnt that there was more to happen than I knew about.  As we walked to front Eric shoved a rubber tube down the front of my diaper and squeezed a bulb forcing a mess of water into my diaper making it look like I had wet it.  Betty and Eric alternating explaining that it was my "birthday" and reminded everyone how they watched me recover until Joel graduated me at the spring picnic last June.  They were going remind me, publicly, of what we did – sort of a refresher exercise.  I guess I could have refused to go alone but I trusted them.  After all, I had surrendered to them last year.

Carl started things off by lecturing me about being a naughty little boy; a baby boy.  He grabbed my diaper and announced that it was wet which got a good laugh from everyone.  Then Betty said that it not good to wear a wet diaper and started to undo one pin.  Eric went for the other one while Carl grabbed my hands so I could not stop them.  In seconds my diaper fell to the floor and I was naked in front of all – again.  I thought about how I survived last June at the picnic and told myself to be strong.  Yes, Lee, I was even following your advice about being macho so that I could get away with whatever was about to happen while pretending that I had agreed in advance.  Well, that's what I hoped.

"I hope he does not get diaper rash, Mr. Day." said Betty with mock concern, "He has a lot of hair for a diaper wearing baby."

Eric took a look and said: "Quite so, Nurse.  Mr. Barber, please remove it."

With a big ear to ear smile, Carl pulled my own chippers out of his pocket and quickly mowed down my pubes as both Eric and Betty told me to be a good boy and not to move.  Now I was committed – objecting now would make me look like I was a coward and a quitter; like that despicable Charley.  Carl put a squirt of shaving cream from a small can on my pubis and gave me a quick shave with a safety razor.  He wiped me down with my wet diaper.  The crowed applauded and Carl took a bow.

Eric sat down on a straight backed chair that had suddenly appeared behind him and pulled me over his lap.  He started to spank me medium hard.  I surely felt it and could tell that it was making my butt rosy red but nothing to cry about.  "Are you going to be a good boy?" he asked.

I took my clue.  "Yes, I'll be a good boy.  Please stop, daddy; please."  He spanked some more.  "I'll be good.  I promise I'll be good."

He stopped after a few more spanks and rubbed my red butt.  "Time for the  boy's birthday SPANKING!" cooed Betty.

While Eric still held me in place, Carl started the birthday spanks.  He hit one cheek SPANK! "One"; then the other: SPANK!  "And one to grow on."

Everyone followed the same way some hitting harder than others.  Betty waited to the end and hit me like she slams a serve on the tennis court.  It took all my willpower not to yell.  Everyone applauded as Eric stood me up.  Then every one congratulated me for being a good sport.  What the others did not know was NOT in on the plan.  It was a great test of how I had matured and had sufficient self-confidence in myself not to worry about little things.  It was very much like Matt's turning the tables on Gavin that made his father so proud.

There were a couple of other skits but we won hands over butts.  We all had the special cake and ice cream.  It was at least an hour later that someone asked if I was going to put on my pants.  After the laughter died down I answered: "Before I go home."

Later Eric and I walked Betty and Carl home.  Then we went to my place.  Talking with Eric, I realized that what happened this evening was all in fun and it was probably a good reminder what I was a year ago.  Last year I would have freaked out big time.  After giving Eric a play spanking we fucked; hey, we're buddies.

It was a great day.

Happy Halloween!!


The End

© Copyright A.I.L., September 29, 2000

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